Embarrassing! Villa Outbid Arsenal For Buendia But Could We Be Back For Aouar? | AFTV Transfer Daily 

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Embarrassing! Villa Outbid Arsenal For Buendia But Could We Be Back For Aouar? | AFTV Transfer Daily

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6 jun 2021



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Reposado 10 dagar sedan
Aston Villa have Champions League, you don't have.
Dracule Mihawk
Dracule Mihawk 10 dagar sedan
AFTV, please go for Coutinho ($35M), Pjanic ($25M), Lenglet ($25M+), Umtiti (any offer), Dembelee ($55M), Brainwaite ($9M), Pique (any offer), Busquets ($20M).🤔😂
19822andy 11 dagar sedan
It's great having a professional ambitious and loaded Villa. We're getting back to where we belong. You had a stroke of luck in getting Wenger. Now you're declining.
Vy Tang
Vy Tang 11 dagar sedan
Arsenal, the gift that keeps on giving
Carl Murphy
Carl Murphy 11 dagar sedan
Smith rowe to villa aswell
Carl Murphy
Carl Murphy 11 dagar sedan
Arsenal couldn't even sign on the dole
Loc Vu
Loc Vu 12 dagar sedan
Arsenal acting more like top 10 club now
Caay 12 dagar sedan
As a Utd fan Neves is very overrated you say he scores a lot of goals outside the box he doesn’t score a lot of goals in general he’ll score about 3 a season and they’ll all be from outside the box
Aydn V
Aydn V 13 dagar sedan
Thats pure prove that Arsenal is no longer a big club in the eyes of most of the players.
Dan Johnson
Dan Johnson 13 dagar sedan
You say Villa like they are dirt yet we did the double over you...🤣🤣🤣
Music Junkie
Music Junkie 13 dagar sedan
Villa didn’t outbid Arsenal… he chose Villa
ismail shah
ismail shah 13 dagar sedan
We should have offered him higher wages to persuade him, if Arsenal were really desperate. Maybe Aston Vila offered him higher wages???
200swilson 13 dagar sedan
Why are you surprised? Just a reminder of this seasons results: Arsenal 0-3 Aston Villa, Aston Villa 1-0.
Westbrook theory2.0
Westbrook theory2.0 13 dagar sedan
Ty i hope aston villa gets regelated the are cheats 😂
tenesh nesh
tenesh nesh 13 dagar sedan
North London is a comedy Central
Stepover Sami Rahman
Stepover Sami Rahman 13 dagar sedan
Villa are about to sign JWP and Perreira lol why would they go to Arsenal when you have the opportunity to play for Villa?!
24 LLED 13 dagar sedan
Villa: Hi Emi do you want to be our Barkley upgrade, play with Grealish, watkins, Martinez and co. We planning big things. With you in the team we aiming for european places next season and CL the following. Arsenal: Hi Emi, do you want to sit on our bench waiting for one of our overpriced bang average players to decide he cant be arsed to play this week and watsapps a sick note to Arteta. Then you get to play with 'past best' Bellarin, 'tired' xhaka and 'dont score anymore' Bamyang. We hope that the future brings victory over our london rivals as they bantering us badly. Sorry, that was out of order, Saka and Smith Rowe are class. Either build team around the real stars of the club or let them go so they are not held back.
Jonathan 14 dagar sedan
Arsenal FC should buy abdul fatawu..better than nothing
Lehlohonolo Molefe Jnr
Lehlohonolo Molefe Jnr 14 dagar sedan
Other teams wait and watch Arsenal interests then outbid Arsenal cause we've become a joke for a long time!🚮
Abiodun Opawole
Abiodun Opawole 14 dagar sedan
Arsenal board loves whoopsie players 🤣🤣
Graham Barker
Graham Barker 14 dagar sedan
already said it...but will say it again.....dont expect anything next season, we will remain mid table....useless manager useless owner...
Graham Barker
Graham Barker 14 dagar sedan
why be surprised or embarrassed.....we are a mediocre mid table team now, been heading that way for 15 years and finally achieved it this year....we have no ambition, even compared to Villa...what ambition do we have....zilch....we are done....no on will want to play for us.....
FYA 14 dagar sedan
nevez won't change anything
FYA 14 dagar sedan
this is a disgrace, im done with arsenal
TheHesK9 14 dagar sedan
Think you've got be more grateful. Imagine being a Norwich fan. We get promoted and immediately sell our best player. That's the 2nd time we've done that. I can't think of any other club who would do that
kevin woollon
kevin woollon 14 dagar sedan
Arsenal have no pulling power any more.
Slim Thady
Slim Thady 14 dagar sedan
love these Robbie, keep them coming!
Brendan Roe
Brendan Roe 14 dagar sedan
Aouar should be top priority
ziggy2009 14 dagar sedan
Thank you Emilio.
Stephen Frame
Stephen Frame 14 dagar sedan
This wouldn't happen if Wenger was the manager. The player would most likely tell his team he wants to play for Wenger.
zahrans 14 dagar sedan
I hear VVD & Neymar are looking at joining Arsenal.........
Aaron Griffiths
Aaron Griffiths 14 dagar sedan
He picked a better squad
Alli Kondja
Alli Kondja 14 dagar sedan
Can i join the aftv whatsapp group😀
Aaron Griffiths
Aaron Griffiths 14 dagar sedan
Why embarrassing? Arsenal have no ambition , villa do
Sailor Steve
Sailor Steve 14 dagar sedan
I think it's difficult to say. He could be awful for Villa and you'd have dodged a bullet. You won't know if you've missed out until this time next season. That said if he's signing for City next July for 100mil then you've 'missed out' 😂
Aashir 14 dagar sedan
Arsenal , a gift that keeps giving
Ram Kamboz
Ram Kamboz 14 dagar sedan
Stolen? How was it stolen? He decided to join us and refuse Arsenal. What does that say about your petty club? Villa are showing ambition. Don't be disrespectful.
Mr Raffles
Mr Raffles 14 dagar sedan
So negative. This is not an embarrassment, it is a dodged bullet. Buendia is decent, but not worth anything like £35m. He's not the quality we need. We can do better and for less.
robertocaesar 14 dagar sedan
Turns out that Emi Martinez is big mates with Buendia. Same agent. Relatives too. That probably played a part
Mouser Mouser
Mouser Mouser 14 dagar sedan
see that we the fans are the real problem, on the match day against Brighton at the Emirates, how many of us protested? less than 50. Manchester united fans forced a match postponement yet they are fur better than us
philly d
philly d 14 dagar sedan
Nothing embarrassing about it EMI Martinez said it best "it's a step up" thanks for the 9 points in a row we have taken from your supposed "ESL" team.
Mehmet emin Demir
Mehmet emin Demir 14 dagar sedan
Come on Arsenal! Buendia as a CAM Aouar as a number 8 With Partey for dynamic and also goor with te bal. Is the best midfield in years, Wenger s prime time wil come back! In can cry 😞.
amadeus tugwete
amadeus tugwete 14 dagar sedan
The truth is we are not ambitious club even players we try to sign can see it sad we are small boys
B. Tedley
B. Tedley 14 dagar sedan
the media linked him to Arsenal. Then made a big deal out of him going to Villa. Arteta's priority has been and remains odegaard. And two fullbacks possibly.
Happy Face Ndlovu
Happy Face Ndlovu 14 dagar sedan
Question: Where's the evidence that Arsenal were ever trying to sign Buendia, or anyone else for that matter? Media rumours, speculation (aka agent's comments, etc) is NOT proof. The truth is nobody knows the whole truth, except those within the club. And secrecy should be paramount in these situations, for various reasons. So, as supporters, I think we should just wait, trust Edu and Arteta, and just carry on with our lives. When the season starts, just support the team. Oh! And by the way, if this guy is so good(and I'm not saying he isn't), where were the bids from the other top teams? Some fans just saw Buendia on SVdown and decided this is the player we're signing. Who knows which unknowns Arsenal and other clubs are looking at. Remember Martinelli? Nobody had heard of him before. There are plenty of quality players out there who are available, and probably for less. Many people just watch SVdown highlights and/or read articles and are suddenly experts. Hell! There were comments on here before from people admitting that they thought Arsenal was named after Arsene Wenger! Lol
Chris Stewart
Chris Stewart 14 dagar sedan
He has only ever scored 1 Prem League goal, and only 7 Assists, hardly worth crying over in my opinion. We can do much better.
Szillar 14 dagar sedan
he’s played 1 season in the league he’s hardly going to have 30
Jonno Berto
Jonno Berto 14 dagar sedan
Not embarrassing at all. Villa are a club on the up where as Arsenal are in serious decline. Arsenal aren’t one of the big boys anymore, your a mid table club now so get used to it.
Argyle 14 dagar sedan
Why sign for a manager who'll get sacked by Christmas
Roman Tucker
Roman Tucker 14 dagar sedan
Don’t want neves, right footed Xhaka. And no better than Xhaka
Karanga 14 dagar sedan
Finnish club, arsenal will not win the league in the next 15 years
Jamie Nightingale
Jamie Nightingale 14 dagar sedan
Arsenal: a club in decline Aston Villa: a club on the rise Pretty easy to work out why you're struggling to get any decent players. Don't be embarrassed because a better club got your man, be embarrassed because your club is falling apart.
Tanumoy Talukder
Tanumoy Talukder 14 dagar sedan
What the hell is AST doing???
Bazza Appleton
Bazza Appleton 14 dagar sedan
sack whoever is in charge of transfers because every year they cock it up. as ever we offer to little to late no doubt we sign some player who is over the hill or injured or probably third choice. while kroenke family in charge never going to fork out for top players.
Sam 14 dagar sedan
Villa are on the up, Arsenal on the decline - can't blame Buendia for choosing a club with ambition!!
Dave Robertson
Dave Robertson 14 dagar sedan
Yeah he joined villa, that club with more ambition then Arsenal....
Karen took the Kids
Karen took the Kids 14 dagar sedan
Arsenal's scouting system back in the day was unbelievable. I remember them signing Vieira, Henry, Petit, Pires, Overmars etc. They were relatively unknown but look what they became. I'd be investing in that end of the club before I go looking in the championship for players.
Abdulla Hel Kafi
Abdulla Hel Kafi 14 dagar sedan
Ha ha
jani Markos
jani Markos 14 dagar sedan
Ass erenal are dooing what ass team dooing.
George Brobbey
George Brobbey 14 dagar sedan
No Robbie. Lol No. Arsenal are not lining up for Aouar. Aouar himself isn’t lining up to go to Arsenal lolol.
Rikesh Shrestha
Rikesh Shrestha 14 dagar sedan
Cause Buendia knows he doesn't want to join a joke of club. Villa has a better chance to compete in europe than Arse-nal
Abhay Ghimire
Abhay Ghimire 14 dagar sedan
Dont worry Gunner fans, we Manchester United are even worse than you... We have been chasing Sancho for a year and I bet you, we will not even sign him this summer
Scott Hamilton
Scott Hamilton 14 dagar sedan
Arsenal tv stirring up more negativity, you don’t help yourself and wonder why your clubs going down the drain ahahahahaaha
Thabo Tsutsubi
Thabo Tsutsubi 14 dagar sedan
Robbie mate. Yves Bissouma partnering Thomas Partey would be a dream midfield. If we don’t sign that guy after he clearly told his agent that he wants to join Arsenal, I’d be absolutely guttered. 🤞🏿
edo smile
edo smile 14 dagar sedan
Housem Aouar and go forward shoot goals shoot shoot goals
gary fowkes
gary fowkes 14 dagar sedan
Nearly as embarrassing as your grovelling to your sponsors
Rob Rezo
Rob Rezo 14 dagar sedan
People need to calm down and stop following what everyone else says like sheep. We’re complaining about being a mid table club. Buendia is a mid table signing who has gone to appropriate club in villa. Clearly the figure villa we’re offering was more than what we valued him at and I’m hoping that we are going for bigger fish than a player from the championship. Not bothered by this.
Nick McKeown
Nick McKeown 14 dagar sedan
Arsenal are mid table club on the decline who have never been European champions ... Villa are on the up and have been European champions ..... Martinez said it best ... leaving Arsenal to go to Villa is a step up
Casa nova
Casa nova 14 dagar sedan
Mugged off again ARSENAL FANS WAKE UP !!!!! Kroenke and the fat cats are TAKING YOUR ARSENAL FOOTBALL CLUB N.5 AWAY FROM YOU...
gcoetzee francois
gcoetzee francois 14 dagar sedan
why not sell Auba, and get Navas and Raul Jimenez!!! supper striker that Jimenez!!!
J K 14 dagar sedan
J K 14 dagar sedan
Odegaard is not the one. He’ll be another hot/cold prima Donna foreigner who can’t cope week in/out. ESR is better and plays for the badge
deejay sensation
deejay sensation 14 dagar sedan
Aouar is not a real upgrade to Ceballos. Buendia will have the same effect as Bruno Fernandes at Manu so this is clearly a fail by our management. But hey, Tolisso and Fekir are perfect next to Partey. Cancello should replace Bellerin, Tyrone Mings or Jamal Lascelles and upfront I'm going for Raul Jimenez. Leno Cancello Mings Gabriel Tierney Partey Tolisso. Fekir Pepe Jimenez Saka
Germeni Ebsei
Germeni Ebsei 14 dagar sedan
Its a shame we now compete with vila kronkeout
SERGE 14 dagar sedan
Buendia>aouar he had 31 goals as AMF
Shihab Isa
Shihab Isa 14 dagar sedan
Who’s hosim aouar
HASSASIN ALI 14 dagar sedan
Nketia get rid for free.
wicked and icky
wicked and icky 14 dagar sedan
Come on neves. pereira .Zaha. then left and right bk
Zak Jones
Zak Jones 14 dagar sedan
Buendia chose Villa over Arsenal with both clubs making the exact same offer Pereira minimum £25m according to West Brom “Neves scores lots of goals form outside the box” - he scored 5 goals in total in the prem... 😂
Jeremy hunt
Jeremy hunt 14 dagar sedan
ch00x D
ch00x D 14 dagar sedan
Damn, aftv makes me realise that it is really hard to let go and accept reality. Arsenal been mid table quality for 3 years now. It’s either delusional, can’t accept reality or strong hope. I don’t know what it is. Arsenal is not a big club anymore
Jamie Hill poetry
Jamie Hill poetry 14 dagar sedan
Get the message out Alexis sanchez could come back
apple messele
apple messele 14 dagar sedan
Arsenal with this ownership ..... wil go to Sunday league.
kens79 14 dagar sedan
And I thought villa doing a double against us last season was bad enough.....
J Cross
J Cross 14 dagar sedan
Moses O
Moses O 14 dagar sedan
Leicester is so far ahead of Arsenal, Aston Villa is catching up (as long as Grealish stays), Wolves are in the hunt, Everton is getting up there. And Arsenal need a spine.
Moses O
Moses O 14 dagar sedan
Why is be laughibg at Villa. It's also a mid table club but has a better upside.
agbontaen innocent
agbontaen innocent 14 dagar sedan
Guy Merrington
Guy Merrington 14 dagar sedan
Up the villa
Kholo Malebane
Kholo Malebane 14 dagar sedan
Arsenal are forever going after these no name players you only see if you scout them on manager mode 😅
Sticc McLovin
Sticc McLovin 14 dagar sedan
Unlike Arsenal, Aston Villa is a well run club with ambitious owners.
Walter Drinkwater
Walter Drinkwater 14 dagar sedan
PEREIRA is a no brainer! Believe me.
Luke Fisch
Luke Fisch 14 dagar sedan
Hi Robbie, Greetings from Germany! Ridle Baku is a Baller! Would be a great deal if we could sign him. In my opinion and in the opinion of many others over here, he is the best german right back (only Kimmich is better, but he mostly plays in midfield these days). It is scandalous he is not part of the EURO Squad, but he showed at the U21 was he‘s made off!
Sebastian Monsalvo
Sebastian Monsalvo 14 dagar sedan
Ideal summer: Matheus pereira 15m, bissouma 25m, celik 13m, onana 11m
Kris P Hackett
Kris P Hackett 14 dagar sedan
Bissouma will be at least £40m and Pereira will go to Brighton.
john p
john p 14 dagar sedan
Banter club
Quinn Miller
Quinn Miller 14 dagar sedan
Chill everyone
Jay Boe
Jay Boe 14 dagar sedan
£35m for Buendia is ridiculous! Matheus Pereira better stats than Buendia especially in the PL would cost half the price! I know who id rather buy
Richard Singh
Richard Singh 14 dagar sedan
We might sign Freddy Pogba his long lost cousin
Very Scouse Mike
Very Scouse Mike 14 dagar sedan
Be excited 😂. We get Aouar and we will wreck him like we did Partey
Ishan Thapa
Ishan Thapa 14 dagar sedan
Metinho has already signed for Man City😂
Dy Colony
Dy Colony 14 dagar sedan
Epl and their media hype, buendia is ok but he is no we’re a fabregas or ozil or even young Pedri from my Barcelona, what’s with the hype like as if he is an iniesta or xavi, man is good but not world class, the hype around players in the epl is mind blowing
Simon Derry
Simon Derry 14 dagar sedan
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