Arsenal Eye French Title Winning Right Back & Lacazette Replacement | AFTV Transfer Daily 

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Arsenal Eye French Title Winning Right Back \u0026 Lacazette Replacement | AFTV Transfer Daily

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3 jun 2021



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tarisai mulenga
tarisai mulenga 15 dagar sedan
We just eye and don't buy🤦🏿‍♂️
Cem Mehmet
Cem Mehmet 17 dagar sedan
So he just won the league and has champions league football next season and he gonna leave there for arsenal ! Just putting that out there pmsl u lot crack me up 😂
Lukasz Cilia
Lukasz Cilia 17 dagar sedan
Yo Robbie love u man but u sold out
Catherine Stevens
Catherine Stevens 17 dagar sedan
Nah sell Laca, much better than letting him go for free. Besides we have to take a chance with someone new
Karri 17 dagar sedan
Robbie can u do a show about who you think arsenal should sign?👍
Karri 17 dagar sedan
Arsenal only need these 3 players: Patson Daka EMI Buendia Yves Bissouma Job done! 🔥💥🏆⚽️
WebsyHD 17 dagar sedan
Id sell Jesus Christ for the right price lol
Andy W
Andy W 17 dagar sedan
Dump lacazette and Aubameyang We need goal scores out and out strikers laca does nothing really
Star Boy
Star Boy 17 dagar sedan
25-30 for lacazette, Robbie stop the delusion
Headless LaFlare
Headless LaFlare 17 dagar sedan
Every year the same thing 😅 Always being linked then nothing
Tamim Al Thani
Tamim Al Thani 17 dagar sedan
Laca if he starts every game can get and will probably get 20 goals. But we have auba, so its difficult 2 say
Jubei kibagami
Jubei kibagami 17 dagar sedan
Heath Burgess
Heath Burgess 17 dagar sedan
Keep Laca and extend his contract! Was one of our best players and should have been playing more, his record given minutes played was actually outstanding and we look awful without his hold up play and work without the ball!
busy beaver
busy beaver 17 dagar sedan
by laca's standards, having a brilliant season he scores 13 epl goals whilst auba stuck on lw & experiencing bad season nets 10 goals. whose really the better striker??
busy beaver
busy beaver 17 dagar sedan
sell lacazette yesterday please.
Denis Diamantopoulos
Denis Diamantopoulos 17 dagar sedan
If we can pay 13m for that Turkish rb that would be a huge steal. He is bloody quality, should try and get it done asap!
sofocles confucius
sofocles confucius 17 dagar sedan
ESR isn’t going anywhere!! That’s one thing I like about Aston Villa owners, they always guarantee you a laugh 😂
The Bit Player
The Bit Player 15 dagar sedan
Who's laughing now?
JJ Yoda
JJ Yoda 17 dagar sedan
It was clear to me way back in the season that Auba's time is up, keep Laca, sell Auba, and bring Silva that would be what an ambitious manager would do, Auba is 31, he is not doing well, but will be a great signing for some other clubs! Sell make $$$ and get Silva!
Guilherme Louruz
Guilherme Louruz 17 dagar sedan
Keep Laca. He always score against Spurs hahahahah 😂🔥
Mick Fly
Mick Fly 17 dagar sedan
If we sell ESR to Aston Villa or anyone for less than £75 mil I’ll never watch another gunners game
Hopeton Reid
Hopeton Reid 18 dagar sedan
13 goals and you said the man had a good season lol, One of the main sf for the team, just to show arsenal fans expectations
Stéphane Mufti
Stéphane Mufti 18 dagar sedan
So what Chelsea reject are we signing this summer?
razer20 18 dagar sedan
We need to keep Laca😀🙌🏼
Bruce Spence
Bruce Spence 18 dagar sedan
Don robbie Kamada is good #10
samuel ngure
samuel ngure 18 dagar sedan
Keep Laca
Adam Barnott
Adam Barnott 18 dagar sedan
Aston villa have already taken our best goal keeper so why is it beyond possibility
Xavier Lindo
Xavier Lindo 18 dagar sedan
We should keep Lacazette for one more year because he really needs to win a major trophy
Muronga Thomas
Muronga Thomas 18 dagar sedan
If you sell Emily smith Row. Then we are Arsenal a crazy team
MrMadVideo 18 dagar sedan
Lacca? Sell sell sell... He had a good season capitalise! I mean we don't want another player hanging around we can't move on. If Auba doesn't pull his finger out this season... He'll be an example of why we should. Get Silva... He's young and give Balogen his chance.
Sreeram Suresh
Sreeram Suresh 18 dagar sedan
I really want Andre silva. He is more goal than his xg. He is good in the air. Very good linkup play and he gets loads of goals
Marty Smith
Marty Smith 18 dagar sedan
Keep Laca...Sell Auba
CrispyBuda 18 dagar sedan
I'd pick Lacazette over Auba next season.
Tomi Pintus
Tomi Pintus 18 dagar sedan
Arsenal 2021: Arsenal have been linked with Julian Draxler
Charlie Embola
Charlie Embola 18 dagar sedan
Our paychecks are the only weapons to lure players into the club. There’s been some bad business in the last five or more years and we need to do clear outs.
Robert Spangberg
Robert Spangberg 18 dagar sedan
Sell Laca, we need to move on
EpicTV 18 dagar sedan
Keep Lacazette
YourDad 18 dagar sedan
Man said great goal, it was an open net tap in ...
erakora oghenekevwe
erakora oghenekevwe 18 dagar sedan
Arsenal can't sell Smith Rowe...Sell ceballos, Willian, Nketiah, Rob holding...in fact Arsenal need to get rid of 8 players..so stop calling players like Smith Rowe, saka cuz these are our real ball players..Lacazette and Auba should stay..We dont have problems with scoring
Spaced Man
Spaced Man 17 dagar sedan
@erakora oghenekevwe Now that would be extremely good business our end hahaha.
erakora oghenekevwe
erakora oghenekevwe 17 dagar sedan
@Spaced Man lolz..if its possible for arsenal to sell him at madrid. I will be glad..so glad.. Lolz
Spaced Man
Spaced Man 18 dagar sedan
Ceballos isn't ours to sell, he went back to Madrid mate haha.
Robert Gittens
Robert Gittens 18 dagar sedan
It doesn't matter who they get in this manager hasn't got a clue what he's doing sack him and bring in a proven man like Conte now
walshy 18 dagar sedan
whats happened to that jamaican kid, troops? i've not seen him on aftv for a while
ajayi bukola
ajayi bukola 18 dagar sedan
Sell laca.. Buy patson daka
Vibezz シ
Vibezz シ 18 dagar sedan
Trade ESR for Grealish 😳
Alun Gil
Alun Gil 18 dagar sedan
Shoot idc if this is unpopular but I would definitely take Grealish over ESR in a swap
Tesfay Halibo
Tesfay Halibo 18 dagar sedan
I don't care who they buy if they sell ESR this summer I might have to move on from football. I'm not replacing ESR and Saka to no body.
Mohammed Gidado
Mohammed Gidado 18 dagar sedan
I prefer lamptey and watkins
Jerome Cox
Jerome Cox 18 dagar sedan
Dono if its just me or what but i would take a deal for grealish if they wanted esr.
Big toms Tea bags
Big toms Tea bags 18 dagar sedan
Villa are a better club, he should go,
NoRestTV 18 dagar sedan
Offer Lacazette a year extension. Get more goals out of him - see how he plays. If poor, sell him next season or keep him until his contract ends. Pretty simple really.
Cameron Robert
Cameron Robert 18 dagar sedan
If ESR goes to Villa I will never watch football again.
Ugonna Nweke
Ugonna Nweke 18 dagar sedan
Sell lacazate we need creative strikers who can struggle to score a lot of goals
Anth Myers
Anth Myers 18 dagar sedan
Conte spurs 👀👀👀
1 1
1 1 18 dagar sedan
Just noticed we are playing Inter in the Florida Cup...WTF is the Florida Cup?!?!?!
Warren Frost
Warren Frost 18 dagar sedan
sell lace
Omnislash 18 dagar sedan
good players are noe attracted to arsenal anymore mid table team all day long. Mid table finish next season i garauntee it. ARTETA IN.
John Crawford
John Crawford 18 dagar sedan
Emi Martinez at the Argentina squad hotel telling Buendia to come to Villa. ESR, I am sure he would love to play alongside Jack at Villa.
Lord Hartz
Lord Hartz 18 dagar sedan
Chelsea will come for lacca
Nick.J Beats
Nick.J Beats 18 dagar sedan
Absolute joke after these mediocre players every season. Surprised we aren't linked to Draxler yet.
rida naimi
rida naimi 18 dagar sedan
Corrupt Robbie 🤢 I only watch AFTV because of Turkish
D J 18 dagar sedan
Nobody is coming to this banter club.
Ziv Dobtzis
Ziv Dobtzis 18 dagar sedan
We don't need Alexander sell him now before we lose a lot of funds on him
DXNNY 18 dagar sedan
Arsenal should buy bamford or Ivan tony
Jordan Davis
Jordan Davis 18 dagar sedan
We should sign Gouiri from Lyon who was in Montpellier on loan. He is a great young striker with immense potential reminds me of benzema and will be a good replacement for Lacazette
Chris Choules
Chris Choules 18 dagar sedan
Keep Laca, sell Auba £££
sattam FSA
sattam FSA 18 dagar sedan
We might as well by the whole of Lille bruv
sattam FSA
sattam FSA 18 dagar sedan
Gourgen Arakelian
Gourgen Arakelian 18 dagar sedan
Laca stays.
Will Matthews
Will Matthews 18 dagar sedan
Sell laca He only scored a lot of goals because auba had such a terrible season
antmanbee100 18 dagar sedan
I think Laca would rather leave Arsenal. Sell him.
PreeWiEntertainment 1
PreeWiEntertainment 1 18 dagar sedan
Keep Lacazette
Ricz London
Ricz London 18 dagar sedan
Smith Rowe for grealish plus 30 mil let’s do it
RdelaFM 18 dagar sedan
We wouldn't even sell xhaka, what about ESR..🤣🤣 we will need Grealish, martinez prince Williams and 100M.
PreeWiEntertainment 1
PreeWiEntertainment 1 18 dagar sedan
We should not Swap or Sell Smith Rowe plz
Sadia Islam
Sadia Islam 18 dagar sedan
Smith rowe is a true gooner doubt that he'll want to go
Ignacio Garcia
Ignacio Garcia 18 dagar sedan
i would maje lacazette our main striker, he hasnt been so steady in the eleven. He works better in the team than auba
Danny Ackland
Danny Ackland 18 dagar sedan
When Robbie said Aston Villa where ready to battle for players with arsenal that swallow sounded like the wrong type 😂😂😂😂
Topias Malinen
Topias Malinen 18 dagar sedan
Keep Lacazette he does good in and off the court and what I mean is that he bring positive energy to our attacking players like auba and pepe because it seems like he have come friends with them.
Keith Mhundwa
Keith Mhundwa 18 dagar sedan
Keep laca and buy silva makes sense we need youth in the striker position. We can slowly intergrate him in the team with no pressure
Despierta America
Despierta America 18 dagar sedan
Cam Dustin
Cam Dustin 18 dagar sedan
Give us Grealish then we will give u ESR.
Vinayak Patil
Vinayak Patil 18 dagar sedan
Extend Laca's contract! He's been our most instrumental player apart from Saka this season. He scores goals, holds the ball well and brings his teammates into play.
Mark .MacRae
Mark .MacRae 18 dagar sedan
ESR could go as a replacement for Jack Grealish
Dee Ray
Dee Ray 18 dagar sedan
I would rather move Auba on than laca. I feel we've seen Aubas best, i think he'll continue declining now.
Jordan Found
Jordan Found 18 dagar sedan
Keep Lacazette at all costs💯💯💯💯
Kabineh kabba
Kabineh kabba 18 dagar sedan
Let Laca stay idc let him stay
Oscarinho 18 dagar sedan
I think we should go for someone like Edouard from Celtic
FT Swiffy
FT Swiffy 18 dagar sedan
If arsenal get rid of lacazette I reckon they Need to get ivon toney from brentford he is only 25 and he has been class
Yame Entertainment
Yame Entertainment 18 dagar sedan
I would take grealish for smith fr
stephen slater
stephen slater 18 dagar sedan
If we want to return to the top then we need to stop looking for players at Norwich and teams like that! How is that ambition lol 😂
abhi8580 18 dagar sedan
We need a plan B striker like Giroud.
Sandla Manyelana
Sandla Manyelana 18 dagar sedan
Saka & Willock & Martinelli & Tierney... are the only hope for Arsenal no cap
stephen slater
stephen slater 18 dagar sedan
He’s Arsenal through and through he’d never go villa lol 😂
Zammy ‘BusDriver’ Martínez
Im telling you if we were a proper club each and every player would retire at Arsenal, but as hard as it is to leave, youve got to because we just aint good enough
Bryant Vasquez
Bryant Vasquez 18 dagar sedan
Sign laca up for another year
Bharat Bhutia
Bharat Bhutia 18 dagar sedan
Lord bendtner retired from football today
james kiwoi
james kiwoi 18 dagar sedan
We get it Don, you mean there are no number 9s of the banter club persuasion
moe rahim
moe rahim 18 dagar sedan
Robbie u coward.
moe rahim
moe rahim 18 dagar sedan
Chijokes Ezeanowi
Chijokes Ezeanowi 18 dagar sedan
Extend the contract
h A
h A 18 dagar sedan
h A
h A 18 dagar sedan
h A
h A 18 dagar sedan
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