Have Arsenal Fallen Behind Chelsea As A Big Club? | Biased Premier League Show 

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Have Arsenal Fallen Behind Chelsea As A Big Club? | Biased Premier League Show

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31 maj 2021



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Sedara Olumide
Sedara Olumide 2 dagar sedan
How come we keep mentioning that Chelsea bought the cup. They sold hazard for over 150M and spent 200M. Arsenal can try to replicate that, sell a player😁😁. Probably the whole team.
E P 3 dagar sedan
Stupid question, of course Arsenal are behind Chelsea . From managers, to coaches and players Arsenal are way in front. Chelsea are currently the European Champions, whereas Arsenal are a near midtable club
xtsmobile 3 dagar sedan
Arsenal are a dead club not winning the league in 18 years
Kingsley Emeka
Kingsley Emeka 3 dagar sedan
The truth to Chelsea success is the will to always win and the owner doesn't give coaches the time to experiment with failures.
Teven Moodley
Teven Moodley 3 dagar sedan
Chelsea are just the bigger club..
Umesh Choudhary
Umesh Choudhary 4 dagar sedan
For now CHELSEA are the biggest club in EUROPE
Joseph Barker
Joseph Barker 5 dagar sedan
The question is have arsenal ever been ahead of Chelsea they are certainly miles behind where European trophies are concerned that's now 7 Chelsea have won in total
Arjun Mustaine
Arjun Mustaine 5 dagar sedan
Chelsea had 2 academy players On the pitch. 2 transfer bans and they says they bought the champions league?? Proof that arsenal is delusional from top to bottom. Low class club with a low class fan base.
ActiveSport 5 dagar sedan
I wish they did a biased prem show with troopz again
Daniel Taku
Daniel Taku 5 dagar sedan
Is that a White Jamaican?
Taison.9 5 dagar sedan
Is this even a question? Champions of the world being compared to a mid table team wtf?🤣🤡
Izzy Opara
Izzy Opara 6 dagar sedan
Delusional fans… let it go, y’all glory days are over and they’re not coming back!
Haat Praat
Haat Praat 6 dagar sedan
Interesting just listening to the spoken language here as in all of AFTV videos from its many contributors. This video has resonance for me since I'm from exactly the same background as these two. The way they speak represent my world in the UK. At home I speak like White Yardie, whilst outside the home with non Jamaicans I speak like Robbie. Oh, the football. Sad to say but both north London clubs are fading away. I guess it hurts for Arsenal fans more because they are used to winning things.
Raktim Dutta
Raktim Dutta 7 dagar sedan
Breaking News: Arsenal have sacked Arteta and have signed Chelsea's UCL winning cone keeper as the manager!
Neelanjan Mitra
Neelanjan Mitra 7 dagar sedan
This video is proof that almost all arsenal fans are butthurt deluded clowns
hghf 7 dagar sedan
Arsengal still no ucl 🤣🤣🤣
hghf 7 dagar sedan
Chelsea better arsengal
CHi 8 dagar sedan
Of COURSE Arsenal is the smaller club, your golden Prem title won't save you anymore.
Anthony Holland
Anthony Holland 8 dagar sedan
Chelsea is a bigger club than arsenal, more Premier league titles more champions league titles and an owner that actually backs his team and wants them to win things. Arsenal are a great club with a great history but history is the past boys.
Izuchukwu Oliver Onyia
Dont worry brothers FA cup is coming your way next year 😂
Kutlwano Sehlako
Kutlwano Sehlako 9 dagar sedan
Why must you bring spending into this when you’re always complaining about the lack of investment at your club?🥴
Stefan Theodorou
Stefan Theodorou 10 dagar sedan
Chelsea are the biggest clubs in the world. They’re so much bigger than Arsenal… they’re gonna be scary next season…
King Armish
King Armish 10 dagar sedan
Ty: 'Chelsea will never be ahead of Arsenal cause Arsenal starts with letter A and Chelsea C..!'
gxhhher 11 dagar sedan
pretty close but chelsea just edge it arsenal are a cup team now
ned official
ned official 11 dagar sedan
Arteta is going to win the champions championship league for Arsenal just trust the process.. Atleast that's what he promised willian that made him leave chelsea
Umaru Usman
Umaru Usman 11 dagar sedan
Ashley cole leave won the pig Henry leave won big Girou leave won big Chamberlain leave won big Gnabry leave won big Don't even mention chelsea in this debate , your battle now is how can we bring leicester down
Titus Quayson
Titus Quayson 11 dagar sedan
Won't you suck Mikel arteta he is the problem for arsenal fact
Ges 12
Ges 12 11 dagar sedan
Robbie... Chelsea haven't been able to spend for a few seasons. Therefore that spend is over two and a half seasons not one season. Chelsea haven't spent big in a season for a long while now and when I say big I'm comparing to the other big clubs.
Ges 12
Ges 12 11 dagar sedan
Is that even a real question. Arsenal haven't been near Chelsea in decades.
Ugo Spotty
Ugo Spotty 11 dagar sedan
"They bought it" Only arsenal fans rival in excuses such as these.
ZolaMagic25 11 dagar sedan
Stupid question really
James Hodgkinson
James Hodgkinson 12 dagar sedan
If you're talking about buying trophies then let's look at the invincibles team Henry, Viera, Petit, Lauren, Pires, Bergkamp, Reyes, Ljunberg to name a few were all bought!
Neo Ren Jie
Neo Ren Jie 12 dagar sedan
Arsenal fans might as well just become Chelsea fans from now on.
Rahul Makam
Rahul Makam 12 dagar sedan
Last 10 years Arsenal and chelsea spend almost same net amount, the issue is not owner , it's the recruitment. Get that sorted everything will fall in place for arsenal
Ross Elworthy
Ross Elworthy 12 dagar sedan
Chelsea have been ahead of arsenal since 2012
Kitanosport kitanosport
Arsenal FA cup only at moment don't compare with Chelsea, 2 champions League 3 Uefa cup
nikhil mahesh
nikhil mahesh 13 dagar sedan
"Arsenal fans still think they belong among the big clubs. Someone tell them it's not 2004."
chidera James
chidera James 13 dagar sedan
Man like Bobbie! Big up!
Swaleh Suheil
Swaleh Suheil 13 dagar sedan
Its about running a football club the right way its not about spending loads You lot spent 120m on partey and pepe alone go check the net spend of Liverpool and Chelsea they are pretty low
obang panor
obang panor 13 dagar sedan
Question itself is irrelevant
Andrei Gheorghe
Andrei Gheorghe 13 dagar sedan
U need a better manager .
Stephen R
Stephen R 14 dagar sedan
A long time ago !!! 😂
XMW 14 dagar sedan
Michael Nkwocha
Michael Nkwocha 14 dagar sedan
How did we buy our trophies please explain?
Frankie Durcan
Frankie Durcan 14 dagar sedan
U can’t say Chelsea bought it when our best players in the cl besides from kante were homegrown players
ahmad maliq
ahmad maliq 14 dagar sedan
a a
a a 14 dagar sedan
Robbie is such a coward and a opportunist
Muhammad Faris Azaman
Muhammad Faris Azaman 14 dagar sedan
This could be a 10 second video. Have Arsenal Fallen Behind Chelsea As A Big Club? YES
Shizhe'e Shilah Shiye
Shizhe'e Shilah Shiye 14 dagar sedan
Zakaria Filali
Zakaria Filali 15 dagar sedan
We can't remember Arsenal in champions league game kids will forget arsenal as club
Z-REX 15 dagar sedan
Redwan Rahman
Redwan Rahman 15 dagar sedan
Dont you have eyes
First name Last name
First name Last name 15 dagar sedan
Why this a question
Liam Dunne
Liam Dunne 15 dagar sedan
Unless you do the business in Europe, you cannot even start to talk about being really "big" Winning the Premier you are the best in one country's league, win the Champions you're top of every league in Europe I'd prefer one Champions League to three or more Premiers. With all due respect, wouldn't change our trophies for Arsenal's in a month of Sundays.
Serge Zam
Serge Zam 15 dagar sedan
Chelsea has not won everything (yet). Next is the Super Cup! COYB!
Boy Pak
Boy Pak 15 dagar sedan
Ha.ha.ha.ha 8th place Not even qualified for europe league
Craig O neill
Craig O neill 15 dagar sedan
Yea Chelsea constantly challenging for the big prizes arsenal are not
Shuumbwa Andreas
Shuumbwa Andreas 15 dagar sedan
And again Players at Chelsea aren't as good as good as Arsenals players. It's not about 💰 to me it's about a PROPER PROPER MANAGER WHO KNOWS WHAT HE IS DOING.
Shuumbwa Andreas
Shuumbwa Andreas 15 dagar sedan
They fell back long time ago. Arsenal are acting like an ex boyfriend to a girl that Chelsea, Totenham and Leicester are hitting.
shlok jambusariya
shlok jambusariya 15 dagar sedan
man i used to think Reece james' dad is don robbie ffs they look the same 😂😂🤣
Natalia Mehmet
Natalia Mehmet 15 dagar sedan
So Aston Villa are more attractive to Norwich playmaker we can't compete with a top 10 team let alone top 4 Great work by EDU and Arteta Get Excited.
The FOP Army
The FOP Army 15 dagar sedan
literally the only excuse is club spending. since our takeover we have only spent 20m moe than arsenal in NET spending so that doesn't even work. Stupid to bang on about expenses cos you're right thee with us
Khalid Ali
Khalid Ali 15 dagar sedan
Arsenal can't even sign championship level players while Chelsea are champions of Europe. Roman's aim is not to be the best London or England team but to be the best in the world.
Manumalo Mapusua
Manumalo Mapusua 15 dagar sedan
Just face it Arsenal fans you’re a mid table club now and unless there’s huge changes like the Kreoenkes sell and the new owner is ambitious things won’t change
Jed W
Jed W 16 dagar sedan
As a Chelsea fan, watching AFTV is a balm to my soul. Half the likes in this video are from the west part of London 🎡 lol 😆
solo 16 dagar sedan
Has Blackberry fallen behind Apple as a big smartphone company? Anyone asking such question in living in they past.
Zulhilmi Nasaruddin
Zulhilmi Nasaruddin 16 dagar sedan
Arsenal ? Lol
tejsoneji 16 dagar sedan
The delusion of Arsenal Fans is next level
Red Panda Agency Entertainment
Unfortunately Chelsea is bigger than Arsenal now. Champions league is the biggest competition for clubs so...
La Croqueta La Croqueta
13:03🤣LEGEND 😂👏👏👏👏
La Croqueta La Croqueta
La Croqueta La Croqueta
I started supporting Chelsea after beating man city in the UCL final, literally its a good start for me joining Chelsea at the right time. Thank you gunners fan for cheering up Chelsea 💙💯👏🏆
Shaantanu Singh
Shaantanu Singh 16 dagar sedan
Always funny to see Arsenal fans talking about managers who finished with double-digit points more than them.
Noir Noble
Noir Noble 16 dagar sedan
Black whity yuh fuka yuh, next time pick di right team, & dat bumboclaat team is Chelsea.
Ola Akinlade
Ola Akinlade 17 dagar sedan
That's a non starter. Arsenal are past it and Chelsea are undoubtedly the biggest club in London. Top 4 in England and I am a gooner
Alex Lock
Alex Lock 17 dagar sedan
Arsenal fell behind years ago they are piss poor shite 🤣.
Thomas Pollock
Thomas Pollock 17 dagar sedan
Thats like saying that city are now a bigger club than united. Arsenal have been around and won way more trophies than Chelsea. Arsenal are still the bigger club but Chelsea are the better side atm
Aluka Bright Blackboy
Aluka Bright Blackboy 17 dagar sedan
Of course , Arsenal has fallen behind Chelsea long time ago
HisMajesty 17 dagar sedan
Is this a real question? That it even needs to be asked shows what's wrong with Arsenal and arsenal fans. Not at all grounded in reality sometimes and too obsessed with Tottenham..we need to care less about other people and realise that we need to fix our house and our standards have dropped. Nobody has a divine right to success, but at the same time, it's not 'being negative' to have higher expectations
jacobb 17 dagar sedan
Arsenal have been on a steady decline since 2006 when they lost to Barça, having not won a trophy bigger than an FA Cup. Chelsea on the other hand have steadily risen winning more and more big trophies more consistently. FA's, Prems,a Supercup and two UCL's. Hey Chelsea just won their second UCL!!!!! COOOMMME OOONNN YOU BLUES!!!
aiden playz
aiden playz 17 dagar sedan
Arsenal and Chelsea are both big clubs,cant say the same about spuds
paska talmaci
paska talmaci 17 dagar sedan
Is this even a debate?
John Fraser
John Fraser 17 dagar sedan
Arsenal are miles behind Chelsea, behind Villa, and with no signs of progression.
Nikola Jevtic
Nikola Jevtic 17 dagar sedan
Well, Chelsea has won everything, but arsenal has better banter on the channel. Id say you’re about equal. 😂 😂 😂
Ben Carter
Ben Carter 17 dagar sedan
We got Xhaka, they got Kante. Enough said.
Davidachidiadi Abali
Davidachidiadi Abali 17 dagar sedan
You beating them twice home and away but the same year Chelsea won champions league
ZeroTheHero 18 dagar sedan
Short answer; Yes. Long answer; Yes, obviously.
niyaz bin ali
niyaz bin ali 18 dagar sedan
At last every Arsenal fans I tell your everyone Chelsea is better better than you ... Ashley Cole,Fabregas,Giroud even everyone got dream of success .... Petr cech ,willian,David Luiz all are failure of your team ...this comaprison of your Club ... ktbffh ... CHELSEA 💙
Ghost 18 dagar sedan
Chelsea wants to win league but arsenal only wants 4 place.
Terence Jenkins
Terence Jenkins 18 dagar sedan
Chelsea have been ahead of arsenal for years 😂😂 And arsenal definitely have not been a big club for years 😂😂
Sandla Manyelana
Sandla Manyelana 18 dagar sedan
Arsenal are physically behind Chelsea, Mentally Behind Chelsea, Emotionally Behind Chelsea Arsenal are Dead to us
CG Low
CG Low 18 dagar sedan
How is this even a question unless it's directed at Ty? Chelsea has won two Champion's League trophy. Arsenal has never won anything of this stature...EVER.
sasaMK 18 dagar sedan
Chelsea beat city with all their lineup variations. If he hadn’t made the changes in the final and lost, people would be crying that he should have made changes after being beaten before. He couldn’t win regardless how you look at it. Unless he won
Paul W
Paul W 18 dagar sedan
Over the last 10 years chelsea have sold hazard, Costa, morata, lukaku, matic, mata, de bruyne, salah, Oscar, ramires, schurrle to have the expensive squad we currently have. Arsenal have spent as much as us and paid the same wages over the last decade and have fallen miles behind because they have invested poorly. United haven't been much better.
David Andrews
David Andrews 18 dagar sedan
Even with the INVINCIBLES Chelski still been the better team Wenger won 10 trophies in 22 years Fergie at Utd won I think 37 trophies in 26 years and I think Chelski have won 19 trophies since 2004 I think Arsenal lost a uefa Cup final in 2000 to a Turkish team have to look up that one and lost to Barca in 2006 champs league final terrible in Europe really bad I don't get it This next season gonna be one of their hardest for sure dudes no Europe either good luck on getting names in ⚽🍀🤞😎😭😔
MRKING 328 18 dagar sedan
Chelsea are bigger than arsenal it's just facts
neelante 18 dagar sedan
Arsenal are dead its embrassing you have Chelsea with 2 CL before you and you get West Ham finishing ahead of you 😂😂😂
Am 18 dagar sedan
Of course. Look at their trophy cabinet since 2004-5
dave baker
dave baker 18 dagar sedan
Check the other teams between you and Chelsea in the league position, you fell behind them too. 🤣😂
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