Super Fan Debate NHS Special Ft. Dr. Emeka. Is The Vaccine The Way Back to Football? 

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Super Fan Debate NHS Special Ft. Dr. Emeka. Is The Vaccine The Way Back to Football?

🗣 In this special Super Fan Debate show, we team up with the NHS and Dr. Emeka Okorocha, to ask questions about the COVID-19 vaccinations and whether this is a route for fans to get back into stadiums. *All information discussed was accurate at the time of filming*

Big up to Dr. Emeka for answering our vaccination questions, you can find him on Instagram \u0026 TikTok as @doctor.emeka, and on Twitter as @Doctor_Emeka.

This video is supported by the Mayor of London.

For more information about the COVID-19 vaccinations, please visit: www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronav...

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30 maj 2021



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TechArcturian Timme sedan
eamon mc cann
eamon mc cann Timme sedan
there has never been a debate on main stream media bringing together both sides of the argument,,, why would that be then ?????,....only the corrupt are allowed there say.
High Producers Club
High Producers Club 3 timmar sedan
Sellouts. Do some research, Professors Delores Cahill etc. Yellow card system. VAERS. Go.
Maverick Musique
Maverick Musique 3 timmar sedan
AFTV are censoring comments
Writin Wizard
Writin Wizard 4 timmar sedan
Pedallin raw
Pedallin raw 5 timmar sedan
Baa Baa Baa.....🤡
Goody Slypork
Goody Slypork 5 timmar sedan
I don't understand what this is? NHS, superfans? but they are all black?
K- Lash
K- Lash 8 timmar sedan
Sooooo.. they don’t want to “track and trace you” but yet they want to know if they have been vaccinated when you travel... also the doctor seems so happy that the government/countries are discriminating against the unvaccinated even tho it doesn’t stop you transmitting or getting the virus... these well educated fools don’t do any real research they just regurgitate the information that they have been taught... also IT DOESN’T STOP YOU GETTING OR TRANSMITTING THE VIRUS! so how are you being selfish if you don’t want to take it... ? this doctor is a agent smith..
sikh kyle
sikh kyle 9 timmar sedan
Hidla was rite
B R 9 timmar sedan
Lol - lame and pathetic attempt at coercion.
Nick Doonan
Nick Doonan 11 timmar sedan
This video should not exist. Just saying.
Dj Subwoofer
Dj Subwoofer 12 timmar sedan
They’ll say what they’re paid to say
BiG Al
BiG Al 12 timmar sedan
Peter Kent
Peter Kent 13 timmar sedan
People taking an experimental mRNA jab for social reasons instead of medical reasons is setting a very dangerous precedence!!
John Smith
John Smith 13 timmar sedan
Baa baa black sheep have you any wool?
John Smith
John Smith 13 timmar sedan
Robbie is gonna get what's coming to him!!!!
John Smith
John Smith 13 timmar sedan
Robbie you TRAITOR!!!!
wiiliam noel
wiiliam noel 13 timmar sedan
vaxx is going to cause a real pandemic ...
John Smith
John Smith 13 timmar sedan
Promoting POISON WOW!!!!
-- 13 timmar sedan
John Smith
John Smith 13 timmar sedan
Oh look they're that desperate for the sheep to take the poison they're paying robbie to put propaganda out there haha shove that poison!!!!
banjaxeguitars banjaxeguitars
Bio-weapon virus follow up with another bio-weapon vaccine agenda.
banjaxeguitars banjaxeguitars
BDS all of the parasite world.
william lipsett
william lipsett 23 timmar sedan
All vaccine producers are exempt from liability if their vaccines cause death or injury ! So if they don't have any faith in their vaccines , what the hell are we doing taking them ?
KillerDiaguR Dag sedan
Sadly, the NHS logo has now been hijacked by bill gates and gavi and you can confidently disregard any broadcast that uses it as pure propaganda
John Wick
John Wick Dag sedan
Tony Montana
Tony Montana Dag sedan
When the whole celebs get paid to promote vaccines makes me want to take a big fat dump.
Ecky X
Ecky X Dag sedan
The likes ratio speak.
Abu Yaqs Cruz
Abu Yaqs Cruz Dag sedan
This is nonsense, annoying that you have to make a video like this. Unsubbed
Brian said it so it Must be true
NO 5HIT getting pumped into MY body.. Next video please.
Satnam Sandhu
Satnam Sandhu Dag sedan
load of rubbish. do not take the poison!
Ryan Johnson
Ryan Johnson Dag sedan
Blacks have been at the forefront of vaccine testing since it’s inception as unknowing test subjects “Tuskegee syphilis study”
Just Tis
Just Tis Dag sedan
This doctor just said clean water was a medical intervention 😂😂😂😂 I’m done
Semi Perfect Cell
It is, though? Humanity learning how to clean and purify water was a novel way of medical intervention since so many diseases are waterborne. In medieval times, water was so dirty and dangerous to drink that most people, including children, would drink beer as it was safer.
ron lynch
ron lynch Dag sedan
look at these 4 idiots on the government pay roll
A X Dag sedan
Why not show how WHO and China hid the bat theory and deleted videos and jailed scientists etc. It’s all a puppet show. If you cannot see it you’re fully in love with this life
Brockton Blockbuster
Ill people. Fat people. Over 80s. It’s these 3 categories that are being affected the most. End of.
couldbe dodgy
couldbe dodgy Dag sedan
Thank you for making this video.
EZ ZE Dag sedan
This video is supported by the Mayor of London. ?????? - so Khan paid you guys to push the jabs
Just Tis
Just Tis Dag sedan
Robbie lost all respect from me. About Don Robbie, ha. Bellend. F outta here u fraudulent baalhead Babylonian
DEWALT XRP Dag sedan
you JOKERS. is there no end to this bullshit, where are the experts that tell us its an overated virus to shut the world economy down.
John Elias Marston
Who the hell are these idiots? :-D
Rights aren't Wrong
The last video I'll be watching on this channel. Vaccine sellouts. Why would this doctor not mention the Dr Fauci emails? Why would this doctor not mention the fact the vaccine can only be rolled out during a state of emergency and that's why restrictions remain on us? They can only roll out an experimental vaccine during a state of emergency. Lying doctors are worse than lying Politicians
Dag sedan
The toothsome drawbridge concordingly avoid because advantage conversly tease above a inconclusive glider. hesitant, null ketchup
Musa Noah
Musa Noah Dag sedan
Phase 3 trial ends 2023 so people should be told they are taking part in a clinical trial and these jabs are only authorised under emergency use
mark griff
mark griff 2 dagar sedan
No jab for me thanks as I know of two guy's that were previously healthy that had died within days of the vaccine plus another I know personally that had to be put into a induced coma after complications. If anyone is still blindly going along with the msm recommendation to get the vaccine , then I suggest you research what the guy that invented mrna vaccine technology has to say about it. basically he said it is dangerous and 'spike protein' peaks in womens ovaries... now if that doesn't put you off you must be a moron
f r
f r 2 dagar sedan
All these people are Sheep to the slaughter brainwashed by the propaganda media , they have been led to the slaughter and they do t even realise , PEOPLE WAKE UP , DONT BELIEVE THESE DECIETFUL NAIVE PEOPLE
f r
f r 2 dagar sedan
Destroys the immune system
Paul Hastings
Paul Hastings 2 dagar sedan
soma biswas
soma biswas 2 dagar sedan
Wow so many antivax
Nathan Bennett
Nathan Bennett 2 dagar sedan
Its a flu virus, proff under 16 do not suffer. The tests all from China has EO and Lithium that are the highest cancer chemical known to man. DONT TAKE IT. THERE IS NOT VARIANTS LIES. JUST GO TO WORLD DOCTORS ALLIANCE all information there. He lies asymptomatic can NOT spread it. THIS DOCTOR IS A LIAR.
Delia Angeles
Delia Angeles 2 dagar sedan
PES Beats & News Reviews
Wtf???? Sell outs
LaHayeSaint 2 dagar sedan
The doctor would be far, far more convincing if he talked about legitimate reservations as to why people are hesitant regarding taking the vaccine. Just being a mouthpiece of government propaganda makes some people squirm and makes them more recalcitrant than they would have been otherwise. Questions to be addressed include: 1. What "Emergency use authorisation" means. 2. To say quite clearly that there have been no long-term studies and therefore long-term safety is unknown. 3. To highlight side-effects and say if you are susceptible, you may experience serious morbidity. 4. To highlight the lack of financial redress to patients where the use of vaccines leads to disaster. 5. The pressure by the government, including the use of celebrities, to force the vaccination issue.
Bobby Laaad
Bobby Laaad 2 dagar sedan
12.1 Million people on the NHS waiting list. Clap for the NHS. What a farce !
Bobby Laaad
Bobby Laaad 2 dagar sedan
WOW, this has just popped up on my timeline. Im not watching it. I have disliked, I will unsubscribe and unfornutaley not watch you again. What a shame !! You really are out of touch
******* 2 dagar sedan
An experimental vaccine or gene therapy injection isn't the way. Remember when Boris said he wanted herd immunity?
dave8323 2 dagar sedan
What vile propaganda. Public trust is earnt by honest governance, not nonsense like this
DriftZ TwoSeven
DriftZ TwoSeven 2 dagar sedan
What's with all the Africans?
Katherine 2 dagar sedan
A scam problem reaction solution. An experimental jab still under trial under 2023. Football dies after jab many VAERS, blood clots, deaths. Do not go anywhere near it killed all animals over the last 15 years when MRNA jabs have been trialled on animals.
Alab's New Facility
Alab's New Facility 3 dagar sedan
Bread and Circus.
Rocky Malone
Rocky Malone 3 dagar sedan
Sell outs
Damian Redmore
Damian Redmore 3 dagar sedan
If the casting couch in Hollywood is seen as a 'disgusting' relic of the past that an actress had to endure in order to move forwards... ...why is medical Fascism rearing it's ugly head, in order for the masses to enjoy their previous liberty? Tyrranical nonsense not based on science or facts.
TIMESUP UK 2 3 dagar sedan
Arin Yah
Arin Yah 3 dagar sedan
If you are dumb enough to allow yourself to be used as propaganda tool for something designed to destroy you. I have nothing to say to you! You can keep on regurgitating the official bullshit mainstream narrative.
Nicofit 365
Nicofit 365 3 dagar sedan
Oh rob, you just lost a follower. What a sell out.
David Martin
David Martin 3 dagar sedan
Bunch of sellout propogandists
David Martin
David Martin 3 dagar sedan
Oh great, a bunch of sellouts
Ramsey Being
Ramsey Being 3 dagar sedan
Most deaths came from the treatment of illness not the illness itself.
Moody Ali
Moody Ali 3 dagar sedan
Never seen more dislikes in the history of AFTV.
Em C
Em C 3 dagar sedan
Sell out.
Raymond O'Brien
Raymond O'Brien 3 dagar sedan
Don't do it!!
C 3 dagar sedan
Big up every one who is not having the jab & falling for this shite you are the ones who give me hope. Y'all unsuscribe from this channel even if you are an arsenal fan look what they are trying to do to you they think you are stupid
Billy Buxton
Billy Buxton 3 dagar sedan
Jonathan Thompson
Jonathan Thompson 3 dagar sedan
Hilarious the amount of propaganda they are spewing out
Red Dragon
Red Dragon 3 dagar sedan
Propaganda. Get Fucked.
Zero Point
Zero Point 3 dagar sedan
The death jab nonsense is OVER!
Benjamin Trench
Benjamin Trench 3 dagar sedan
BBC (British Bullshit Corporation) & NHS (Notorious Hysteria Service) Need Top Psychiatists in a jail preferably.
Aelivia Cameron
Aelivia Cameron 3 dagar sedan
I am a shame of this doc. I know him from his youth. What a sell out. For gain of this world
Matt Horner
Matt Horner 3 dagar sedan
Bold of people to assume there's a chip in each dose while we can't even get hold of a GTX 1060
Alex Dyer
Alex Dyer 3 dagar sedan
The vaccine is Satan's poison, Satans new order is upon us. REPENT and turn to JESUS CHRIST or perish for eternity.✝️
mr possibilist
mr possibilist 3 dagar sedan
The introduction of the guests was enough for me, time I will never get back C'EST DOMAGE...
Utd Ant
Utd Ant 3 dagar sedan
Young people crashed the website as soon as they got told to book.
Andrew Owen
Andrew Owen 3 dagar sedan
The dr needs prison for this.
r casper
r casper 3 dagar sedan
How many Deaths have vaccines caused ? did that football player that died the other day on the pitch did he have the vaccine..?
Laffo 3 dagar sedan
james h
james h 3 dagar sedan
Seriously how stupid do they think people are pure pandering.
Simon Abraham
Simon Abraham 3 dagar sedan
This is a disgusting paid for piece of vaccine propaganda.. do you think we are stupid?.
Kiz star
Kiz star 3 dagar sedan
Free Mason bricks in the background. All the doctors just read the script there bosses give them. He's not saying anything new, and the more he talks, the more is sounds like BS. Sell OUTs!! Keep your trail vaccine.
KJW 3 dagar sedan
Robbie has got a face for radio
Jim Bob
Jim Bob 3 dagar sedan
I've lost all respect for you Robbie. You've sold right out 🙈🙈 no one cares what a indoctrinated w.h.o curriculum taught Doctor has to say. These guys are robots who follow orders and recite what they have been told is correct. The NHS are in bed with big Pharma. The system is rigged. Doctors think they are helping but they are aiding and abetting. They are now mere vending machines for big pharma. Doctors are here to put you on medicine and persuda you that vaccines are fine and safe. Guess what? They get paid commission for each vaccine they give you and each medicine they put you on. They no longer rely on critical thinking or work to promote healthy diet and living. It's all about medicine and vaccines which lead to further illnesses thus lining their pockets and the pockets of Big Pharma.
Jason Samuels
Jason Samuels 4 dagar sedan
VAER: "C19 vaccines have more reported d eaths than all other vaccines combined over the databases 30 year history"! It is also speculated that most suspected vax related d eaths aren't even being reported to VAER .. so the numbers are probably WAY higher than the figures that even they have.. Awake yet folks? Trust the science fiction
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