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Keep or Sell? | Goal Keepers \u0026 Defenders

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25 maj 2021



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Kenji Shimizu
Kenji Shimizu 12 dagar sedan
Just look at zinchenko, not a left back but accepted his role in pep’s city. Strange to think why maitland niles wouldn’t
aditas 12 dagar sedan
I don't wanna be rough on the kid....but he was rubbish..
Ralf Schultz
Ralf Schultz 13 dagar sedan
Sorry but Holding and Chambers are perhaps the Legue’s slowest defenders and a easy target for the opponents. A chain isn’t stronger than it’s weakest links. Sell Sell together with Bellerin and Cedric.
Bradley Goosen
Bradley Goosen 13 dagar sedan
Keep 4 CB's our defence is strong... Keep Gabriel; Holding(English player); Mari; Saliba... sell excess CB's Sell Bellerin... keep chambers(English player... sell Cedric... buy new RB. You need English players in the squad, didn't take that into account.
Fran Legac
Fran Legac 18 dagar sedan
Keep AMN. He never put in a terrible performance at right back and I actually think there is place in the midfield for him. You sell Xhaka, Elneny, Ceballos(doesn't cone back), all of a sudden we are very short and yes he should not start there but for me he is a better backup than any of those. And at RB you then sell Bellerin, Cedric and maybe Chambers dependes on the squad debt we have
Tiki Taka
Tiki Taka 18 dagar sedan
Can't believe that some people want to sell both Holding and Chambers. We''ll be having big trouble in team registration if that happens because we haven't got a lot of english players.
Luke Devine
Luke Devine 18 dagar sedan
Gabriel has been very hit and miss looks great sometimes and then makes schoolboy errors
Jahbez Snowdon
Jahbez Snowdon 19 dagar sedan
“Welcome to AFT…” 🤯😂
snaggiz 20 dagar sedan
Chambers is a must keep for me. He can perform well in multiple positions which makes him the perfect player for squad rotation. Especially given how he’s provided a much needed RB option.
Rachael Ross
Rachael Ross 21 dag sedan
James saying about making a statue for Kieran tierney lol proves how valuable he is
Sango Feni
Sango Feni 21 dag sedan
I think you guys need to be realistic, if you all say sell Holding where are these many defenders that you say can cover the position? We have Gabriel, Mari, Saliba, Holding if you sell holding we have 4 CB's not counting Mavropanos. Given the fact that we need to fix our attack and holding Mid do you think it is realistic to say we can get all the Buendia's, Bissoma, Arons and still replace a CB?
Indujan Kugapalan
Indujan Kugapalan 21 dag sedan
I would sell holding as he struggles to win headers against 5ft and below players.
Matthew cooper
Matthew cooper 21 dag sedan
Realistic expectations here guys, we have no European football attracting big names will not be easy. We need to make sure we keep the great players first and then the ok players. Then if we can bring in one or two players where our name will attract them. But we got to let the weak links go then the manager not tempted to play them every week 😂
Neil Reid
Neil Reid 21 dag sedan
Robbie has had enough of these jokers 🤡 harnessing his inner Claude for this show
lecky333 21 dag sedan
Ainsley Maitland Niles is not a RB. He will thrive in midfield, some club will steal him away and play him as a mid and we will all say, "why didn't we see it?
Ryan Stockley
Ryan Stockley 22 dagar sedan
Luiz sell, holding sell, Mari sell, chambers keep, Gabriel keep, saliba keep, bellerin sell, AMN sell, Cedric sell, tierney keep, sead sell
Ryan Stockley
Ryan Stockley 22 dagar sedan
Mavropanos keep
Ryan Stockley
Ryan Stockley 22 dagar sedan
Leno sell, Ryan another loan and runarsson sell
Ryan Stockley
Ryan Stockley 22 dagar sedan
Leno is gone
Dennis Jumba
Dennis Jumba 22 dagar sedan
Robbbie hates kolasinac 😂 They guy had horrible runs but still had great games where he bossed the left side
Dennis Jumba
Dennis Jumba 22 dagar sedan
Leno keep Bellerine sell Cedric keep Tierney keep Holding keep Luiz sold Gabriel keep Mari keep Chambers keep Saliba keep
Arry Pot
Arry Pot 22 dagar sedan
Robbie is just being difficult
N Campbell
N Campbell 22 dagar sedan
You forgot Dan Ballard
Rahul Yadav
Rahul Yadav 23 dagar sedan
Sell: Runnasson Holding Bellerin ASM Cedric Kola
Jabu McNtuli
Jabu McNtuli 23 dagar sedan
Onana is gud at build-up from the back.
Dimiter Stankov
Dimiter Stankov 23 dagar sedan
Regarding Chambers, votes were 2-2. I would keep him and use him as a back-up right back. Just as Robbie said.
NickAwesomer2020 24 dagar sedan
this is a big reason why the f.a cup is redundant whilst i agree bellerin should be sold acting like we havent won anything with him here is ridiculous spurs would love to have won half of what we have during bellerins time here, bellerin is an awful defender and sort of exemplifies what is wrong at arsenal
Aicantar Of Shimmerene
Aicantar Of Shimmerene 24 dagar sedan
When u realise most people who play on consoles are teenagers, but you've got to be over eighteen to be able to win one 🤦
Callum Mager
Callum Mager 24 dagar sedan
What’s this obsession with “2 first team GK’s”? I thought we all agreed that part of Pepe’s problem is he can never know who’s going to be the RB behind him. Could be Chambers, could be Bellerin, might be Cedric, how can he build a bond with 1 player if they aren’t gonna regularly play? Neville said part England’s biggest failures in the 2000’s was they never knew who the keeper was gonna be before the game, so the defence can’t build a bond with 1 set keeper. Leno is sick, better than Kepa, De Gea and arguably Schmeichel.
Fiyah Ray
Fiyah Ray 24 dagar sedan
This dont even make any sense! Every year its da same damn thing! We are getting worst every single year! Why are the fans in England not tearing down da stadium! Managers are getting slacked for way less! Our owners are disgusting nd they dont know anything abt arsenal history nd they are not interesting in actual betterment of the club. Things will never change with those Kroenkes never! We might even come in at 12 next season or 14 anything is possible with those ppl in charge.
Liam Cole
Liam Cole 24 dagar sedan
Donnorama is a free agent and is 22 with 250+ appearances for AC Milan... why not go for him
Nullius in Verba
Nullius in Verba 24 dagar sedan
Guys this would have been so much more crisp if you had printed out the pictures of the players and divided them on the table where one side was "Sell" the other was "Keep" Then you could move them around whilst talking.
Burger Bertie
Burger Bertie 24 dagar sedan
And I'd say max Aarons
Yuri Nameem
Yuri Nameem 24 dagar sedan
have you all forgot how |Martinez played compared to Leno this season? Leno has made so many mistakes he's more like a clown, sell him, Ryan is better.
fishdott 24 dagar sedan
Sell Leno replace him with Onana and keep Ryan as a back up. Ryan is highly underrated.
Burger Bertie
Burger Bertie 24 dagar sedan
We should sign pope or Dean Henderson.
Hemant Gosavi
Hemant Gosavi 24 dagar sedan
Why do these guys think Mavropanos who's played at Stuttgart and been like okay to good would be kept over Chambers who has actually played well at Arsenal. Mavropanos is physical but he's not very comfortable on the ball. I expected better from James.
Daniel Oku
Daniel Oku 24 dagar sedan
Why has arteta stopped using Cedric? He was our best right back
Charles Nyauma
Charles Nyauma 24 dagar sedan
What’s the fascinating with crossing when we don’t have any forward who can win the ball in the air?
Daniel Oku
Daniel Oku 24 dagar sedan
Only Bellerin and Holding should leave
mosiur r
mosiur r 24 dagar sedan
I swear Curtis just bumlicks Turkish
tiisetso tsukudu
tiisetso tsukudu 24 dagar sedan
keep Chambers.
JJ Yoda
JJ Yoda 24 dagar sedan
Keep Holding & Chambers! Holding's been covering the back with or without Luiz, and everyone else the whole season, and only 1 or 2 games has he made big mistakes that too with headers, he has been a fighter all season! KEEP HOLDING! He is good for us!!
Wasabi Jones
Wasabi Jones 24 dagar sedan
Leno and Nketiah need to go
Wasabi Jones
Wasabi Jones 24 dagar sedan
Leno needs to go!!!!
PETROVICGAMES 24 dagar sedan
Keep Bellerin, he just needs to recuperate his form. At the beginning of the season he was really good.
Zaki Mahad TV
Zaki Mahad TV 25 dagar sedan
100%sell chambers
Sugar Ocain
Sugar Ocain 25 dagar sedan
Sorry guys def keep Holding and not Mari. Def keep Chambers and not Cedric.
Terry Hoskin
Terry Hoskin 25 dagar sedan
Soo just playing along.... Leno - don’t think he was great but keep Matt ryan - keep if we can, no thrills but does a job if need be Runnarson - bye bye Luiz - I’d like to keep maybe as a player/coaching role he seems to be a good personality around the kids. Gabriel - keep (made a couple of mistakes with ball control but also had some stunning games) Mari - keep (low key may have been better than Gabriel) no thrills does the job no mistakes Holding - if the right offer comes along I’d get rid not a priority to get rid of though Chambers - I’d keep as a utility around the defensive area (if and I pray to god Bellerin goes his a capable cover for someone we bring in) Rekik - never heard of him Mavropannos - sell when he was with us he didn’t do nothing Saliba - keep and try him out, think now his had another loan he might be where we wanted him development wise. Tierny - Captin/knighthood/the messiah Bellerin - sell or even give him away, wrong mentality for the team. Cedric - sell, seems too lightweight. Ainsley - sell unless his willing to fight his way back from third choice. Hard ask without European football. Kolasinac - bye bye shame we’ve not already got rid of him permanently liability
Louis Hans
Louis Hans 25 dagar sedan
Keep Niles. If we had a good manager Niles would’ve been one of the best right backs in the league. He can’t be beaten one on one. A good coach puts his hand around him?, the sky is the limit at RB.
olusegun okuboyejo
olusegun okuboyejo 25 dagar sedan
Sell Holding? Are you guys for real? Except we want to spend £40million on a centre back, Holding should be playing not necessarily every week though. He played 37 times for us this season and had just 2 yellow cards.
P Godda
P Godda 25 dagar sedan
Keep :- Leno, Ryan; Tierney, Cedric; Gabriel, Mari, Saliba, Chambers, Rekik Sell :- Runnarson; Kolasnic, Bellerin; Luiz, Holding, Mavrapanos Promote :- Hilson(Gk), Salguero(Def) Transfer Targets :- Aarons(RB) Bertrand(LB), Mings or White(CB)
Rupin Kale
Rupin Kale 25 dagar sedan
I like Turkish quite a bit but he’s very harsh with people he doesn’t like.
Rupin Kale
Rupin Kale 25 dagar sedan
The Chambers slander is UNREAL. He has done nothing wrong in the last 4 years, whenever called upon. Really unfortunate that he’s hated on because he’s had injuries and loan spells.
OLUFEMI Akintola
OLUFEMI Akintola 25 dagar sedan
When you sell all British players, how is arsenal going to meet the quoted?
Yaniakis JPM
Yaniakis JPM 25 dagar sedan
Chambers is versatile player keep him.
Mario Hamilton
Mario Hamilton 25 dagar sedan
I'm a gooner but even I think these guys a delusional to think at current we can attract any top tier players that aren't genuine fans that want to play for the club out of love. We haven't played Arsenal football in some 3-4 seasons and this season is the culmination of that drop in form so don't expect this squad to perform any better this season even without Europe. I'm sorry to be so pessimistic but that is the truth. I do hope they prove me wrong and make a big run that puts the club back in the CL but I foresee UEL at best.
Tobias 25 dagar sedan
Lots of hate for our defense, but our defensive record was one of the best in the league this season
Gift Biyane
Gift Biyane 25 dagar sedan
Saliba /Gabriel /Movrapanos.... Center backs
Jaffar umar
Jaffar umar 25 dagar sedan
SELL ⬇️ Bellerin Elneny Willian Shaka and Ceballos send him back to spain
Jamie Potter
Jamie Potter 25 dagar sedan
Selling Martinez was a massive mistake I’d have kept him and sold leno
Jov X
Jov X 25 dagar sedan
Keeping Leno is the problem with Arsenal. They sold the much better keeper. There's always a mistake in him, especially under a little pressure and important games. The last mistake was what? A slow ball that went between his legs that a 3rd choice keeper will save.
Dom Mangles
Dom Mangles 25 dagar sedan
Completely disagree on Leno. He weakens the entire defensive line. You can see the defenders don't know where he'll be. He doesn't know where he'll be. Doesn't even know when inside his area for heavens sake. Selling Martinez instead of Leno was the biggest mistake the club made since Gnabry. Szczesny will be available if Donnarumma joins Juve. Bring him home!
Sam Douglas
Sam Douglas 25 dagar sedan
We need some homegrown players. Definitely keep Chambers and maybe Holding.
maadee haji massari
maadee haji massari 25 dagar sedan
next season all i want to see our defends is to gab and saliba strong our 2 and 3 very sharp with speed
maadee haji massari
maadee haji massari 25 dagar sedan
mav is different ffrom chamb and holding
maadee haji massari
maadee haji massari 25 dagar sedan
we have to sell all those way back defenders and try new defenders now cos we have seen what they can do and what they can't so we have to try new things all together i mean new types of defenders will do hakimi or lamtey saliba with gabriel tierney and we get a new backup for tierney or saka will do the job
Peter Kamau
Peter Kamau 25 dagar sedan
I totally agree with y'all on Maitland Niles,..And that's the thing with Arteta, he doesn't know how to develop players! If you're a manager, and you see a CM playing better as a RB you convert him to a RB. 'cuz most players don't even know what their best positions are, or what positions they can play better at. I think that's the work of a manager to get the best out of them.
Jamie Beddall
Jamie Beddall 25 dagar sedan
Keep chambers for back up rb and backups for cb and midfield
Cambo 25 dagar sedan
Keep Chambers. What Robbie said.
ben cox
ben cox 25 dagar sedan
Chambers is a good player to keep because I'm cutting a lot of the midfield and defence.
Priyank Patel
Priyank Patel 25 dagar sedan
So good that mohs not on this anymore
ben cox
ben cox 25 dagar sedan
James out of no where is now my favourite person on aftv. At first I wasn't sure but he seems like the sort of guy you can really talk football with over a drink
Andreas Ott
Andreas Ott 25 dagar sedan
I think you are giving holding too little credit for the performances that he has put in in the last cupple of weeks. To me he looked like our best cb not Gabriel.
Pasanga fav msq
Pasanga fav msq 25 dagar sedan
D. Ballard?????
Arthur van de Laak
Arthur van de Laak 25 dagar sedan
I think a bit of a bigger picture is needed when it comes to Holding & Chambers. Both are homegrown. We are also selling Bellerin & AMN which are homegrown. Last season we could not accommodate Ozil & Sokratis as we exceeded our 17 squad. We can't just sell 4 homegrown players. Hence why I say keep Holding & Chambers (Especially Chambers). As with Mavropanos, he will take one of the 17 non Home grown squad spots on a position we are pretty well stocked, if we get a good offer take it. We still have Ballard & McGuiness as academy / loaned out Centre backs.
Azarr Johnson
Azarr Johnson 25 dagar sedan
Idk why we value our players so low rob holding is English he plays for arsenal 25-30m easy
Daniel 25 dagar sedan
You have to think with Holding he hasn’t once even been close to getting in the England squad and we don’t have the best centre backs in England.. If he can’t get in the England squad is he good enough for us?
Qasim Cheema
Qasim Cheema 25 dagar sedan
Where are the young full backs? We haven't produced one for ages. Seems like academy is only producing just midfielders.
Jay 1874
Jay 1874 25 dagar sedan
This is the thing about us arsenal fans, unless players wow us we say they’re not good enough. For me as long as you do your job correctly the wow factor is irrelevant. There’s many players in the top 4 that don’t wow there fans, they simply just do the job correctly and that’s why there position in the team is secure.
Football Tutorials HD
Football Tutorials HD 25 dagar sedan
Remember Martinez was poor for many seasons at arsenal but he continued to develop in his loans and finally he came good and now he's doing a madness at villa
Nassif Lubega
Nassif Lubega 25 dagar sedan
Arsenal Defence was the third best Defence in the league… so Guys be considerate with current center backs at club For me I will keep chambers and holding as squad players than trusting fully the youngsters
Sixtyfps Gaming
Sixtyfps Gaming 25 dagar sedan
Good Ebening
Alex Selven
Alex Selven 25 dagar sedan
I don't agree with holding being sold.He has played some exceptional games too, especially in the first half of the season. I do agree the light turns dim after a course of while with him but he's like a iceing on the cake as a third or fourth centre back (also he's work rate is pretty good compared to other defenders as we know that arsenal have a tenacity to get injured like a plague so he fits the role ♥)
Dave Sing
Dave Sing 25 dagar sedan
Keep Chambers
Jordan Found
Jordan Found 25 dagar sedan
We miss Monreal
Uyi Ikhu-Omoregbe
Uyi Ikhu-Omoregbe 25 dagar sedan
Poorest season? Leno has been inconsistent his whole career... always makes the most mistakes amongst goal keepers... in 3yrs at arsenal there has been no improvement in his game
Saul Ignacio Alcala
Saul Ignacio Alcala 25 dagar sedan
we need good defenders two for right side two for left, Bellerìn most stay or leave depending their behavior but we need replacements, now more than ever it's so necessary reforce our team because without european champipnships we need show awareness and decission go on Arsenal hughs and regreats from 🇧🇴 Bolivia La Paz city for the gooners and goonerettes
Simon Ross
Simon Ross 26 dagar sedan
Keep Chambers, remember we need a certain amount of homegrown players
WhoTook MyName
WhoTook MyName 26 dagar sedan
Phrase of the day: pull up trees
Hugo Cooper-Fogarty
Hugo Cooper-Fogarty 26 dagar sedan
Buy Emre Can, can play CB, RB, LB, CDM, CM, LM, RM, also why not just give Maitland Niles a few games in the CM role? He played 1 a game there are the start of the season in the UEL and was good.
Nathan Allen
Nathan Allen 26 dagar sedan
How many ps5's r u giving away again🤔
M H 26 dagar sedan
What‘s the name of the video where Robbie talks about how he met ty & Claude on the fan bus ? It might have been on another channel but I can’t find it anywhere
simon bailey
simon bailey 26 dagar sedan
Keep chambers
Abdulaziz Ali
Abdulaziz Ali 26 dagar sedan
Harsh on Kolasinac cuz of the 18/19 season he was our main outlet and got a couple of assists. And that Tottenham game he played as centre back
Matty 26 dagar sedan
Who misses the verminator?
K . MATTURI 26 dagar sedan
Fabianski was always a decent keeper , we had a porous defense that allowed too many clear cut chances . Schezny was also a decent keeper . Sometimes a keeper is on as good as the defense in front of him. Kieran Tierney is a guy who is really lucky to be thought of highly amongst Arsenal fans .The quality of a wing back is now solely down to their ability to cross the ball .He is a on eyed man in the land of the blind , added to the fact that he is injury prone . You mention Chambers being a better Crosser than Cedric and Cedric being the superior player technically , that is accurate even in the Kolasinac and Tierney end of the pitch , Kolasinac could always consistently get in behind a defense with his technique and link up but Tierney operates in front of a defense , thus is easy to defend .
Dubom Lollen
Dubom Lollen 26 dagar sedan
James got more sense than robbie
Memento Mori
Memento Mori 26 dagar sedan
How many ps5s is it again?
Mtaa Wire
Mtaa Wire 26 dagar sedan
On this topic I would keep Leno buy Ryan sell Alex updrage the new keeper onkwokwo on defenders sell mastfi kolasinac Xhaka luiz is going buy one left back a first team starter and one holding midfielder who can play as defender and keep saliba
Jordan T
Jordan T 26 dagar sedan
Holding is so underrated, plus being homegrown its a no brainer to keep him. If we do sell we should easily get 20-25mill imo. English tax for being homegrown.
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Keep or Sell? | Forwards
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