Arsenal - Post Mortem and Predictions | Talk Is Cheap ft James & Jordan 

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4 jun 2021



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Gaga Assalam
Gaga Assalam 12 dagar sedan
Carry on boys i love you both and co like co host
Richard Ketley
Richard Ketley 13 dagar sedan
There’s a funny thing in watching football over the years. Those who are built up from within the game before they make it, rarely fail. When that goes public, it’s like we communally feel the mood of the day and help it manifest, it’s the way things work. The Germans call it Zeigeist. That and watching the way Arteta understands the game, conducts himself and organises his teams gives me enormous hope and faith. Ferguson, the most successful British manager in the game was within a whisker of losing his job early on in similar circumstances. Pep Guardiola , arguably the most successful manager in the history of the game hand picked Arteta and continues to back him. Doubting Arsenal fans, please guard against losing patience. If you help force Arteta out of Arsenal, in ten years time you guys are going to be kicking yourselves. Sometimes we’ve got to stop saying ‘show me evidence’ and see the signs that are there. If you don’t recognise the patterns of history, study wider and please have faith. There are ALWAYS mistakes made along the way, it’s how we all learn most, him included. His biggest challenge is Auba stepping up and buying in. Once that is resolved, I hope with Auba’s buy in, you just watch us kick on. Come on Arsenal ! ❤️
Dr gunner
Dr gunner 14 dagar sedan
Good show but missed the superstar curtis !!
Thomas Collingwood
Thomas Collingwood 14 dagar sedan
Curtis !
Michael 14 dagar sedan
James is our Statto..aka from baddiel and skinner fantasy football days..showing my age shout out to the over 35's
Joel B
Joel B 14 dagar sedan
Where is Curtis!?
Puneet Mitra
Puneet Mitra 14 dagar sedan
People don't realise but the equivalent of the Community Shield in other leagues is actually a big deal. If it was called the English Super Cup and was a Cup not a Shield it would have more appeal and fans wouldn't shun it.
Thabiso Masuku
Thabiso Masuku 15 dagar sedan
Ian de Vaz
Ian de Vaz 15 dagar sedan
Great show as always Laurie and guys!
Andrew Cattle
Andrew Cattle 15 dagar sedan
We need a named manager??? George Graham came from Millwall Arsene Wenger from Japan and was greeted with Arsene who. Why do you need a name?
NALEDI MAAGA 15 dagar sedan
BUENDIA wouldve gotten injury prone at Arsenal
franklingoodwin 15 dagar sedan
"Price Tags Matter". I thought Jordan was about to thank the NHS and all the keyworkers for a second there
Juan AFC
Juan AFC 15 dagar sedan
Where is Curtis? No disrespect for James but I always looking for the debate Laurie/Curtis
Andrew Griffith
Andrew Griffith 15 dagar sedan
think of it as a random guest like on the 'one show'
Reym Leul
Reym Leul 15 dagar sedan
Where is Curtis?
Reym Leul
Reym Leul 15 dagar sedan
Reym Leul
Reym Leul 15 dagar sedan
Reym Leul
Reym Leul 15 dagar sedan
Curtis ??
Reym Leul
Reym Leul 15 dagar sedan
Where's Curtis?
Reym Leul
Reym Leul 15 dagar sedan
Where's Curtis?
Moha H
Moha H 15 dagar sedan
A desired segment - more of Jordan & James
Dani Bramman
Dani Bramman 15 dagar sedan
Where have the standards of Arsenal fans gone, Arteta will not get this lot challenging for a top 4 let alone a title, exactly the same as the Utd fans, how the mighty have fallen
CG Low
CG Low 12 dagar sedan
How is United even in the same conversation? United has been in the top four for most of the season and eventually finishing 2nd. Arsenal has been consistently in the mid to lower table for most of the season. And finishing outside even the Europa Conference placing. We can see where United is moving towards ie what Ole is trying to do both within the 1st team but also structurally within the club from the academy to the coaching staff. Not sure you can say if Arteta is making that same level of impact.
Ato Acheame-Ewusi
Ato Acheame-Ewusi 15 dagar sedan
Arsenal should sign Dede Ayew
William Baker
William Baker 15 dagar sedan
Where’s my man Curtis? We bout to riot up in here
Kopano Molapisi
Kopano Molapisi 16 dagar sedan
AFTV is 😴 without Robbie n DT
nk asamoah
nk asamoah 16 dagar sedan
Pepe has the ability, talent etc ........ but we NEED the performance. He isn't performing convincingly
Farook Dinaully
Farook Dinaully 16 dagar sedan
A good coach is not neccesarily become a good manager.
Gonza !
Gonza ! 16 dagar sedan
Weres my guy man kmt
Liam Walker
Liam Walker 16 dagar sedan
The Pepe thing I think if we were an attacking side he’d run the show plus if he scores 20 goals next season and gets 10 assists I don’t care if he’s only in the game at parts or for the full 90 minutes look at Bruno there’s games where he’s non existent but still pops up with a good assist or a goal that changes the game
Shafi Chowdhury #Kroenkeout #Artetaout
@Liam Walker that's basically like him saying he'd rather have iwobi than salah
George's Opinion
George's Opinion 16 dagar sedan
Keep trying to push this show. Curtis Shaw was unwatchable just like Cecil, at least they’re trying to switch it up
Zac B
Zac B 16 dagar sedan
The delusions of some fans who back arteta is unbelievable! He has done and shown nothing to suggest he’s going to be a great manager!
Dregio Ramos
Dregio Ramos 6 dagar sedan
Smfh. We should sack him and bring in Conte. FFS
David O
David O 16 dagar sedan
I disagree with James again Bisuoma is worth £35mil only to Brighton. Buendia is worth £40mil only to Norwich. Kessie £15-20mil Brandt £7-15mil. How much did Chelsea pay for Ziech?
David O
David O 16 dagar sedan
Jordan’s unfair bias against Ozil I don’t understand his point, because; Aubameyang shipped off after controversy at Dortmund ASanchez was unhappy with his role and minutes at Barca Henry was shipped off for flopping at Juve Vieira couldn’t break out of Milan reserves Bergkamp at Inter was sold as a flop
David O
David O 16 dagar sedan
I agree with James on Wilock, but we tried the technical midfield with Wenger it didn’t work
David O
David O 16 dagar sedan
Jordan criticising Wilock, not just good 6months an excellent 6months. Maybe the system and managers are the problem.
Zac B
Zac B 16 dagar sedan
There’s no backing this manager we shouldn’t be having a manager who is on his work experience managing Arsenal!
David O
David O 16 dagar sedan
Jordan and me just generally disagree on a lot of things. Especially Pepe, Jordan can’t see potential, we have to develop that potential. That’s why we paid £70mil and not £90-100mil.
ᴡᴛᴋ 16 dagar sedan
Anyone who doesn't rate Pepe doesn't know ball
David O
David O 16 dagar sedan
Usually I agree with James; Laca started season well, was in an out of team. Pepe has played well when played this season. Also record signing super talent build your team & tactics around him. Arsenal managers have failed Pepe not the other way round. Ronaldinho at PSG, Barca Zidane at Juve, RMadrid Hazard at Chelsea Juninho at Middlesbrough Zola at Chelsea Kane at !!!!s P di Canio at W Ham Zaha at Palace Le Tissier at Southampton
David O
David O 16 dagar sedan
Arteta is not professional. If he was he could manage & work with ‘difficult players’ get the best out of them, phasing them out profitably.
David O
David O 16 dagar sedan
🤔 Arteta ostracises our best number 10. And fails to replace him till end of December Jan. And James you want to praise him.
GunningSoulmanKQ6 16 dagar sedan
Where’s Curtis? No no no no.....
David O
David O 16 dagar sedan
Disappointed with James already. Arteta is the manager, he is responsible in every meaning of the word at once for the trouble in your synopsis. He caused his own problems
7fitterman 16 dagar sedan
Wilock is the new Ramsey. Bring him off the bench when we need a goal simple
Andrew Griffith
Andrew Griffith 15 dagar sedan
yep give him a season as super sub and if no good loan again and then offload
TheOldskoolCam 16 dagar sedan
Does nobody watch Curtis TV? he went back home this week. That might explain why he didn’t make this show. The man has a life.
Jason Soo
Jason Soo 16 dagar sedan
Bias aside this is best aftv show over all gun blazing
John Pickford
John Pickford 16 dagar sedan
We will not sign anyone we want
EmJay Conan
EmJay Conan 16 dagar sedan
Embarrassing, happy for 6th . Praying we finish above West Ham . What’s wrong with you ? 4th minimum. James was the only sensible one on this chat
Scotto armstrong
Scotto armstrong 16 dagar sedan
Keep grinding big boi james
Zack 13
Zack 13 16 dagar sedan
Yeah please dont remove Curtis 🙏🙏
Paul-Douglas Peart
Paul-Douglas Peart 16 dagar sedan
Not gonna lie... This channel. There's a slight decline happening. Better to wait until Curtis was available then put this nonsense out. Straight lock arf....
Paul-Douglas Peart
Paul-Douglas Peart 16 dagar sedan
No, changing the format of shows we’ve all grown to enjoy without warning is nonsense.
Nii Brown
Nii Brown 16 dagar sedan
? . People expressing their opinions are Nonsense for you ? Not for me. I listened to end .great work aftv.
A B 16 dagar sedan
Straight up mad diss towards Curtis. This is the after show I watch with him and they trying to take him out
Diego Sedillo
Diego Sedillo 15 dagar sedan
He probably just couldn’t make it this episode relax
Jeffrey Laryea
Jeffrey Laryea 16 dagar sedan
Hopefully this isn’t an attempt to blackball Curtis. Him and Lauries chemistry are unmatched.
AL 16 dagar sedan
Stratford FC lmao
Mussumba Felix
Mussumba Felix 16 dagar sedan
AFTv need better analysts we have enough CBs but we dont have a proper CDM. Thats our problem and the coach too isnt good enough
Ehab Alia
Ehab Alia 16 dagar sedan
Where Big C?
Rhodesians Never Die
Rhodesians Never Die 17 dagar sedan
This Jordan guy is one of the most stupidest guest ever on AFTV, rates Arteta blindly despite him underperforming and mismanaging players all season but gets on Pepe ?! Someone tell this idiot he was one of our best players in the FA cup final and this season has more goals than saka and ESR combined. GTFO can't believe delusional fans like him cover Arsenal full time !
Zayous Hamilton
Zayous Hamilton 17 dagar sedan
Your comment on Chelsea is uninformed. We finished 10th , once in 18 years. Chelsea is one of the most consistent team in the top 4. I go on record to say that we will win the league next season and Arsenal will still not finish in the top 4.
Justin Frazier
Justin Frazier 17 dagar sedan
You made this entire paragraph and for some reason you decide to put a comma after 10th. I cannot fathom why you did this. Perhaps for dramatic pause? You could move it to the and separating Chelsea will win the title and Arsenal not finishing top 4. It really bothers me.
simon bailey
simon bailey 17 dagar sedan
I think Jordan’s been watching a different Arsenal to the rest of us!
sebs29 16 dagar sedan
@Rhodesians Never Die 100% he is a waffle merchant. That is why I miss Curtis, he will be calling out all the BS.
Rhodesians Never Die
Rhodesians Never Die 17 dagar sedan
He thinks he is smart but speaks absolute gibberish. Only at Arsenal you will find delusional fans who back a rookie manager but get on the back of player with 21 direct goal involvements across all competitions in an EXTREMELY poor season.
Blakademik 17 dagar sedan
What Arsenal have you been watching ?
Mir 17 dagar sedan
Definitely isn’t Talk is Cheap show without the striker Curtis Shaw
Fox in the Bin
Fox in the Bin 13 dagar sedan
yep man like Red Rat
Kevin Kelly
Kevin Kelly 17 dagar sedan
Wenger would have this squad in top 4 easily as for all his defensive woes he let attacking players play football, Arteta is too defensive and the the league was changed years ago to reward attacking teams 3 points for winning rather than two points
R Carl
R Carl 17 dagar sedan
Realistically: a domestic cup a Europa spot is my expectation
Kevin Kelly
Kevin Kelly 17 dagar sedan
You guys are crazy, they sacked the genius Wenger for settling for top 4 and winning 3 FA cups in last 5 seasons!
Connor Macdonald
Connor Macdonald 17 dagar sedan
Pepe ran the show Leicester away in the league, their left back got taken off at half time because Pepe was terrorising him. Then he scored and assisted in the second half, against a team that was third or fourth at the time I think he was excellent
Shafi Chowdhury #Kroenkeout #Artetaout
@Blakademik agenda fc
Rhodesians Never Die
Rhodesians Never Die 17 dagar sedan
Yes also he was also good against Brighton, Palace, and Slavia Prague ( critical game of the season at that point). Jordan has a clear agenda against him
Blakademik 17 dagar sedan
Fair enough
thefamily 17 dagar sedan
James’ work rate is very impressive 👏🏿 he’s on almost every show!
Melody Tropikal
Melody Tropikal 17 dagar sedan
Pepe is class shut up dread...pepe runs the show against Leicester then was benched 3 games in the row
Shafi Chowdhury #Kroenkeout #Artetaout
@Blakademik 🤡 you don't have a clue about football you back this dead manager but then you have a go at our most goal contributer it's a clear agenda against pepe
Rhodesians Never Die
Rhodesians Never Die 17 dagar sedan
@Blakademik you absolute tool ! He has most direct goal involvements (21) across all competitions for Arsenal. Let me give your double digit IQ mind another point of contact. Rashford has 11 goals in PL while Pepe has 10 in almost HALF the game time ( 2928 VS 1614 mins). Not saying he has had a better season than Rashford or a better player but he is a clinical goal scorer. Leicester aside he was good in the FA cup final last season, Palace and Brighton this season and was instrumental in our comeback against Slavia. Do your research before you form opinions or at the very least keep your brain dead agendas to yourself
Blakademik 17 dagar sedan
Anymore games?
Kevin Kelly
Kevin Kelly 17 dagar sedan
That yellow table cloth is too much and needs to hit the bin !
Vinicius Goulart
Vinicius Goulart 17 dagar sedan
Dude, Arsenal was the 3 best defense in the league last year and you want to spend on a center back when we already have Gabriel, Saliba and Mari
Justin Frazier
Justin Frazier 16 dagar sedan
David Luiz was playing for the other team.
Blakademik 17 dagar sedan
You have no idea how good Saliba is in this league. Gabriel had a good half season and Mari has much to prove
Jordan Lee
Jordan Lee 17 dagar sedan
Pepe is the best player at arsenal already and is gonna get better. Bu far most exciting player idk how he is so underated by everyone
Zac B
Zac B 16 dagar sedan
Maybe because he falls over his feet far to much’ and having a good last 5 games doesn’t justify his 72m pride tag!
Rhodesians Never Die
Rhodesians Never Die 17 dagar sedan
Not saying he is the best but definitely exciting, only at Arsenal you find deluded idiots who rate a novice manager but get on the back of one our most clinical finishers.
Shafi Chowdhury #Kroenkeout #Artetaout
@29:40 man United , fa cup final people's agenda stink 🤦
R Carl
R Carl 17 dagar sedan
Shout-out to everyone asking for curtis even tho his absence was explained
Fox in the Bin
Fox in the Bin 13 dagar sedan
@sebs29 Yep never interested in Wet James
sebs29 16 dagar sedan
There was no reason give Carl. For whatever reason is not an explanation. I think Robbie doesn't like for his brother and Curtis to preach the truth about the club. Now they brining in James who is a proper yes man when it come to the Club, he is proper pro Arteta, and also he is as plain as a slice of bread, AFTV tried to replace Graham with James but is is not the same. AFTV is after all Arteta Fan TV, and if Robbie keeps this up he will soon be with a fan base which are only here to see them clown around every time arsenal looses and the real Arsenal fans will start to look at other channels i.e. this is one of the AFTV shows I watch due to the chemistry between L and C. Turkish's fan show is another one, but the rest is just going from bad to worse, the bias show is now like 10 mins and all guns blazing is just DT being a man child and still arrogant and petulant which is just sad with no content at all.
Shaun P
Shaun P 17 dagar sedan
Everyone is entitled to their own opinions but I don't understand the logic in "we have lowered the bar for Pepe" but Arteta is still the man after such a shocking season in all competitions. Make it make sense?
Pinemarten 17 dagar sedan
Lmao @ everyone in the comments crying about their favourite person not being there. Not everything is a conspiracy - they state that Curtis couldn't be there today for whatever reason. Stop disliking the video.
Mikey C.
Mikey C. 17 dagar sedan
Curtis is still in the thumbnail so he hasn’t been replaced. I do think he should be back on next episode
Lee Gunner Exposed
Lee Gunner Exposed 17 dagar sedan
Did Curtis leave or summin
Lewis Page
Lewis Page 17 dagar sedan
better without curtis
Jac C
Jac C 16 dagar sedan
Oh bless you, come say it to my face pal x
Lewis Page
Lewis Page 16 dagar sedan
@Jac C your mum
Jac C
Jac C 16 dagar sedan
Kurtis Edwards
Kurtis Edwards 17 dagar sedan
Jordan and James need more exposure
Blakademik 17 dagar sedan
Thank you
Mechatronics Evolution
Mechatronics Evolution 17 dagar sedan
The intros are way too long... These are aftv regulars, we know them all already
Red Gilly
Red Gilly 17 dagar sedan
Nice to hear some positivity from your guests while keeping it real for a change
Judtin Douglas
Judtin Douglas 17 dagar sedan
Good discussions today guys
The Late Night Football Show
Love all these shows AFTV is producing.
Sunshine Moonshine
Sunshine Moonshine 17 dagar sedan
Saliba and Gabriel . Mari are there already. That is good for now. Midfield is weak right now so needs alot of attention. Strikers will come good once midfield is strengthen. Many Aresnal fans don't see this at all
Rama Sai
Rama Sai 16 dagar sedan
True, Liverpool's 2 fullbacks created more chances than arsenal midfielders last season. Beundia is an essential signing.
Sunshine Moonshine
Sunshine Moonshine 17 dagar sedan
Buendia. Brazilian says it all about his quality
Timmy Vivivanne
Timmy Vivivanne 16 dagar sedan
brazilian?? you mean David Luiz and Wilian ?
sebs29 17 dagar sedan
AFTV better not be trying to do a sneaky one and slowly leaving out Curtis. No Curtis no party. Not the same chemistry or passion.
Zac B
Zac B 16 dagar sedan
Absolutely agree! I thought the show was Laurie and Curtis
Rick Brown
Rick Brown 17 dagar sedan
Not the same without curtis
Callum 17 dagar sedan
Has Curtis been cut off now 👀 for Harry Potter
V K 17 dagar sedan
Laca was only good from December to April? Okay James, you tell me how many strikers will be able to perform in a team that was last in creating chances in the whole league in mid December, He scored 3 in 3, missed some sitters granted, other strikers have missed more, like Bamford, Ollie Watkins and Calvert Lewin, strikers that fans seem to want too. Arteta picked Eddie over him in some games and towards the back end of the season he got injured but when he came back he wasn't even being picked. He was underplayed, Arteta should get sacked, it's his weird decision making that has cost us time and time again. lool James has done a 180 on Laca
Omar Yahya
Omar Yahya 17 dagar sedan
No Curtis? 🤦🏼🤦🏼
TM101 17 dagar sedan
No Curtis no party
Mukil 17 dagar sedan
I was expecting the intro😔. Why no Curtis?
Matt G
Matt G 17 dagar sedan
Epic intros. Great panel.
WEED SMOKING GAMER 17 dagar sedan
Get curtis back on here cmon man
Shafi Chowdhury #Kroenkeout #Artetaout
Where's Curtis
A Kay
A Kay 17 dagar sedan
No Curtis=no watch
Rhodesians Never Die
Rhodesians Never Die 17 dagar sedan
Good strategy considering the Jordan guy just speaks trash majority of the time.
The Reviewer
The Reviewer 17 dagar sedan
Don Robbie is slowly doing a super League with his new channel 🤣
Alhaji Tunkara
Alhaji Tunkara 15 dagar sedan
🤣🤣🤣 good one !
Bruno Miguel
Bruno Miguel 16 dagar sedan
nick gratton
nick gratton 17 dagar sedan
Arse should have gone all,out for conte. You lot fucked up again
Blizzard B
Blizzard B 17 dagar sedan
The 🐍 is back 👍
Nathan antonio
Nathan antonio 17 dagar sedan
Where is Curtis?
Kalando Brown
Kalando Brown 17 dagar sedan
First watched
A Year Later ...
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