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Keep or Sell? | Midfielders

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26 maj 2021



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R C 9 dagar sedan
Bale has been living in Madrid for how many years? He has family friends and probably businesses over there that's why he went back straight after the last game
David Omabukodo
David Omabukodo 15 dagar sedan
Nobody is talking about us pushing Chambers into the midfield. Are the coaches all so daft that they can't see potentials in some of the players we have got? He was voted the best player for Fulham in a season he was featured prominently in this wing.
Woz Lee
Woz Lee 17 dagar sedan
Thank god Kolašinac got injured, because god forbid Saka got loaned out to a club like Wolves and had a decent season... you'd probably want to sell him as well. I don't know why Arsenal fans are like this, if Joe Willock was called Jose Willock-Garcia and did what he did for Newcastle whilst on loan from Real Betis you'd be desperate to poach him.
Tiki Taka
Tiki Taka 17 dagar sedan
Comparing Lingard and Cisse to Willock? Oh my days! Lingard is nearly 30 fgs and Cisse was 27 when he banged those goals in. Willock is a young kid and he is doing what our midfield never do (score goals). Keep this guy man.
Tiki Taka
Tiki Taka 17 dagar sedan
Willock has to stay unless we get a ridiculous offer (40 million or more). I would rather sell bang average players like Xhaka and Elneny that have been here for a long time and been consistently average. We have to freshen things up in midfield and we need guys like Willock in there to do it. Also, I don't agree with the pressure thing. Mason Mount came in from a loan at Derby and immediately settled at chelsea and now he is one of the best in this league.
Tremayne Jordan
Tremayne Jordan 18 dagar sedan
This is what’s wrong with our fan base, talking about Top4 but trying to start willock next season absolute jokers
Teddy Katamba
Teddy Katamba 18 dagar sedan
You guys are losing your minds if you’d sell joe willock like for real dude is a baller and his a gunner through and through then the are guys like man like xhaka my lord sell that man get Yves and Emi let the Madrid boys go back
Joe 18 dagar sedan
What are you going to do when our potential midfield duo of Bissouma and Partey go to the Africa Cup of Nations and pick up injuries???
Benny Brand
Benny Brand 18 dagar sedan
ngl when Turkish was bullying willock i got lowkey pissed tbh
fish m
fish m 18 dagar sedan
keep WILLOCK all day
iainblake81 19 dagar sedan
Joe Wilock - extend his loan for another year to continue his development with regular games at Newcastle and PL experience
geordie paul
geordie paul 19 dagar sedan
Sorry lads but more pressure at arsenal than newcastle, the only pressure at arsenal these days is to finish in the top ten
robin megersa
robin megersa 19 dagar sedan
Why does Xhaka divided opinions for God’s sake? 100% sell...
Dee Cunningham
Dee Cunningham 19 dagar sedan
you like ghendouzi because he's passionate but laugh at torreira because he was emotional. you men are showing your bias. so here's my bias as a woman looking at these "men" players. torreira showed heart and ghendouzi was an out of control brat. i'd sell them both because torreira wants to be sold and ghendouzi shouldn't wear our shirt.
Sean-Paul Morgan
Sean-Paul Morgan 21 dag sedan
My only problem with willock is he doesn't pass...and that's a big problem...impact player..if he is to be kept..good player but not a team player
Sean-Paul Morgan
Sean-Paul Morgan 21 dag sedan
If xhaka took more shots...alot of arsenal fans would look at him differently
Sanjay Sudhakar
Sanjay Sudhakar 21 dag sedan
Change my mind, all 4 playin football manager
Sanjay Sudhakar
Sanjay Sudhakar 21 dag sedan
Turkish is playin football manager
phezani1 21 dag sedan
Seriously a guy has nice touches then seen as Box-box... Partey is a DM
xnyx 21 dag sedan
theres too much players on the sell list, this just isnt realistic in one transfer window from arsenal
Felix Marshall
Felix Marshall 21 dag sedan
Cisse was never a loan. Proves how little Turkish knows about football. Put some respect on Willocks name please
English guy
English guy 22 dagar sedan
Completely different philosophy of football at Newcastle. Willock cleverly fits in better at a club that doesn't pass the ball into the net. He hasn't looked to show promise at arsenal, so sell him for the right price.
English guy
English guy 22 dagar sedan
Robbie does my head in going on about xhaka being consistent. Consistently average. Part of the culture problem at arsenal. He's been here through all the modern failures at arsenal
Mechatronics Evolution
Mechatronics Evolution 22 dagar sedan
Totally agree with Robbie on the willock situation... Why would his season drop massively in one season at arsenal... They should test him out
Ben Antonio
Ben Antonio 22 dagar sedan
Willock should definetely get a chance next season. He has clearly shown what he can do.
Varun Pachisia
Varun Pachisia 22 dagar sedan
‘Joe Lopez’...Don Rob at his best...:)
Moataz Quraan
Moataz Quraan 22 dagar sedan
Arsenal fans thinking their above Newcastle is hilarious
Marlene Tallow
Marlene Tallow 22 dagar sedan
They forgot torreria ? I would love him to stay
Nosey EastLondon
Nosey EastLondon 23 dagar sedan
Keep Willock but if Newcastle offer 40 /45 mil then sell. Willock the only man that scores from midfield if he comes back to us, I wonder why we always linked with Aaron Ramsey because the man score goals from midfield
John Nwosu
John Nwosu 23 dagar sedan
Can’t stand when fans like Turkish don’t recognise maturing players like Wilock he has scored more goals than all our CM, CDM & CAM combined in the same league in and around players that are supposedly less in quality than at Arsenal. 7 goals in 7 games in the prem even Aguero would be proud of that but they are calling to sell him to get what better player to come to a team that finished 8th in the league.
Tyler Brecht
Tyler Brecht 23 dagar sedan
I want what Turkish is smoking
Isaac Jackson
Isaac Jackson 23 dagar sedan
Is Turkish Turkish?
Lee Webster
Lee Webster 23 dagar sedan
We need to give willock a chance, can't we try him next to Partey with ESM in the no 10 role.
Football Lad
Football Lad 23 dagar sedan
Keep Joe willock
Architeuthis Dux
Architeuthis Dux 23 dagar sedan
Turksih thinks a 22yo kid is not that young? Hahhaa I always said this guy is an idiot!
Jabu McNtuli
Jabu McNtuli 23 dagar sedan
Turkish is wrong on Joe Willock.
Gauché 23 dagar sedan
Arsenal are a re-cycle club untill their fan start look at themselves. and start stepping/aiming their foot higher instead of standing still
Aaron Sudhera
Aaron Sudhera 23 dagar sedan
Stop putting labels on midfielders! They can just be a CM
Dimiter Stankov
Dimiter Stankov 24 dagar sedan
Votes for Willock were 2-2. I definitely wouldn't sell him. I might loan him out for another season, but definitely keep him as an Arsenal player for now.
LEMOSincredible 24 dagar sedan
Before these buy/sell videos I liked Turkish, but he wants to sell every English player. How do they meet their quota selling every English player? It's not FIFA
Rrb 430
Rrb 430 24 dagar sedan
100٪ agree with Robbie about Joe, however I don't have faith in Arteta to bring the best out of him. Joe needs a manager like Wenger.
kids Erivona
kids Erivona 24 dagar sedan
Keep willock
George Walsom
George Walsom 24 dagar sedan
Xhaxa has been our best midfielder this season ! And is a leader, if he was black and cost us 50 mill he would be loved
George Walsom
George Walsom 24 dagar sedan
Partey is bang average... if Xhaxa played the way partey has this season, he would have received death threats, but because he is African and cost 40 mill he must be good
lecky333 24 dagar sedan
Loan Willock for another year to see if he can keep it up or if it is just a hot streak.
NickAwesomer2020 24 dagar sedan
yes start willock ffs we have been crying out for a goalscoring midfielder i can only dream of a midfield of ramsey and partey as robbie said if steve bruce can get what he has out of willock imagine what a supposed top manager like arteta can get out of him, not saying arteta is a top manager but you lot get what i am saying
Roulete Hash
Roulete Hash 24 dagar sedan
Turkish is just a calm version of DT.
Magnus 24 dagar sedan
Turkish has been so bad in these 3 shows. Talking absolutely rubbish
James Mulla
James Mulla 24 dagar sedan
Just imagine African cup of nations when party elneny and bissouma are called to represent their countries we need to be smart in midfield
Michael Glover
Michael Glover 24 dagar sedan
Xhaka is a false 6, a midfielder with no real position, a midfield equivalent to a sweeper. lol
Niyi Oke
Niyi Oke 24 dagar sedan
Elneny is one player we must keep. He is our only proper DM
Joshua Piggott- smith
Joshua Piggott- smith 24 dagar sedan
Imagine spending years developing a player and then as soon as he gets good run of form you sell him, makes zero sense, have to keep willock
MUHAMMED ALURAIBI 24 dagar sedan
Keep partey, willock and elneny then buy a starting centre mid playing next to partey
MACKENT 24 dagar sedan
As a Newcastle willock is absolutely crap. You don’t want him back at arsenal trust me... now take the 30 million for him please 🤣
Darshananth Jayaraman
Darshananth Jayaraman 24 dagar sedan
Sell willock( dosent fit arteta's system ,nothing less than 40M) Sell xhaka(nothing less than 20M) Ceballos is leaving anyway I dun expect to see odegaaed as a arsen player next season which is sad really Keep elneney(he is a above average player at best but u need such players to do the dirty work), The rest keep Arteta is on thin ice next season...arsenal have to at least challenge for the top 4
Harry Nikolidakis
Harry Nikolidakis 24 dagar sedan
Willock is KEEP...ESR gets hurt and still young ..Joe gets in good spots and now he is finishing..He is HOMEGROWN...KEEP
Andrew G
Andrew G 24 dagar sedan
100% keep Wilock.
Hakeem Salau
Hakeem Salau 24 dagar sedan
They forgot about Smith Rowe
Micheal Trainor
Micheal Trainor 24 dagar sedan
Xhaka’s is our best midfielder, he had a much better season than Partey. He is a leader, a great passer of the ball, and solid defensively. Would keep over Partey without a doubt
Aaliyah Smith
Aaliyah Smith 24 dagar sedan
Let’s buy Julian Brant , bundiea
Aaliyah Smith
Aaliyah Smith 24 dagar sedan
Keep ESR , Partey , if we can get odegard on Lon again keep. Throw away Eleney,Xhaka
stevie chong
stevie chong 24 dagar sedan
The pressure is different, you have more pressure in Newcastle than in Arsenal, at least they have more to chase🙄
Lee Muston
Lee Muston 24 dagar sedan
I hate to say it, but KEEP XHAKA unless we are guaranteed a new midfielder in the summer
TheLegendofRenegade 24 dagar sedan
Turkish and Cecil way too harsh on Willock, he hasn't had a fair opportunity at the club. Robbie was spot on
Gregor Polson
Gregor Polson 24 dagar sedan
I think we should keep Willock. Given the chance he might take off. I know he has more value but we don’t want to lose another Gnabry, Rene Adelaide and to a lesser extent Bennacer who we sold for less than a million
alex Freakie
alex Freakie 24 dagar sedan
sell arsenal
Harrison Rushforth
Harrison Rushforth 24 dagar sedan
Selling Elneny is actually a braindead move, will struggle to find someone else who is dependable and happy being purely a squad player.
Thomas Smith
Thomas Smith 24 dagar sedan
Need new people on this channel Robbie, selling every man is idiotic chat. Not a good season for us but you can’t sell everyone lol. Selling willock is madness, if he was already at Newcastle it would be a player that team like Leicester and west ham would be looking at signing! We need to stop being so snobby
:Patrick: N/A
:Patrick: N/A 24 dagar sedan
What all of you need to look at regards the players is who is handling them, that's where the issues are, and Joe willock's performance with Newcastle is a perfect example of that. Guenduozi is a link forward playing through baller that also scores goals and wins the ball. My only criticism of him is work rate working back.
lionel andrews
lionel andrews 24 dagar sedan
What i hate about some arsenal fans is, we complain that we are not clearing out the squad and getting rid of AVERAGE players, but yet, now that we have the opportunity to sell they want to cling to Willock, We need world class players to stay in touch with De bruyne, Foden, Fernandes, Pogba, Grealish, Maddison, Son... Willock is not it, we are too emotionally invested in the players we cant make good business decisions, unfortunately this is a business and if you treat it like such you would also want better, Willock's last games were awesome but would you turn down Auoar or Beundia for Willock, is Willock that good? ARSENAL NEEDS CHANGE WE NEED TO UPGRADE WE ARE OUT OF TOUCH WITH THE TOP 4 BECAUSE WE HAVE TOO MANY AVERAGE PLAYERS, BELLERIN, WILLOCK, NELSON, ELNENY, XHAKA, WILLIAN, NKETIA, CHAMBERS do yo see any of these players chased by City, United, Chelsea or even Leicester this season? keep it real guys please... call a spade a spade and leave the emotions on the pitch not in the transfer window.
Pulp Roman
Pulp Roman 24 dagar sedan
These same idiots on the panel and in the comments were screaming sign di ting too. Stupidity.
Pulp Roman
Pulp Roman 24 dagar sedan
Joe Willock should be sold. The fact this is being argued is absolute madness!
Kevin Katola
Kevin Katola 24 dagar sedan
Sell joe but with a buy back
Jasen Wright
Jasen Wright 24 dagar sedan
Get rid of Xhaka! he costs Arsenal at least 2 penalties per year, 3 red cards and 7 yellows! He's a crude player and a bloody liability!
6uj_41 _n
6uj_41 _n 24 dagar sedan
Reason unsubscribed = Don Robbie
Izzy Campos
Izzy Campos 24 dagar sedan
how is there not a consensus to keep Willock?
Raws2000 24 dagar sedan
turkish just waffling tbh, pressure was never off at newcastle, it was actually wayy more intense, without Willocks goals they woulds have been relegated but arsenal were just marooned in mid taBLE...
anjou brown
anjou brown 24 dagar sedan
Totally agree with Robbie on Willock. Turkish talks a lot of nonsense
anjou brown
anjou brown 24 dagar sedan
Turkish is really biased. Xhaka is our best and most combative midfielder
anjou brown
anjou brown 24 dagar sedan
you lot want to sell every player.
Aftab Khan
Aftab Khan 24 dagar sedan
We should defo keep wilock he deserves his chance he’s similar to Aaron Ramsey, he’s not a skillfull as some of the other youngsters but he has determination, drive and legs not everyone has to be twinkle toes this kid has steel
Aftab Khan
Aftab Khan 24 dagar sedan
El neny xhaka should both be sold for me and bring in some ballers- some players who can tackle and also play some football were really missing this
Ali Richards
Ali Richards 24 dagar sedan
So we need 3-4 new midfielders
Ali Richards
Ali Richards 24 dagar sedan
Bellerin,Luiz,holding,soares,elneney,willian,nketiah,Laca should go
Ali Richards
Ali Richards 24 dagar sedan
Hakimi Gabriel saliba tierney Barella. Partey Pepe. Buendia. Saka Aubamuyang
trained4takedown 24 dagar sedan
If only moving a player on was as easy as just saying ‘sell’... plus the expected valuations here are delusional, this isn’t champ manager!
geoortega_ 24 dagar sedan
These guys want experienced players but then get mad when they don’t perform. While the youth are performing and have the energy. Like trust the youth and let them shine bc it’ll be their way of saving the club
Aneurin Jones
Aneurin Jones 24 dagar sedan
Robbie’s right about xhaka being consistent he’s been consistently crap. What’s he on about he’s had a good season he’s arguably been our worst player this season
JJ Yoda
JJ Yoda 24 dagar sedan
Buy Odegaard!
a1 24 dagar sedan
Keep willock
Michael Conroy
Michael Conroy 24 dagar sedan
Agree with Robbie on Willock No. 10 should be ESR and Willock. Combination of different types of 10.
Arman Dhar
Arman Dhar 24 dagar sedan
Keep willock
C Goooner
C Goooner 25 dagar sedan
Did the miss Lucas toreria ?
Tomiwa Thomas
Tomiwa Thomas 25 dagar sedan
Keep Willock
Red army Realist
Red army Realist 25 dagar sedan
But funny enough, no matter how bad Dani is, he's won more trophies than Kane in 2 years compared to like 7
Tanay Savla
Tanay Savla 25 dagar sedan
Agree with Turkish: Playing for Newcastle is not the same as playing for arsenal
Mike James
Mike James 25 dagar sedan
Keep willock 100%
Maxim Harry
Maxim Harry 25 dagar sedan
Should defo give willock a try. Loans don’t just increase value they allow hungry players to get more consistent game time and that’s what’s happened which he has thrived in. If we had 5 top top midfielders you could consider selling him but currently I would say we probably only have 1 and the rest are bang average. Willock should get his chance now he has got the taste for goals in tough games.
Tanay Savla
Tanay Savla 25 dagar sedan
Sadman Rhyme
Sadman Rhyme 25 dagar sedan
The absolute disrespect Willock got in this video, unreal