Is London Red or Blue? | All Gunz Blazing Feat DT 

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Is London Red or Blue? | All Gunz Blazing Feat DT

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4 jun 2021



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Sam Barker
Sam Barker 8 timmar sedan
12:05 “Anyone with a brain and understands football” when talking about Pep 😂 Whatever hair Pep has left on his head probably has more ball knowledge than DT will ever have in his life
Mac Underhills
Mac Underhills 8 timmar sedan
Come on dt man your argument is dead... the last ten/fifteen years of arsenal's shitty history is balancing for the previous glory of arsenal football club..
JOEY CHEANG 13 timmar sedan
If you want to be a big club you have to have European success simple as that
Yu Darvish
Yu Darvish 15 timmar sedan
DT is like a Beggar screaming that he was a billionaire twenty years ago so he still is a rich man now even he got bankrupted. How can he says Arsenal is better domestically when Arsenal got their last Premier League trophy almost twenty years ago..
Yu Darvish
Yu Darvish 15 timmar sedan
DT:oil derby. Fun fact:Net spend this 5 years Arsenal:342.89m Chelsea:286.48m
RC Dag sedan
When Arsenal signed Willian, I Released they are in troubles and things are getting even worst. Good ebening 😂
HPJ Dag sedan
“They have been the better side for last decade. Yep! better team in London for last decade. You could say Arsenal was a big team 10 years ago and Chelsea is the current biggest team in London.
SomalillandPure Dag sedan
FC Arsenal Total: 75.1 million Instagram: 19.1 million Facebook: 37.8 million Twitter: 17.2 million (English), 93,600 (Spanish) TikTok: 899,800 FC Chelsea Total: 93.1 million Instagram: 25.7 million Facebook: 48.7 million Twitter: 16.5 million (English), 211,300 (USA), 182.5 (Spanish) TikTok: 1.8 million And they saying we have bigger fan base?
Imam Musyafar
Imam Musyafar Dag sedan
If you say history, lets see aston villa they won one UCL.. freak fans🤣
Imam Musyafar
Imam Musyafar Dag sedan
History club🤣 WE ARE FUTURE CLUB💙 not 8th in the table like arsenal🤣
Sainey Mbye
Sainey Mbye Dag sedan
This Viking is not normal... is Arsenal a team? When last do you guys won premier league?
Samuel mesfin
Samuel mesfin 2 dagar sedan
DT living in the past
Samuel mesfin
Samuel mesfin 2 dagar sedan
Oil derby!!! arsenal fan should stop being jealous of Chelsea owner. On second thought why would they Roman real care for the an like
Ryan Belcher
Ryan Belcher 2 dagar sedan
4 European titles in 9 years. Until you win the CL you will stay a tiny club. The champions league puts teams into the upper echelons of footballing folk law. End of story. Bored of delusional Spurs and arsenals fans thinking there even in the same conversation. But first u have to finish in the top 4. See u in a decade and maybe u might be ready. You forced your greatest ever manager out of the club and now this geezer with the hat sits there and try’s to delude himself into thinking arsenal are a bigger club. We have slaughtered u and buried u alive for nearly 20 years. And that is a fact.
xtsmobile 2 dagar sedan
How can you even possibly state that its red arsenal are in 8th place in the league and it's not like it's a one time thing they haven't been in the top 4 for 4 years
Cavin Pinto
Cavin Pinto 2 dagar sedan
DT and Ty need to start a channel and call it Delusional TV. They can have a weekly section called pulling rainbows and unicorns outta historical a**.
Cavin Pinto
Cavin Pinto 2 dagar sedan
This rich coming from a club who has 101 issues within their own club and they should be worried about these. But no, let's argue that London is Red. Arsenal might have history but they are now also history. These delusional fans should learn from one of their own - Troopz and eat a bloody humble pie.
Cavin Pinto
Cavin Pinto 2 dagar sedan
Arsenal can be delusional and think that London is Red cause they have won "more trophies"... Per that logic, nobody knows who Arsenal is in Europe. Big fat zero.
Ricky Howell
Ricky Howell 2 dagar sedan
2nd biggest club in London Chelsea reserves 🤣
Gary Leonard Teacher
Gary Leonard Teacher 2 dagar sedan
Everybody said "Don't sell Martinez", but AFTV hammered into the skulls of supports "let it go". Well, now we have only 1 keeper and none coming. Martinez should have stayed and AFTV should have said so, fools!
raj oomman
raj oomman 3 dagar sedan
99% of the people are here to see the crying of DT. What a clown 😂😂😂
M J king
M J king 3 dagar sedan
'Bigger Brand' really you sure about that . I don't think so.Even Troopz agrees Chelsea have now over taken Arsenal as London's biggest club and please remind us again how many European trophies you have won ABSOLUTELY DELUSIONAL Lol
Juma yalafred
Juma yalafred 3 dagar sedan
Am loving these silly arguments....lol this is just a bitter fella the good thing is he nows the truth
Wijahid Lone
Wijahid Lone 3 dagar sedan
Chelsea are big clubs then. Arsenal
Antriksh Sareen
Antriksh Sareen 3 dagar sedan
DT is the new definition of delusional
Kevyn Joseph
Kevyn Joseph 3 dagar sedan
Just pure salt from DT. Btw I haven't even started watching yet. Pretty sure he'll talk about the invincible, community shields and say they're better domestically. Don't even need to watch it. I know what will be said😂😂
KagweMc 3 dagar sedan
Funniest sh*t ever. DT you are by far the most salty gooner I have ever seen. 😂😂😂😂 The audacity to dismiss a champions league when your team didn't even qualify (let alone even win it) for the competition is sacrilege. DT, why doesn't your team try win the f*cking lottery next year (oops next, next year). Salty Muppet.
Ky Go
Ky Go 3 dagar sedan
Damn these Arsenal fan need to get over it, isn’t it so obvious or you guys just don’t want to accept the truth 🤷🏻‍♂️
Jesse Valentine
Jesse Valentine 3 dagar sedan
Respect to who ever triggered DT riding the cannon when Chelsea won the champions league xD
Reflective 4 dagar sedan
Very debatable, to try and down play what Chelsea have achieved. The cup accomplishments and trophy Chelsea have won. DT let it go as their isn't a way you can justify your argument.
TT Motsoeneng
TT Motsoeneng 4 dagar sedan
Top players will be signing for Arsenal based on DT's argument that they are a bigger club than Chelsea.
Olaneyo RedorBluePill
Olaneyo RedorBluePill 4 dagar sedan
DT should not represent anyone in court cos that person will do the time!!!
CHi 4 dagar sedan
DT is so salt that his club is finished FC, and using history. They could be sent down to the Championship and he'd harp on about this bollocks
OMEGASUNN 4 dagar sedan
DT cries that the squad needs major investment but then moans its the oil derby ? So do you want an owner that invests or not? HYPOCRITE !
Arjun Mustaine
Arjun Mustaine 4 dagar sedan
Kids from the academy playing a final, two transfer window bans later... Its still the oil Derby
Jahenoor Rahman
Jahenoor Rahman 4 dagar sedan
Chelsea are a growing club in the hopes of one day becoming the biggest club We're one more UCL from leveling Utd We're not the biggest club in London..but we will surpass Arsenal at some point.
Fahim Mir
Fahim Mir 4 dagar sedan
Man.. DT is delusional.
Sami John
Sami John 4 dagar sedan
Love the hurt in DT's voice 😂❤️
Sam 4 dagar sedan
•Even b4 Roman we won more European trophies than you •You call us “oil” with Emirates on your chest🤣 •Even Spurs have more European trophies than you🤣🤣 •Since the 1950s we won more trophies considering the fact we lost the FA Cup 2021, FA Cup 2020, Supercup 2019, League cup 2019, Community shield 2018, Community shield 2017, FA Cup 2017, Community shield 2015 etc •29 years of the premier league is enough time to assert your dominance and only teams like Man Utd, Chelsea and Man City have done that •Call yourself the biggest club and lost a transfer battle to Aston Villa🤣 •Say we are oil and don’t even accept the fact that in 1930s you were literally called the “Bank of England” because you have a huge investment •it doesn’t matter who was on top like 50-100 years ago • “Delusional DT”
Blind Dweller
Blind Dweller 4 dagar sedan
DT is like a living, breathing salt mine
Medley Swing
Medley Swing 4 dagar sedan
Bore off. Jesus… not even the top 3 in London anymore. Irrelevant. Getting worse every year.
devey123 4 dagar sedan
I’m a neutral. But it’s not even an argument that chelski are the biggest club.
tommy boy
tommy boy 4 dagar sedan
Acc down bad
Shoaib Sheikh
Shoaib Sheikh 4 dagar sedan
Salty 😂😂😂
UnknownT 4 dagar sedan
My nan had more baths than me does that mean she’s cleaner than me!!! She shits herself every week. How far back do we go.
UnknownT 4 dagar sedan
Henry Scurry
Henry Scurry 4 dagar sedan
Ibrahimovic has more trophies than chelsea 🥶🥶sheeeesh big club and dah
Terrence Holder
Terrence Holder 4 dagar sedan
You’ll never say that
Abdoulie C
Abdoulie C 4 dagar sedan
And flogged you the 'liability in chief' Luiz and Willan so he can jog round North London. If you're naive enough to think we're selling you anyone who's not near their sell by date you deserve what you get. Top 10 if you're lucky next year!
Jonathan Mitchell
Jonathan Mitchell 5 dagar sedan
Chelsea with UEFA 2times makes em solid.
Chelsea Goals
Chelsea Goals 5 dagar sedan
Chelsea had won 3 european trophies before the abramovic takeover. we had already won everything domestically before the takeover. So to call us a nothing club, i mean come on even stupid brains has to work sometimes.
Chelsea Goals
Chelsea Goals 5 dagar sedan
DT is the definition delusional.
Oscar Henderson
Oscar Henderson 5 dagar sedan
Before Abramovic took over we had 8 major trophies. We won the FA cup in in 1997 and 2000, and had one less major trophy than Nottingham Forest, though Nottingham have earned the right and Chelsea haven’t…
Jonathan Brlliant
Jonathan Brlliant 5 dagar sedan
samuel ayomide
samuel ayomide 5 dagar sedan
Advice from a Chelsea fan , don't attend match games until kroenke sells
Luci Mo
Luci Mo 5 dagar sedan
DT has no face
samuel ayomide
samuel ayomide 5 dagar sedan
I hope this won't be Chelsea in 50 yrs time
Karsten Pereira
Karsten Pereira 5 dagar sedan
Ya'll forgot about how many pl titles chelsea than arsenal
Transition With Trini
Transition With Trini 6 dagar sedan
This why People Rate Robbie..He Love his club no doubt...That dont mean you got to be in Denial or delusional😅😅DT is crazy...But on the Real DT if you guys had a Oil Boss you would welcome that so dont hate..
Daniel Nuttman
Daniel Nuttman 6 dagar sedan
Is Dt the most deluded football fan in the world, yes or yes?
Semir D
Semir D 6 dagar sedan
DT mad Roman didn't buy Arsenull.
Wijahid Lone
Wijahid Lone 6 dagar sedan
Biggest cry baby arsenal fan and dt
Ashley Blanchard
Ashley Blanchard 6 dagar sedan
Chelsea sells over 500k shirts globally than arsenal. Has a larger turnover and generates over 70m more per season in sponsorship. That fella in the cap is in a dream world. They do have a bigger fan base in England but the rest they are way behind
LEBOGANG KGAYE 6 dagar sedan
Football will make you so emotional that you become irrational in conversations
Emmanuel 0pare
Emmanuel 0pare 6 dagar sedan
Sorry arsenal fans my club man city let you down
Albert2w Streete
Albert2w Streete 6 dagar sedan
this is so embarrassing when i hear arsenal fans saying that Chelsea and Man City buy Pl titles and other Titles, my question is arsenal should show me and other football fan if their club had not buy players, and how many academy players was in their team when they won the PL? because Terry Henry, Denis Berkemp, Patrick Viera, Freddy ludberg, Robert Pierris and we can go on these players were BOUGHT by arsenal, it is so sad when they had their socalled invisible they could not win a Can of soda from Europe, they have a stupid owner who don't care about them, the bigest clubs in England are Man united, Liverpool, Chelsea and Man city FACT
pio villanueva
pio villanueva 7 dagar sedan
I just watched this whole video with a huge smile on my face. (Dunno why this was on my recommended, though) I respect the guy on the left, and as to the guy to the right... Your HATE is hilarious af. You're exactly the kind of arsenal fan we love to beat. Now shut up and eat our dust. Also, to answer the guy with the cap's question, "why are we on their minds?" Well, that's simple: to piss off arsenal fans like you.
Bertie Carpss
Bertie Carpss 7 dagar sedan
They’re not better than us domestically Arsenal: 3 league titles Chelsea: 5 league titles This season Chelsea finished 4th and Arsenal 8th We have finished consistently above them for YEARS
Chair Man
Chair Man 7 dagar sedan
Arsenal Fc is specialist in failures😢
FamousCFC2 7 dagar sedan
You’ve seen a decade of ‘constant neglect’ - exactly! Clubs need to be looked after by their custodians. Chelsea were always a big club but weren’t looked after well enough to be successful consistently enough until Ken Bates and then a Abramovich arrived. Clubs need to be looked after to be successful regardless of size. Now arsenal are seeing the results of not being looked after! Football is swings and ronndabouts. The fact of the matter is you can talk about your community shield wins as much as you like. Chelsea are heading towards being the biggest in London if not already and it’s only a matter of time. Drink it in DT! 🍻
Kani Kala
Kani Kala 7 dagar sedan
Hahahaha great entertainment
Uma Mahadevaswamy
Uma Mahadevaswamy 7 dagar sedan
Even if u open ur Arsenal history books u won't see two European champions League cup. Stop ur club history claims, Chelsea is creating history right now😂😂
Richard Whiteson
Richard Whiteson 7 dagar sedan
Guy with the beard looks and sounds thick. Sounds like a poor loser.
James Reed
James Reed 7 dagar sedan
Chelsea have more Instagram followers tho how have arsenal got a bigger fan base
MacattackasaurousRex 7 dagar sedan
Oh wow he has the nerve to banter chelsea players what a twat
Joseph Pepple
Joseph Pepple 7 dagar sedan
Brudda stop capping nobody discredits the fa cup We discredit the charity shield because it's not a major trophy
Joseph Pepple
Joseph Pepple 7 dagar sedan
This guy's tears
Martin Kozelský
Martin Kozelský 7 dagar sedan
I am Chelsea fan but guys I must say I understand DT arguments....Arsenal achieved more in their history before Roman came to Chelsea...Since Roman arrived Chelsea is the better side.....So I prefer not to say which color london is or whatever...I am just glad that London is succesful in terms of trophies won last century and this century...
Dmitry Kim
Dmitry Kim 7 dagar sedan
I feel like gooners are praising Chelsea only to scale up their hatred to Kroenke
TMR1 Gaming
TMR1 Gaming 7 dagar sedan
Mandar 8 dagar sedan
legends say, He is still saying they have won the lottery !
Teven Moodley
Teven Moodley 8 dagar sedan
Limon Bogere
Limon Bogere 8 dagar sedan
The guy knows deep down chelsea are difintely bigger and better than arsenal and that's what really pisses him off. Clubs do not stay big forever, leicester have become a bigger clubs than the likes of westham, fulham, wigan in the last 5-6 years as they've achieved what these clubs who were better and midtable for ages did not achieve. If things worked the way DT thinks, STEAU BEAUCAREST would be bigger than lots of prem teams.
Indrayudh Mondal
Indrayudh Mondal 8 dagar sedan
I am going to repost my comment again. While it was wrong to use the word deluded I at that moment couldn't find a better word to explain this man's state. I am an ardent football fan myself and I completely understand the emotions that he has attached to the club he supports. I can only respect that. But when people just choose to ignore facts right left and center and use metrics of success according to their convenience, I am sorry but they are nothing short of what I had called him. After today's incident, I think we have to take into account that fatigue is a BIG thing. Not playing the 9 players who played in Champions league and Europa league finals is a good ploy. Out of the 17 players hence left, 14 are outfielders. And he played a team accordingly. I don't see a lot wrong in bringing people in like Lingard for that game alone. I honestly haven't figured out why he wasn't chosen for the squad in the first place... I don't know why it is this hard for DT to accept the simple fact that Arsenal historically has been the bigger club but now London has a club that's bigger. Chelsea has won everything in the last 18 years under Roman, the club's won 17 titles. 😒 Chelsea's academy is regarded as one the best in Europe, leave alone England. The woman's team is winning everything... 😒 I don't know what else needs to be done to make a club successful. Instead of directing all the disgust on other big clubs, direct it to your own. London wouldn't mind having two clubs that has won everything. The first step to fixing a problem is accepting that there is a problem. Here, the fact that other clubs are getting better than you... 😒 In today's world you can't survive without big investments. You can't compete on the same level if you don't have the depth in your squad. Unfortunately for Arsenal at this point there isn't. Saka has the talent to become a world beater but at this point isn't. Pepe is like Timo Werner. An expensive flop. Instead of investing on Onana sort your defense out... 😒 Also get a manager who can win you trophies. Lamps was ❤️ but he wasn't ready. So he had to leave.
David Ashley
David Ashley 8 dagar sedan
Love Robbies balanced critique. I’m a Chelsea fan stood in the shed end from the 70’s when Arsenal were without doubt the Kings of London. I remember going to Highbury on Boxing Day ( no underground running) in 1979 and filled the clock end with 20, 000 . My Arsenal mate told me said he had never seen such a big turn up. P.s Chelsea won more European trophies than Arsenal before Roman turned up . I respect Arsenal’s history but I think we’ve always had a very loyal fan base but it’s gone massive internationally in the last 20 years.
David Ashley
David Ashley 8 dagar sedan
Sorry I meant Boxing Day 1977 at Highbury. Jammed packed , overloaded in the Clock End and The North Bank. Standing like sardines 😀
YeahTheLoz Gaming
YeahTheLoz Gaming 8 dagar sedan
When we won you were the last club on my mind 😌
madao san
madao san 8 dagar sedan
What a 🤡lmfao 😂
Prince of Bel Air
Prince of Bel Air 8 dagar sedan
DT is so salty...................haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Who is Delta
Who is Delta 8 dagar sedan
So Chelsea don’t own the rights to get 200mil to spend ?
Griffin Gamer
Griffin Gamer 8 dagar sedan
Haha, DT is such a mug. It is laughable the way he tries to downplay Chelsea being a far bigger club than Arsenal!
Saman thenotorious
Saman thenotorious 8 dagar sedan
Its been 15 years since u won something big 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Saman thenotorious
Saman thenotorious 9 dagar sedan
Is that a real question 🤣🤡?
Abdullah Almulhem
Abdullah Almulhem 9 dagar sedan
“If Chelsea spend 200 mm and win trophies it is lottery, but if that spend on Arsenal no we have history we are football club” when logic get smashed into the wall.
Rohith Raman
Rohith Raman 6 dagar sedan
Also, he's slating Chelsea fans for wanting Roman out, fair enough they shouldn't have wanted him out, yet he's the no 1 Arsenal fan who wanted Wenger out for years and he was the reason why his club had any relevance since the mid 90s 😂😂
liam halford
liam halford 9 dagar sedan
That's not even including the community shield 😂😂😂
Manii 9 dagar sedan
Your telling me he is a football fan but didn't watch the champions League final!!!
judane james
judane james 9 dagar sedan
London is BLU. You sound Bitter mate 😃😅😅😅
Shush Shmuck
Shush Shmuck 9 dagar sedan
Chelsea have more fans than arsenal, just look at followers
Mati khorasani
Mati khorasani 9 dagar sedan
Chelsea already have a bigger international fanbase than Arsenal
ANKIT SINGH 9 dagar sedan
DT said he won't win the champions league and celebrate outside kings road ... He won't get a chance for the second because the first ain't happening.
Bile Kedir
Bile Kedir 9 dagar sedan
Becarefull when you talk about a club which won 17 major trophies in 18 years,it is almost one trophie in a year
Who Is SMARTER? 😂 #shorts
Who Is SMARTER? 😂 #shorts
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