£15m Marcel Sabitzer Perfect For Arsenal, Plus Striker Alexander Isak Linked | AFTV Transfer Daily 

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£15m Marcel Sabitzer Perfect For Arsenal, Plus Striker Alexander Isak Linked | AFTV Transfer Daily

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10 jun 2021



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AK47 Driller
AK47 Driller 3 dagar sedan
Sabitzer would be good for Arsenal.
DMVP 6 dagar sedan
Me watching euro ...and damn its like watching for player i want for arsenal ...sabitzer,isak
Gerard B
Gerard B 9 dagar sedan
Good points, but I haven't heard of any interest.
Usman Mahmood
Usman Mahmood 9 dagar sedan
Bissouma and sabitzer cms by selling xhaka , torreira Give amn a chance at rb and get a back up lb Why we linked to another st when martinelli can play there so can balogun and so can nketiah
Surajit Tripura
Surajit Tripura 9 dagar sedan
Don't understand why would Sabitzer come to Arsenal. From regular champions league games, potential title contender to potential Europa league spot? Why?
Michael Rogo
Michael Rogo 9 dagar sedan
Michael Rogo
Michael Rogo 9 dagar sedan
Abdullahi Ali
Abdullahi Ali 9 dagar sedan
We need these players, issak, bisso and marcel
Milkias Haile
Milkias Haile 9 dagar sedan
Alexander my Eritrean 🇪🇷 🇪🇷 brother , playing for arsenal
Charles Georgiou
Charles Georgiou 9 dagar sedan
Feels like Robbie has lost his energy a little bit with regards to AFTV since starting the Don Robbie channel.
Gooner 72
Gooner 72 10 dagar sedan
Can anyone tell me why we're, apparently, even contemplating Ben White, as a centre back? How many centre backs have we got at The Arsenal 2,000, 3,000 FFS??
Adam .O
Adam .O 10 dagar sedan
❤Sabitzer, Neves , Odeergard ❤💓
Adam Driver
Adam Driver 10 dagar sedan
Interested FC
Adam Driver
Adam Driver 10 dagar sedan
I like sabitzer than neves tho idk why
Mr. Blue Sky
Mr. Blue Sky 10 dagar sedan
Ye Arsenal aren’t getting him or Neves
marmatumaneh bah
marmatumaneh bah 10 dagar sedan
Is like Robbie chooses 2 players per day to give us false hope.
andrew ritchie
andrew ritchie 10 dagar sedan
Eddie wtf.... this club is dead
Akhil P
Akhil P 10 dagar sedan
ArseAnal is going to get relegated next season
Karri 10 dagar sedan
Arsenal need to get Patson Daka... can't say I never tell them
Lars Lunde
Lars Lunde 10 dagar sedan
Smith-Rowe and Willoch better then Sabitzer.
Paul Barnett
Paul Barnett 10 dagar sedan
Rodrigo De Paul?
wayne duggan
wayne duggan 10 dagar sedan
Isak 20 million? 😂 try 50 to 60 million.
Justin 10 dagar sedan
Nketieh is a division 1 player
Justin 10 dagar sedan
What about the palestinian left back
Rice And Peas muncha
Rice And Peas muncha 10 dagar sedan
If arsenal want to go for a top quality short term centre back then we should go for someone like Willi Orban of RB Leipzig
Anubhav Kumar
Anubhav Kumar 10 dagar sedan
Sabitzer will surely leave RB Leipzig and UCL, to play for Ass-nal 🤣
Andy Woody
Andy Woody 10 dagar sedan
arsenal please buy marco simic
Green party of Wakanda
Green party of Wakanda 10 dagar sedan
Brentford fan here, I’m so looking forward to TY’s meltdown after we defeat Arsenal
alex Freakie
alex Freakie 10 dagar sedan
the car has broke down every season.. time to look for cheap spare parts to fix it
SwayNo 10 dagar sedan
Arsenal have a wheel they spin with all the positions on it , where ever it lands they buy a player in that position
Kizito De Prince
Kizito De Prince 10 dagar sedan
Isak is too skinny as a striker to excel in Premier league bcus it’s too physical and tough. Don’t know if he’s too strong 💪 only use his inform card in fafa 😂😂
arkz22 10 dagar sedan
The board is confuse between CB, CM, and CF.
maurice fox
maurice fox 10 dagar sedan
Buy White etc "WHY" I think the Arsenal Board Owner Edu Arteta completely lose it, Arsenal need a left & really good right back & Creative Midfielder
Rory Odonnell
Rory Odonnell 10 dagar sedan
Sabitzer would b amazing for us
Quarter Chin
Quarter Chin 10 dagar sedan
Lacazette has the potential to be one of the best attacking midfielders in the EPL. He has all the skill set.... only the mindset is now needed!
Hermen P D A Rocha
Hermen P D A Rocha 10 dagar sedan
Isak for the video 📼 that I watched quality, I believe he's got a bit of T Henry in him.
Mika-eel Khan
Mika-eel Khan 10 dagar sedan
We're giving Eddie a contract because we ain't signing a striker
Mika-eel Khan
Mika-eel Khan 10 dagar sedan
We got a couple of years out of the champions league out of Xhaka
Mic7 barca
Mic7 barca 10 dagar sedan
We need to sign Alexander Isak he's unreal tall, fast, and his shooting is insane
Darrell Slater
Darrell Slater 11 dagar sedan
I think we should go for Patson Daka that would be a great man to get prolific pacey young striker
theosj1 11 dagar sedan
If we’re going to buy a Brighton centre back it should be Lewis Dunk. We would be getting a proper Captain & Leader on the pitch
L1k.N17 11 dagar sedan
why would sabitzer downgrade
Don Johnny
Don Johnny 11 dagar sedan
I don't know whay you don't put AFTV Transfer Daily on PayPal to like you put All Gunz Blazing FFS. You are same to your fans like Kroenke is to Arsenal FC!
Carter Smith
Carter Smith 11 dagar sedan
lacazatte only got 13 PL goals
Omeyoki 11 dagar sedan
Sabitzer is xhaka 2.0
Christian Meneses
Christian Meneses 11 dagar sedan
My targets Varane Messi Haaland Trent 😂😂😂😂
Kinshuk Sarkar
Kinshuk Sarkar 11 dagar sedan
Fell bad for those Arsenal fans who still believe in the process.
fr en
fr en 11 dagar sedan
Isak is fast powerful and top top finsher scored 17 goals for real socidad. Dont think he want to come to a small club like arsenal
Biniam Melake
Biniam Melake 11 dagar sedan
Isak ist not good enough for arsenal
omd0 11 dagar sedan
And doesn’t Isak have a 60m release clause?
omd0 11 dagar sedan
We will get none of them lol.
Arnold Adighibe
Arnold Adighibe 11 dagar sedan
Get Neves instead of Sabitzer; Neves is already conditioned to the EPL, no learning curve, Sabitzer will need a season or so. We do not have the luxury of a season.
Sammy Msibi
Sammy Msibi 11 dagar sedan
We do not need a Centre back. We may be needing a left back but definitely not a centre back
Arnold Adighibe
Arnold Adighibe 11 dagar sedan
We need to solve the defensive mid issue - It's Bissouma or bust.
Str 11 dagar sedan
Isak is trash. Rather keep Laca, he's a better player anyways.
Frederik Kubinec
Frederik Kubinec 11 dagar sedan
Isak and odergard link amazingly well please let's make this happen
ArtikBeats 11 dagar sedan
Yacob Habtu
Yacob Habtu 11 dagar sedan
Isak is better
Sablah Enoch
Sablah Enoch 11 dagar sedan
May I know the the amount of that is set aside for the transfer window…sometimes I just wish if I can buy some players for my club Arsenal..Hmm
J M 11 dagar sedan
Robbie still thinks neves is neto
Uhaa Iwaseniter Romeo
Uhaa Iwaseniter Romeo 11 dagar sedan
Please Rubbie do we really need Martine Ordgaad,to me we don't, less assists and almost no goals.
Oscar mmw
Oscar mmw 11 dagar sedan
You lot need to understand that no known player will transfer to a mid table , with no European football and horrible management. Sabitzer would be an idiot to join a team in decline instead of one with potential .
TheShaun1617 11 dagar sedan
Not feeling Neves at Arsenal, too similar to xhaka (obviously better) but same dynamic
Jamie Campbell
Jamie Campbell 11 dagar sedan
I want Ben white tbh
Myo_ken 11 dagar sedan
I would love sabitzer and bissouma join arsenal...next season should be interesting But again this is arsenal we talked about😆...keep on dreamin fans
Cryleex Keni
Cryleex Keni 11 dagar sedan
Robbie our team is joking alot
Cryleex Keni
Cryleex Keni 11 dagar sedan
Arsenal is buying everything now
Robert Canizales
Robert Canizales 11 dagar sedan
Arsenal consistently looking for lower cost alternatives, under Kroenke and this board there's no chance, like none.
Benito Vargas
Benito Vargas 11 dagar sedan
Sabitzer is class. I would love to see him at Arsenal
Xavier Lindo
Xavier Lindo 11 dagar sedan
I see that we no longer need Bissouma so we are paying our attention to Neves 😒. Not saying that Neves is a bad player but Bissouma suits us more.
Surabaya 59
Surabaya 59 11 dagar sedan
We need at least 3 or 4 CB's for not less than 50 million 🤪
dopemcee 11 dagar sedan
so basically....arsenal is linked with literally all the soccer players in the world. ....but at the end of the trading period, wouldnt buy or bring anyone. oh, fun.
Yvung. Slasher
Yvung. Slasher 11 dagar sedan
If we don't get grealish idk how i can call it a successful window
David Tah
David Tah 11 dagar sedan
Seeing us linked to so many cbs is making me think saliba isn’t rated by arteta
Kuuurrrtissss23 11 dagar sedan
Still love that top what robbie's got on 👌🏿🔥🔥🔥
Human Potatoes
Human Potatoes 11 dagar sedan
I’ve literally just renewed my membership (£15 off, woo hoo), so if everyone else is doing the same, maybe the Kroenke’s can proceed with buying a f’ing player. ANY player. I don’t care anymore 😡
AL 11 dagar sedan
I’m guessing there was too much backlash for the new AGB podcast to stay up?
Aykhan Karaman
Aykhan Karaman 11 dagar sedan
Sabitzer must be mental just to think about to sign with Arsenal.
J Jones
J Jones 11 dagar sedan
Ruben Neves is nothing special, he’s not a massive upgrade on Xhaka
Martin Mitkovski
Martin Mitkovski 11 dagar sedan
Did he removed the last all guns.... podcast?
Gospito Gaming
Gospito Gaming 11 dagar sedan
Why are we selling an average Xhaka and go for an average Sabitzer
Ayodeji Fadare
Ayodeji Fadare 10 dagar sedan
Sabitzer is 15mil less than what we are getting for Xhaka
Martin Mitkovski
Martin Mitkovski 11 dagar sedan
Did he removed the last all guns.... podcast?
Deepanshu Kumar
Deepanshu Kumar 11 dagar sedan
What happen now Robbie video deleted back tracking now just like Super League clubs. Damage has been done bro. For the fans by the fans what a lot of rubbish.
Cassian Pierre Anthony
Cassian Pierre Anthony 11 dagar sedan
Here cos they deleted the All Guns Blazing as I was watching it.
Chief Nkosi
Chief Nkosi 11 dagar sedan
I noticed 😂but it continued until it finished
Orange Sloth
Orange Sloth 11 dagar sedan
So they put their paywalled video on private 🤣 What happened to “this ain’t North Korea” Robbie
Gregg B
Gregg B 11 dagar sedan
Arsenal have average center backs at best now so bringing in a high quality center back wouldn't hurt.
Gabriel Momoh
Gabriel Momoh 11 dagar sedan
Sabitzer isn’t a no.10 btw😂😂
Big toms Tea bags
Big toms Tea bags 11 dagar sedan
Consistant delusion,
Mourinho The bus driver
Still bitter about buendia 😂😂😂
abdi yusuf
abdi yusuf 11 dagar sedan
If Isak comes to Arsenal I will stop watching Arsenal and support Man city.
Yogiraj Saneechar
Yogiraj Saneechar 11 dagar sedan
I think with the compensation Arsenal has paid sums it all Our transfer targets are over now
me4374 11 dagar sedan
£15m for sabitzer!? Whoever comes up with these valuations wants sacking! Any time an arsenal target gets mentioned it seems this channel halves their value! As if he would want to come to arsenal anyway!
Jack Murray
Jack Murray 11 dagar sedan
Sabitzer would genuinely be an insanely good signing
Tempered Glass
Tempered Glass 11 dagar sedan
Wtf is Mourinho thinking
BECAUSE PEOPLE 11 dagar sedan
Isak is a tall guy
filbymung 11 dagar sedan
Our players cost very little...but when we are to buy some one 40+ 😭😭
Chakil Clarke
Chakil Clarke 11 dagar sedan
Gabriel is not that good
Chakil Clarke
Chakil Clarke 11 dagar sedan
Robbie we are link with a center back because our best 1 last season is gone
Evans Cheung
Evans Cheung 11 dagar sedan
Buy Bissouma 30m Josh Diog 15m Aaour 30m Aaron Max 30m Edouard 30m 135m Sale Guendouzi 22m Xhaka 20m Bellerin 22m Laca 40m Torreira 15m 122m
Cai-onn Chambers
Cai-onn Chambers 11 dagar sedan
if sabitzer could be convinced to join itd be a great bit of business, he offers versatility and goals from midfield. of all the AMs we have been linked with his stock may be highest and for a cutprice fee since hes on final year of his deal.
Midsommar (2019) KILL COUNT
Dear Sidemen, I'm Sorry.