Buendia £40M or Odegaard? Bellerin & Bissouma Latest | AFTV Transfer Daily 

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Buendia £40M or Odegaard? Bellerin \u0026 Bissouma Latest | AFTV Transfer Daily

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1 jun 2021



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Darkkus Pang
Darkkus Pang 7 timmar sedan
250 to spend on no-one? We been sold dreams for too long. Can anyone trust we going to spend PROPERLY?
Isaac Tetteh Nortey
Isaac Tetteh Nortey 7 dagar sedan
Keep Willo
Anubhav Kumar
Anubhav Kumar 10 dagar sedan
We are never going to sell Dest 🤣🤣 if you want a right back y'all can have Sergi Roberto
Mohan Basnet
Mohan Basnet 16 dagar sedan
I have been gunner since i was 9..bt there is smthing which kinda hits hars with arsenal desicion..they buyin good player bt sells best player..as a fan take my advice arsenal...don't let go Odegard to other clubs..
thomas neto
thomas neto 16 dagar sedan
Buenos Aires Street Art
Arsenal don't need Odegaard. Seems like a good kid who loves the club but for an attacking midfielder - has no right foot, no pace, can't dribble & doesn't score or set up enough goals. Buendia is 2-footed, has pace, scores & sets up goals & can dribble. Buendia + Bissouma & a quality rb are the bare minimum Arsenal need to compete.
fbg boss 13 fbg boss 13
Oodergard for me already been with us nearly a season hes just about to peak so oodergard and bissouma for me as a gunners fan
Dominion Silas
Dominion Silas 17 dagar sedan
No funds? Why no funds? When has there been any funds? The only transfer we need is Kroenke out NOW!
Drewpa Loop
Drewpa Loop 17 dagar sedan
The fact that Buendia even has to consider between Arsenal or Aston Villa is embarrassing for Arsenal. Need a big window.
Harvey Tham
Harvey Tham 17 dagar sedan
Anything new? Always the same old stuff talking again and again
Harnaik 17 dagar sedan
How about none. Esr >>> odegaard the only cam I would sign is moukoko
Andy Woody
Andy Woody 17 dagar sedan
focus on willock ,forget buendia!
anwar osman
anwar osman 17 dagar sedan
The fans saying we should spend £50m on odegaard are the same ones that said we shouldve kept ceballos last season. A player can be consistently mediocre then have a couple of meaningless good games and the fans will kid themselves into thinking hes good enough smh😤
Ifwat Hma
Ifwat Hma 18 dagar sedan
I have always loved this series!
Gabriel Berthoux
Gabriel Berthoux 18 dagar sedan
why does don robbie sounds surprised with those prices? its the type of players we need, good players are worth more and we should be going for them AND GETTING THEM
JS 14
JS 14 18 dagar sedan
We should get both Odegaard and Buendia. Buendia can be played as a no8. Similar to what Cazorla did. In fact we should also go for Bissouma if Xhaka were to leave else we will be short in mid. Hakimi is a dream. I would also get Matt Ryan and another LB.
sam smedley
sam smedley 18 dagar sedan
loving the rumour of smith rowe to aston villa
Billy Dolton
Billy Dolton 18 dagar sedan
@Arsenal - please pay the full £30 to £40 million for buendia this summer ???
Billy Dolton
Billy Dolton 18 dagar sedan
@AFTV - my SIGN players this summer 2021 are : Max Aarons, Emi Buendia, Bissouma, Aouar, Zaha ? !!!
Denzil Julius
Denzil Julius 18 dagar sedan
I just want Odegaard IN🥺
Andrej Bekan
Andrej Bekan 18 dagar sedan
Get Martin innn please, we need to sell the Belerin and get someone good in there
Chike Asimobi
Chike Asimobi 18 dagar sedan
Welcome back Fon Robbie!👏👏
Raymond George
Raymond George 18 dagar sedan
Keep the good job man
Don Corleone
Don Corleone 18 dagar sedan
Banter F.C. aka "Most embarrassing football club in London, arguably whole of UK".
Ebwaba Desteva
Ebwaba Desteva 18 dagar sedan
Buendia over odegaard , buendia can scores more goals.
Ebwaba Desteva
Ebwaba Desteva 18 dagar sedan
Emiliano buendia is far better than odegaard
Mike Concepcion
Mike Concepcion 18 dagar sedan
The Board won't do anything to make Arsenal better; they won't even sack the piss poor manager
English guy
English guy 19 dagar sedan
The whole thing is so humiliating to have to put up with as a fan... A club putting up with arteta... That manager playing a bang average xhaka every game as if he's kante... And the owner too busy hunting for ivory or whatever he does on his little island
Sipho Monakali
Sipho Monakali 19 dagar sedan
Buendia, Bissouma, Aour, Odergaard and maybe Grealish... Also first team Right back, Left back for rotation and a Goal keeper. if they do this I might find myself saying KroenkeIn. I would give Guendouzi another chance.
shadrack okello
shadrack okello 19 dagar sedan
We don't need odegard...we need bissouma and maybe buendia....if arteta was a clever coach he would prioritize bissouma rather than going for odegaard thing
edd ndungu
edd ndungu 19 dagar sedan
we need both buendia and odegaard
Gracefully Graceful
Gracefully Graceful 19 dagar sedan
Odegaard only played high level football at arsenal. He his junior league and not worth 40M.
robert lazaro
robert lazaro 19 dagar sedan
Yeh Roob welcome
Xavier Lindo
Xavier Lindo 19 dagar sedan
Remember that we need a backup left back
James Barnard
James Barnard 19 dagar sedan
João Félix
Andrew Azur
Andrew Azur 19 dagar sedan
If he wants to stay..Martin...I can see a new bergkamp
Random Empire
Random Empire 19 dagar sedan
They can offer 60million to Norwich for both together : Buendia and Aarons.
Random Empire
Random Empire 19 dagar sedan
50mil for Odegaard 🤣🤣🤣🤣 crazy!! Buendia scores goals and is 30-40mil ....let him goooo.....
Random Empire
Random Empire 19 dagar sedan
Buendia, Aarons, Bisouma In!! Odegaard, Willian, Laca, Bellerin, Xhaka, Dani Out!
Theo Williams
Theo Williams 19 dagar sedan
Buy from the lge,we keep making the mistake by going cheap abroad the n they don’t adapt to the lge 🤯
Networth 2
Networth 2 19 dagar sedan
Cbants 19 dagar sedan
Lee Perkins
Lee Perkins 19 dagar sedan
Hope we get some players in and move the surplus players out. If the board fail to deliver on that we are going to have another mediocre season again!!
Chief Hardy
Chief Hardy 19 dagar sedan
Robbie’s got a better chance at growing a full head of hair than Arsenal do at signing Sergino Dest
Auba Gunner
Auba Gunner 19 dagar sedan
All the managers rate Xhaka even Mourinho but some fans know better. He always gives 100% he’s a leader and fighter we need more like him on the team. Using excuse that we not in Champions League because of him Is just stupid.
HenryBeetroot 19 dagar sedan
Because Mourinho’s expressed interest in Xhaka, we’ll probably offer him a bumper extension 😂🤣😂. My only worry about the transfer window is that we’ll try and be too clever about it. Edu and Arteta have shown they don’t have the tactical nous for that
Peter Charles
Peter Charles 19 dagar sedan
Guys the 1st 8th place finish was not Arteta's fault. I actually feel very sorry for him. He has made mistakes but i don't think it would've been much different with any other manager
Kings 19 dagar sedan
Onana is a arguably world class goalkeeper young with the skys limit hes the future
Penjejak Cahaya
Penjejak Cahaya 19 dagar sedan
Management!! Pls sell Aubameyang....
Chris Brown
Chris Brown 19 dagar sedan
The funds are only limited because of the Kroenkes! FFP are being relaxed for this summer and this would be the best time for them corrupt owners to invest but we all know they won't
Chris Brown
Chris Brown 19 dagar sedan
Can someone tell the Kroenkes that it's Arsenal's biggest transfer window for years
FOOTY EDITZ 19 dagar sedan
Onana Aarons Saliba Gabriel Tierney Bissouma Partey Aouar Pepe Edouard Saka
Dillon Manuel
Dillon Manuel 19 dagar sedan
I missed this series but whoever arsenal wanna sell they must get rid of!!!
AMISHA QUEEN 19 dagar sedan
I love my club Arsenal but we're beginning to sound like a broken record
Mohammed Qayed
Mohammed Qayed 19 dagar sedan
The Moroccan player is pronounced like this Mazrawi
Adama Renthlei
Adama Renthlei 19 dagar sedan
If the owner is still Kroenke...It can't be big Transfer....
Abhimanyu Roychowdhuri
Abhimanyu Roychowdhuri 19 dagar sedan
Robbie. You sound as deluded as Ty. Kroenke is gonna spend squat. Get real man.
Topias Malinen
Topias Malinen 19 dagar sedan
How about Ruslan Malinovsky? Played in serie a, had a great season 8 goals 12 assists in Atalanta. Also scored winning goal against juventus. Little bit bigger than average (181cm and 79kg) CAM/CF so I think he could handle english physical football well.
Jay Boe
Jay Boe 19 dagar sedan
Robbie just going by the players you mentioned accept Odegaard can be funded by player sales like Xhaka, Bellerin, Eddie, AMN, Guendouzi, Torreira (Leno + Laca depending on there situation)!!! So there is no excuses for not having a strong transfer window, player sales + a transfer kitty and we can get the right players we need! Hearing talks of Sterling??? Why?? We don't need a winger, lets concentrate on the areas we need. Also buying Odegaard is a no no for the price being mentioned! Spend smart not big (the Leicester model)
Ashley Davis
Ashley Davis 19 dagar sedan
You cant blame Xhaka for the Champions league the club is run like a circus if the club is serious they need to bring in a good manager and back him
Ashley Davis
Ashley Davis 19 dagar sedan
why are people willing to give Arteta time when other teams sack their coaches for less
Jo 19 dagar sedan
Secrets to Success
Secrets to Success 19 dagar sedan
Players would be daft to sign for Arsenal, they should be trying to hang onto what they’ve got and cultivating their youth - who would want to sign for them, only players who won’t get a game at their current clubs
Doland Pouchie
Doland Pouchie 19 dagar sedan
Tranferdaily is back
big zubber
big zubber 19 dagar sedan
The greatest intro to a show that tells you so much but nothing at all😂
Suvan Acharya
Suvan Acharya 19 dagar sedan
Interested fc
MARTINJW25 19 dagar sedan
Wonder if Robbie will buy all the new shirts along with DT then moan Kroenke out
Michael Singh
Michael Singh 19 dagar sedan
What happened to the Kroneke out campaign !!
Jasen Wright
Jasen Wright 19 dagar sedan
--Yer, I can Imagine we sell Martinelli and buy Andy Carroll!!!
Str 19 dagar sedan
Could of got Buendia when he was cheaper instead they brought in Odegaard on loan and now Buendia's price has gone up. Complete mismanagement of transfers.
SwayNo 19 dagar sedan
Sell ,AMN, Eddie , xhaka, bellerin ,Cedric, chambers, holding kolasinac, torriera ,guendouzi
Santiago Martinez
Santiago Martinez 19 dagar sedan
“Two 8th place finishes” I agree Arteta should’ve gone this season but it’s nonsense to put that first season’s league position on him when he only came in in December to clean up Emery’s mess, and our record post December would have us sitting 4th.
mgarcia33 19 dagar sedan
Wouldn’t even pay 40 mil for odegaard
البرتو کونتادور
Nick.J Beats
Nick.J Beats 19 dagar sedan
Reality this summer: Cech on loan Never forgot that one. Unbelievable. No more excuses after all these years what a joke.
Jeremy McCarthy
Jeremy McCarthy 19 dagar sedan
The owners aren’t under pressure because our fanbase can’t unite.
Xxtentaction xX
Xxtentaction xX 19 dagar sedan
The transfer daily show that we get linked to players that we do not buy 🤣
DARYL SPENCER 19 dagar sedan
My opinion Robbie is Arsenal would be better of with Buendia replacing Elneny, Bissouma replacing Thomas Party, Lanzini or Ward- Prowse for Smith-rowe, Allan Sousa for Saka, and either Zidane or Antonio Conte for Arteta.
Khairul Jaafar
Khairul Jaafar 19 dagar sedan
bissouma? we're bein linked with a cheaper alternative, an anderlecht player 🤣🤣🤣
riccccccardo 19 dagar sedan
Kron and Arteta seem relaxed to me. 🤔
Tyler Games
Tyler Games 19 dagar sedan
If Arsenal are serious they’ll buy him NOW, then move on to Bissouma etc
Fiddly Fingaz
Fiddly Fingaz 20 dagar sedan
Arsenal are now reduced to raiding players from Norwich FC (the championship) how the might have fallen. We all know who the pride of London is now 💙
LaughThinkAndCry 20 dagar sedan
I don’t rate Odegaard. He’s good but not a player to take us in the top 4. We can’t let our standards to be lowered due to poor performances and time.
Deni Stepanovski
Deni Stepanovski 20 dagar sedan
Robbie seriously lets get a few things straight!! kroenke's will never sell and are under no pressure! Atreta at any other club would have out the door but only at arsenal do they overstay their welcome another Wenger brewing! What about edu and vinay that have muffed every single loan transfer in and out the club yet they still remain! ARSE N AL ARSE N AL
Andre Kondrajian
Andre Kondrajian 20 dagar sedan
We don’t have another year ,enough arteta out out out ,we need someone big to lift everyone’s confidence
Patrick Lewis
Patrick Lewis 20 dagar sedan
Arsenal would be lucky to finish 10th. Joke club. Long live Stan Kroenke.
Patrick Lewis
Patrick Lewis 20 dagar sedan
Poundland club
Rorie Robinson
Rorie Robinson 20 dagar sedan
Big up Robbie and AFTV, I remember the first transfer daily. Years later and to see where's it got.👍🏾 No matter what the haters say your a credit to Arsenal.
Oliver Cutmore
Oliver Cutmore 20 dagar sedan
Can we have another Chelsea drop out please.
Ginger Chris
Ginger Chris 20 dagar sedan
Robbie you got it wrong again it's the second season arsenal haven't been in europe in 95/96 since the premier league began in 92 not the first time
Ireton 20 dagar sedan
Buendia and Toney
john o shea
john o shea 18 dagar sedan
Two championship players 😂😂😂
P Godda
P Godda 20 dagar sedan
A "decent season" that's the thing we dnt need players having them kinda seasons we need players that have "great or good seasons" continually.
mickey morris
mickey morris 20 dagar sedan
Please Robbie can you hire Clive Palmer as replacement for the dude Cecil who is woeful imo.
Top FivePercent
Top FivePercent 20 dagar sedan
Chelsea is spending at least 200M...what is Arsenal going to do?? 😂🥲😅🤣
Funkee Drewster
Funkee Drewster 20 dagar sedan
Arsenal football club are a joke. We buying deadout players from Brighton and Norwich now? £40M for Buendia 🤔 HAVE A LAUGH!! 🤣🤣🤪 Arsenal are just showing themselves to be a mid table Prem team at best with zero ambition for the future and no respect for the fans.
Alex Antoni
Alex Antoni 20 dagar sedan
Odegaard is not worth 50mill. He looked very average imo. Light weight not the type of player we need and doesn't score anywhere near enough goals. I wouldn't pay more then £20 mill for him.
Nilanjan Bose
Nilanjan Bose 20 dagar sedan
why would any player want to join arsenal ?
Razvan Atrejei
Razvan Atrejei 20 dagar sedan
I don t think we re gonna buy another CB. We already have 5 including Mavropanos and Saliba. I would rather have Arsenal concentrate on Bissouma and Buendia. Also I don t think we can get a better striker than Lacazette so I would offer him a one-year extention or something like that
milo 20 dagar sedan
Silent Stan should make a statement of intent he could sign both of them if he wan't to lmao
perez 90s
perez 90s 20 dagar sedan
weve been linked with julian draxler incoming!!
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