Finally Fans Are Back Again! | AFTV Match-day Vlog ft. Cecil Jee & James B 

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Finally Fans Are Back Again! | AFTV Match-day Vlog ft. Cecil Jee \u0026 James B | Arsenal vs Brighton

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24 maj 2021



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jadworld 26 dagar sedan
Arsenal Fans : Get Kroenke out Also Arsenal fans: paying to go into the emirates stadium lining kroenkes pockets. Arsenal need to create a breakaway club like fc United
Colin Young
Colin Young 26 dagar sedan
Kroenke out 3 times all whilst James is sporting Addidas from head to toe!? Cmon man
No Added Sugar
No Added Sugar 26 dagar sedan
That one guy at 2:41 who stands up cos he hates tottenham and gets dragged down I was dying.
Red army Realist
Red army Realist 27 dagar sedan
How do people manage them seats behind the post, I feel like you can only enjoy one part of the game lol
Red army Realist
Red army Realist 27 dagar sedan
0:59 do you need a ticket to access this part of the emirates?
MrMessyb 26 dagar sedan
Yes. This part is after you scan your ticket to go through the turnstiles. It has the toilets, drinks and food places.
Karthik Mohan
Karthik Mohan 27 dagar sedan
Finally some positivity
Akshay Mishra
Akshay Mishra 27 dagar sedan
No kroenke out banner?
Gooner 27 dagar sedan
Surprised this hasn't been taken down for copyright for showing the first Pepe goal.
Shaneey 27 dagar sedan
Why is James not wearing a Mask we all have to wear one even if we have been fully Vaccinated
spen o
spen o 26 dagar sedan
😂😂 not a very good "vaccine" is it then
Dilly Johal
Dilly Johal 27 dagar sedan
U lot keep saying don’t buy merchandise but u buy food at the stadium 👀😂
arsenalqueen 27 dagar sedan
why are they singing about tottenham instead of kroenke... 🙄
Crispin Dry
Crispin Dry 27 dagar sedan
I was protesting outside the ground prior to the game and we were definitely singing, "Stand UP, if you hate Kroenke!"
abdirahin dahir
abdirahin dahir 27 dagar sedan
Do actually Arsenal fans believe when they say the best team the world has ever seen in the chanting.
S Fam
S Fam 27 dagar sedan
No we know we’re not lol
David Croyd
David Croyd 27 dagar sedan
Cecil out! What a clown
Tommy Didads
Tommy Didads 27 dagar sedan
Look at James’s lil’ face. He’s almost bouncing like Tigger.
Escanor 27 dagar sedan
Arsenal fans are truly spineless all that talk for them to go back to filling seats and supplying the Kroenkes
S Fam
S Fam 27 dagar sedan
chris cavaco
chris cavaco 27 dagar sedan
No mask?
Tashrif Alam
Tashrif Alam 27 dagar sedan
4:07 Cecil is the big brother to James definitely.
bluntman1001 28 dagar sedan
Why did James enter through the female search area? Is he transgender?
radwanul10ify 28 dagar sedan
Sooo these guys say they r Kroneke out but r going to the games ? Ok
Soud Adam
Soud Adam 28 dagar sedan
😍😍thankyou AFTV for the insights.
Thierry Henry the legend
Excellent jobs guys. Continue feeding the kroenkes by going to games. Maybe we will get that prem title 2067
RACHiT 28 dagar sedan
Funny enough, Cecil looks like a grown man, sounds like a young boy. James looks like a boy, sounds like a grown man.
siimmppaa 28 dagar sedan
I rate this, great work
Creg Frankz
Creg Frankz 28 dagar sedan
Grown man woooo’ing at the football. Only at arsenal
Alex Donovan
Alex Donovan 28 dagar sedan
Cecil come on man we didn't want to see what you were eating 😂
Media Manifested
Media Manifested 28 dagar sedan
Big Gooner from Texas, loved this vlog. One day I hope I can visit the Emirates and see Arsenal live and in the flesh!
Media Manifested
Media Manifested 7 dagar sedan
@Crispin Dry you are a legend!
Crispin Dry
Crispin Dry 27 dagar sedan
If you need a sofa to sleep on, get in touch: I'm 3 minutes away from the ground.
R4Ygamez 28 dagar sedan
eder militao spotted at emirates?
Rafael Santos
Rafael Santos 28 dagar sedan
7:20 RIP Claude, class from Arsenal
Steven Coulman
Steven Coulman 27 dagar sedan
Dammm I just released his name was on the screen
Charlzo 28 dagar sedan
Rhys Gregory
Rhys Gregory 28 dagar sedan
Can't believe someone like Ty didn't get a ticket
anand rajan
anand rajan 28 dagar sedan
why are you not wearing masks?
spen o
spen o 26 dagar sedan
Because they don't do anything
opS_Andrew 28 dagar sedan
Because they've probably been vaccinated and a lot of people stop wearing masks cuz vaccines are quick in England
S Y 28 dagar sedan
Big up all the match day staff
Léon Noël
Léon Noël 28 dagar sedan
I remember visiting London and going to a game. Getting out of the tube, in which the station stop is named Arsenal, and walking through the street full of people, and how that street funnels out to this huge stadium is an amazing feeling. It’s like this giant cathedral in a clearing, plopped in the middle of row houses.
Javi Bone
Javi Bone 28 dagar sedan
Where are the masks lads? 🤨 Fair if you're exempt obvs
MIM Reptiles
MIM Reptiles 28 dagar sedan
So nice seeing fans back in the stadium!
David Niyankuru
David Niyankuru 28 dagar sedan
Kroenke out
Patrick O’Harrison
Patrick O’Harrison 28 dagar sedan
Put a mask on lads.
spen o
spen o 26 dagar sedan
Shove ya face nappy up your....
Charles Davall
Charles Davall 27 dagar sedan
Why? It's outdoors where a transmission rate is 0.1%. I'm exempt and haven't worn one in months.
Matthew D'souza
Matthew D'souza 28 dagar sedan
Are you allowed to film so much of the game? I thought that was a no no.
trashford 28 dagar sedan
Good luck against belarusian farmers. definitely needs it 🤣🤣🤣
Stephen D
Stephen D 28 dagar sedan
This is great. Hopefully more matchday Vlogs next year
RollRite 28 dagar sedan
cecil professional waffler
Buck Green
Buck Green 28 dagar sedan
Cecil and James, NO MASK GANG! Love it.
opS_Andrew 28 dagar sedan
Vaccines my g
Mittal 28 dagar sedan
They arent even playing spurs, still chant for it lol
Wilhelm Løvseth
Wilhelm Løvseth 28 dagar sedan
Stadium looks like a normal city game
Ni ck
Ni ck 27 dagar sedan
😂😂😂 Facts Emptyhad
Raws2000 28 dagar sedan
can james and cecil not wear masks?
spen o
spen o 26 dagar sedan
Why should they?!
Raws2000 28 dagar sedan
@RollRite fair play bro 😂
RollRite 28 dagar sedan
no one cares g
sebs29 28 dagar sedan
No mask for James as he is under age.
MrMessyb 26 dagar sedan
achilies83 28 dagar sedan
Why can't gunners go 4 barca s manager they don't want him
VA VA VOOM 28 dagar sedan
Loool no point in being kroenke out if ur just gonna go to the games
Sambloke 28 dagar sedan
Exactly. Going to the game as soon as they could, acting like all the players are great and not a single sign of the protests they keep claiming to support.
VA VA VOOM 28 dagar sedan
@Elonas Butrimas lol we ain’t making it outta the hood mannn especially with these fans who just wanna jump on the hypetrain one week & the next they r doing everything they said ‘arsenal fans’ shouldn’t
Elonas Butrimas
Elonas Butrimas 28 dagar sedan
It’s so true, they acted like they weren’t going to go to games or buy the new shirts but first chance they got they grabbed it
Steven Rogers
Steven Rogers 28 dagar sedan
I want more of these vlogs next year, please. Thanks so much!
Rutvik Bhushan
Rutvik Bhushan 28 dagar sedan
This the true aftv content i subscribed for , missed it, matchday vlogs and videos around the stadium and inside only aftv can do this, gives you the feeling that you are right there.
JGP Channel Official
JGP Channel Official 28 dagar sedan
But its bad news for us who live far away from England... Can't see watch along video anymore ? :(
Charles Davall
Charles Davall 27 dagar sedan
But you still have a local club?
JGP Channel Official
JGP Channel Official 27 dagar sedan
@Charles Davall no league yet due to pandemic here
Charles Davall
Charles Davall 27 dagar sedan
Try supporting your local club.
Kamaa wa Comp KE
Kamaa wa Comp KE 28 dagar sedan
N S 28 dagar sedan
I cant believe this was James first time watching Arsenal live
klen o'hara
klen o'hara 26 dagar sedan
@URKANGURKAN 1 why though? Like it's a genuine question. I grew outside of England where the teams are shocking. None of my mates support our local team. Who would I talk about football with? 🤣 If everyone supported their local team Arsenal wouldn't be as big as it is now.
Gooner 27 dagar sedan
No it isn't lmao
URKANGURKAN 1 27 dagar sedan
@klen o'hara you should support your local team tho
David Croyd
David Croyd 27 dagar sedan
What? He's on aftv and never been to a game?!
Peter Mukooza
Peter Mukooza 27 dagar sedan
No it wasn’t
Wavhothe Masindi
Wavhothe Masindi 28 dagar sedan
I have to Come watch my team there one day
Tristan Feinauer
Tristan Feinauer 28 dagar sedan
Love this club man!
Billy Dolton
Billy Dolton 28 dagar sedan
@AFTV it was cool to see Cecil Jee & James Bayliss inside the Emirates for the 1st time ever and 1st time this season on the final day of the 20-21 season !!!
Brendan Roe
Brendan Roe 28 dagar sedan
Appreciate it lads
BestInTheWorld 1
BestInTheWorld 1 28 dagar sedan
If we want Kroenke gone, don't go to games smh
Sam laws
Sam laws 28 dagar sedan
James is me when I first went to the Emirates 😆
Alfie Martin
Alfie Martin 28 dagar sedan
Still a library with fans in it
Cadzino 28 dagar sedan
FINN FONN 28 dagar sedan
Only took 3 minutes into the video for them to sing about Tottenham 🤣🤣
Lord Claude GoonerTV
Lord Claude GoonerTV 28 dagar sedan
Donald Music Reacts
Donald Music Reacts 28 dagar sedan
Arsenal through and through
William Eleazar
William Eleazar 28 dagar sedan
Don Robbie managed to clone a younger version of him and that’s how we got Cecil. Mad.
Raunak Das
Raunak Das 26 dagar sedan
Don Robbiw was much more of a chad than this Cecil guy. He always had his harlots by his side wherever he went.
Red army Realist
Red army Realist 27 dagar sedan
Love his energy
Alekhya Das
Alekhya Das 28 dagar sedan
I'm in India, and all these feels like another world to me.
Prayaas Kochhar
Prayaas Kochhar 28 dagar sedan
Delhi Dynamos ke time jln mai khaali gprund rehta tha. Aur toh aur DSA A, B aur Super division ke matches jo ambedkar stadium mai hote the usme toh coaching staff ke alawa ground khaali hi hota tha just like right now. Toh uss mamle mai post ya pre pandemic mai koi change nahi.. :(
Prayaas Kochhar
Prayaas Kochhar 28 dagar sedan
agree.. Just switch to cricket and you will get the same atmosphere. 🏏 Is dominated by us and watched by
William Eleazar
William Eleazar 28 dagar sedan
Don James moving like a toddler. Love it.
Mir 28 dagar sedan
definitely not a Don yet lol
Harry Hayden
Harry Hayden 28 dagar sedan
Oshoke Foy
Oshoke Foy 28 dagar sedan
It's great to see fans back at the stadiums after 14 months
Alex Vonueman
Alex Vonueman 28 dagar sedan
4:18 1-0 4:36 2-0
Dan Kok
Dan Kok 28 dagar sedan
Make sure Turkish doesn’t see this
John Paul Mesia
John Paul Mesia 28 dagar sedan
Yesss the fans are back wish Barcelona fans can go back to the stadium.
MrKesh 28 dagar sedan
James is like that little kid when he gets to go to the play area.
Graffiti Saints
Graffiti Saints 28 dagar sedan
Some say football has gone soft, but I think there’s a Real 80s terrace feel about Cecil and James.
Joshua Hickmott
Joshua Hickmott 28 dagar sedan
Ayyyyy Tje Goat
Stephen Okwe
Stephen Okwe 28 dagar sedan
Back again
hasan fahad
hasan fahad 28 dagar sedan
16 person to like and first to comment
Alex Vonueman
Alex Vonueman 28 dagar sedan
First cant wait to see this vlog
aaronsj dmello
aaronsj dmello 28 dagar sedan
NSW XUZIA 28 dagar sedan
Super work guys!!
Talk Forest TV
Talk Forest TV 28 dagar sedan
Oooh nice 1st comment
Alex Vonueman
Alex Vonueman 28 dagar sedan
Who Is SMARTER? 😂 #shorts
Who Is SMARTER? 😂 #shorts