Ruben Neves Wants Arsenal Move & Newcastle Want Saliba | AFTV Transfer Daily 

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Ruben Neves Wants Arsenal Move \u0026 Newcastle Want Saliba | AFTV Transfer Daily

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7 jun 2021



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Anthony Davis
Anthony Davis 4 dagar sedan
Jota hasn't moved to another level at Liverpool, he's still the same old inconsistent selfish player he was at Wolves.
Ben Wolfe
Ben Wolfe 11 dagar sedan
Why would Neves go to a smaller club?
Fun Nation
Fun Nation 11 dagar sedan
African cup untimely, so no bissouma but neves instead. Also need a creative midfielder
AK47 Driller
AK47 Driller 12 dagar sedan
Sander Berge would be decent but £35M is expensive.
AK47 Driller
AK47 Driller 12 dagar sedan
Julian Brandt or Nabil Fekir would be much better than Odegaard or Nevez.
Steve Pickering
Steve Pickering 12 dagar sedan
Saliba should start for me
Vincent Solomon
Vincent Solomon 12 dagar sedan
Arsenal fans in December, get rid of all of them, why they give a new deal to Smith-Rowe, we shouldn't have sold players A, B and C look how good they are doing, they need to invest etc. We need to just understand the club we support.
kennedy Davids
kennedy Davids 12 dagar sedan
Ruben Neves is not an attacking midfielder but a central midfielder and Buendia plays more from the right wing and rejected Arsenal because he is not sure of playing regularly, he weighed his option by considering Pepe and Saka.
Woz Lee
Woz Lee 12 dagar sedan
I love Ruben Neves, have followed him ever since the Championship and have been screaming for Arsenal to sign him since he was in the Championship. At 20 years old and a price tag of £10m he would have been an absolute steal. At 24 with a price tag of £45m? I don't know man. The Joe Willock and Saliba thing has me shook, I don't think Arteta is a good enough manager or coach to get the best out of him. I think under Arteta he'd be an entirely negative influence, and we'd become a bunch of long ball merchants, which is fine if you have the tools to make it work, but we don't. I'd welcome Ruben Neves, but as a side signing, if he's the only signing we're getting we're in trouble. If we're talking Ruben Neves, a signing that would excite me a lot more would be Vitinha, who I think wolves are looking at as a replacement to Neves, and whose value has already doubled in one loan spell. Signing Vitinha for £20m, very unlikely there's going to be a downside to that deal, only problem is I don't Arteta would play him. I think he'd sit on the bench for a season, be loaned out next season, and then sold for £5m the season after. We don't get the footbal right, we don't get the business right... I don't even know who we are any more.
Nathan Wait
Nathan Wait 12 dagar sedan
neves is not a number 10 lol
Gooner 72
Gooner 72 12 dagar sedan
Odegaard would be a phenomenal deal to get done, I'd also be happy with a combination of, or some of the following..... Bissouma, Ruben Nevez, Sander Berge in the middle of the park and in partnership with our superstar Thomas Partey.
Calou Mike
Calou Mike 12 dagar sedan
SALIBA should not go this season
Calou Mike
Calou Mike 12 dagar sedan
Take Bisssouma
Marioslider 12 dagar sedan
He is not a 10 Robie..........what you talkin bout!
Timo Yones
Timo Yones 13 dagar sedan
Nevez is not number 10 wobbie 😒😔😓
Architeuthis Dux
Architeuthis Dux 13 dagar sedan
Saliba on loan to Newcastle is actually a good move for his development. He'll get much more regular playing time which he needs to acclimatise to the EPL. Robbie isn't thinking. If we bring him back, he'll be behind Gabriel, Holding, Mari and even Chambers who can play CB. We're not involved in European competition so less games means less chance of injuries and squad rotation. Fans need to be patient if they really want the best for our players. I wouldn't be against having him at Arsenal either but Saliba has shown his frustration in not playing frequently. I believe the player himself would want regular playing time even if it means being on loan.
Edward Murphy
Edward Murphy 13 dagar sedan
Of course NEVES wants arsenal move .. will miss the majestic splendour of Wolverhampton and forced to live in a backward place like London. Is he married , his wife ,partner will hate having to shop in London so far from all that is finest in fashion ,chic living , culture and learning that is WOLVERHAMPTON. The real point is what do we need of him, will he be an improvement over XHAKA..HO HUM.
ARSENAL FOREVER 13 dagar sedan
I’m not going to be let Arsenal ruined my mood drawing this transfer window kmt. Arsenal anit going to sign world class players they going to sign average players is going to be the same bullshit next season that why I’m not excited anymore Stan and Josh kroenkes has to go if they don’t leave I can see it even getting worse for this club. 😔
Lynch 616
Lynch 616 13 dagar sedan
Imagine buying a young CB who is the savior , the answer to your prayers, and after 2 years , he hasn’t made his debut yet 🤣
Geo Sam
Geo Sam 13 dagar sedan
Neves is a limited midfielder just like Xhaka, not creative enough and not fast enough
Udaco 13 dagar sedan
If Sanderberg costs 35M then Willock is 50M. If Saliba going on loan again this time, I bet next year he will issue a transfer request.
Udaco 13 dagar sedan
I know we were not good enough right now but to pick Villa over us is a wrong decision by Buendia when after 4 years he will never see any trophy won by the club. Even this season Villa showed the best performance for over 20 years but still, they were behind Arsenal at its worst season.
Yussuf Hassan
Yussuf Hassan 13 dagar sedan
Saliba.... Should go direct to the first squad if the gaffer attempt to send him another loan in new castle then arteta he is testing the fanbase patience
Delon Sharpe
Delon Sharpe 13 dagar sedan
Neves aint a step from xaka or beundia
Dean Bartley
Dean Bartley 13 dagar sedan
Everybody wants to come to Arsenal then we low bid showing how little we value them and end up losing out.
Ronaldo Messi
Ronaldo Messi 13 dagar sedan
Kounde for £50? What a bargain robbie
Charlie P
Charlie P 13 dagar sedan
Pretty sure Neves is a DM, not a number 10
Ty equals Headphones
Ty equals Headphones 13 dagar sedan
I think anything below 50 million for neves is a steal and keep saliba
BB plus
BB plus 13 dagar sedan
Ruben neves character is also good and not less good than bissouma, buendia. Neves is a player with vision, a very good pass. Moreover, Arsenal can sign Madrid playmaker Odegaard. Neves and Odegaard are geniuses and good at reading patterns of play and movement to move the ball forward. I totally agree if Arteta is aiming for this player. So Arteta needed a striker who could position himself and quickly read the space for the ball to flow.
Super Whale
Super Whale 13 dagar sedan
We need James ward-prowse and Tarkowski as experienecd premier league proven players
Leo Abulokwe
Leo Abulokwe 13 dagar sedan
Once again, I'm disappointed in the lose of Emi to Aston Villa
Joe Gugg
Joe Gugg 13 dagar sedan
The biggest success would be to get rid of Arteta
Duncan Meechan
Duncan Meechan 13 dagar sedan
Neves is not a attacking mid he's a central mid ..... know what your talking about! The AC Milan boy we linked with would be a good number 10.
Ashley Davis
Ashley Davis 13 dagar sedan
The manager dont trust the centerbacks and I dont trust the manager
Ashley Davis
Ashley Davis 13 dagar sedan
Arsenal wont be signing anybody of note if they already let Buendia get away they will not make any signings to improve the squad, they will keep Arteta and will end up in 8th place again maybe lower
jeffi iddo
jeffi iddo 13 dagar sedan
In transfers we're too slow😢😢😢
Ivan Benkovic
Ivan Benkovic 13 dagar sedan
we needed a midfielder that can sscore from deep, Neves is the BEST fit for that open your eyes!
Luke Morris
Luke Morris 13 dagar sedan
Kounde to arsenal ain’t happening they can’t even afford 30 mil
จิรายุส จุลปานะ
I want Arsenal make it quick to sign Ruben Neves fast before the rival get him!
Lloyd Richards
Lloyd Richards 13 dagar sedan
If we are selling granit xhaka to Roma why don't we do a swap deal for Lorenzo Pellegrini?
Joecool Lorenzo [Mr Famous]
Linked Fc
Joecool Lorenzo [Mr Famous]
Interested FC...
Vin diesel Leo
Vin diesel Leo 13 dagar sedan
Vin diesel Leo
Vin diesel Leo 13 dagar sedan
ROBBIE WHY YOU ASKING SILLY THINGS .......... ..... SALIBA HAS TO STAY PUT WITH US, If Arteta does any different, then SACK ARTETA.
Gonzo Jones
Gonzo Jones 13 dagar sedan
Bro how are you laughing when you say not haaland but sander berg and then talking it up like it’s actually worth looking into ? You don’t see the problem here? We should be going for players like haaland and Sancho etc, we’re still arsenal, look at the calibre of player we’re going for and it’s just the norm now? Bang average players that ain’t gonna take us to the next level. It’s a joke that you’re saying these names with a straight face.
Vin diesel Leo
Vin diesel Leo 13 dagar sedan
kaddo34 13 dagar sedan
Odegaard for anything more than 25 million is bad business.
Daniel Actille
Daniel Actille 13 dagar sedan
This is what I’m saying Saliba is a very strong player and that’s what we need in our squad remove David Luiz
Elly life
Elly life 13 dagar sedan
release bellerin....elneny....xhaka... nketiah .....niles then bring in trippie, sander, bissouma, neves, we really needs enough and strong experience midfielders....we can use our young defenders wisely.
Anthony May
Anthony May 13 dagar sedan
When are we gonna use some players from the youth team 🤔 ?
Silk Durag
Silk Durag 13 dagar sedan
Why would jules kounde go to arsenal lmao he’s wanted at chelsea Madrid Barca Bayern city and psg. And Robbie talking about arsenal don’t need him lol
Kaveh Chehrehsa
Kaveh Chehrehsa 13 dagar sedan
First get the ball boy Arteta out
Christian Meneses
Christian Meneses 13 dagar sedan
If arsenal are planning to give smith Rowe the number 10 spot permanently and Willock our backup I’m good because we’re not in Europe we can’t attract top tier number 10s get bissouma or neves a rb backup lb or st And that’s it
Christian Meneses
Christian Meneses 13 dagar sedan
Bissouma over neves all day
Alexis servanchez
Alexis servanchez 13 dagar sedan
I think neves is to replace xhaka who wants to leave and odeegard is the main target for the number 10
Mpumelelo Beyers
Mpumelelo Beyers 13 dagar sedan
Wobbie fat asf what to do
Yuri Nameem
Yuri Nameem 13 dagar sedan
do you really want Championship players? Arsenal should be looking at players who are doing the job in better leagues than the Championship
Yuri Nameem
Yuri Nameem 13 dagar sedan
no official offer was made for Buendia, is this the start of the summers ''Arsenal have been linked with''? Robbie Liarle getting it wrong yet again, when Arsenal sign the only 2 players in the world that he hasnt linked with Arsenal, what a cock, all for clicks, he will link his mother with the local brothel if it would get him links.
Ronin 1977
Ronin 1977 13 dagar sedan
Neves choose West Ham coz they r playin Europa league this season
Major Brix
Major Brix 13 dagar sedan
In Bissouma Ward-prowse Firpo Out Xhaka Kolasinac Nketiah Willian
Maximilian Krupczynski
Maximilian Krupczynski 13 dagar sedan
Real talk Arsenal should sign Weston McKennie. He’s young, cheap, and is a center mid that can go forward into the attack
David S
David S 13 dagar sedan
Who is this Martin Ordegaard you keep speaking of Robbie? 😂
ayo akinsiku
ayo akinsiku 13 dagar sedan
If Arsenal signs Ruben Neves I am gonna puke.... wtf is wrong with don Robbie ?
Kevin B
Kevin B 13 dagar sedan
I don't rate Neves that highly tbh. He's a good player but he isn't going to move us on to the next level. Would be quite a boring signing.
Osiobe Majirioghene
Osiobe Majirioghene 13 dagar sedan
If Arsenal don't sign Mateus Pereira I'll be pissed
Naj Dahou
Naj Dahou 13 dagar sedan
Playback speed on 1.5 is key
GreatestE 13 dagar sedan
Nerves is not what we need 😩🤔, ATTACKING MIDFIELDER is what Aston villa took, my own swap player, who is cheap and effective just like Buendia is, Matheus Pereira. Why are we always wanting the SQUARE PEGS for the round holes. Even if Xhaka is leaving, get Bissouma. Get in STRENGTH,PACE and PASSION into the middle pack😩
Marcus T
Marcus T 13 dagar sedan
He would be perfect for the number 10 position??? What are you talking about Robbie 😂
Marcus T
Marcus T 13 dagar sedan
This guy does not score a lot of goals from outside the box it’s just whenever he scores it’s from range. Stop this narrative
Boom Bap Original
Boom Bap Original 13 dagar sedan
Kounde's better than Mavraponos or Saliba
Danny Zuko
Danny Zuko 14 dagar sedan
Arsenal need to sign Edouard - 18 million is stupidly cheap
adah 14 dagar sedan
Neves is not a CAM u clown fat Robbie 😂😂 his a cm and cdm like xhaka
Duane Swaby
Duane Swaby 14 dagar sedan
Neves would be a nice signing! He's not an attacking mid, he's much more of a balanced, well rounded classic CM. If Arteta wants to go 433 or 4231 he could work in both, IMO.
Orlando Rodewald
Orlando Rodewald 14 dagar sedan
Zakaria, Ben White and Aour = 80/100 mil
Carlos Martinez
Carlos Martinez 14 dagar sedan
We just need quality players, doesn’t matter who.
Orlando Rodewald
Orlando Rodewald 14 dagar sedan
What do you think about Hazard? I mean we know what he is able to do in the Prem
Orlando Rodewald
Orlando Rodewald 14 dagar sedan
Or Coutinho
Ethan Smith
Ethan Smith 14 dagar sedan
The quality of player we are linked with is so demoralising none of these players are good enough to be the difference to push for top 4 we are just sinking further and further into a mid table club kronekes need to get kicked out of this club
IzaKG09 14 dagar sedan
all the people: jules kounde Don robbie : jules kouande
Christopher Kourtis
Christopher Kourtis 14 dagar sedan
Robbie could see that Arteta has a player in his Ultimate Team and label them as the number 1 target... HOW MANY NUMBER 1s?
Max Ponder
Max Ponder 14 dagar sedan
Honestly I just don't feel like neves is the man for us, to similar to Xhaka not that that's the worse thing but I think maybe we need someone that is going to create more from deep and be more of a goal threat than just score longshots, he's pretty much the Portuguese Xhaka but better on the ball. Just wait and watch me eat my words though 😂
Brian Muganda
Brian Muganda 14 dagar sedan
Neves is a CM not an AM
Let Bagons Be Bagons
Let Bagons Be Bagons 14 dagar sedan
1:25 I doubt Buendia went for £35 Robbie as that graphic suggests 😂😂🤣🤣
Sunny Bamania
Sunny Bamania 14 dagar sedan
Did robbie say Ruben Neves as a no. 10 .. Are you drunk mate... Neves ain't a CAM.
Daniel O'Connell
Daniel O'Connell 14 dagar sedan
No one here has a clue as to what Ancelloti wants or doesn't want. Knock it off AFTV.
Frank Woods
Frank Woods 14 dagar sedan
Fat Robie!!! 🔥💥😂🤣😂🤣👌💯
Barnabas Kimani
Barnabas Kimani 14 dagar sedan
Here we go again! It is the hope that kills.
Sam Baddeley
Sam Baddeley 14 dagar sedan
Stop saying neves scores loads of goals - he doesn’t 😂 and he’s a deep deep playmaker nowhere near no10
Cortex Gamer
Cortex Gamer 14 dagar sedan
Anyone else feel we will be relegated in less than 5 years if nothing changes
Ali I
Ali I 14 dagar sedan
That will be the narrative to not bieng active in the window
Kido 14 dagar sedan
Scores alot.😂😂😂
Ireton 14 dagar sedan
Ivor Toney
Smilow Da P
Smilow Da P 14 dagar sedan
Don Robbie you are an absolute legend, I could listen to you talk about Arsenal 24/7.
Tim Corrigan
Tim Corrigan 14 dagar sedan
Club doesn't know what they're doing? Sack edu and bring in overmars
Str 14 dagar sedan
No Portuguese person wants Ruben Neves to join Arsenal, it will ruin his career lmaooo
Sharp Sin
Sharp Sin 14 dagar sedan
He is another xhaka type player. We don't need Neves. Too many static players with sideways and backward passes. We have no mobility in midfield. We need a player like Buendia who isn't afraid to carry the ball forward and deliver killer passes.
Mike Calvin
Mike Calvin 14 dagar sedan
Saliba debacle is a reflection on all thats wrong with Arsenal..Paid 27 Million and then loan the feller out,,its not like we got world class defenders.He is head and shoulders above what we have at the back...thats wound me right up...
Mitchell Carroll
Mitchell Carroll 14 dagar sedan
Yes! Let's go get Kounde for 50+ million and then loan him out for 3 seasons in a row -_-
superman chris
superman chris 14 dagar sedan
I wish this Banter club luck.
Roman Singh
Roman Singh 14 dagar sedan
The only thing neves wants is the address of arsenal so he won’t make a mistake by coming there lol
superman chris
superman chris 14 dagar sedan
We are the defending 8th place champions lmao
visningar 8mn
visningar 8mn
Who Is SMARTER? 😂 #shorts
A Year Later ...
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