Daniel Ek Ups Bid For Arsenal to £2bn Plus Fekir and New Left Back Links | AFTV Transfer Daily 

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Daniel Ek Ups Bid For Arsenal to £2bn Plus Fekir and New Left Back Links | AFTV Transfer Daily

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9 jun 2021



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GGTV4U 7 dagar sedan
14:17 the new Kieran Tierney only £5 Robbie 🤔 wow "are you sure about that" That a Steal ill buy him for that 😂🤣
anjou brown
anjou brown 7 dagar sedan
AMN is no good. stop hyping up these crap English player.Cedric is a portuguese international and much better all round. this show is so biased
Joseph Wandera
Joseph Wandera 8 dagar sedan
Arsenal London fans are big time cowards.
Mahendran Marappan
Mahendran Marappan 9 dagar sedan
we feel spineless because of kroenkes . Its simple as that.
David Chiarletti
David Chiarletti 10 dagar sedan
Stan kroenke is the MAN people ! GATE13sw6 crew
nicky tayi
nicky tayi 10 dagar sedan
I bet Robbie has a share in Ek's bid, nothing else explains the hype.
Chehminitrains 10 dagar sedan
Thanks for sharing! :-)
Ahmed Casayr
Ahmed Casayr 10 dagar sedan
Kreonke please get ur bags out of our club
Ahmed Casayr
Ahmed Casayr 10 dagar sedan
I will party so hard if Daniel EK take over I love this club to the limit We love u Robie with ur upcoming updates
Sol Elijah
Sol Elijah 11 dagar sedan
linked to fekir EVERY SINGLE WINDOW😭
Slim Thady
Slim Thady 11 dagar sedan
Yuri Nator on the left wing for Shaktar Dohnesk
Wilma Dupont
Wilma Dupont 11 dagar sedan
The tidy jogging appropriately pat because traffic theoretically fax astride a typical fly. sedate, well-groomed liver
Yogiraj Saneechar
Yogiraj Saneechar 11 dagar sedan
Speed x 1.5 best😂💯
Fiyah Ray
Fiyah Ray 11 dagar sedan
The Kroenkes will never ever be good for arsenal. They are parasites! Arteta is obviously not the right coach for arsenal. He cant pick a solid 11 nd starts players like Willian over martinelli! Only thing I want to see this summer is (the Kroenkes have sold arsenal). Thsts it! Nothing more
utsav 11 dagar sedan
Daniel ek must put a bid of atleast 4billion..stan is a business man he will never sell his club at loss
Lucci Rivera Official Music Page
It's funny how ROBBIE is all but pushing the Kroenke's out. Honestly idc who coaches? No thank you
Daniel SO Stephen
Daniel SO Stephen 11 dagar sedan
Kronke out to spurs Harry Keane in to Arsenal
Didn't know Ek owns Fekir
Karlo 11 dagar sedan
14:20 imagine if we couldnt pay for that £5 transfer fee after paying the super league fines off :((((
Lee Valentine
Lee Valentine 11 dagar sedan
Linked being the favourite word on this channel
Jackson Phiri
Jackson Phiri 11 dagar sedan
Solomon and Nabil will bring creativity in the midfield .we have no faith in arsenal management at the moment. Wilfred zaha now is the time to buy him
Icardi 007
Icardi 007 11 dagar sedan
The best show that has been evergreen since its inception..
Rohith Raja
Rohith Raja 11 dagar sedan
Kroenke won't sell man, he will crush completely arsenal heritage like using merchandise and everything at all last situation will be more worse literally dieing moments and then he might use popular image of arsenal and sell around 1bn. I gurantee you guys this will happen with in 4-5 years. Our club will decline badly in every aspect and become new nothingam forest sooner than later😌 Sad truth. You will see this comment and laugh may be but this will happen and being an analyst I can assure you.
paphos cyprus
paphos cyprus 11 dagar sedan
Your club Manager doesn’t do well, the owners sack them... the other manger doesn’t work out too well, they also get the boot... When the club owners do bad, they stick and we suffer year in, year out. It’s time to say thanks to the yanks but it’s not worked out so please sell the club so the fans can roll the dice.
Boxing finest AJ warrior
I wanna hear how much elk is planning to spend this summer and then he puts more pressure on krone let the fans know u gunna spend 250 mil this summer so we can lean on kronke for you my g ......come on Daniel
Toni Everitt
Toni Everitt 11 dagar sedan
U no what Robbie no one wants to come to arsenal and can u blame them what with the kronkys screwing us over why don't they just p ss off let some one else run the club we need change badley a new manger is needed the one from rangers he is a good manger we are screwed bit time
Udaco 11 dagar sedan
I think in defending, AMN and Bellerin are equal in performance. Both are not defending very well compared to some world-class RB. But in attacking wise, Bellerin is better than AMN.
Sutharsan 11 dagar sedan
Homemade speculation 😭
ወገን መዳኛ
ወገን መዳኛ 11 dagar sedan
If Ek buys Arsenal I will name my son Arsenal.
David Niyankuru
David Niyankuru 11 dagar sedan
Kroenke out plz 🙏
Nathaniel Ejeta
Nathaniel Ejeta 11 dagar sedan
Loser team
Hard Worker
Hard Worker 11 dagar sedan
If Areta is smart he will sign Fekir. I want him in our team. He will just fit in right.
Support 11 dagar sedan
You know why the glazers have met with the fans and actually done what they said they was going to do because their fans earned it they went out there and actually protested properly The United stand lot got as many fans as possible to go after the United sponsors hit them where it actually hurts meanwhile AFTV guys are wearing the new Arsenal kit why do you expect kroenkes to listen we not serious
Jahmar Clarke
Jahmar Clarke 11 dagar sedan
AMN not leaving
Alan Tiger
Alan Tiger 11 dagar sedan
Wow! Watching German TV at the moment and Don Robbie appears out of nowhere as part of has its own documentary. Didn't expect that. Congrats to you!
AK47 Driller
AK47 Driller 11 dagar sedan
Great! This deal needs to happen.
Gary S
Gary S 11 dagar sedan
It's simple..... Before Kroenkes, Arsenal=Invincibles After Kroenkes Aresenal= Defeatables....
Anthony Molosi
Anthony Molosi 11 dagar sedan
No Robbie, Cedric is way much better than Bellerin. But like you are saying AMN has really been hard done by. 💔
Abu Subhan
Abu Subhan 11 dagar sedan
Don’t follow or watch AFTV. Just lies
ArseneWenger 12 dagar sedan
Kroenkes leave and take arteta on your way out.
FOOTY EDITZ 12 dagar sedan
Daniel ek over haaland and Kane any day
Andros Polydorou
Andros Polydorou 12 dagar sedan
average player robbie we need better players. it seems you do not watch foreign leagues in england and you hear a name and you think he is gods gift to earth.
david Utube
david Utube 12 dagar sedan
5:32 lol yep £20 is just about right, mediocre baller
DrGrumpyGamer 12 dagar sedan
Love how this guy don't stop give him the club and let's be good again COYG
Andy Taylor
Andy Taylor 12 dagar sedan
I hope and pray that we buy a least 3 or 4 big strong defensive players all centre around Kieran Tierney, our defence is atrocious.
Dee Gold
Dee Gold 12 dagar sedan
My worry is Ek is not a multi billionaire, like we need an oligarch who has billions to play with as a pet project
Les Pearson
Les Pearson 12 dagar sedan
LMAO i saw the thumb nail for this and it said...... 'Daniel Ek Ups Bid for Arsenal to £2dn Plus Fekir....' I instantly thought why the fkk would kronkes want Feker on top of the 2 Bill hahahaha
lombe Chalungumana
lombe Chalungumana 12 dagar sedan
For once I agree with you @Robbie about something! Reasons the Stand Kronkie should sell!
Raif Holloway
Raif Holloway 12 dagar sedan
One legends words are ringing in ears , ITS TIME TO GO
ssekamatte brian
ssekamatte brian 12 dagar sedan
We can no longer compete unless the team is sold
Bill Margetts
Bill Margetts 12 dagar sedan
Manor Solòman reported at £20.Great deal, will also throw in a shirt🤣
Coach Cartier
Coach Cartier 12 dagar sedan
Fans in Africa don't Like the Kroenkes either
HnW 12 dagar sedan
Salomon plays like Hazard
Tiro Nyox Gabana
Tiro Nyox Gabana 12 dagar sedan
Cecil is boring Don Robbie
conor Dw
conor Dw 12 dagar sedan
You arsenal fans are deluded ty is how the full fanbase is your a dying club
Kev 12 dagar sedan
Wolves probably wanted AMN as a right wing back to replace Doherty, doubt they will want him now
Duane Swaby
Duane Swaby 12 dagar sedan
Ainsley did this to himself. While other young guys like Saka played wherever they were put by whichever manager, this guy was out here giving interviews talking about not wanting to play RB (I don't believe those "clarifications," sounds like damage control to me). Let's be honest - nothing he did out on loan suggest that catering to him or addressing his situation should be a priority right now. Meanwhile, he's also confused that after looking average and getting relegated at West Brom, he hasn't been included in the England squad for the Euros? He's starting to sound entitled and a bit delusional, if I'm being honest.
Dildaphone 12 dagar sedan
West Brom
B. Abraham Buehi
B. Abraham Buehi 12 dagar sedan
I will be too happy to see Stance Kroenke leaving Arsenal. This guy is a total embarrassment to the club and the fans as well.
Jose perez
Jose perez 12 dagar sedan
I’d like to contribute $1 to that bud can we start a Gofund me!?
Beetu Lanong
Beetu Lanong 12 dagar sedan
I want Kroenke out..its all about us d supporters to unite....
suiyven elvis
suiyven elvis 12 dagar sedan
Sometimes I just get tired of all these links with Arsenal coz we are always going to be on the loosing end 💔
ComeOnArsenal19 TPS
ComeOnArsenal19 TPS 12 dagar sedan
Willian got the same amount of goals as alisson 😂😅
forder 12 dagar sedan
Please start putting an ‘m’ after the reported fees!
TaKtiX1000 12 dagar sedan
I wouldn't be surprised if we bought no one
Scott McClure
Scott McClure 12 dagar sedan
Arsenal wont sign no one until last min. he will come get injured be out for six weeks .
Permuh 12 dagar sedan
Robbie have you seen Arsenals transfer history in the last 10 years? What is there to be happy about for the transfer window to open up?
Brian M'pama
Brian M'pama 12 dagar sedan
If we let Niles go and then we say we want to invest in the Yourth..... then whats the point. I feel there is truly a good good great player in him. If he goes then one day we will regret this. Why keep Cedric or Bellerin and let Niles go?????
Nidian Ramcharitar
Nidian Ramcharitar 12 dagar sedan
Fekir for just 13 quid is a bargain
Steve Robinson
Steve Robinson 12 dagar sedan
AMN showed flashes of skill, but he is just too laid back for the Premier League in my opinion. It sometimes looks as if he is just not interested, not dynamic enough for a midfield player.
Adukule Anthony
Adukule Anthony 12 dagar sedan
I will really enjoy arsenal we get the new owners
S N 12 dagar sedan
Arsenal is worth £1.5 bill max
Claes Schamberg
Claes Schamberg 12 dagar sedan
bring AMN to play in the midfield. Dude has an engine. Can't be worse than El neny
Cuan Anderson
Cuan Anderson 12 dagar sedan
If the Kroenke’s sell up to Ek. I will start buying the latest kits again. Until then no chance
yunus lol
yunus lol 12 dagar sedan
Bring in Daniel Ek and we can get harlaand!
Dean Fitzpatrick
Dean Fitzpatrick 12 dagar sedan
£20 hahahaha
Jeff 12
Jeff 12 12 dagar sedan
Rubbish board, ungrateful fans, traitous AFTV
british guy
british guy 12 dagar sedan
Dennishia Johnson
Dennishia Johnson 12 dagar sedan
We want a new manager so we really need EK at this
Big toms Tea bags
Big toms Tea bags 12 dagar sedan
My fix of daily delusion,
LaughThinkAndCry 12 dagar sedan
We are so reactive in the market it’s unbelievable….where is the pro-active thinking?
Bruh 12 dagar sedan
LaughThinkAndCry 12 dagar sedan
This club will be the death of me
Anteneh Asrat
Anteneh Asrat 12 dagar sedan
Big love for AFT from Ethiopia 💚💛❤️
Lord Hartz
Lord Hartz 12 dagar sedan
ROBBIE YOU LEAVING OUT AFRICA no one likes the kreonkes
Cheikh Gueye
Cheikh Gueye 12 dagar sedan
The best transfer deal is to have a new OWNER !
David Northmore
David Northmore 12 dagar sedan
If they do sell then would we be able to do business before the transfer window. It takes months to sell a house but how long will it take to sell a huge business?
Leks Taiwo
Leks Taiwo 12 dagar sedan
Why not use Willian as part of the deal for Manor? Brazilians do well in that league anyways
Hector R
Hector R 12 dagar sedan
He made 55 Arsenal employees unemployed including Gunnersaurus during a global pandemic He agreed to join the Super League without even consulting Arteta or the players. He has funded one transfer since arriving 14 years ago He has had zero communication with fans & often sends his son who is a complete muppet. Fans hate him. Kroenke Out!!!!
Footed Racketeer
Footed Racketeer 12 dagar sedan
Idk if I’d take ek over haaland but it’s close
abhi8580 12 dagar sedan
Why are we not talking of Fabio Viera
Edward Palmer
Edward Palmer 12 dagar sedan
5:29 You know when Arsenal are no longer a big club if they buy players for £20🤣🤣
BigBowz! 12 dagar sedan
If this rumour of a Bellerin and Ramsey swap is true could this be what we need to bring some of the club's heart back?
Martin Chandler
Martin Chandler 12 dagar sedan
Ainsley not good enough get rid and willian willock bellerin leno chambers holding elneny
Billy Dolton
Billy Dolton 12 dagar sedan
@AFTV - Daniel Ek hurry up with that £2 - £3 billion bid to buy arsenal from the kranke kronkes !!!
british guy
british guy 12 dagar sedan
You do realise that 3 billion is 75% of his net worth
Billy Dolton
Billy Dolton 12 dagar sedan
@AFTV - Daniel Ek's on his way he gunner do this !!!
henry addo
henry addo 12 dagar sedan
Arsenal fans are spineless and we are part of problems at AFC. How sit down and put up mediocrity from kreonke for 15 years. Yet we do nothing and when people go the stadium and see josh kreonke they chicken 🐔 out with little or no protect.
Larjay Nus
Larjay Nus 12 dagar sedan
Nabil Fekir Reported fee: 13 quid
Abdulellah Madani
Abdulellah Madani 12 dagar sedan
The chances of Arsenal winning the UCL and the PL 10 years In a row Is higher than Stan leaving our club. Sorry but don’t get your hopes up, he won’t leave.
BaDaBing Fred
BaDaBing Fred 12 dagar sedan
free transfer or 5 millions pound is in arsenal range shitty club
DrippyVirgil 12 dagar sedan
Call me deluded but I truly believe Curtis Jones is clear of Bukayo Saka. Much better footballer with much better potential. I haven’t seen a more overhyped player than Bukayo Saka since Thierry Henry, Roberto Firmino is clear
mikey mike
mikey mike 12 dagar sedan
I would sack arteta for wanting and getting us Willian , let alone getting us to 8th un the league.
Extremt mysig vlogg ❤️
Extremt mysig vlogg ❤️
see you soon
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