Bissouma Wants Arsenal! Buendia 2nd Bid? | AFTV News Daily 

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Bissouma Wants Arsenal! Buendia 2nd Bid? | AFTV News Daily

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Micky D
Micky D 14 dagar sedan
Why did we let Martinez go ? If Leno wants away?Get him back and have Ryan number 2
Dee Gord
Dee Gord 15 dagar sedan
Don Robbie is as much as a arsenal legend. As any former player. The way he channelled arsenal fans across the world in to one place. That is for us fans and by us fans. Arsenal FC will deny. But AFTV has serious influence.
Davern Dixon
Davern Dixon 15 dagar sedan
Good job u 2 dont sign anything or 1
Clinton Paul
Clinton Paul 15 dagar sedan
I’m a Sheffield United fan but I find aftv entertaining
Wayne Kerr
Wayne Kerr 15 dagar sedan
Buendia to Villa LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL. Arsenal are small time.
George Dolman
George Dolman 15 dagar sedan
If you fans get a say on the board you're getting relegated to the conference. No offence but you're the most clueless deluded fanbase in the world
MrTkeddo 15 dagar sedan
Arsenal won’t make the price and another club will jump in , Arsenal’s recruitment strategy is to fold after a initial offer, I think Arsenal only want loan players as there is no European football next season.
George Dolman
George Dolman 15 dagar sedan
13:30 man you arsenal fans are clowns. Backup box to box. Get him starting hes 21 a physical presence and great going forward. I can't believe you'd be happy for that guy to be sat on the bench
George Dolman
George Dolman 15 dagar sedan
Arsenal need an english manager that has faith in young talent. Lampard would be a better fit than artita. The amount of good young english players you have rotting on the bench is incredible. Utv
georgie gorge
georgie gorge 15 dagar sedan
Arsenal and United owners are pissing in your pockets , laughing their heads off .
Ato Acheame-Ewusi
Ato Acheame-Ewusi 15 dagar sedan
Arsenal should sign Dede Ayew
FightinSmurf 15 dagar sedan
best signing for Arsenal by far would be Luis Campos.Then you don't need to worry which players you sign cus they will all be super players and cheap as well.Buendia is worth maximum 20 mil.He is overhypeddddddddddddd.
Ibrahim Alsharifi
Ibrahim Alsharifi 15 dagar sedan
I hope they get relegated
Ibrahim Alsharifi
Ibrahim Alsharifi 15 dagar sedan
Am a Arsenal supporter and I think they are very crap ...
Tor Magnus Anfinsen
Tor Magnus Anfinsen 15 dagar sedan
I like this show. :-) Keep up the good work. I belive Odegaard will come to Arsenal, unless Haaland is coming to Real Madrid. He has reveled that he wants to play together with Haaland on club team.
craziewill 16 dagar sedan
HAHAHAHA... Bissouma wants Arsenal??? Hahahahaha... More like Bussouma wants ASTON VILLA and REJECTS Arsenal
Ryan Fernandes
Ryan Fernandes 16 dagar sedan
If bissouma wants arsenal that means he doesn't aspire to be a top footballer and is not interested in champions league football and to play with the top footballers..hes ok with joining a midtable club .
24 LLED 16 dagar sedan
What if Buendia picks Villa, what does that mean?
AVFC1874 15 dagar sedan
Villa more ambitious 💜💙
Patrick Lewis
Patrick Lewis 16 dagar sedan
Buendia is going to Aston Villa. 😂😂😂😂
AVFC1874 15 dagar sedan
UTV 💜💙
Mark Murphy
Mark Murphy 16 dagar sedan
UTV! Martinez helped us get in Emi Buendia
AVFC1874 15 dagar sedan
2 emis in, 1 to go... smith Rowe just for the banter 🤣 utv
Tosin Balogun
Tosin Balogun 16 dagar sedan
Robbie what's going on?!! Villa agreed a fee for Buendia!!
George Dolman
George Dolman 15 dagar sedan
Villa are a bigger club what do you expect 🤷🏼‍♂️
Dr.Nikhil Dhorepatil
Dr.Nikhil Dhorepatil 16 dagar sedan
Buendia gone to Villa …
AVFC1874 15 dagar sedan
UTV 💜💙
marine boy
marine boy 16 dagar sedan
Just past his medical for villa Deal done
AVFC1874 15 dagar sedan
UTV 💪🏼
alan mason
alan mason 16 dagar sedan
Buendia signing for Villa! Bastards!
AVFC1874 15 dagar sedan
UTV 💜💙
Deogratius M
Deogratius M 16 dagar sedan
We need another Santi in buendia
Bjørn Egil Hage
Bjørn Egil Hage 16 dagar sedan
I don't think Buendia is the right player for Arsenal if you have ambitions to challenge for top 4.
Alina Olga Mazneva
Alina Olga Mazneva 16 dagar sedan
Very Professional, could only wish we had the same for Chels
A R 16 dagar sedan
Must sign nabil fakir,
Dr subodh Kumar
Dr subodh Kumar 16 dagar sedan
Only thing exciting for me next season is saliba And if Arteta doesn't play him.................
Architeuthis Dux
Architeuthis Dux 16 dagar sedan
Nicolo Barella is exactly what Arsenal need. Bissouma is merely the flavour of the month for clueless fans
Abdullah 70
Abdullah 70 16 dagar sedan
Fernandinho released by city. If arsenal couldnt get anyone younger. They should get him in
Oohtobea Gooner
Oohtobea Gooner 16 dagar sedan
You guys crack me up...Partey was our worst midfielder and Elneny, a squad player, was our best CM lol
Alexander 14 dagar sedan
@Oohtobea Gooner spot on
Oohtobea Gooner
Oohtobea Gooner 14 dagar sedan
@Alexander Well mate let's hope we do sign Bissouma cos he'll be great for us and hopefully Partey just had an off season adjusting to the prem and he got injured, but we can't say he had a good season. Many a time the players were even bypassing him in midfield cos they knew he wasn't having a good time in some games. If we are signing the players in positions we need upgrades in then we're hardly gonna be going out and signing squad players as well so don't be surprised if Elneny (and Xhaka) remain at the club. In fact you can guarantee it that Elneny is going nowhere
Alexander 16 dagar sedan
No one cares. Partey will be at the core of our midfield with Bissouma next year. Whilst Elneny will be kicking ball on the streets of Turkey mate
Odyssey Studios
Odyssey Studios 16 dagar sedan
Buendia, Bissouma and Onana would be great, a new RB, Kolasinac can cover Tierney at LB and we need to sell lots of players!
Idd Eydarusi
Idd Eydarusi 16 dagar sedan
We need buendia as carzola's replacement.a kind who will be an option in the attacking midfield as well as a winger option.get grealish and get bissouma as well
AVFC1874 15 dagar sedan
Get Grealish? Lol, even buendia is coming Villa, keep dreaming 😴 utv
Steal Your Face
Steal Your Face 16 dagar sedan
We need another Santi.
Ade Oshye
Ade Oshye 16 dagar sedan
It is very important to note that Mbezuma will be going to AFCON in January along with Partey and Elneny- assuming he stays. I really don't think it will be wise to have all three unavailable at that period. They all have a high chance of making it through to the latter stages of the competition so could potentially miss 4 - 5 games
pat charles
pat charles 16 dagar sedan
Wouldnt it be a dream to see ZAHA and MAHREZ one on each side with LINGARG and GREALISH in the middle
pat charles
pat charles 16 dagar sedan
I would like the panel to respond to my comment please
Chris Brown
Chris Brown 16 dagar sedan
They doing Cecil dirty with that pic in the side banner 😭😂
Ashlee 16 dagar sedan
I don't trust Arsenal to get the player we need. Please buy Bissouma, we need him
Chris Brown
Chris Brown 16 dagar sedan
I'm mainly here to hear Turkish say "How's it going people"
Lim AFC 16 dagar sedan
Turkish has taken the shows up a notch..I’ve said it from the start he should have a bigger role, about time that’s..I’ll leave it there!
Antony Rimmer
Antony Rimmer 16 dagar sedan
Why are arsenal fans getting gassed about Brighton and Norwich players shows how far they have fallen..
Antony Rimmer
Antony Rimmer 16 dagar sedan
@collins mungomba I know full well, sad really I have a soft spot for arsenal sad truth is bissouma & buendia wouldn't make the city/liverpool/Chelsea reserves..
collins mungomba
collins mungomba 16 dagar sedan
If you know and understand football and Arsenal then you will know why!
zack ridder
zack ridder 16 dagar sedan
With Our Arsenal we know they will get a midfielder and send him away for the rest of the season.
zack ridder
zack ridder 16 dagar sedan
On loan
AVFC 16 dagar sedan
Villa fan in peace...I think villa will take buendia...best keeper in the league martinez has already spoke to him and told him where his future will be better, you can keep ESR we got better youth coming through anyway he's not worth it... just a distraction while we take buendia 😏 and fair play to you, good show aftv lads you've beat us on youtube anyway 👍 UTFV
101toz 16 dagar sedan
I think there is a need to handle Joseph Willock with a little extra care. He has done very well on loan as intended while also proving he deserves a chance. It could set a bad example to not consider him in the teams plan for next season. On the other hand the team needs a strong rebuild to challenge for the top and with a rebuild in mind starting Willock doesn't really feel like a safe option to go with next season especially with the lack of European football.
Reckoner 16 dagar sedan
Really like James and Turkish - good relationship and talk a lot of sense. Basically the antithesis of Arsenal and the board.
Richard Ketley
Richard Ketley 14 dagar sedan
Yes, I’m impressed with the new show. Interesting conversation and information. Well done James and Turkish, you’ve found a good formula and you bounce well off each other. Kudos to you both, keep it going guys. 👌👍
Zak Bayjou-Bates
Zak Bayjou-Bates 16 dagar sedan
im just worried that are midfield will be too defensive
NsControl 16 dagar sedan
bissouma is a must, bringing in auour would be great as well along with a primary right back and a secondary left back. camavinga of course would be amazing but i don’t think it’d be possible with our current funds. but we do need at least two new quality midfielders to have a successful window imo
Justin 16 dagar sedan
A physical midfielder no football brain
justin lewis
justin lewis 16 dagar sedan
el neny > partey
Jasen Wright
Jasen Wright 16 dagar sedan
Aouar has hardly performed this last year so forget him! Good job we didn't get him last year! Clear out the trash Arsenal!
Philip Victor A. Palmer
Why’s everyone hyping Aouar. He’s overrated
Y3 TRIZZY 16 dagar sedan
On some sky sports settings, we need this daily
Hiran Thuraisingham
Hiran Thuraisingham 16 dagar sedan
Lol turkish doesnt like afc bell for feeding on arsenal fans misery. Wtf does aftv do then
Brady K
Brady K 16 dagar sedan
You can't have depth at Arsenal, the owner doesn't contribute enough funds. Also by the time Arsenal finally plug a hole, another 1 or 2 have already been created. With this transfer budget and where Arsenal are it's very unlikely it'll work out to be a consistent top 4 team imo.
uthank pettukola
uthank pettukola 16 dagar sedan
Will he still want arsenal when and if a champions league team comes calling?arsenal can’t compete with CL teams so the best bet for them is to take players from the championship like buendia who isn’t really a target for any of the bigger teams
Louca Georgiou
Louca Georgiou 16 dagar sedan
James looking fresh ngl
Miracle Nigma
Miracle Nigma 16 dagar sedan
Spread negativity and ruin club and then pretend to be a good boy later 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡
David Fortes
David Fortes 16 dagar sedan
Less of Buendia, I want Grealish
AVFC1874 15 dagar sedan
Never happening...but nice to have a dream 💭 utv 💜💙
Alexander 16 dagar sedan
You know ball
David Fortes
David Fortes 16 dagar sedan
Aouar will not want to come to Arsenal without Champions League football
Ana Cabezas
Ana Cabezas 16 dagar sedan
My new favourite show
MorbidCrow666 16 dagar sedan
Is it my imagination or did something flash past the screen at 32:54 ?
sean nolan
sean nolan 16 dagar sedan
I'm an arsenal fan since before the invincible days .. back in the days when the team had pace, power, technical quality , and a resilience and will to win that was 2nd to none Willock is not a complete central midfield player and will never be , his technical ability is good , but his peripheral vision is poor and he always choses the wrong option when pressed . In newcastle , he's not been playing as a central mid. He's been playing as a supporting striker in a counter attacking team . i don't know if you've noticed but arsenal dont play counter attack . They play a possesion game and a player like Willock does not suit this system as he doesn't have the right attributes for this play type. So if we can get 30 million for let him go . The players we should be signing are these : Tammy Abraham - Proven premier league quality, physical presence which we don't have up front, Arsenal supporter, available, and many more years to improve Hakimi - Top top quality right back , would easily be the best right back in the league Bissouma - Physical presence, runner, tackler, all rounder, Arsenal fan Grealish - Man wants to play in the emirates, friends with Saka , Top top quality , could do with more options on left wing Honestly if we got 3 of these we would be back in the top four next year.
Wayne 16 dagar sedan
Patson Daka would be my dream signing
uthank pettukola
uthank pettukola 16 dagar sedan
From the looks of it LFC will probably sign him
Mr Cornflakes
Mr Cornflakes 16 dagar sedan
Why don't we go after Gerard Moreno?
Mr Arsenal
Mr Arsenal 16 dagar sedan
Bissouma is a MUST most tackle in league and a big engine box to box he is exactly what we need
Mr Arsenal
Mr Arsenal 15 dagar sedan
@cogamers84 partey is being used as a defensive midfielder and he is more of a box to box type midfielder he needs someone next to him that can defend and get forward so makes sense to get bissouma
cogamers84 15 dagar sedan
Didn't you guys just sign Thomas Partey lol. He's shite so you need another defensive midfielder
Olav Lilleng
Olav Lilleng 16 dagar sedan
More of these two!
Dwayne Terence
Dwayne Terence 16 dagar sedan
When Arsenal sign Bissouma, will Robbie be making another video dancing like he did with Partey. What a signing he's turned out to be also btw 😅
Saul Ignacio Alcala
Saul Ignacio Alcala 16 dagar sedan
i love Arsenal for that reason iam specting a good adquierements for our team
tim phillips
tim phillips 16 dagar sedan
No Brighton player would dream of a move to Arsenal it would be a sideways move! What would be the point? BHAFC.
Shah Kabir
Shah Kabir 16 dagar sedan
Yves Bissouma, and Camavinga
Philip Hook
Philip Hook 16 dagar sedan
Mark my words aroruraor 😂 will one day get a big move and make a impact so big people really learn his name
mark clayton
mark clayton 16 dagar sedan
Buendia is joining Arsenal make no mistake, deal was done in January 👍
AVFC1874 15 dagar sedan
To be fair it’s not 100% confirmed yet is it? stranger things have happened
mark clayton
mark clayton 15 dagar sedan
@AVFC1874 I need to move home, I’ve told all my pals here in Norwich the same.....🤣
AVFC1874 15 dagar sedan
Well Mystic Meg, think you need a new crystal ball 🔮 😂
OKA 16 dagar sedan
Arteta is making his 1st mistake by not prioritising Bissouma. 🤦 A Ceballos-like midfielder is a deep-lying playmaker which Partey can play if he has an efficient player like Bissouma next to him.
Jim Gardoufy
Jim Gardoufy 16 dagar sedan
Turkish mentioning and discussing "Hoes" @ 14:22 had me cracking up
Charitha Hettiarahchi
Charitha Hettiarahchi 16 dagar sedan
Wow!!! These geezers talk like they know all about football but don’t know who Zapata is :/
yussuf mohamed
yussuf mohamed 16 dagar sedan
Sign both boundia+ besouma and relaible cb. All arsenal cb are in the same level
A A 16 dagar sedan
Why arnt we talking about the wba Pierria. He’s been amazing. Buendia isn’t Arsenal level sorry
Shadowzz !!
Shadowzz !! 16 dagar sedan
In the summer we need to get Onana, celik, bissouma, buendia minimum, still should get another cm and cb Sell bellerin, cedric, xhaka, guendo, torreira, nketiah, lacazette, amn and maybe willock
Juan Ker
Juan Ker 16 dagar sedan
don’t sell cedric lacazette and willock the rest yes
Conor Ruane
Conor Ruane 17 dagar sedan
In retrospect I’d have taken bissouma over Partey every single time I’ve watched him play he’s been the stand out player plus I’m not sure about having both in the same midfield they’re a bit too similar. A Bissouma, smith Rowe and buendia mid field would be much better although the same argument could probably be made for smith Rowe and buendia
Pony Boy
Pony Boy 17 dagar sedan
I think Aouar is Ozil 2.0 and will go missing when the chips are down, like this season. I think we dodged a bullet not getting him last summer. We should sign Buendia, Bissouma and Sambi and let people know we mean business.
Iyanu Ojomo
Iyanu Ojomo 16 dagar sedan
@Pony Boy we have no choice but to go for aouar even though i have my doubts
Pony Boy
Pony Boy 16 dagar sedan
@Iyanu Ojomo our declinenis confirmed. "Different knock" my arsehole
Iyanu Ojomo
Iyanu Ojomo 16 dagar sedan
buendía off to villa now
Philip Victor A. Palmer
@sinisterlybruiseddefiance We definitely dodged a bullet in not signing him. Imagine us paying 55 mil for him
>Pony Boy > Aouar is Ozil 2.0 Are you high mate?
Mangas Boaten
Mangas Boaten 17 dagar sedan
Good show guys. Loving the setup.
Khbcrhnj Hajsjdj
Khbcrhnj Hajsjdj 17 dagar sedan
I love James so much he’s so educated and relatable
z1zz 17 dagar sedan
Stay laca9
z1zz 17 dagar sedan
Leno is better than onana
G Dogg
G Dogg 17 dagar sedan
Whats with the bass bangs around 30-33 mins
David O
David O 17 dagar sedan
Saliba & Mav’p need to be developed, alongside Gabriel. They will make mistakes, but in 24months we could have CL-caliber CBs
David O
David O 17 dagar sedan
15months ago we had a top talent in Guendouzi...why have we given up on that? Arteta can’t mould a youngster with fire in his belly. We should accept that quietly.
David O
David O 17 dagar sedan
Turkish is wrong get rid of Wilock? What does he have to do, to earn some faith, patience and opportunity from a club that has finished 8th for two seasons?
Alexander 16 dagar sedan
Arteta either plays him which he isn’t, or sell him to someone else who’s gonna play him
Toxxik 17 dagar sedan
Turkey vs Italy only one team for me Come on Türkiye…
David O
David O 17 dagar sedan
Camivinga would be a coup
David O
David O 17 dagar sedan
Brandt over Buendia
hinu hinan
hinu hinan 17 dagar sedan
Dude why?
New life.
New life. 17 dagar sedan
Hate the way arsenal board is selfish!
1 1
1 1 17 dagar sedan
"Getting to know and engage with the fans" these clubs have social media....they choose not to get to know, listen to or engage with the fans.
apajafo Akompe
apajafo Akompe 17 dagar sedan
We watched the Bisoumas and Buendias playing last season and moving the football forwards and forwards. If we succeed in signing them and if in 2 or 3 weeks we find them passing the ball sidewards and sidewards and backwards then we will know where this is from
adamsky 14 dagar sedan
@Rojdan Cam the goal posts are higher in Spain cos of the planes.
Haytham Muradi
Haytham Muradi 15 dagar sedan
@Rojdan Cam I mean he missed a lot of shots at Atletico as well but Yh he’s been terrible recently
Rojdan Cam
Rojdan Cam 16 dagar sedan
partey was scoring long range in Madrid then comes arsenal and he's skying everything
Jake Williams
Jake Williams 16 dagar sedan
Vincent Solomon
Vincent Solomon 17 dagar sedan
If Arsenal sells 8 to 9 players, I can see Arsenal fans like Turkish and others saying we need to sell 10 players by Christmas. We need a coach to get the best out of the players we have and change his approach and attitude.
Adot G
Adot G 17 dagar sedan
This set looks professional. Good work, Keep it up 👍🏾
Biblical Provocation
Biblical Provocation 17 dagar sedan
Jerry Ouro
Jerry Ouro 17 dagar sedan
Great show. Keep it up
3CHilLL 17 dagar sedan