Saka Makes England Euro 2020 Squad! | LIVE Reaction With Turkish & James B 

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Saka Makes England Euro 2020 Squad! | LIVE Reaction With Turkish \u0026 James B

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Kensington Review
Kensington Review 18 dagar sedan
This guys a cesspool of contrivance! Can we please get a proper Arsenal fan with at least a hint of genuineness and a proper personality?
Saul Ignacio Alcala
Saul Ignacio Alcala 18 dagar sedan
iam a gooner now and always go on Arsenal i come from 🇧🇴 Bolivia La Paz city, iam so glas and happiest for Bukayo Saka because him work hardest to get that position in the selection of England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿. Being honest i support your country 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 England in this Eurocope iam so mutch sure of your success in this tournament footballers like Bukayo Saka have the talent him want chaise 🏆 trophees for your country, thst:s the first step believe me later of this if the british team work with awareness decission humillity respect ambitions courage propossing goals soon i dare to express this England will be champion of the world again:footballers like Saka Grilish Smit Rowe Kane are calles to get 🏆 trofeos Walker James believe me english friends you are an amazing selection i wish all the best in this Euro Cup well hughs and regreats from 🇧🇴 Bolivia La Paz city for the gooners and goonerettes we most still love believe and support at our footballistical institution Arsenal
Евгений Шумилин
And now it is Saka's first goal for the England national team! He is taking now time to settle in, headfirst into the thick of it!
Togbe Awalie III
Togbe Awalie III 19 dagar sedan
Saka scored the only England goal today against Austria 🇦🇹 👏
KOD AK 19 dagar sedan
You man create content on anything and everything. Why is this even 40mins. Locked off after 50 seconds
greg32htown1 19 dagar sedan
Saka is replace Greenwood I swear he is
JJ Yoda
JJ Yoda 19 dagar sedan
Lets be honest guys, Chilwell and Shaw will play, Saka is there as backup for either LWB or to fill in some attacking role in the right, thats what it is but its fun to be there for Saka!
Manny Ribera
Manny Ribera 19 dagar sedan
Saka only got called to say that an arsenal player was there. He wont get play time.
Laughing Gooner
Laughing Gooner 19 dagar sedan
He has good mental and technical ability and has a good engine. He is like Martinelli for us. Just that he can play left back as well.
Kid Kaka
Kid Kaka 19 dagar sedan
Imagine Robbie kicks off Turkish for wearing Turkey shirt after this because its offensive.
P b
P b 19 dagar sedan
As always nothing but pure depression with Turkish
James Barnard
James Barnard 19 dagar sedan
João Félix
Gabriel Edward
Gabriel Edward 19 dagar sedan
These arguments make no sense, Chilwell played brilliantly since Tuchel came in, Trippier won La liga, Luke Shaw was United player of the season, but they don’t deserve to get into the first 11 bc England need to take risks ? Take risk with other positions tho, play Mount, Grealish and Sancho together, that’s risk
Rama Sai
Rama Sai 19 dagar sedan
Saka over Shaw for LB LMAO
Big Bert
Big Bert 19 dagar sedan
Born and bred in England, yet so many don’t support England in any way shape or form. Yet happy to use the NHS and the privileges England provides. I’m half Jamaican on my fathers side yet consider myself English because I was born and bred here and my father came here for a better life. I have Jamaican heritage but I’m English. I’m English because I was born and bred here, i benefit from all the things England provide that Jamaica don’t from schooling to job opportunities, the NHS, etc etc. I wouldn’t be anywhere near what I am if I wasn’t born and bred here.
Hrishiraj Rabha
Hrishiraj Rabha 19 dagar sedan
Saka at left back is enough to unsubscribe from this channel.
Hrishiraj Rabha
Hrishiraj Rabha 19 dagar sedan
Arsenal fans should be pissed there's only one guy in the squad. Playing for country is a matter of massive pride. But you lot want your players to rest and not go to Euros. There's a limit to selfishness. Talking of fatigue, no one getting to Euros squad playing 15 games a season.
Sky Walkin
Sky Walkin 19 dagar sedan
Is Turkish actually from turkey or is he just another guy that hates the country he’s from
STEVEN GRANT 19 dagar sedan
Where’s Robbie? Turkish had his own channel.
Mad Gamer
Mad Gamer 19 dagar sedan
Saka over Shaw 😂😂
Jordan Faal
Jordan Faal 19 dagar sedan
I’d rather none of our players got in the squad, were England and Southgate is our manager. We won’t do nothing as usual
I C 19 dagar sedan
love turkish but abit of bs assuming saka will be better options at LWB than chilwell and shaw lol. they r both Wayyy better
Mike Riley
Mike Riley 19 dagar sedan
as a Kurdish person i take offence to the turkish flag, for me it's the flag of oppression and genocide
Ragyi Thakuri
Ragyi Thakuri 19 dagar sedan
Kroenke probably somtimes looks at these videos and laughs. Especially the transfer rumors for Arsenal haha
Perry Francis
Perry Francis 19 dagar sedan
Leno doesn’t want to stay at arsenal so we’re forced to buy 🤷🏽‍♂️
GlobeTrotter 19 dagar sedan
Not good news for Arsenal, although great for Saka, I wish him well. Why not good news for Arsenal? Well, simply because as always Arsenal always have more injured first team players than fully fit first team players and the chances of Saka coming back with an injury that puts him out for large part of next season are pretty high. Young, skillful, every seasoned defender will be trying to kick him into low earth orbit.
Dessi Paris3
Dessi Paris3 19 dagar sedan
If am arteta am selling to buy all these players. Auba out. Andre.silva in Laca out. Edouard in Willian out. Grealish in Eddie out. Depay in Nelson out. Buendia Matteo. Out. Bissouma in Torreira. Out. Ndidi in Elneny. Out Xhaka out Ansley. Out Kolasinac out. Angelino in Bellerin. Out. Hakimi in Cedric. Out. Aaron's in Holding. Out. Kulibali in Chambers out. Mavaponos out Mari out Runnarsson out John-jules out Runnarsson out. Szczeny in
Dessi Paris3
Dessi Paris3 19 dagar sedan
Balogun Martinelli Saka Pepe Esr Azeez Gabi Siliba Tierney Leno
Dessi Paris3
Dessi Paris3 19 dagar sedan
I am a shame of this club. And i hate these owners. I cant even have a football chat with my friends to how far this club as fall. Look at the players we cant get look at the club they at when i comment people reply saying those players wont come to arsenal, i understand but realistic we are a bigger club than most of these clubs 😪😢. Andre.silva E.frankfurt 28 goals Depay Lyon 20 goals Grealish aston villa 10 goals Buendia Norwich 15 goals Aoura Lyon Ndidi Leicester Bissouma. Brighton Angelino on loan Aaron's Norwich Hakimi inter Kulibali Napoli Szczeny Juventus
Saramsa Sherchan
Saramsa Sherchan 19 dagar sedan
Hahaha hahaha 😂
Andrew Azur
Andrew Azur 19 dagar sedan
Been a while since an arsenal player got in I think it will make a difference
Henri M
Henri M 19 dagar sedan
When will Saka join Man City?
IMPERATIVE VIEWS 19 dagar sedan
Turkey have better chance of winning the euros than England.Lets be honest. Happy that Saka got the call up but i don't believe he's gonna play that much. Saka needs to work on his finishing and his delivery.His Corner are atrocious but he's still a big prospect.Both chilwell and shaw should start ahead of Saka for sure.
Subash Acharya
Subash Acharya 19 dagar sedan
What this two think saka will be pick ahead of chilwell and shaw 😂...I can tell U he will not play any game through out the euro ...He might play when England will be 3 or 4 goals up ...If bellerin have pick for Spain. ..They might say he will be pick ahead of Rodri and azpilicueta 😂
chandra raj
chandra raj 19 dagar sedan
English fans are in for a heartbreak at Euros.
Robbie 19 dagar sedan
I don’t think Turkish would have a soft spot for England 😄
Leon Dyer
Leon Dyer 19 dagar sedan
Let’s hope Saka doesn’t get an injury as it could negatively effect Arsenal for next season as he could get burnt out or injured …🤞🏾really don’t care about Saka playing for England tbh 🤷🏽‍♂️ not like England have a chance of winning anything 😂
Kiss G
Kiss G 19 dagar sedan
Turkish Mentioning Theo getting called up by England at 17 ruined his career....how about Wayne Rooney, Raheem Sterling or Jude Bellingham lol this guy just waffles. Saka playing for England is great for Arsenal. just stick to Supporting Turkey cos man obviously dislikes England. what a Turkey
Jack Nissan
Jack Nissan 19 dagar sedan
Bro Shutup 🤣 Turkish is the only guy on AFTV that isn’t delusional
mikeyb400 19 dagar sedan
Onana is good but is absolutely horrendous coming out.
Kiss G
Kiss G 19 dagar sedan
Sam Nicol
Sam Nicol 19 dagar sedan
I think Shaw is a good full back but not necessarily wing back. I think Shaw will play as a left cb, and Chillwell at left wb, and Saka will be a more attacking understudy option
Tony Celestino
Tony Celestino 19 dagar sedan
Turkish and James .... excellent duo
FootballHolic Tv
FootballHolic Tv 19 dagar sedan
Too many Indians acting like they know it all by saying Saka got in because Greenwood was injured? Rofl Saka is miles ahead than Greenwood , Greenwood is only finishing Saka is complete player
samuel daniels
samuel daniels 19 dagar sedan
Saka ain’t complete he can’t even shoot or dribble stop eagling Greenwood is so clear
MMC Games
MMC Games 19 dagar sedan
MMC Games
MMC Games 19 dagar sedan
MMC Games
MMC Games 19 dagar sedan
MMC Games
MMC Games 19 dagar sedan
surafel eyasu
surafel eyasu 19 dagar sedan
dont underestimate saka, he is a baller
stevie best-ferreira
stevie best-ferreira 19 dagar sedan
Can u guys stop talking about arsenal season finish euros is on I'm bored of arsenal need a break
ezekielthemack 19 dagar sedan
Yeah, Saka's going to Europe and Arsenal are going ..... NOWHERE.
Zumam Klan
Zumam Klan 20 dagar sedan
Normally agree with what Turkish says but to drop luke Shaw for a kid who can play lb but not that much on an international level is just dumb. Yes put him in on the final group stage game if we already qualify but just no. Saka is gonna spend his time on the bench and is mainly there to cover for injuries and to control a game via subs, he is not a starter yet
Rajeev Ravi
Rajeev Ravi 20 dagar sedan
Chilwell just finished with a CL played against the best in champions league...Saka...what...europa league? How can you compare both? Chillwell has better stats and performed better than saka against wayyyy tougher teams. Greenwood pulled out hence Saka in. But this is an Arsenal channel so milk it guys..
Kiss G
Kiss G 19 dagar sedan
Stop your whining
Cam Dustin
Cam Dustin 20 dagar sedan
Even if Greenwood is fit, I don’t see how Saka wouldn’t get called over Greenwood, considering Saka has much better season than him. It doesn’t matter if MU is better than Arsenal this season, this should be based on individual performance only.
George 18 dagar sedan
@N W saka is a playmaker Similar to sancho
N W 19 dagar sedan
@Malachi X Saka is a forward too tho. Predominantly. But what I will say is that Greenwood is a scorer, unlike saka , a is definitely is a better squad option.
Malachi X
Malachi X 19 dagar sedan
@FIFA JABZ only because Greenwood is a forward, not because he's had a better season. Strange comment
FIFA JABZ 19 dagar sedan
Greenwood is better than saka. If you need a goal in the 75th minute or 80th minute, you bring on greenwood over saka
Arjit Jere
Arjit Jere 19 dagar sedan
For his versatility he would be better option
P Godda
P Godda 20 dagar sedan
How did Phillips get in the squad over Ward Prowse. James B and Turkish the only two who think logically about football on aftv England probable starting XI (4-3-3) Pickford Walker Shaw Stones Maguire Rice Henderson Grealish Sterling Rashford Kane
LiveForGreatness! 19 dagar sedan
No mount you joking or something 😂
Cule Capital
Cule Capital 20 dagar sedan
onana is 100% a better gk than leno
ibby 20 dagar sedan
he aint playing a meaningful game tbh. hes the worst winger and the worst lb
Freddie Barnes-Janes
Freddie Barnes-Janes 20 dagar sedan
Turkish seriously waffles because they play well for their club they shouldn’t start? What 😂 does he reckon we should bring Jenkinson cause it’s not a safe option?
Praneet Sateesh
Praneet Sateesh 20 dagar sedan
I wouldn't want him to play because England never live up to their expectations and I don't want him to be a part of such an environment. *By an Arsenal fan* lmaooo
Robi Yonas
Robi Yonas 19 dagar sedan
Nice excuse
Jonah B
Jonah B 20 dagar sedan
Saka will make a great benchwarmer 👏🏾👏🏾
Kiwana S
Kiwana S 20 dagar sedan
I say this as a fan, you know were at an all time low when exciting news is one of our youngest players getting one or two games in the Euros. WEAK
lil rocket
lil rocket 20 dagar sedan
lil rocket
lil rocket 20 dagar sedan
lil rocket
lil rocket 20 dagar sedan
lil rocket
lil rocket 20 dagar sedan
Tristan Edwards
Tristan Edwards 20 dagar sedan
I don't think he'll play that much so I'm not too concerned about him getting injured. A good experience for him going to the tournament as a young player though. He'll have had a campaign at Arsenal as an important first team player and then the Euros - it's a good fit for his continued maturity and development as a player with the upcoming season.
BADBOY 20 dagar sedan
Not taking Saka would be a sackable offence
samuel daniels
samuel daniels 19 dagar sedan
It wouldn’t saka is overrated
Jevaunne Headley
Jevaunne Headley 20 dagar sedan
Making a video about a player making the squad 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂
Jean mauratille
Jean mauratille 20 dagar sedan
Chilwell > Saka anyway
_AzIdBuRn_ 20 dagar sedan
Nice big Turkish Flag Turkish.... Are you sure this is OK on AFTV?
Revival Queen
Revival Queen 20 dagar sedan
Great show 👏
Okeya Kono
Okeya Kono 20 dagar sedan
Everyone else announce there squads without fuss, in England it’s an event 😂😂. Really hope they go all the way 🚂
Hrishiraj Rabha
Hrishiraj Rabha 19 dagar sedan
I see them getting knocked out og Group stages. Tbh.
Ope Ade
Ope Ade 20 dagar sedan
That's typical for the English team. Don't see them going all the way
Talli Ban
Talli Ban 20 dagar sedan
Time will tell how serious Daniel ek is about buying the club
Str 19 dagar sedan
He's not serious at all, he underbid in his offer to KSE, a holding company that isn't even interested in selling to begin with. Daniel Ek underbids knowing KSE won't sell. He then gets good publicity out of it and it raises his own profile.
Talli Ban
Talli Ban 20 dagar sedan
We need to build a team around our younger players
Talli Ban
Talli Ban 20 dagar sedan
Yes we have to get the kronekes out
Talli Ban
Talli Ban 20 dagar sedan
I agree with James we are no longer considered one of the club's in the title race
Subash Acharya
Subash Acharya 19 dagar sedan
@honest man citty fan Leicester were 10points ahead of arsenal...How they were at title race 🤦‍♂️
honest man citty fan
honest man citty fan 19 dagar sedan
@Subash Acharya did u read the comment. He said one of the clubs in the title race
Subash Acharya
Subash Acharya 19 dagar sedan
@honest man citty fan SO....Did they win the league...What is your point ?
honest man citty fan
honest man citty fan 19 dagar sedan
@Subash Acharya arsenal finished second in 2015/16 season
Subash Acharya
Subash Acharya 19 dagar sedan
@BADBOY 17 yrs 😂
Talli Ban
Talli Ban 20 dagar sedan
We need to sign a proper striker come summer sell Eddie this summer both lacazette and aubameyang are at that age in their careers
Talli Ban
Talli Ban 20 dagar sedan
England has been lacking creativity for a very long time in a number ten position
Talli Ban
Talli Ban 20 dagar sedan
England squad always looks gd that doesn't makes a difference
Romeos Cousin
Romeos Cousin 20 dagar sedan
The only reason Saka is there is because Greenwood pulled out. He won’t take part in any competitive game, let’s not get ahead of ourselves
JK T1GER 19 dagar sedan
He will come off the bench
Oba Razzak
Oba Razzak 20 dagar sedan
Is there a way to prove that?! That's just speculation. I beg be happy our guy got called up. He more than well deserves it!!
Talli Ban
Talli Ban 20 dagar sedan
We need to sell runnerson he isn't gd enough should have not sign him in da first place
Luke Dowling
Luke Dowling 20 dagar sedan
I feel like Southgate was bullied into bring Trent. No way did he plan on bringing 4 right backs. Its madness. They are 4 good players but the decision had to be made to cut one
Talli Ban
Talli Ban 20 dagar sedan
Highly rated on till they come to arsenal an we see how much crap their are
xLoOmb3sy _78
xLoOmb3sy _78 20 dagar sedan
Happens alot with us
Talli Ban
Talli Ban 20 dagar sedan
It's just rumors but let's hope it turns out to be reality that these deadwood players are moving on this summer
Talli Ban
Talli Ban 20 dagar sedan
England aint gd enough to win any of those tournaments
Jordan Harrison
Jordan Harrison 19 dagar sedan
O V Scottish, Irish or African? Must be to be this obsessed. Grow up lad.
O V 19 dagar sedan
Exactly, can’t wait to see them knocked out
Talli Ban
Talli Ban 20 dagar sedan
Yes I ain't a England fan either
Talli Ban
Talli Ban 20 dagar sedan
Luke shaw is soild
Talli Ban
Talli Ban 20 dagar sedan
Man u defense is a crapshoot
Talli Ban
Talli Ban 20 dagar sedan
Saka can make a difference
Talli Ban
Talli Ban 20 dagar sedan
As long as your team has a gd season u can get a call up to England squad
Talli Ban
Talli Ban 20 dagar sedan
Southgate has no tactics he is a crapshoot
Talli Ban
Talli Ban 20 dagar sedan
A man u defense at euros now u will see why England wouldn't win it
Talli Ban
Talli Ban 20 dagar sedan
Even if they call up the young players they still don't get much play
Talli Ban
Talli Ban 20 dagar sedan
At least I hope he gets some playing time
Talli Ban
Talli Ban 20 dagar sedan
Even if arsenal players get call up they dont get much play
Henry Waters
Henry Waters 20 dagar sedan
I hope he gets a start in one of the easier games, deserves to play atleast a game
Talli Ban
Talli Ban 20 dagar sedan
My guy Turkish
Talli Ban
Talli Ban 20 dagar sedan
Happy saka made the English squad
The Geth Consensus
The Geth Consensus 20 dagar sedan
As a Chelsea fan I really rate Saka. I would prefer him on the left in the starting xi, not Rashford or Grealish or Sterling. I have seen him having a bad game, but never it terms of effort. It's very important in short tournaments like this. He always puts 100%. Not on the right though. I think he is crap on the right.
Jean mauratille
Jean mauratille 20 dagar sedan
@The Geth Consensus also, I believe versatility is a bit irrelevant in an international tournament. At club level, over an entire season, with injuries wrecking havoc, having versatile players can be a godsend. In an international tournament that lasts just the summer, injuries don’t play big factor. A stacked squad like England should be playing their absolute best players in their preferred positions, not moving players around and playing them out of position. It makes sense at club level, not in a team like this.
Jean mauratille
Jean mauratille 20 dagar sedan
@The Geth Consensus rah the disrespect to Sancho 😂 Foden has also basically never played on the right this season, Mahrez for city has played there exclusively. Foden - Mount - Sancho Behind Kane IMO.
The Geth Consensus
The Geth Consensus 20 dagar sedan
@Jean mauratille Foden on the right in my xi. I don't think for Foden his exact position is too relevant, he should be given a free role. Saka - Mount - Foden in behind Kane is my choice. Not only the three of them are versatile, they are also good at pressing and hard-working.
Jean mauratille
Jean mauratille 20 dagar sedan
Mate... Foden on the left is the obvious choice
Arupjyoti Das
Arupjyoti Das 20 dagar sedan
Saka is there only because Greenwood pulled out. Left foot striker..
Ope Ade
Ope Ade 19 dagar sedan
@Arupjyoti Das Really 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Arupjyoti Das
Arupjyoti Das 19 dagar sedan
Both wouldn't have started anyways. But if England were trailing in a match they needed a goal in the last 10 mins, then you would obviously turn to greenwood not saka.. saka is there just to make up numbers nothing else
HydroInvalid 19 dagar sedan
@Rajeev Ravi 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Ope Ade
Ope Ade 19 dagar sedan
@Rajeev Ravi 😂😂😂😂😂😂 generational indeed
False Manager
False Manager 20 dagar sedan
@Rajeev Ravi that's why he was dropped for dan James 😭
Zohaib Chaudhri
Zohaib Chaudhri 20 dagar sedan
As much as I love Saka. Does he earn a place over Foden, Grealish, Sancho, Rashford and Sterling. based on Form this season I’d say he’s 3rd after Grealish and Foden ONLY
Luke Dowling
Luke Dowling 20 dagar sedan
Rashford and Sterling on stink form but he still doesn't offer near as much as them. Only way I can see him getting in is if players begin to struggle down the right and a good left footed player is needed
The Mad Rash
The Mad Rash 20 dagar sedan
Arsenal fanbase hit a new level now. now the only achivment for arsenal is whether their players can be squad or not . WHAT A GREAT CLUB AND ITS FANBASE title arguments are long gone
Jack The Ripper
Jack The Ripper 20 dagar sedan
Lonnggggg lonnnnggggg gone unfortunately. And our fanbase have a hand in that. They like to point at everyone but never look in the mirror.
Nicholas Gordon-Harris
Nicholas Gordon-Harris 20 dagar sedan
When he said England could win the euros I pissed myself laughing
Zhanji Ak
Zhanji Ak 19 dagar sedan
@Malachi X first 11 and squad wise, England are only behind France in quality, but we jus don’t have a competent manager so we’ll probably bottle it tryna play 5 at the back against an average team
Malachi X
Malachi X 19 dagar sedan
I think it's unlikely too, but they are actually the favourites for the tournament
Zhanji Ak
Zhanji Ak 19 dagar sedan
Any team can win it, obviously Portugal and France are favourites but Greece won it in 04, so why can’t England who have a lot of good young players who’ve dominated the ucl recently aswell
O V 19 dagar sedan
Let’s get ready for the hype and then we can all laugh 😆 when it all goes pear 🍐 shaped.
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