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Sammy abura
Sammy abura 5 timmar sedan
😅🤣🤣🤣.. we always want players ...🤭🤣😅 zero signing.
Brutal Inferno
Brutal Inferno 5 timmar sedan
Let's see who we sign because I don't recognize this club anymore
Nicholas Hopkins
Nicholas Hopkins 5 timmar sedan
Robbie may scoff but dumfries would improve Arsenal a lot compared to what you currently have at RB
laugh blog official
laugh blog official 5 timmar sedan
Links links links lolz 😂
Gokul N A
Gokul N A 5 timmar sedan
No more top 4 sort of things, aim for title , then only we can achieve sixth position atleast. Hell with this top 4
Teenzombietitan 5 timmar sedan
Everyone here are football fans yet some believe that because half the team don't give Kane the ball its his fault.
Since 1930
Since 1930 5 timmar sedan
Correra is an Argentina player playing in Copa America
PreeWiEntertainment 1
PreeWiEntertainment 1 5 timmar sedan
Italy look superb
Since 1930
Since 1930 5 timmar sedan
Why is Sterling starting ahead of Saka Raheem is so poor according to the club he played and a CL finalist
Since 1930
Since 1930 5 timmar sedan
Hakan Chalhanoglu
Dan Clark
Dan Clark 5 timmar sedan
Robbie says "sassulo" its sassualo
Juan Rayo
Juan Rayo 5 timmar sedan
Stevie G should be England manager for the next World Cup
Daniel V
Daniel V 5 timmar sedan
Yardie your deluded if you think maddison would come in and fight it out for his spot. He would want to be 1st choice, let's be real Smith Rowe is incredibly talented but he's a 20 year old with only 22 games of premier league football. Maddison is an experienced premier league player, who's production numbers are only bettered by de bruyne.
DJ 5 timmar sedan
robbie, please take a moment and learn how to pronounce these player's names.
Luke 5 timmar sedan
No, we need £250m just to catch up, but we will be left behind by the other clubs signing other players. Need at least £350m to get top 4 next year.
Kennedy Butiko
Kennedy Butiko 5 timmar sedan
It's not about the £250m, the key is whether arsenal scouting team is able to get it right in their targets. Team's like Leicester have done good buys that have increased value within short time. This is what we need. We can buy a player worth £15m but within one year his value goes to 50m
amaan hammad
amaan hammad 5 timmar sedan
If arsenal really want to be in europe first sack arteta and find best coach available
amaan hammad
amaan hammad 5 timmar sedan
Kroenke make robbie excited,so he can cover every news of transfer and make fans more excited in arsenal business and in the end arsenal sign average player 🤣🤣🤣🤣 arsenal finished as europe elite club.
Yfue 5 timmar sedan
Man robbie is a 🤡 for saying he is disappointed luke shaw then he was the best player in the game against scotland
More funny sketches pls
Nicholas Collins
Nicholas Collins 5 timmar sedan
Where is this £250 million coming from, let this sink in we lost out to Aston Villa for Emi Buendía and signed absolutely nobody yet so I believe it when I see it.
Vamsi Krishna
Vamsi Krishna 5 timmar sedan
Man Robbie pls 🤣🤣🤣 it's correa man not correira
chris zorro
chris zorro 5 timmar sedan
Saliba must be thinking that signing for arsenal is the biggest mistake of his career arteta will make saliba despise being an arsenal player
Ian Lyle
Ian Lyle 6 timmar sedan
I honestly thought I wouldn't like the new Biased Premier League Show since Troopz left, but this is my first time watching and I love it even more. The editing, the jokes, the clips; it's all good lads.
Red Eddie
Red Eddie 6 timmar sedan
Time to move back to Highbury!!😂😂😂
Ajay Komath
Ajay Komath 6 timmar sedan
This guys sees negative in everything Arsenal does.
Shade 6 timmar sedan
Southgate is more comparable to ole both under qualified for their roles and specialists in failure.
James Sharp
James Sharp 6 timmar sedan
We finish turd
Broken Dreams
Broken Dreams 6 timmar sedan
Wearing that tshirt is offensive robbie
Broken Dreams
Broken Dreams 6 timmar sedan
Excuse me robbie wearing that arsenal kit is offensive mate
DJMighty Matrixx Supreme
Wray an Nephew is a must 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
ANAND SUNIL 6 timmar sedan
250m??????? for whom??? i mean if you are spending 250m you should get atleast 3 great players no great players are coming to arsenal as they have no european football next season i think this sounds like a PR exercise for Kronke
Mohasha Official
Mohasha Official 6 timmar sedan
I would take kessie over partey
P Sett
P Sett 6 timmar sedan
Jesus. Troops has some completion there. 🤦🏻‍♂️
Busayo Jaiyesimi
Busayo Jaiyesimi 6 timmar sedan
That little skit in-between with the coke and alcohol 😂
James Sharp
James Sharp 6 timmar sedan
It would be easier to do a video “players not linked with arsenal”.
Eduwardo Develo
Eduwardo Develo 5 timmar sedan
anson20ify 6 timmar sedan
£250 Mill .. than buy Halaand or Kane.
James Sharp
James Sharp 6 timmar sedan
AC Milan or Arsenal …. Let me think
Damian Kelly
Damian Kelly 6 timmar sedan
Odegaard is dead in the water now!Maddison(Cam) ...Bissouma(dm)...Doig(lb)Dumfries(rb)Onaana(gk)B.White(cb).Lokanga(dm)A.Silva or ISAK(ST)
Gini 5 timmar sedan
Delusion is rife.
James Sharp
James Sharp 6 timmar sedan
Any chance to rub it in with Turkish lol
Itchy Ballsack
Itchy Ballsack 6 timmar sedan
I would trust a better manager than Farteta and his clueless sidekick Edu with our transfers...
Matt Capretto
Matt Capretto 6 timmar sedan
Bro saka shouldn’t have even been in the provisional stfu abt him playing
m d
m d 6 timmar sedan
lol robertson won the man of the match that game. scotland didnt even win the game. gosen was outstanding for Germany as well as Shaq for Switzerland. yardie is so biased lol
FrankNitty 3000
FrankNitty 3000 6 timmar sedan
Get Donyell Malen back from PSV
Ibraheem Zaheer
Ibraheem Zaheer 6 timmar sedan
Put respect on Maguire hes a good cb not only that the only reason he gets exposed is he dont have a quick defender next to him wen hes with bailey hes solid
NicoDePeri 6 timmar sedan
This is the *FIRST* time Brendon has put in a clip when someone has asked him 😂😂😂😂
Dan Watson
Dan Watson 6 timmar sedan
The answer is no. Not when the current top 4/5 will be spending another 100m plus to better there team/squads which are already way better
Udaco 6 timmar sedan
250M? Nonsense. It sounds so weird when Turkish said he doesn't know how to judge Saliba our own Arsenal player. That is how bad our players been treated and not be giving a chance at all. He must be regretful it when Lillie won Ligue 1.
abdi siraj
abdi siraj 6 timmar sedan
@Robbie. I like your news. What do you want to be remembered for. Is it for giving fans a chance to voice their opinion. What the hell does that even me. Football is measurable like height and weight. It isn't like beauty. You always say if you don't like it, don't watch it. If someone talked trash about your family, wouldn't you watch it. We love the club.
Mr Sotg
Mr Sotg 6 timmar sedan
You put the wrong Correa
James Sharp
James Sharp 6 timmar sedan
I swear they make things up to have an excuse to make a video
BrownSquad 6 timmar sedan
We got 18.5m to spend
clyde lewis
clyde lewis 6 timmar sedan
Favourite AFTV show
Nirmal Varma
Nirmal Varma 6 timmar sedan
"The show that keeps you up to date about players linked to Arsenal and Robbie butchering player surnames." ;)
Easy Gaming
Easy Gaming 6 timmar sedan
Ndidi was Belgium. Kante was liga 2
Ariz Kamal
Ariz Kamal 6 timmar sedan
If spent right it can not only get you top 4 but win you the league. But would we spend 250mil, I dont think so.
Pedallin raw
Pedallin raw 6 timmar sedan
Baa Baa Baa.....🤡
Dean Oakford
Dean Oakford 6 timmar sedan
Why does this guy talk like he does..it makes him look like a little child
Lunasmoke Zim
Lunasmoke Zim 6 timmar sedan
Imagine if every line of work had these press conferences. Your bin man, your cashier. Everyone deserves a little lime light :-). Rum and coke sounds alright at my conference lol
Graham Barker
Graham Barker 6 timmar sedan
the only thing coming home for england and arsenal are turds.....cos both are sh!te....
Omnislash 6 timmar sedan
lol keep dreaming he not a championship player he's decent so no way is it gonna be arsenal
Graham Barker
Graham Barker 6 timmar sedan
lmao....shout as much as you like....till they sack arteta arsenal are fucked...end of
Arsenal Vlogs
Arsenal Vlogs 6 timmar sedan
Lonkonga craP
Daz Eng
Daz Eng 6 timmar sedan
As long as they've got a hole in their arse they'll never spend £250m. Bunch of theives.
Mohsin Sharif
Mohsin Sharif 6 timmar sedan
When you order troopz online.
Graham Barker
Graham Barker 6 timmar sedan
depends who they buy......and if all that does is get you back in the top four....which wins you nothing of course (though the usual arsenal fan mantra of top four is still alive and well...do you not want to win anything?).....it will mean to win the league we would need to spend a billion....lol.....stop saying all you want to do is get top four....the emirates mantra.....the wenger mantra....top four top four....so what....wins nothing....wish people would understand that...
Rico 6 timmar sedan
I'm not sure whether we can trust Arteta and Edu with £250 million to spend (if that's true).
KingRaizen 6 timmar sedan
we getting errbody!
Xanrn 6 timmar sedan
no 250 is not enough, if we keep arteta 1250 would not be enough
Mr Feather
Mr Feather 6 timmar sedan
how is the 250m still in the topics... i cant believe you are still using it. how do we have 250m to spend if we aren't able to sign unless we sell players to fund our transfers. logic and sense does not exists with arsenal fans.
GreenInBlue 5 timmar sedan
I guess Robbie is only saying that to clickbait.
Chris Skinner
Chris Skinner 6 timmar sedan
Well said mate. These fans sure know how to set themselves up for heartbreak. LoL!
Top FivePercent
Top FivePercent 6 timmar sedan
You guys are so funny … Arsenal top 4 next season 👀😂🤣😅🥲
ducksauce007 6 timmar sedan
I think its adorable that Arsenal fans believe Arsenal will spend $250 million 😅
Mugisha Fred
Mugisha Fred 6 timmar sedan
The reason Arsenal is mid-table is they aim too low-4th place. Man city, Liverpool, Chelsea, Man United are gunning for the title. The team's that fail to win the title, will take 2nd, 3rd, 4th and Arsenal who want to finish in the top 4 are pushed out by teams aiming for the title. Other teams like Everton, Aston Villa etc are meanwhile improving massively! Until Arsenal owners make a decision to win the title, they will not qualify for 4th place
Shawn Thomas
Shawn Thomas 6 timmar sedan
It’s Joaquin Correa* not Correra, also he is not Uruguayan 😅 He is Argentinian. The information is getting worse day by day here
Tony Latigo
Tony Latigo 6 timmar sedan
Mans said, "which home?" 💀💀💀
Ash Price
Ash Price 6 timmar sedan
THE MASTER ACES 6 timmar sedan
Ain't nobody believe this 250mil story...but it's not even about that ....it's about who we will sign ...it's got to be smart buys that actually sends us firing back up to the top
konstantinos zarbonis
konstantinos zarbonis 6 timmar sedan
Madison didn't win the league with Leicester. He joined them 2 or even 3 years after ....
Kel Anisa
Kel Anisa 6 timmar sedan
Why are we only linking I was to see signings