Arsenal Make £30m Buendia Bid, Dembele Interest & Kolasinac Latest | AFTV Transfer Daily 

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Arsenal Make £30m Buendia Bid, Dembele Interest \u0026 Kolasinac Latest | AFTV Transfer Daily

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4 jun 2021



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AVFC1874 15 dagar sedan
Buendia deal done with Villa? 💜💙 another Emi in the bag...2 down 1 to go 🤣
The Bit Player
The Bit Player 15 dagar sedan
ROBBIE - Aston Villa Owners > Arsenal Owners. Why would Buendia choose Kroenke? Plus Edu, Vinai & Arteta? Are you mad?
Murdock 15 dagar sedan
Super serious. Bidding war lasted one round, Arsenal bid, Villa raised, Arsenal fold 😂
Ranjan Pradhan
Ranjan Pradhan 15 dagar sedan
Buendia signs for Aston Villa 😎😂😂
Ahin Bose
Ahin Bose 15 dagar sedan
Haha we smashed you last year, and now Buendia told you where to go. Maybe also spell Norwich correctly and get your facts right; no sell on clause to Getafe. So many inaccurate statements. Still I’m sure you will get Grealish now for £10.
Lunasmoke Zim
Lunasmoke Zim 15 dagar sedan
30 million will get you Lingard....
The Only Apex Legends
The Only Apex Legends 15 dagar sedan
“If we miss out to Aston Villa.......” FAMOUS.LAST.WORDS
M A A 16 dagar sedan
Buendia chose Villa😁
Odders 16 dagar sedan
Hate to break the news to you, but.. UTV
Mark Murphy
Mark Murphy 16 dagar sedan
Up the Villa, Grealish has a new playmaker to work with! Thanks to Emi Martinez for getting this signing in for us! UTV
010mercurials 16 dagar sedan
Get Grealish then wtf
Ben Foster
Ben Foster 16 dagar sedan
Imagine losing a transfer battle against aston villa
Kash khan
Kash khan 15 dagar sedan
It's reality now
Conrad Groenewald
Conrad Groenewald 16 dagar sedan
His off to Villa can't even attract players from the championship anymore 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Matt Monk
Matt Monk 16 dagar sedan
Lets get Jonathan David! Don't wait until next summer when every club in europe are after him
Matt Schmid
Matt Schmid 16 dagar sedan
why don't we buy Sasa Kalajdzic from stuttgart? young and promising, 16 goals in his first bundesliga season
Dange 16 dagar sedan
Welcome to AVFC Buendia.... you thought you was getting Grealish & you didn't & same with Buendia
Stephen Pearson
Stephen Pearson 16 dagar sedan
Daniel 16 dagar sedan
SM M 16 dagar sedan
Arsenal can't even dine at the the table with Tottenham.
Aidan Go4t3D
Aidan Go4t3D 16 dagar sedan
09:38 ... i would take dembele for 26 pounds yes
Naylor619 16 dagar sedan
David Brooks > Buendia
Gooner 72
Gooner 72 16 dagar sedan
What happens next to Kolasinac? I hear there's a cleaners job in the toilets department....
Gooner 72
Gooner 72 16 dagar sedan
R.IP Alan Miller, you Legend...... condolences to his friends and family.
Luke White
Luke White 16 dagar sedan
Why is no-one mentioning Depay on a free, we should be atleast throwing our hat in the ring. Barcelona are flying under the radar, with aguero on a free and trying to get Wijanldum and Depay on a free.
SwayNo 16 dagar sedan
Kolasinac is an attacking wing back he played pretty well under Emery
SwayNo 16 dagar sedan
Villa have a proper manager and are on the up Arsenal on the other hand 😷
LaughThinkAndCry 17 dagar sedan
We have the weakest mentality of any of the top clubs…and it’s not just in the footballing team/squad. It’s everywhere in the organization /club. Everywhere!
LaughThinkAndCry 17 dagar sedan
We are not geting anyway near top 4 next season…I honestly think it can be a long time before we get it. Even EL. I’d say we finish 7-9th next season.
Tjaden Gallegos
Tjaden Gallegos 17 dagar sedan
ST Darwin Nunez
rodmann17 17 dagar sedan
Buendia will choose Aston Villa over Arsenal
Str 17 dagar sedan
Expectations: Buendia, Aouar, Bissouma Reality: Theo Walcott on loan
delph forbasics
delph forbasics 16 dagar sedan
Buendia gone
Saul Ignacio Alcala
Saul Ignacio Alcala 17 dagar sedan
hello gooners and goonerettes adquiere at Buen Día Dembele are good footballers because in this days Ceballos Óodegard will leave us returning at Real Madrid-Emiliano Buen día it's a footballer for him we most fight the fourty millón pounds are a good inberssion(40.0000000€) uegnetelly because Óodegard it's leaving our team we most maje nwgoxiations with the Norwixh City - Kolasinac most to be sale will need to find him a new club him it's not necessary in our team a loan for another team will be good Tierney it's are right defender unless Kolasinac return like a replacement but i prefer sale him-Xhaka need to still play for Arsenal it's our captain - mister Campos please come to Arsenal you will make a good job in our team with mister Arteta and Edu - Agüero it's a good option but now will play for the Barcelona it:s not possible striker - Dembele come to our team please we need striker like that strongest fastest it's necessary important and so urgently reforce the strikers twenty six milliion pounds 💷 (26.00000€)it's a good value obviously if Simwone want's buy this footballer Dembele good replacement for Lacazette Lyon most to accept sale him the replacements 8n our team are really urgently necessary and important-good bye NIcklas Bedtner unforgetteable guner good bye cowboy hughs and regreats from 🇧🇴 Bolivia La Paz city for the gooners and goonerettes we most still love believe and support at our footballistical institution Arsenal
Stephen Odom
Stephen Odom 17 dagar sedan
Get kelechi iheanacho from leicester city
young french
young french 17 dagar sedan
Kola on more than that he was a free agent signed in the Gazidas era
Michael Michael
Michael Michael 17 dagar sedan
In 10 years AFTV will be bigger than Arsenal as the old fans will stop watching and going to games and just check in on SVdown every now and then which is my plan for next season can't watch anymore of this absolute pisstaking bullshit. Big up the don
Yakubu Maitala
Yakubu Maitala 17 dagar sedan
Harry Kane is an Arsenal fan
Adam Driver
Adam Driver 17 dagar sedan
bidding war with aston makes sense, we have no europe and we're in a similar situation to them in he league, thats good, buendia would pick arsenal cuz we're a fancier option plus he could get higher wages
Adam Driver
Adam Driver 15 dagar sedan
@The Only Apex Legends yea we're ending up 8th again next season
The Only Apex Legends
The Only Apex Legends 15 dagar sedan
delph forbasics
delph forbasics 16 dagar sedan
He picked aston villa
MrPanSzymon 17 dagar sedan
Robbie back again mispronouncing names of clubs and players 😂😂
Surabaya 59
Surabaya 59 17 dagar sedan
Patson Daka?
-m -p
-m -p 17 dagar sedan
30 pound for buendia??? 2:31
VrzIam 17 dagar sedan
We got a new director of football now but Campos would've been fantastic had me thinking of the David Dean days
Evans Cheung
Evans Cheung 17 dagar sedan
Buy Bissouma 30m Josh Diog 15m Buendia 40m Aaour 30m Aaron Max 30m Edouard 30m 175m Sale Guendouzi 22m Xhaka 25m Bellerin 22m Laca 40m Torreira 15m 127m
henrio septiano
henrio septiano 17 dagar sedan
Just give a chance like folarin balogun some games or play more Gabriel Martinelli
Paul Merson Villa Legend
Emi Martinez will been in Buendia’s ear while they’re both currently on international duty.
Abu Madinah
Abu Madinah 17 dagar sedan
Robbie = Sell Out!!!
Abu Madinah
Abu Madinah 17 dagar sedan
sommie skype
sommie skype 17 dagar sedan
All this shitty players that was on loan should move on.. No need for returning returning
Adonis 17 dagar sedan
Will Matthews
Will Matthews 17 dagar sedan
Bentdner scored a hat trick and didn't even know he could keep the ball
h A
h A 17 dagar sedan
Ben Bacharach
Ben Bacharach 17 dagar sedan
Here’s what we need: Buendia Bissouma Celik Andre Silva Bertrand
Naldo Poldo
Naldo Poldo 17 dagar sedan
A guy that knows arsenal and football...that's exactly what we need
Dylan 17 dagar sedan
Never knew Norwich bought Buendia from Gaddafi
Yvonne Dinjens
Yvonne Dinjens 17 dagar sedan
Sell auba and get Paul Onuachu
Thirdeyeboy85 Rams
Thirdeyeboy85 Rams 17 dagar sedan
Come on afc still haven’t learnt how to negotiate always leaves a bad taste in the mouth minimum 35 mill for Norwich top player who’s coming back up to the prem if he’s what we wants then go get him
Thomism 101
Thomism 101 17 dagar sedan
Aguero? No thank you. Arsenal’s experiments aged castoffs haven’t worked. No more please.
Your Wish
Your Wish 17 dagar sedan
Buendia bissouma and 3 more
Dave B
Dave B 17 dagar sedan
I’d love to know how many games Robbie has seen of any of the players linked to us? I doubt not many but still don’t stop him talking them up like they the best ever😂
Alfred Boss
Alfred Boss 17 dagar sedan
With laca stil leading our attack,we are going nowhere,better look for abetter striker than him for a change
Mahib-Ul Haque
Mahib-Ul Haque 17 dagar sedan
We need Andre silva
Adam Fuller
Adam Fuller 17 dagar sedan
Kind of 50/50 with Buendia. Is he just an exceptional championship player. At 24 i thought he would have already been snapped up. But is this just the kind of player we are looking at now
Rahi 17 dagar sedan
Matheus pereira is a bargain player since he got relegated, why we don’t sign these quality players to good to go down FML!?
Rahi 17 dagar sedan
Still don’t understand why we don’t go for donnarumma since he’s a free agent and 22 and give him 250k and sign him on a 6 year contract? Who knows in 4 years 250k a week might become cheap?!
said barkhadle
said barkhadle 17 dagar sedan
Lacazette Must be Offered a New Contract. This is our worst season, he didn't start all the games for various reasons but he is still our best goal scorer...what else do they need from him. He's so much more than a striker.
Sacha Sallai
Sacha Sallai 17 dagar sedan
Norwich will get £22.71 million back he’ll of a return on £1.29 mill
Danny Zuko
Danny Zuko 17 dagar sedan
Rather get celtics striker euduauadard than dembele
Kronik Maths debater
Kronik Maths debater 17 dagar sedan
This is how low Arsenal has fallen, can you imagine Chelsea, Manchester United or Liverpool wanting to sign Buendia. ?
keron Duncan
keron Duncan 17 dagar sedan
We don't want Sterling. Thats a down grade to Laca.
warofmankind 17 dagar sedan
Dembele ain't even better than lacazette
Arsenal Lad
Arsenal Lad 17 dagar sedan
Nowrich lol. Editor needs to go back to school
Arnab Guin
Arnab Guin 17 dagar sedan
Would be somewhat of a dream if we signed Toney from Brentford in place of Laca (if he does leave).
Aiden 17 dagar sedan
mohamed adje
mohamed adje 17 dagar sedan
Arsenal should go for Sebastian Haller. Is decent
Grego 17 dagar sedan
Another striker who doesn't score goals, becoming a trend. Dembele a no for me. Go for strikers that score Ivan Toney
Sujit Roy
Sujit Roy 17 dagar sedan
2:25 Norwich is spelled incorrectly
henry addo
henry addo 17 dagar sedan
Astin what?
Amogh Hajare
Amogh Hajare 17 dagar sedan
As a Chelsea fan, I really feel bad for Arsenal. All the players Robbie discussed were average.
Chase Woolery
Chase Woolery 17 dagar sedan
Dembele NOOOO!!.. it’s like we’re replacing lacazette with lacazette..
Julian Roberts
Julian Roberts 17 dagar sedan
You won't get him for anything less than £35 million. If that's too much for Arsenal then you won't get him
jwz toch
jwz toch 17 dagar sedan
jwz toch
jwz toch 17 dagar sedan
Eduardo Camavinga! The futures best CM/DM! BUY BUY BUY
jwz toch
jwz toch 17 dagar sedan
Robbie tell your contacts for Eduardo Camavinga!
TheChLesure 17 dagar sedan
Aston Villa are going for Buendia? Could that mean Grealish is leaving? 👀
Paul Merson Villa Legend
Give your head a wobble
Y.m Sxshdjfndnwjjsmd
Y.m Sxshdjfndnwjjsmd 17 dagar sedan
RIP 🪦 claud
Talentsbestm8 J
Talentsbestm8 J 17 dagar sedan
Condolence Mr Miller.
Perry Francis
Perry Francis 17 dagar sedan
Arsenal are not in Europe. So we won’t attract the top players on europe. Get over it
Thinley Namgay
Thinley Namgay 17 dagar sedan
Selling Lacazette will be a huge mistake from my opinion.
Vincent 16 dagar sedan
he wont be sold lmao
Muzammil Parkar
Muzammil Parkar 17 dagar sedan
Macdonald's work
Macdonald's work 17 dagar sedan
Emmanuel Kamba
Emmanuel Kamba 17 dagar sedan
If you need a back up lb go for Nuno Mendes
Anjola Tope-Babalola
Anjola Tope-Babalola 17 dagar sedan
There are a lot of top strikers that are available Donny Mallen Patson Daka Vhlahovic Andre Silva Torney Ollie Watkins Patrick Bamford Boadu Gerad Moreno Calvert lewin They All scored goals This guy did not score 1
arun prasadh
arun prasadh 17 dagar sedan
We are in bidding war with Villa of all teams 😭... levels
Taso K
Taso K 17 dagar sedan
I really do not rate buendia, if this club is ambitious enough which it clearly is not, I would love grealish, but that ain’t happening so prepare for another awful season.
TellMeThis IllTellYouThis
When Villa are matching bids you know you need to take a look at yourself. £38 million & Nelson & Nketiah on loan.. deal!!
Dominion Silas
Dominion Silas 17 dagar sedan
Haven’t we been burnt enough with OL players? Lacca, Aouar...? Nah
Lee Osborne
Lee Osborne 17 dagar sedan
Why do we offer £30mill knowing they are not going to accept anything less than 40? Same old
Miles 17 dagar sedan
Robbie seriously thinking Arsenal can be linked with players like Aguero. He just can't get past the fact Arsenal aren't a big team anymore that 'top, top' players will go to. You're playing in the transfer reserves now, ya Gooners ya.
OpenTheB0x 17 dagar sedan
Mustafi and kolasinac go to shalke and get relegated talk about deadwood
micheal kelly
micheal kelly 17 dagar sedan
Odegaards bang average
Adindu FRANCIS 17 dagar sedan
What do you of Paul onuachu, scored more than 30goals
brownmoney27 17 dagar sedan
Anyone else deeply disappointed that we're sticking with Arteta, especially now that Antonio Conte has become available?
Miles 17 dagar sedan
Arsenal's main rivals now Villa ha ha!
Majk x Ledri Vula - Marr
Majk x Ledri Vula - Marr