The Supporters Club | Where Do We Go From Here? (Ft. Julian, James & Curtis) 

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The Supporters Club | Where Do We Go From Here? (Ft. Julian, James \u0026 Curtis)

TIC: End of Season Awards. | Talk Is Cheap Ft. Laurie \u0026 Curtis

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28 maj 2021



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srinjoy majumder
srinjoy majumder 13 dagar sedan
Best podcast overall at AFTV yet. Great work, we want these 4 together again. Julian is a great addition.
The Bit Player
The Bit Player 15 dagar sedan
Julian is a snitch. He works for the Kroenke's. Watch him Robbie. You've been warned.
Raymond Griffiths
Raymond Griffiths 18 dagar sedan
It's a tough time so much Roumer bull i will Believe it when I see it me Wouldn't mind Brighton midfielder And the Norwich Player Oliguard is going to Be pricey our priced At 50 million?? Up! the gunners!! 👍😁😎✌
MuscleBob BuffPants
MuscleBob BuffPants 19 dagar sedan
Man just needs to do his “own research” smdh
Trackformers 19 dagar sedan
Get this Julian clown out the show!! "Why do we want the Kroenkes out?", he asks. If that's what he's still wondering, he will never get it. If he doesn't know why people want the Kroenkes out, either he is dumb as a bad of rocks or just dishonest. Choose one.. What a total mug!!
Magic Cats
Magic Cats 19 dagar sedan
By far best AFTV podcast I've listened to. That's no mark on the other programs, however, the conversation between Julian and Turkish was awesome to listen to. Bring Julian on more for that different, poilite perspective. None of this yelling over each other.
Uyi Ikhu-Omoregbe
Uyi Ikhu-Omoregbe 20 dagar sedan
Julian made such good points... This is why some of us had wanted Wenger out in 2008... He developed a God complex after invincibles... carried on like he could win with anyone and never replaced players...
Uyi Ikhu-Omoregbe
Uyi Ikhu-Omoregbe 20 dagar sedan
Turkish is such a great host man
Abhinav Mishra
Abhinav Mishra 20 dagar sedan
great show guys!!!
Ashish Anshuman
Ashish Anshuman 20 dagar sedan
For all the stick Wenger got, now these fans would define a successful season as being in top 4
TONZ 20 dagar sedan
Turkish will do well with mainstream media. Good job guys
mikey mike
mikey mike 20 dagar sedan
Wenger made arsenal a global name,because of him young kids all around the world arsenal fans,his record speaks for itself. Noone should every put down wenger ever and people keep on saying he stayed too long,he left when we were 4th,look at us now or the last years.we came 8th this season and arteta still at the club.Thats a joke right ??
C Goooner
C Goooner 20 dagar sedan
Great having Curtis on the show should have him on more podcasts
Clyde Wikkeling
Clyde Wikkeling 20 dagar sedan
It boils down to the ambition of the owners. Any owner with ambition would have overhauled the club from the board to the players on the pitch. Keep in mind none of the teams owned by KSE in the big three American Leagues has won a championship in the last 15 years
Jason Harris
Jason Harris 20 dagar sedan
Definitely one of the best conversations about our club. The airline disaster analogy was spot on.
Sami B
Sami B 20 dagar sedan
this was absolutely fantastic
Sco 21 dag sedan
i think the Aouar OR Partey thing wasn't like they need one OR the other.. they knew they couldn't afford both in one window, so whichever one they got that window they would address the other position next window or get a loan, short term as they did with Odegaard, and then address long term that position in next window (as we hope they do this summer with permanent deal for Odegaard or Buendia etc)
Alina Olga Mazneva
Alina Olga Mazneva 21 dag sedan
what is so hard??? you do NOT have an owner that cares for football, you have an owner that calls it soccer and could not list all clubs in the Prem if you asked him. Julian sounds like he is brainwashed or getting paid to spread luv
Alexis Sanchez
Alexis Sanchez 21 dag sedan
I completely disagree wenger was working with scraps it’s not easy to make dead players look good scouts job are to help him find the best players aswell and also we were always one or two players of for challenging big wenger kept us in he overachieved
Oliver Apex
Oliver Apex 20 dagar sedan
Tumelo Mashego
Tumelo Mashego 21 dag sedan
Julian kinda looks like Joe Rogan.
Norris 21 dag sedan
Where is DELUDED ?
vladizvladi 21 dag sedan
Julian is a gem. Keep him at all costs.
Shashank Jha
Shashank Jha 21 dag sedan
This was a great piece, Julian had a lot of solid points, except what he said at 43:23 Falling off the Top 4 by 10 points would likely mean us finishing outside of Top 8. I don't want us to be making decisions based on whether we get 8th third season running or not. We are not that club. Falling off the Top 4 by even a solitary point should mean curtains for Arteta. Any time during the 38 matchdays, if we fall in the bottom half of the table, should mean curtains for Arteta. Kroenke is a virus, yes. But this Arsenal squad shouldn't be finishing outside top 4 three seasons running under ANY CIRCUMSTANCE.
Jason 21 dag sedan
Julian's debating style is, "I don't want to actually commit to a point" disguised as "lets look at all the facts first". I don't think I've heard him say anything definitive in his own opinion. It's just what ifs and but maybes, which is the opposite of healthy debate. It brings nothing and relies on everybody else to pick up the slack.
Vijay Tiwari
Vijay Tiwari 21 dag sedan
Arteta is a dead end, Arsenal is just in a denial.
oghene Oritse
oghene Oritse 21 dag sedan
The reason so many people supported AFC the same reason they are leaving supporting other clubs . Basically they are not winners anymore. Just an average side , it would take years a real investment before they can complete at the highest levels of football
DeadCell79 21 dag sedan
Why didn’t anyone say or remember the fact kroenke wouldn’t have brought the club when he did If Danny fizzman wasn’t on his death bed
O D 22 dagar sedan
The Championship
XORTION 22 dagar sedan
Predicting strong 10th place for next season
Lee Murphy
Lee Murphy 22 dagar sedan
Turkish you’re the man, my favourite show on SVdown.
Mike Denton
Mike Denton 22 dagar sedan
Anyone who can even have a doubt that the ESL is a disgusting, unfair and boring concept will always struggle for credibility. Yes, it would be bad for sky - they knew nobody wanted it. Why would they support a total disaster? Other than that, enjoyed Julian's contribution.
thefamily 22 dagar sedan
I really hope to hear more from these 3 next season, great discussion lads.
QuickJap 22 dagar sedan
I haven't finished the episode yet, but already, is the best episode I've seen on AFTV. Very thought provoking.. Get these four together more!
segun temenu
segun temenu 22 dagar sedan
Tell Julian that KroenkeOut is because of the mismanagement of the club, not necessarily spending. We have net spent the 3rd most in PL in the last 5 years and last decade (even more than Chelsea) but we have gotten worse because they appoint the wrong people in charge of the overall management of the club and they dont pull the plug on this mistakes early enough.
segun temenu
segun temenu 22 dagar sedan
You lot are going soft on Arteta.
Mechatronics Evolution
Mechatronics Evolution 22 dagar sedan
Best aftv video ever... Keep this quartet together
Chris Flood
Chris Flood 22 dagar sedan
What a good show bravo
Chris Flood
Chris Flood 22 dagar sedan
Remember Curtis has his own show .always full of knowledge and always cool
Joseph Markou
Joseph Markou 22 dagar sedan
More content like this please!
Harry Sims
Harry Sims 22 dagar sedan
Turkish is fantastic. He could do this on MOTD.
Alex McKerrell
Alex McKerrell 22 dagar sedan
Who is this Julian guy he talks a lot of sense apart from implying diaby wasn’t good enough on the pitch for arsenal because he was a very good player for us in the games that he had played. Injury’s spoilt his career.
Abraham Gonzalez
Abraham Gonzalez 22 dagar sedan
The board has to be looked at. The recruiting has been awful! Bringing in finished players , buying players that constantly don’t work out. Working with specific agents
Vernon D'souza
Vernon D'souza 22 dagar sedan
Julian is spot on, we have a better team now than five years ago. The Manager needs to get the team right in each position...from Day 1.. No excuses We could have been in the top4.. if we won the must win games like Burnley, Wolves etc..
Sam Per
Sam Per 22 dagar sedan
Don’t forget that this year this African cup in January,so if u buy bissouma that means u wanna lose 3 players next year for that tournament
Reezy Official
Reezy Official 22 dagar sedan
Not winning the prem' + not being in the Champs league or Europa, less television time, fans getting rattled, problems with players in the changing room & W/ the manager = STOCK MARKET DEVALUATION. They should act, if the Kronke family name means something. If they are people of good business then they would live up to their family name (but then again they are so wealthy that do they care? Hmm.)
Jack Adams
Jack Adams 22 dagar sedan
julian speaks a lot of sense only ever saw him on his saf interview but i like him the way he does his own research and doesnt just believe any source
Curran Lakhani
Curran Lakhani 22 dagar sedan
Robbie's squad selection shits all over Southgate. Excellent panel, this is the level of debate and discussion needed.
Nocturnal Media
Nocturnal Media 22 dagar sedan
The goats 🥃 what a line up!!
Mark M
Mark M 22 dagar sedan
Feel bad for arteta personally. No doubt he has made mistakes with his team selections like the Villareal game, but if we look at the bigger picture, since he’s come in, he has inherited a huge squad with extremely average players on huge wages. Compare it to Tuchel who has just won the champions league with Chelsea, tuchel’s work was already done by Abramovich earlier in the summer by investing 200 million. Arteta so far has done 20% of the work by getting rid of Ozil, sokratis, mustafi. This summer transfer window is going to be the most crucial in Arsenal’s history. Definitely no room for error.
Shashikant Mhaskar
Shashikant Mhaskar 22 dagar sedan
look where are we, new owner for Chelsea since 2002-03 they have won 5-league title, 2-champions league, 2-europa league, 5-FA-cup, 2-community shield, 3-league cup. our new owner since 2006 we have won 0-league title, 0-champions league, 0-europa league, 4-FA-cup, 4-community shield, 0-league cup. now say what has owner contributed to this club
Joash Naidoo
Joash Naidoo 22 dagar sedan
Best comparison to make with the Kronkes would be FSG at Liverpool. They're not sugar daddies either but they've put people like Michael Edwards in place who can negotiate deals that very few people can. Edit: didn't realize James was about to speak on this at 37:00 haha
carl595 22 dagar sedan
Great debate! Quality!
radwanul10ify 22 dagar sedan
Julian is on the Kronkes payroll
ChrisTechTips 23 dagar sedan
Chelsea Win The Champions League!! WE ARE THE BIGGEST CLUB IN LONDON!! NOT ARSENAL YOU BOTTLE JOBS!!! YOU CANNOT EVEN GET INTO THE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE YOU RED Delinquents! Brentford will be bigger than Arsenal!!!
JakeSnacks11 23 dagar sedan
Curtis is a great guest to have on.
Jeff1961 23 dagar sedan
City Liverpool definite top four and probably Utd and Chelsea and the rest are also rans
Simon Young
Simon Young 23 dagar sedan
If you’re not Kroenke out ur not an Arsenal fan
Ben Fearfield
Ben Fearfield 23 dagar sedan
Let’s see if these guys are really Kroenke out when fans are allowed back in the stadiums and they need to spend £50 for a match day ticket to upload reaction content on SVdown. Or do you think they’ll buy their season tickets and then sell their seat privately whilst convincing you they all stand together on this issue. Where were they at the protests again...?
Steves jobs
Steves jobs 23 dagar sedan
proper show
Conáll Mcquillan
Conáll Mcquillan 23 dagar sedan
Avery Ryan
Avery Ryan 23 dagar sedan
Turkish IMO needs to respect Wenger a bit more
potentialswillrule 23 dagar sedan
We never replaced David Dein, it went downhill from when he left
Ben Fearfield
Ben Fearfield 23 dagar sedan
Who introduced Stan Kroenke to the Arsenal board?
M C 23 dagar sedan
So happy Robbie ain’t here. He wouldn’t speak up if humanitarian problem came up
david Okk
david Okk 23 dagar sedan
Why the Kroenke out? Well just look at the team performance and handling over the last 10 year
Shubhadeep Dasgupta
Shubhadeep Dasgupta 23 dagar sedan
Very thoughtful and well spoken panel..
Fatality Dnb
Fatality Dnb 23 dagar sedan
Forget Wenger, Kroenke & Edu etc... Guys, it all went wrong when David Dein left.
Ben Fearfield
Ben Fearfield 23 dagar sedan
Who was it who introduced Stan Kroenke to Arsenal?
anonymous7 23 dagar sedan
Thanks for bringing in Curtis
anonymous7 23 dagar sedan
16 years of terminal decline. Isn’t that enough reason for Kronkes out?
AutomotiveL3 23 dagar sedan
Julian seems to be common sense, James also gives a balanced view. Arsenal did not do too bad this season, however the rest of the teams also did poorly. Arteta needs to be consistent, he changes winning sides, plays defensive when attack should be option - I want to see good football, this sideways and backwards until we make a mistake needs to go. Playing out needs to be one option, but we need others , ball over the top every now and then.
Matthew Kh
Matthew Kh 23 dagar sedan
I really don't agree with the argument backing kroenke in regards to arsene wenger. Just because we were successful at the Time AND they had no knowledge of football is not a valid reason for them placing too much trust in wenger. If you buy a business you HAVE to be directly involved if you want it to be successful, that is so not the case for Arsenal and we are suffering for it. We need better owners.
Theo 23 dagar sedan
Thought provoking, and a great in depth look into our club. Really great to see!
Tobi Olusola
Tobi Olusola 23 dagar sedan
My only fear with Conte is he never stays in one place for a long time.
And Cch
And Cch 23 dagar sedan
Julian is a muppet
SIYA 23 dagar sedan
Please have this show atleast every forthnight really good discussions
Aishwarya Raman
Aishwarya Raman 23 dagar sedan
Great combination here. Need more of this!
kamal riar
kamal riar 23 dagar sedan
Great debate guys.. MY VIEW IS JUDGE KROENKE'S BY END OF JULY AND MIKEL BY END OF DEC.. because let's face it the fact is noone is leaving this club in near future
Pavan Reddy
Pavan Reddy 23 dagar sedan
The topics chosen were really good. Who is responsible? Kroenke's or the Board or Manager? Was Wenger part of the downfall and is putting complete blame on Kroenke's right? Too much trust imposed on Wenger? Was the Super League a way to manipulate the market by the Kroenke's? What is the minimum Arsenal has to finish under Arteta next season in the Premier League? Was recruitment that leads to the downfall of Arsenal (from the invincible season to a poor squad)? (the Board is responsible) If Daniel Ek buys the Club, whom much is he willing to spend? Nice work guys! Nice thinking process James
Richard 23 dagar sedan
We are connected with Sterling, but in my dreams we would sign Laporte.
Ahmad Al habib
Ahmad Al habib 23 dagar sedan
Title should be “How did Arsenal go wrong”
Daia Kalirai
Daia Kalirai 23 dagar sedan
This is one of my favorite discussions, get Julian back on again. Get Ty involved in this 😂
Tshiu Koele
Tshiu Koele 23 dagar sedan
From Don Robbie to --------> Don Smooches
henry Yogen
henry Yogen 23 dagar sedan
Case for kronke to go. Since they took over ,arsenal have regressed....
Ewere Ikem
Ewere Ikem 23 dagar sedan
This was a more balanced discussion coming from AFTV. Julian brought an interesting perspective regarding the Kroenkes. I believe the club needs to be more intentional and deliberate. The approach of trying to get best deals no matter what has often resulted in Arsenal being desperate for players or coming up short in the transfer window. Last season we knew we needed a No. 10, but what did we do? We didn't get one, and then at the same time refused to play the one we had for whatever reason. In the end, we wasted the first half of the season experimenting with Willian et al, until Arteta was forced to play Smith Rowe as a 10. The Manager failed to use players in the right spot on many occasions (is that the Kroenke's fault?). This team has potential but we had manager who was too tricky for his own good going forward. I credit him for improving our defence, but in the first half of the season, Arsenal was toothless and it was his decision that led to that! In my opinion, if you handed Man City to Arteta, they will not make top 4. Our major weakness in my opinion is lack of intention and deliberate action. The other weakness is that the manager is simply not good enough. Winning the FA Cup blinded our eyes from the obvious issues.
Natnaeal Mergia
Natnaeal Mergia 23 dagar sedan
Arteta has to step up next season to keep his job
geoff butler
geoff butler 23 dagar sedan
Its a joke he still there dont see things changing with him in charge
kronik MathsDebater
kronik MathsDebater 23 dagar sedan
Turkish the goat man. What a great host. Built for show business.
Union_Gunner 23 dagar sedan
As soon as this guy said he didn't know if the super league was a good or bad idea, I'm out .
No Name
No Name 23 dagar sedan
Y'all forget the British started calling football soccer
asmo21 23 dagar sedan
Julian the Woke One!
asmo21 23 dagar sedan
Did this Julian guy just wake up after 15 years? Or has he been living under the rock?
Shamar Brown
Shamar Brown 23 dagar sedan
Needed Cecil 🙌🏾
BaDaBing Fred
BaDaBing Fred 23 dagar sedan
sound like paid for conversation, it should be arteta out period
Amani Ndeze
Amani Ndeze 23 dagar sedan
Curtis, they should bring you on over stateside for some basketball discussion!
Yors P
Yors P 23 dagar sedan
This guy defending Kroenkes is the most ridiculous thing ive seen on this channel
patfulgoni 23 dagar sedan
Great discussion. More of this please. Big ups AFTV.
Special Kid
Special Kid 23 dagar sedan
lovely discussion lads...
Krishna Kumar Nair
Krishna Kumar Nair 23 dagar sedan
Can we have more of Julian please? He's more pragmatic than most at AFTV. And he's not a champagne socialist either.
Jay P
Jay P 23 dagar sedan
You go to "Partey Hard"
Mike Denton
Mike Denton 23 dagar sedan
So nice to have a promo which doesn't get me thinking about Ty shaving his bits
YeahTurtle 23 dagar sedan
I understand that Julian wants to take both sides and focus on his own research points for the argument rather than blindly following others but him saying he wants to make his own research after all this time is kind of hypocritical. The kronkes have been in charge for what around 15 years and you still haven't found your "research". He also made the point that he isn't saying the super league is bad or good, the super league has went through multiple stages the creation, the arguments and the destruction of it , could he not have formed a opinion yet or is he going to wait about 20 years to start looking.
Timo Yones
Timo Yones 23 dagar sedan
Tapsoba would be a dream signing
Paul McMaster
Paul McMaster 23 dagar sedan
Hopefully to the Championship where y'all belong 😂
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