Arsenal Talk To Campos & Bid For Buendia? | AFTV News Daily 

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Arsenal Talk To Campos \u0026 Bid For Buendia? | AFTV News Daily

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Tapi Niichi
Tapi Niichi 15 dagar sedan
Big up Indians!🙌
Gossip Mill Naija
Gossip Mill Naija 16 dagar sedan
Nice one lad
Martin Chandler
Martin Chandler 17 dagar sedan
Moeketsi Molefe 18
Moeketsi Molefe 18 17 dagar sedan
Don't go to games
Nina Grant
Nina Grant 17 dagar sedan
Buendía would be a better buy than Odegard
Pius Andruda
Pius Andruda 17 dagar sedan
Nice new setup
Dodgy Fellow
Dodgy Fellow 17 dagar sedan
It's true we are not competing for trophies anymore and currently are a worse team than Spurs but on the other hand Arsenal FC is a corporation now and as a corporation our number one priority is Shareholder Profit Maximization. The market capitalization of this club has also almost tripled in the past 10 years. It's time for the fans to look at the bigger picture here. Arsenal FC might not be winning but Kroenke Sports & Entertainment LLC is and we as fans should be happy about that.
Talbot Pule
Talbot Pule 17 dagar sedan
Everyone in the fucken world: Onana. Robbie: ANAN
J B 17 dagar sedan
32:50 love Robbie but I always question his football IQ
Jagdeep Singh
Jagdeep Singh 17 dagar sedan
For a second i thought don called the kronkes kornflakes
NickRaJ Music
NickRaJ Music 17 dagar sedan
I don't get how Robbie can't see that Arteta did Cedrić dirty, he was our best RB before covering at LB
Kiran K
Kiran K 17 dagar sedan
Arsenal Fans Kerala (INDIA❤️🤍).
WebsyHD 17 dagar sedan
Ode was an illusion what he get 1 goal 2 assists??
The Black Protagonist
The Black Protagonist 17 dagar sedan
Robbie being very hypocritical in this. Buendia had the third highest chances created after KDB and Grealish when he was here. And he played 900 minutes less then either player. That shows us the strikers were not taking the chances he gave them. When Chambers won player of the year at relegated Fulham, Robbie wouldn’t shut up about how that was a good thing and progress for the player. Now saying buendia isn’t orem proven lol
Reno Panayi
Reno Panayi 17 dagar sedan
Imagine arteta being your clubs manager looooooooool
PrometheusTV 17 dagar sedan
We’ll u don’t need to imagine he already is u potatoe faced clown
Nishan Senaratne
Nishan Senaratne 17 dagar sedan
is this sky sports news
WebsyHD 17 dagar sedan
Campos will do wonders brilliant scout and done wonders for Lille and Monaco
ProgPiglet 17 dagar sedan
got nothing against cecil he seems like a gud guy but the man tries too hard. and theres no chemistry between him and the big don. reminds me of a restaurant manager and a kitchen hand
ansardagooner 14
ansardagooner 14 17 dagar sedan
Blackpool done it with their owners so I don’t see why we can’t do it! Go to the match to protest and just before kick off all go home that’s what we should be doing
24-7 TT Plumbing & Heating
Whats Pedro instagram account ?🙋‍♂️
MOBY D!CK 17 dagar sedan
RIP Alan Miller
Kitchen King
Kitchen King 17 dagar sedan
Why no riots for chopping this ownership.
Cranjis McBasketball
Cranjis McBasketball 17 dagar sedan
I'm predicting Arteta will be sacked by October and we'll all wonder why we didn't get Conte.
Shagul 17 dagar sedan
i think Alexander Isak perfect to take insted of Alexandre Lacazette
Marton Janos
Marton Janos 17 dagar sedan
Buendia would be a greater choice than odegaard he didn't show me enough to pay 50 millions of pounds. We paid too much for players who hadn't performed well the past..
Ross Anderson
Ross Anderson 17 dagar sedan
big up Lacazette for scoring 17 goals ffs. He cost 50 million and that is his best season here.
sasazamami 17 dagar sedan
What would it take for a AFTV to get a credentials to cover arsenal and the players at the game? Your reach is huge
Fern Gully
Fern Gully 17 dagar sedan
WEI HAO ENG 17 dagar sedan
Best Transfer of This Summer: Kroenke out
Angus K
Angus K 17 dagar sedan
levels Mason Mount this week:::: Champions league final assist Champions league final winner Named in England squad Nominated for PFA young player of the year
bryanboi 17 dagar sedan
From the CEO to technical director to manager, all 3 are amateurs. This is literally what blind leading the blind means.....
Jack Sparrow
Jack Sparrow 17 dagar sedan
Poor Robbie, poor Arsenal fans - it will be a summer of shattered dreams. Come.August - it will be Leno in goal, Bellerin at right back, the sequel to Ozil, Aubemayang on the left and the most incompetent referees to boot.
Robbie 17 dagar sedan
Keep Rowe before grealish?😄, and trying to make chambers out as a decent player , Robbie deluded man lol
mike lawry
mike lawry 17 dagar sedan
we buy bissouma, buendia and jack grealish ill buy a most expensive season ticket arsenal are selling
mike lawry
mike lawry 17 dagar sedan
if your a fan buying arsenal merchandise and going to games then dont complain...
mike lawry
mike lawry 17 dagar sedan
we got some good young players then mentions joe willock could have fell of my chair
William Baker
William Baker 17 dagar sedan
Save yourself some trouble and avoid Florida like the plague. The way the rest of the world looks at the USA is the way the rest of the USA looks at Florida.
thebonzell 17 dagar sedan
Why are you guys all ignoring Reiss-Nelson? That kids put in the time, went away on lone, came back and was doing the business until he was unceremoniously sideswiped by Arteta & you so-called fans on AFTV.
Dessi Paris3
Dessi Paris3 17 dagar sedan
We dont need no more average players. We need these players to challenge for the league and get back in to the top 4 Andre.silva Depay Grealish Aoura Bissouma/ndidi Kulibali Hakimi
Gooner Geezer
Gooner Geezer 17 dagar sedan
Ashirogi Muto
Ashirogi Muto 17 dagar sedan
bendtner was at the club before giroud ,podolski ,chamakh
Cannon Kain
Cannon Kain 17 dagar sedan
i'm liking this set up
Football Army
Football Army 17 dagar sedan
Am I mad for wanting Ben White over Bissouma?😬 Yes, as a CDM.
Football Army
Football Army 17 dagar sedan
@Afc Comps that's not the point, my point is that we need that hard CDM that's basically another CB off the ball.
Afc Comps
Afc Comps 17 dagar sedan
@Football Army bissouma is fast and skillful😭😭😭😭
Football Army
Football Army 17 dagar sedan
@Afc Comps Bissouma is a fancy CDM and that's not what we need at Arsenal. We need a faster, more skillful and more secure Xhaka... White is an old school defensive force, a monster without the ball and a different animal with it.
Afc Comps
Afc Comps 17 dagar sedan
Yh maddd
JakeSnacks11 17 dagar sedan
I'm gonna get wasted in Orlando for Arsenal Inter,,
Jimbo Jimbo
Jimbo Jimbo 17 dagar sedan
Sometimes i feel like im the only one that likes kroenke
Ryan Lane
Ryan Lane 17 dagar sedan
i’m vacationing in Orlando right now! hopefully arsenal bring some new players down south
Anjar Nuryono
Anjar Nuryono 17 dagar sedan
Honestly why would Campos want to work under the Kroenkes? Sad but true
Elite_Alpha_Male 17 dagar sedan
Kroenke: I’m not here to win trophies smh.... we haven’t been doing well over the years because we’re not building a squad to compete eg; bought only Cech.
Nick Sutton
Nick Sutton 17 dagar sedan
And Cech came for free 😂😂
Crushal 45
Crushal 45 17 dagar sedan
Bukayo Saka fam...man slipper like heel MOTM 💯🔥💯🔥
Prayaas Kochhar
Prayaas Kochhar 17 dagar sedan
Bedtner was actually very good for Denmark... Over 80 caps is no joke... He seemed to be like an OP version of Heskey.. Also.... Th Bedtner of arsenal would still be a a valuable asset to us... As a squad player / competition to nkhetiaor Balogun behind Laca. He didn't live up to hi monkier.... But was a damm good target man... And actually had some character band fight about him unlike the prima Donna's today we have here right now.
Anghaka Ralte
Anghaka Ralte 17 dagar sedan
Its sad to say this but as far as im concerned we have never been big on transfers even during the time of the invincibles i.e. even when we were the top contenders and finalist of the champions league. So i dont understand why some fans are expecting huge moves on transfers when we dont even qualify for europe
Unruliest Mac10
Unruliest Mac10 17 dagar sedan
Please get buendia!!!!!!!! 😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩
Gerard Donovan
Gerard Donovan 17 dagar sedan
Lord bendner retires and ye don't have an hour long special in his honour....shocking
G B 18 dagar sedan
If Campos is at all interested there is no chance in hell Arsenal should do anything but hire him immediately... that is a no-brainer. And I would hope that means goodbye to Edu
CareTaker 4 HIRE
CareTaker 4 HIRE 18 dagar sedan
Stop with this Spanish speaking genius worship..... arsteta out!!!
lollipop96790 18 dagar sedan
I wonder why in the background there are missing jersies. No. 2, 6, 13, 16, 20, 21, 26, 27 etc????.....
Adam .O
Adam .O 18 dagar sedan
Breaking news: Artetas left Arsenal and Lord Bendtner is taking over. Kronkes tell us to "trust the process".
You Andme
You Andme 18 dagar sedan
You should hang those pictures on the studio walls Robbie. They look really amazing.
Smith Rowe
Smith Rowe 18 dagar sedan
I believe in Arteta more than anyone else he's good technical smart, but Arsenal players a fringe commits easily to pressure making unnecessary mistakes.
DistinctiveMusicTV - Plus
Saka No.1 target for Antoio Conte at Tottenham
ahmed cara
ahmed cara 18 dagar sedan
Arsenal Vlogs
Arsenal Vlogs 18 dagar sedan
Kolasinac staying
Gary Killington
Gary Killington 18 dagar sedan
Ty looks like a Simpson character that drawing 😂😂😂😂
Navid Tarighati
Navid Tarighati 18 dagar sedan
We used to have Mislintat who scouted the talents that built Dortmund. What came from that? The issue is not individuals. It is the structure and culture of the club that aims for mediocrity and even fails to achieve that .
Arke shar
Arke shar 18 dagar sedan
Buendia is amazing baller
Rob Jorge
Rob Jorge 18 dagar sedan
Not Anan, its Onana
Ricardo Moore
Ricardo Moore 18 dagar sedan
Zidane is available
Louis Houghton
Louis Houghton 18 dagar sedan
RIP Alan Miller. Sad News.
Vijay Tiwari
Vijay Tiwari 18 dagar sedan
Arteta is the main problem here guys. Arsenal's current squad should have easily made top 6th this season.
khalim mansha
khalim mansha 18 dagar sedan
arsenal but a bid in for sterling haaland and ronaldo
Mikaeel Ismaeel
Mikaeel Ismaeel 18 dagar sedan
Shadow1609 18 dagar sedan
15:30 - campos 👍
David Tah
David Tah 17 dagar sedan
Thanks bro
Michael Michael
Michael Michael 18 dagar sedan
Bendtner doesn't retire from football, football retires from the Lord
Grego 18 dagar sedan
Robbie needs to read that Mbappe quote about age and levels.
Forever Gooner
Forever Gooner 18 dagar sedan
We Arsenal fans been living off the nostalgia of the Invincibles era. Everybody is never good enough for us 😂😂.
sofocles confucius
sofocles confucius 18 dagar sedan
Yesterday Saka played in three different positions. He even had to cover right back when Alex Arnold got injured!!
gary fowkes
gary fowkes 18 dagar sedan
95% of the in transfer players discussed will not be joining us so that you know in advance
LaughThinkAndCry 17 dagar sedan
It’s even higher than 95% :(
Adam Walker
Adam Walker 18 dagar sedan
Love the new show robbie
ⴶⴰⵀⵉⴷ 18 dagar sedan
14:40 'Anan'
George Brobbey
George Brobbey 18 dagar sedan
Campos is not coming to Arsenal. There has been talks he’s going to Nice with Galtier.
Alastair Ben
Alastair Ben 18 dagar sedan
I like smith Rowe but grealish in a swap deal 🤔 that is tempting .
STUDIO DAN 18 dagar sedan
Smith-rowe over Grealish every day.
MMC Games
MMC Games 18 dagar sedan
MMC Games
MMC Games 18 dagar sedan
MMC Games
MMC Games 18 dagar sedan
MMC Games
MMC Games 18 dagar sedan
Josue M
Josue M 18 dagar sedan
Can Everton take Arteta on a 2 year Loan meanwhile we win trophies with Pochetino, Conte, or Zidane 😂
Nick Sutton
Nick Sutton 17 dagar sedan
Why would any of those 3 want to join Arsenal?
Architeuthis Dux
Architeuthis Dux 17 dagar sedan
Zidane is overrated!
Julian DiGiuseppe
Julian DiGiuseppe 17 dagar sedan
We have the perfect squad for Conte of we sign bissouma
Vladimir Soskic
Vladimir Soskic 18 dagar sedan
Like we built around Walcott or Wilshire? What we build from this?
Nick Sutton
Nick Sutton 17 dagar sedan
@DNC ISKKK it’s a remarkably average group of players. The sooner Arsenal realise that, the faster they will return to top 4
DNC ISKKK 18 dagar sedan
The core? Gabriel, tierney, partey, Pepe, Saka. Almost half the team with top notch players, or a third if you will.
Scott Taylor
Scott Taylor 18 dagar sedan
Thank you so much from the States for AFTV. You're all brilliant. Keep Lacazette...extend another year.
Scott Taylor
Scott Taylor 13 dagar sedan
@Justin Moakler you're right.
Justin Moakler
Justin Moakler 18 dagar sedan
Why would Lacazette want to sign just a one year extension, when he is 30, he wants that one more contract that is 3-4 years to insure he and his family is financially supported. What if he gets injured during this one extra year, then he misses out on a 3-4 year contract could have got.
Scott Taylor
Scott Taylor 18 dagar sedan
Uyi Ikhu-Omoregbe
Uyi Ikhu-Omoregbe 18 dagar sedan
Can they give Saka a pay increase.... How is Martenelli getting more than him
Anthony Garcia
Anthony Garcia 18 dagar sedan
Floridian Gooner here! Bought tickets to the friendlies in Orlando as soon as they went on sale! Soo excited to see my first game
Anthony Garcia
Anthony Garcia 14 dagar sedan
@Hala Juventus Y nada mas wym
Hala Juventus Y nada mas
Florida ignorant
Matin A-
Matin A- 18 dagar sedan
Campos is coming to real. Dont get ur hopes high
Jonathan Barrios
Jonathan Barrios 18 dagar sedan
Who else going to the Florida cup ???
CrispyBuda 18 dagar sedan
You should have added Ty for flavour.
Drill Re-uploader
Drill Re-uploader 18 dagar sedan
Bring your son to work day 🥺
RD Holyfield
RD Holyfield 18 dagar sedan
Cecile hoodie all summer vibez
ben cox
ben cox 18 dagar sedan
The lord is a legend... He got goals when you needed them. I really think he was funny but would get that needed goal.
Paul Wood
Paul Wood 18 dagar sedan
Aftv .. would u take ward prowse from Southampton.. I’d definitely would
Alastair Ben
Alastair Ben 18 dagar sedan
@Gunner4life not for me Ward prowse set peace taking is brilliant and Arsenal doesn't have any who can beat the first man on corners
Gunner4life 18 dagar sedan
@Alastair Ben He is a good player but Bissouma is better player
Alastair Ben
Alastair Ben 18 dagar sedan
I would love him at Arsenal he looks class . Brilliant at set peaces taker . I would have him over bisuma
Gad 18 dagar sedan
Bissouma. A him mi seh
Ginga 18 dagar sedan
Is ‘Campos’ that hard to pronounce?
Navarre Richards
Navarre Richards 18 dagar sedan
How is robbie calling onana anan wtf💀💀