Tactical Insight Special | Arsenal's Season Broken...down ft. James B & Graham 

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Arsenal 2-0 Brighton | James and Graham break down Arsenal's season.

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24 maj 2021



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GlennAFCNewYalk 5 dagar sedan
This is a "By the Numbers" masterclass-breakdown of an awful season. Serious props to Graham and James for putting it all under a microscope and pulling it all apart thread by thread. I did not agree with some of the weight put on home and away results but otherwise, this was FASCINATING! I have never seen so much intricate information packed into a mere 30 minutes on any public football platform. Well done Gentlemen. This was SO MUCH FUN (and informative)
Carmen Rowe
Carmen Rowe 6 dagar sedan
Go go go Graham I mean Arsenal.
Leshous Blake
Leshous Blake 7 dagar sedan
We need this man back on the show regularly plzzzzzzz
Ali Richards
Ali Richards 15 dagar sedan
Graham for manager
Vndxes 18 dagar sedan
What happened to him in the first place ?
Mohammed A
Mohammed A 19 dagar sedan
Great to finally see the father and son combination
Marcusson 19 dagar sedan
Where can one look up those heat maps? ty
Andrew Green
Andrew Green 20 dagar sedan
Best video I’ve seen in a long time thanx guys
Graham Brooks
Graham Brooks 19 dagar sedan
Andrew Green Really appreciate that Andrew ; means a lot . Many thanks ..
Saul Ignacio Alcala
Saul Ignacio Alcala 21 dag sedan
Arsenal had a bad seassom bad that page it's so closed now we can in adquiere a good footballers for the positions : 🥅 goalkeeper defenders midfielders and strikers make an urgently depuration of footballers it's so necessary being honest we need footballers who can want win trophees in this next championship without european tournaments económica 🔀 inverssions when the book of passes will be open we most to sale amazing footballers go on Arsenal hughs and regreats from 🇧🇴 Bolivia La Paz city for the gooners and goonerettes we most still love believe and support at our footballistical institution Arsenal
Don Has
Don Has 22 dagar sedan
The best two presenters on AFTV. Great to have the master Graham back. More Graham and James less of Ty and DT
malarki5 22 dagar sedan
Graham! Graham! Graham! The man is back...at last!
Paul Mccullough
Paul Mccullough 22 dagar sedan
Great to see Graham back.
liwete khumalo
liwete khumalo 22 dagar sedan
we want a show every match next season
Louis N
Louis N 22 dagar sedan
rashidat adebayo
rashidat adebayo 22 dagar sedan
Get a creative deep lying playmaker, play esr as a 8 in a 4-3-3
emma wambi
emma wambi 23 dagar sedan
I missed Graham. What had happened, eh. Not even a zoom tactical insight! Much love from East Africa and Uganda specifically.
Graham Brooks
Graham Brooks 23 dagar sedan
emma wambi Much love ❤ to you your family . Thank you for your kind words .
chris99171 23 dagar sedan
Next season, whenever Arteta hits a bad patch like getting only 7 points or less out of a possible 9, Arteta needs to go get help from Graham.
uptonogoodism 23 dagar sedan
So glad he's back... great combination 👍
Tyrone Holder
Tyrone Holder 24 dagar sedan
Big up Graham!
ronkeith2able 24 dagar sedan
One of my favourite presenter on this platform. James is awesome too
henry sukianto
henry sukianto 25 dagar sedan
Welcome back Graham.. We miss your analysis..
Ayoub Laaziz
Ayoub Laaziz 25 dagar sedan
Great combination. Welcome back Graham!
Max Kent
Max Kent 25 dagar sedan
That was a genuinely brilliant show, great to see Graham back and James coming into his own.
Kevin Phillips
Kevin Phillips 25 dagar sedan
James and Graham are perfectly suited. Welcome back Graham. James get rid of Cecil now the main man is back.
Mark Rogers
Mark Rogers 25 dagar sedan
James is easily the best analyst on AFTV. Never gets over excited or over depressed like some others and has a good insight.
Mark Rogers
Mark Rogers 25 dagar sedan
PS Graham is good too but haven't seen him that much
Harshil Patel
Harshil Patel 25 dagar sedan
Croydon De Bruyne
Adam Driver
Adam Driver 25 dagar sedan
Whats that football app for tactics and all?
John Smith
John Smith 25 dagar sedan
Tactical insights ..LOL ..When the season started you were all saying we are going to compete under Arteta to win Premiership or at least finish 4th after won the FA cup. I said we finish 8th or 9th. If we are not buying proven players and proven manager we are not going to finish other than 8th or 9th next season. But unfortunately Kroenke is not going to sell this club or spend big and also in my opinion to kick a ball for 90 minutes doesn't have to be that expensive. Bring youngsters through the youth academy and run a sustainable business which helps to build a sustainable community where everyone has been paid fairly for what they are doing!!!
Daniel Alveo
Daniel Alveo 25 dagar sedan
James is a future pundit on National TV. Graham: a legend. I am looking forward to seeing more of this content. Fantastic.
Wing Zero
Wing Zero 25 dagar sedan
See how robbie quickly needs Graham back after loosing half of the AFTV lot.
Alfred sunera
Alfred sunera 25 dagar sedan
Ozil has the last logh against Arteta.
Asyraf Rasid
Asyraf Rasid 25 dagar sedan
Good Ebening 🤣
Micky Louis
Micky Louis 25 dagar sedan
Finally someone who can analyze football. Welcome Graham from TX, USA
Veng ada
Veng ada 25 dagar sedan
Happy to see Graham back on AFTV and it’s a very nice analysis and I throughly enjoyed it….it’s getting more interesting each time he comes in to the analysis
James Cotton
James Cotton 25 dagar sedan
We LOVE you, Graham.
Diepreye Guembe
Diepreye Guembe 25 dagar sedan
I miss Graham
Tommy Craig
Tommy Craig 26 dagar sedan
I’m very interested in what you boys have to say about the season and I hope it can be balanced because of late I’ve felt that people with negative thought patterns and strong mentality have transferred it onto weaker people
Jonathan Belgrave
Jonathan Belgrave 26 dagar sedan
Finally, the combination we needed and deserve!
My grand piano
My grand piano 26 dagar sedan
Great to see Graham again.
GGTV4U 26 dagar sedan
The king is back big up man like graham 👍🏾👊🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
Ian de Vaz
Ian de Vaz 26 dagar sedan
Simply superlative analysis from these two tacticians! Wow wow wow
Ripstain McRipstain
Ripstain McRipstain 26 dagar sedan
Good to see Graham back :)
IMPERATIVE VIEWS 26 dagar sedan
Finally man like graham is back.
Apollo 26 dagar sedan
Great video 👍🏻 I really enjoyed this in depth analysis. Hope to see many more videos with you guys analysing games, players & the managers performances both tactically & their numbers moving forward
MK 26 dagar sedan
Big question next year is regarding Aubameyang. Arteta will have to make a decision if he keeps performing like this and not persisting like he did with Willian.
vladizvladi 26 dagar sedan
Two of the very best AFTV guys out there
Owen Reeve
Owen Reeve 26 dagar sedan
axizz100 26 dagar sedan
Finally Graham is back. He even followed me back on insta 🤩🤩
Gavin M
Gavin M 26 dagar sedan
This is the best combination in football. Great programme.
Graham Brooks
Graham Brooks 26 dagar sedan
Gavin M Thank you . Much appreciated..
bryanboi 26 dagar sedan
So excited that graham is back. Graham if you sees this, do you think Arteta is the right person to bring is forward? Results aside but his lack of ability to recognize the gems that he has on hand and only stumble upon the solution for the poor oct - dec period doesn't give me the confidence that he is the kind of quality manager we needed
Graham Brooks
Graham Brooks 26 dagar sedan
bryanboi Me personally , i fear the job is just 2 big . It was always going to be a risk . He got the job 2 soon and although he obviously has qualities as a coach, his inexperience is telling and means he has been learning on the job . Giving him overall control taking away the structure under him was a mistake . It looked last season that he couldnt adapt in matches ; his in game management often cost the team and he clearly favoured some players at a cost . My overall view is a big club like Arsenal should never appoint a manager with no managerial experience . That is not acting like a big club. However to do it at a time in our history when we have stagnated post Wenger , has exposed him , which is sad. I hope he proves me wrong . I fear not . Thanks for your kind words and feedback .
Kunal Patel
Kunal Patel 26 dagar sedan
Graham cmon throw in some bluds and fams!!!
Graham Brooks
Graham Brooks 23 dagar sedan
Kunal Patel . Ok next time fam . 😊
Evaro A
Evaro A 26 dagar sedan
Don Robie is a savvy businessman!😊 Perfect blend of experience and talent.
Stanley Jr
Stanley Jr 26 dagar sedan
Seen Graham back on AFTV on the thumbnail with James, clicked, liked before starting the video.
Graham Brooks
Graham Brooks 26 dagar sedan
Stanley Jr Very humbled . Thank you ...❤
wisdom man
wisdom man 26 dagar sedan
Graham, welcome back to aftv, we missed you so much, loved your shows, please keep them coming and hopefully arteta sees this and understands his mistakes 👍❤️
Henry N
Henry N 26 dagar sedan
The overcoached part came from the fact that we were so bad defensively that Arteta didn't trust the team, but I definitely remember being frustrated constantly seeing that 5 in the back formation being kept in shape which screwed up our midfield. We had nothing in the middle most of the time because the instruction was always to drop into spaces where the wing backs were leaving. Glad to see you guys note that here.
John Hibbert
John Hibbert 27 dagar sedan
You are a lucky man James..Soak up all you can from Graham,because he knows his stuff..Obi Wan the Jedi teaching a young Luke..Keep it going lads. :)
Trent Raykos
Trent Raykos 27 dagar sedan
Need him more often!
Akmal Ibrahim
Akmal Ibrahim 27 dagar sedan
Willian's best contribution was getting sick in December.
Gary McLaughlin
Gary McLaughlin 27 dagar sedan
If we're being honest Arteta had tried everything else and had no other option but to play ESR, had we been playing ecen decent he wouldn't have got a chance. Great to see Graham back, i look forward to Graham and James together.
Arindam Ghosh
Arindam Ghosh 27 dagar sedan
This is the real football show on AFTV. We need more Graham & James. @AFTV
goonermandave 27 dagar sedan
james learning from the master of tactics, what takes james 10 mins to wiggle about saying, graham does in 2 mins, direct to the point.
Samuel Jacobs
Samuel Jacobs 27 dagar sedan
Xhaka ceballos elneny all not press resistance only party reason why we don’t dominate midfield reason why we lost to Villarreal
Benjamin Wolf
Benjamin Wolf 27 dagar sedan
GRAHAM , glad to see you back and and have you back - best wishes to you , how you come back permanently 🙏💓
Yorkshire gunner
Yorkshire gunner 27 dagar sedan
Good show lads.nice to have Graham trappatoni back
JR The FR Gooner
JR The FR Gooner 27 dagar sedan
The General is back!
iDeal 27 dagar sedan
Graham needs to be Arteta assistant coach
nikkiraram 2111
nikkiraram 2111 27 dagar sedan
Love the impact of ESR...this guy, together with Saka, are our attacking future..Odegaard still to truly impress....we have to make sure that their value is not underestimated...
Steve Farm
Steve Farm 27 dagar sedan
Arsenal finished 8th conceded 39 goals Man Utd finished 2nd conceded 44 goals so agree with Graham can see where the problem was .
Steve Farm
Steve Farm 27 dagar sedan
Arsenal did not create enough did not score enough goals Arteta improved the defence at the cost of creating goal scoring chances and scoring goals .
peter edokI
peter edokI 27 dagar sedan
so happy to see graham. missed his indepth analysis.
StreamingSteve 27 dagar sedan
Graham returns and exposes James as having ‘touched on Pepe’ !
Graham Brooks
Graham Brooks 23 dagar sedan
Streaming Steve .. Lol....🤣
Abhishek Jothirajan
Abhishek Jothirajan 27 dagar sedan
Great to see Graham back
Laic Dupont
Laic Dupont 27 dagar sedan
Great to see you back Graham
Rui Rodrigues
Rui Rodrigues 27 dagar sedan
Welcome back Graham 👍🏽
Connor Feagan
Connor Feagan 27 dagar sedan
Graham and the fleece is back 🙌🏼🙌🏼 Tactical nouse is spot on as always
Andrew David
Andrew David 27 dagar sedan
I hope Graham becomes a regular
Turc18 27 dagar sedan
Finally Graham is back.... thank you
richard anayiotos
richard anayiotos 27 dagar sedan
That's unfair to say teams werent frightened or we struggled, we pissed on wolves, got shafted by the ref and opened the scoring against Leicester and got shafted by Var again
D G 27 dagar sedan
Too late for potter majic now. Fekin useless
Ismail Noor
Ismail Noor 27 dagar sedan
Graham the assistant manager
John Blaze
John Blaze 27 dagar sedan
I always thought James was Graham's son...
netweed09 27 dagar sedan
Breaking down of what?? How everyone's licking Odegaards and Saka's ass, yet Bruno is a CAM with *18 Premier League goals last season???* Honestly, mark my words, if we fail to land Aouar *and* Bissouma this window, forget it, we're toast. 8th next season too, and all the humiliation that comes with it. We deserve it for wanting dross like Buendia and making a ton of excuses.
M S 27 dagar sedan
Finally, I missed this man sooooo much
Cookie Monster
Cookie Monster 27 dagar sedan
So glad Graham is back he's a legend
Ever So Gaza
Ever So Gaza 27 dagar sedan
What a duo
kay wise
kay wise 27 dagar sedan
Good to see the big man back was Graham stuck in New Zealand for the last few months or locked up lol 😆 do tell
ky-mani gooner
ky-mani gooner 27 dagar sedan
Father and son .. I like this one .
champagne papi
champagne papi 27 dagar sedan
Father and son vibes.
Gokul N A
Gokul N A 27 dagar sedan
Summary:Arteta coaching is not good
Jerry Mike
Jerry Mike 27 dagar sedan
Wise people will in invest in Crypto currency now that's affordable
Santos Jessica
Santos Jessica 27 dagar sedan
Trading crypto now will be wise but trading on your own will be a risk I think it will be best to get a pro
Alissa Caburnay
Alissa Caburnay 27 dagar sedan
Alex Carmichael
Alex Carmichael 27 dagar sedan
That’s interesting,any way to connect with him?I have to get started.
Mitch Serrioz
Mitch Serrioz 27 dagar sedan
@Nathen Grane Yeah
Nathen Grane
Nathen Grane 27 dagar sedan
He has really made a good name for himself
Ankit Singh
Ankit Singh 27 dagar sedan
The boss is back!
Graham Brooks
Graham Brooks 27 dagar sedan
Really enjoyed putting this one together with James B . The first part of the season we played without a number 10 ; creative player between the lines opting for Lacazette coming deep to help the build up and him looking to arrive as a second forward into the box with Aubameyang . It was only whem we moved away from this to just playing one forward and a number 10 that team looked more balanced and results improved . That is the theme of the show . Hope you enjoy it GRAHAM - AFTV
bethel utete
bethel utete 14 dagar sedan
@Graham Brooks Makes a lot of sense. Thanks mate. I hope too for a good transfer window though i don't have faith in the club's willingness to make major reinforcements. But totally agree with what you said. You don't hire a rookie manager and fail to back him at the same time, feels like someone is intentionally making all the wrong up there at Arsenal
Graham Brooks
Graham Brooks 14 dagar sedan
@bethel utete Not Arteta in or out ... I do think the issues at the club are bigger than the manager . He wasnt my first choice . I dont think a big club should ever have 2 take a risk with an inexperienced manager . That they did says more about the club than him . He did win the FA Cup , against the odds , but last season you saw his inexperience . He has 2 start well next season in my opinion because we have 2 start challenging 2 get back in the top 4 if we are 2 have higher aspirations . If he cant start moving us in that direction , i think they will have 2 start planning 2 replace him .
bethel utete
bethel utete 17 dagar sedan
Refreshing to listen to your analysis and insight... hopefully you will feature more next season - interested to know whether you're Arteta IN Or Out though....Great duet with James.
Tidy192 27 dagar sedan
It is nice to see Graham back. This is a good stream.
Rob Jorge
Rob Jorge 27 dagar sedan
Father and son statos.
miraclejay18 27 dagar sedan
Immensely gladdening to see that Graham is back (establishing a stellar partnership with James)! It begs the question: Where has he been?
Ruse' Rus
Ruse' Rus 27 dagar sedan
I really like Graham's sweatshirt, looks awesome! Unfortunately I can't find it anywhere to buy it. Love the show! Keep it up!
Nicholas Earl
Nicholas Earl 27 dagar sedan
Oh my god, this team up is like the Avengers!
Blender589 27 dagar sedan
So good to see you Graham!
Mike Adams
Mike Adams 27 dagar sedan
Is that a wig on Graham?
Realist Gooner
Realist Gooner 27 dagar sedan
Hair transplant
iiRob-M 27 dagar sedan
Need more of this duo on AFTV!
Britany 27 dagar sedan
Glad to have Graham on!
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