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TIC: End of Season Awards. | Talk Is Cheap Ft. Laurie \u0026 Curtis

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27 maj 2021



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Andy Arsenal
Andy Arsenal 3 dagar sedan
Underrated show
david yew
david yew 14 dagar sedan
He didn’t win the FA cup.
Chris Arkenston
Chris Arkenston 16 dagar sedan
Curtis is so right, Arsenal squad is full of unsecure sloppy overrated players like Leno, Holding, Xhaka, Chambers, Elneny, Bellerin etc. And it's horror to see even Partey is becoming one of them. With no massive additions to the first 11, Arteta stand no chance next season. Let's see how happy will fans be, going nowhere from the middle table.
Petr Kiama
Petr Kiama 20 dagar sedan
Do an AFTV HQ tour
Art Phiri
Art Phiri 20 dagar sedan
Whoever put Hecky Becky as on the cover was trolling 😂😂😂 you guys
Davyhillz TV
Davyhillz TV 20 dagar sedan
True talk Curtis Shaw. But as bad as I feel right now, I'll still like to big up Arteta for what he did with the top teams last season. It's the first time in a very long time we go into big games with some level of confidence. The inconsistencies with the small teams was our major downfall. And most of those performance were caused by our players. David Luiz cost us wolves match, Granit Shaka cost us a few. So everything isn't just down to Arteta.
Saul Ignacio Alcala
Saul Ignacio Alcala 21 dag sedan
this end of the seasson was saddest iam so angry but I percibe the good point we can win the Barclays Premier League Carabao Cup and FA Cup hughs and regreats from 🇧🇴 Bolivia La Paz city for the gooners and goonerettes we most still love believe and support at our footballistical institution Arsenal
Mrjay84jay 23 dagar sedan
Best show on AFTV. Respect to Laurie and Curtis 👊🏿❤️💯
Q Breezy
Q Breezy 23 dagar sedan
You man gettin @ Heccy B so jokes when thats thrown in LOOOOL
Q Breezy
Q Breezy 23 dagar sedan
uptonogoodism 23 dagar sedan
More please 😍
asmo21 23 dagar sedan
Is this a budget Robbie?
Tarun Jacob
Tarun Jacob 24 dagar sedan
where is the EPIC intro?????
msbg117 24 dagar sedan
Think the Slavia Prague is the best moment of the season..... just the tone set at the start with Laca kneeling in the centre eyeballing man....and all the team clearly up to take em out.... and then it was executed so well with ironically black players scoring all the goals. Epic!
kuljj jhhgvc
kuljj jhhgvc 24 dagar sedan
Looks like david haye
tarvivor 24 dagar sedan
Fantastic show guys! Definitely agree with the analysis of Ceballos as most overrated - I think he's been on par with Willian this season. My moment of the season is Tierney's goal against WBA in the middle of a blizzard. Will never forget that one!
V K 24 dagar sedan
It's crazy to think our top goal scorer Laca doesn't even get a mention, he's played 500 less games than Pepe. These 2 may say that they support Laca but that doesn't look like it's true. Pepe is not the most underrated, Laca is and you 2 underrate him. It is so annoying that Laca doesn't get the credit he deserves
Tok Roy
Tok Roy 24 dagar sedan
Hi Mr. Roby I'm an Arsenal Fan from Indonesia. Can I express my opinion to M. Arteta. I really want M. Arteta next season to sign a player who can be used as input for M. Arteta. The player I mean is R. Bertrand M. Aaron Bissouma Buendia J. Grealish. For this one player I like the most. Because the character, vision, skills and physique of this player are very complete. He is also a great goal scorer. I think Grealish can be used as a substitute for Auba at Arsenal. Grealish with the players at Liverpool FIRMINO. So the 4-3-3 formation that M. Arteta really likes can be maximized. Leno AARON Saliba Gabriel Tierney BUENDIA PARTEY BISSOUMA Pepe GREALISH Saka Players who in my opinion don't contribute less at Arsenal should be sold, such as Auba, Laca, Xhaka, Willock, Niles, Goundouzei, Toreira, Nelson, Nketiah, Balogun, Bellerin. That's what I think should leave Arsenal. Sorry if there is something that is not comfortable with my opinion ... I apologize ... Thank you Mr. Roby
Sniper gunner
Sniper gunner 24 dagar sedan
Am hearing everyone on AFTV saying get rid of bellerin but I don’t hear anyone saying who will replace him
Sniper gunner
Sniper gunner 24 dagar sedan
Not saying pepe is going to rip up the league like salah but he remind me of the salah situation at Chelsea he was write off too early,that one of the mine reason I hate English pundits they’re too quick to write off players.
Sniper gunner
Sniper gunner 24 dagar sedan
@Walter Mosito so true like I saw Alan shearer team of the season and honestly I find it unexplainable that foden is in it over Son
Walter Mosito
Walter Mosito 24 dagar sedan
Especially foreign players. Then they overhype English players
Abdul Ahad
Abdul Ahad 24 dagar sedan
Who else noticed the new "clip" feature on youtube? 😱
The Joker
The Joker 24 dagar sedan
Did you forget we beat Man united at old trafford 1:0. 🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️. By far the best moment of the season Partey shutting it down. Ans united fans being stressed
ManLikeMoe 24 dagar sedan
25:50 YES CURTIS!!!
Prince Of Peace Media
Prince Of Peace Media 24 dagar sedan
Curtis look cool and respective here than at his own channel..Good to see. favorite show on AFTV. Keep up!
Darren Eastmond
Darren Eastmond 24 dagar sedan
Buying the Shard🤣🤣🤣👏🏽
ManLikeMoe 24 dagar sedan
Big up Curtis! Hasn't bought the new kit YET
Foluso Aboderin
Foluso Aboderin 24 dagar sedan
I have a very strong feeling we will have a fantastic next season.
Christian Miller
Christian Miller 23 dagar sedan
How long have you supported arsenal lol
Alf Robo
Alf Robo 24 dagar sedan
What is happening at AFTV The Kronkies out lasted a week and Arteta out is forgot after beating Palace
NJ Suarez
NJ Suarez 24 dagar sedan
Damn Robbie lost a lot of weight
Jaws 24 dagar sedan
oiiiiiiiii that gold sega top brings back memories of when times were good lol
Nick-N-Nels 24 dagar sedan
@Jaws Yep back when the club was run properly 😔 If you like check out my lil Arsenal shirt collection ❤
Jaws 24 dagar sedan
@Nick-N-Nels back when them things were Normal lol
Nick-N-Nels 24 dagar sedan
Interesting fact: Arsenal never lost whenever they wore that shirt 🔥
MADGUNS FOREVER™ 24 dagar sedan
Yea, classic Arsenal kit.
DJ Fury DejaVu
DJ Fury DejaVu 24 dagar sedan
3/10 our season.
John Mwangi
John Mwangi 24 dagar sedan
I missed you guys i am back love the show
Drew B
Drew B 24 dagar sedan
Good ebening Arsenal. Who’s laughing now???
Dwayne Clarke
Dwayne Clarke 24 dagar sedan
This is legit my most favourite AFTV show of all time. See you next see boys
C Goooner
C Goooner 24 dagar sedan
Love the show guys / could you do a live stream show soon ??????? Come on guys we deserve a live stream show
Kalyan Maity
Kalyan Maity 24 dagar sedan
Why do you fans love pepe so much..?😒 He can't dribble , He can't Cross , He can't take on players as he did earlier.. only scored 8 more goals.. and thats it.. For 80 million it ain't enough..
Aishwarya Raman
Aishwarya Raman 24 dagar sedan
Great show guys
Kalyan Maity
Kalyan Maity 24 dagar sedan
Why do you fans love pepe so much..?😒 He can't dribble , He can't Cross , He can't take on players as he did earlier.. only scored 8 more goals.. and thats it.. For 80 million it ain't enough..
DJ Fury DejaVu
DJ Fury DejaVu 24 dagar sedan
Thank you for your hard work this season watched all 78 episodes ❤
Theo Dale
Theo Dale 24 dagar sedan
Martinelli for most exciting?
LARRY JAY 24 dagar sedan
Still remains the best show on this channel by far
RAO 28
RAO 28 24 dagar sedan
Saliba will be getting a chance next season but he won't be a regular pick for Arteta bcos he is slow and Arteta prefers quick Right Centre Back
Marcus Cooper
Marcus Cooper 23 dagar sedan
Mari slow, Holding slow, Luiz slow. What are you talking about?
David Marshall
David Marshall 24 dagar sedan
We still will struggle for top 4 because the big clubs are spending way more then use so we have to look at long term abit like Liverpool did we can’t match some of the others with this owner
Vinay Kumar
Vinay Kumar 24 dagar sedan
Laurie's grammer = Shakespeare
Patsypats Patsy
Patsypats Patsy 24 dagar sedan
I think if Arteta and Co. are smart they can pull off some good transfers for little cost. If Laca wants to go then offer him to Juve straight swao for rambo, offer rambo the armband and CM to come back and it would be the best transfer Arsenal would make this century. If we got him linking with partey etc, for 3 years we would have a serious chance at a title. Anytime we went close to the title or on a long winning run, Ramsey was a major reason for that. When we lost form under Emery it was after ramsey got injured, he destroyed the best teams in the league when we had him filly fit and playing regular. Also Arsenal should try to swap Guendouzi for Aouar +£20m.
Udaco 24 dagar sedan
The worst of the season was a win against Chelsea at Emirates. Because it leads to Chelsea get Tuchel and immediately so good till the end of the season. If we lost that day, we might get Tuchel to replace Arteta. Who knows where we will end up later?
Adi bawang
Adi bawang 24 dagar sedan
Bring Back Unai Emery!!!!!
David JC - 柯大巍
David JC - 柯大巍 24 dagar sedan
I think to be fare to Curtis (and I hate to do it with his previous view on Mourinho and Conti), even those who weren't ihe biggest fans of the William move, I did think it was at the very least a that he would be a good support player. Even most of the worst detractors would never have thought he would have such a poor season, apart from a few games. What made matters worse was Arteta's insistence on continuing to play him over Pepe and others until the last 1/4 of the season. I think with Arteta you can see progress and and idea behind his process, where you just couldn't with Emery, particular towards his end. That said, like Areta's insistence on playing William despite his lack of form, other decisions were weird too, besides dropping Pepe when he was playing well, he also dropped Laca when he was scoring. Just weird. I don't disagree with Belerin now, but thinking a few years back when he first took over the roll, most people were praising him. How quick people are to forget. I think he never really got back after the injury. What's up with his green beliefs Laurie? On under rated players, or should I say unfashionable players that are not brilliant, but don''t get a mention are Chambers, best right back at the moment (not saying a lot) and a good stable season for Xhaka. However, it's unfashionable to say so. Regarding Rob Holding, again people forget that most people raved about him until he go injured. That said, I don't disagree that he is now an average defender.
Tenzin Wangchuk
Tenzin Wangchuk 24 dagar sedan
Xhaka most underrated and improve player
Ian de Vaz
Ian de Vaz 24 dagar sedan
When Laurie said "But before all that..." I was waiting for another epic intro but was disappointed when he continued "...Let's get into the game at the weekend"
Abraham Kargbo
Abraham Kargbo 24 dagar sedan
Arteta out!
Mir 24 dagar sedan
Pepe will do bits next season
Mike Shumate
Mike Shumate 24 dagar sedan
All of the top clubs are set to make big moves and I see Arsenal sitting on their hands....if the transfer season this summer isn't huge...this club is completely done.
metimber s
metimber s 24 dagar sedan
FFS just stay at home and do this on Zoom if you cannot wear masks. I am tired of these lockdowns going on because of people like you. Just listen to Boris and Hancock and stay at home to get rid of the virus
teresa michelle
teresa michelle 24 dagar sedan
"research" what you are told sir...
A 24 dagar sedan
I love how much you guys rate Pepe. He really deserves it. Keep up the great shows lads
Kalyan Maity
Kalyan Maity 24 dagar sedan
Why do you fans love pepe so much..?😒 He can't dribble , He can't Cross , He can't take on players as he did earlier.. only scored 8 more goals.. and thats it.. For 80 million it ain't enough..
Rickcasco 24 dagar sedan
If we sell xhaka we need declan rice
Leo Johnson-Lay
Leo Johnson-Lay 24 dagar sedan
Best show on AFTV keep it up!
Tesfa Harris
Tesfa Harris 24 dagar sedan
Note Laca's best season number wise is similar to Auba's worst. Says a lot to me
TellMeThis IllTellYouThis
@V KApparently Laca 2,450minutes Auba 3,018minutes.. thats pretty much 6 & a half more matches.....🤔
V K 24 dagar sedan
Look at everything, Auba has played way more minutes
TellMeThis IllTellYouThis
Does the stats say how much defensive ground workrate auba has done compared to laca or passes made and interceptions ? Lacazette is not our ruthless striker he is a link up forward who can be cool in front of goal sadly he has to be back 45 yards defending majority of the time as our midfield has been soft
Hong Kong
Hong Kong 24 dagar sedan
I really don’t know why three coaches before do not notice Bellerin is the soft rib in defences, don’t know how to use his speed and the crossings too soft , he basic skill doesn’t reach the standard of professional baller
TellMeThis IllTellYouThis
He be good at tennis
samson pereira
samson pereira 24 dagar sedan
Is he robbie’s brother?👀
TellMeThis IllTellYouThis
Most improved player by far is CHAMBERS went from playing WengerBall to KarankaBall to JokanovicBall to RanieriBall to ParkerBall to ArtetaBall & took our regular RB place and our latest RB signings place & at just 26yrs of age. 7 years a gooner too at that.
Hong Kong
Hong Kong 24 dagar sedan
What a big influence from Bellerin he can turn a 70 M signing to trash
Hong Kong
Hong Kong 24 dagar sedan
High pay ballers characteristics in Arsenal squad have big name age above 30 , winning or losing on the pitch they don’t really care , they are just mercenaries
Hong Kong
Hong Kong 24 dagar sedan
In deed we got good players in the squad to be in top four the problem is the coach knows who are the best 11?
Faysal 760
Faysal 760 24 dagar sedan
This show is massively underrated, great show guys keep it up 👍
PEPTETA 24 dagar sedan
No intro 😤😤😤
Hong Kong
Hong Kong 24 dagar sedan
Arteta doesn’t think Willian is a bad signing instead one of his success
callum new
callum new 24 dagar sedan
This show so underrated
TellMeThis IllTellYouThis
But who rates these shows 🤔
BBoye Prod.
BBoye Prod. 24 dagar sedan
Why don’t you talk loud so we can hear you? You are addressing viewers
CSandSoccer 24 dagar sedan
1 thing I will say in Holding’s defense that many ppl may have forgotten - This season was his first without injury issues. He started 28/30 league games this season, before his highest was 9/12. And he hasn’t been THAT bad overall tbh.
TellMeThis IllTellYouThis
@CSandSoccer true. Hes been at the club 5 years now had a few bad injuries but a move to Newcastle or Burnley might be better for his career also id guess we would get about 10million for him.
CSandSoccer 24 dagar sedan
@TellMeThis IllTellYouThis Only if we plan to get a good experienced right footed CB I think I would sell Holding. Also Saliba def needs a proper chance next season.
TellMeThis IllTellYouThis
Holding sadly never improved. Same player as when first signed only less hair now. Hes a handy squad player if playing a back 3 or in a 50+ game season. But at 25k p/w he is a squad player. Just the likes of Mavrapanos & Saliba deserve a run of games like Holding did...
Lu Donz
Lu Donz 24 dagar sedan
Rob u wasteman
Jon H
Jon H 24 dagar sedan
He’s magiiiic youuu knooooooooow
Aidan 24 dagar sedan
Every time I turn aftv on and I see this guy, I immediately turn it off
Aidan 24 dagar sedan
@TellMeThis IllTellYouThis think a lot of people are the same when you look at views
Aidan 24 dagar sedan
@TellMeThis IllTellYouThis for Robbie and Turkish. Don’t have anything against these but just nowhere near as good
TellMeThis IllTellYouThis
You turn aftv on 🤔
ky-mani gooner
ky-mani gooner 24 dagar sedan
No intro .. cho bubbles.
Matt B
Matt B 25 dagar sedan
Excuses, excuses for Auba, he just had a bad season it happens in football but he'll be back next season
Omar Yahya
Omar Yahya 24 dagar sedan
He won't be back. He is finished
Udaco 24 dagar sedan
Looking at the way he played this season, I think he won't be back as good as the years before. Maybe a bit better but not as good as before. He is getting older and his decision-making is getting bad. His confidence also getting lower and less ambitious unless if we try to play up to his strength. Current formation or system with the ball crossing into the box not suit him. We need to play like the way we play in the last game against Brighton which playing in between defenders and low grounding ball. This suit better for Auba but Arteta just keep on changing the style.
Mike Shumate
Mike Shumate 24 dagar sedan
highly doubt it. he's done.
Bahniman BARUA
Bahniman BARUA 25 dagar sedan
Mr good ebening did it. Tells a lot about arsenal in terms of how he was treated here!!
j 24 dagar sedan
@Yemmy Michael we aren’t a big club either rn tbf
Yemmy Michael
Yemmy Michael 24 dagar sedan
Naaa he can't handle Big Clubs, he was sacked in PSG too
P b
P b 25 dagar sedan
Best show on here
New life.
New life. 25 dagar sedan
Congratulations to superb Villarreal 🏆🕯️💐 upon beating Manchester United and shame on Arteta!
Neel Jain
Neel Jain 25 dagar sedan
Odegaard is the most overrated by miles...he is nowhere near ozil not even in his bad days ..backpasser not creative not what esr does it for us!
Udaco 22 dagar sedan
@Neel Jain Yes, I think our major problem is the midfield. Partey is not consistent this season. Maybe he needs a better partner to dictate in the middle. We need someone better, stronger, energetic, and skillful than Xhaka. Of course, Grealish and Maddison is more experience in the EPL. BTW, Odegaard is much younger than them. Grealish also not that good at his age. But as of right now, I prefer Grealish for immediate effect. Can't wait any longer.
Neel Jain
Neel Jain 23 dagar sedan
@Udaco Then in this case I think we need a out n out dictator in midfield so eitherwise odegaard doesn't suites what should be doing a grealish, buendia or maddison would be any day better than him.
Udaco 24 dagar sedan
Because we were not playing to his vision. No forward running behind defenders or get into space for him to make the forward or key passes. Our forwards are so lazy to make a run except for Martinelli. They just waiting and not try looking for opportunities. He is not Messi that can dribble pass over few defenders and open the space. He is a great passer but not a dribbler. Remember when we were behind 0-3 against West Ham? That is the only game I see our forwards start running and looking for space after being behind 3 goals. Other than that, they just so lazy like a phyton.
Mike Shumate
Mike Shumate 24 dagar sedan
I agree, send him back just like his passes.
Brandonlive 25 dagar sedan
Lets get this show live
Graham Barker
Graham Barker 25 dagar sedan
Awards..........for what............finishing like a turd down the side of a toilet....the only award is one for Unai Emery for winning the Europa League...just not with Arsenal....another fine move by Arsenal....
Laidback Lifestyle
Laidback Lifestyle 25 dagar sedan
Most underrated player is Xhaka. Hate him or love him, he hardly ever put a foot wrong and did his job in all positions asked. You could tell when he wasn't playing. Although I'm still not his fan
A 24 dagar sedan
Nah lol. Sell his clart
Lewis 25 dagar sedan
I'm only here for the intro. Where is it
stevendchu 25 dagar sedan
Last time I was this early, AFTV were still shouting that Auba is better than Kane and Salah.
J_dyme 25 dagar sedan
No intro for Curtis Laurie?! 😫 🚶🏿‍♂️
Steve Stewartl
Steve Stewartl 25 dagar sedan
You look like Ian wright's older brother not like Robbie lol
J W 25 dagar sedan
Unai Emery says good ebening. The best thing to have happened to him was getting fired from Arsenal.
Bandit Cavvi
Bandit Cavvi 25 dagar sedan
nah how is laurie introducing curtis with out the epic intro cha lol
TellMeThis IllTellYouThis
Its ok he said TLC ...
Dilan Gunawardana
Dilan Gunawardana 25 dagar sedan
Bit awkward to do when you're sitting next to someone
G B 25 dagar sedan
Spot on Curtis with analysis of Holding and how it reflects on what's wrong at Arsenal
Colin David
Colin David 25 dagar sedan
Yo what's happened to the big intro 😕 disappointed
Colin David
Colin David 25 dagar sedan
Big up yourself still
Sunshine Moonshine
Sunshine Moonshine 25 dagar sedan
Pepe may have earned his trust from Arteta in one game but Arteta does not put his trust in Pepe in the next game
Mike B
Mike B 25 dagar sedan
Better home record and we would be in the top four 😬 Build our team around Pepe Auba and the youth !
TellMeThis IllTellYouThis
@Cho Da Great its a bit hard to judge. AUBA has been known for his pace and positional timing for years now. But he has and will continue to lose pace. Ibrahimovic Lewbangoalski Immobole are approaching mid 30s yet score week in week out.. but there game hasnt changed thaat much other than less running.
Cho Da Great
Cho Da Great 25 dagar sedan
You prolly gave yourself a like lol. Get rid of Auba old fart
Sean 25 dagar sedan
49:55 is the best part of the show
Caps 25 dagar sedan
Mocking it 😂😂😂
Reeko Lynch
Reeko Lynch 25 dagar sedan
What a joke to say that Arsenal are too prestigious of a club to be in the Conference League and yet that same prestigious club couldn't even win enough games in the season to qualify for it far less any other European competition. Maybe try to actually be in the running for a competition before diminishing it?
sizah185 24 dagar sedan
Arsenal are still one of the biggest clubs in England, just because a team performs poorly they're status doesn't drop over night.
Graham Barker
Graham Barker 25 dagar sedan
absolutely agree...typical idiotic arsenal fans....sack emery and he wins the europa league that we didnt want to be in first, then when we were we didnt want to win it, then we did want to win it, then we came up against our previous manager....what a bunch of mugs...
Bonobo1974 25 dagar sedan
We need a year out of europe to focus on the league, said no Topclub ever. Arsenal are deluded if they think they can make top4.
ayo akinsiku
ayo akinsiku 25 dagar sedan
For me Martinelli is on a different level to Rodrigo and vinicius junior.... the kid is a hidden gem
TellMeThis IllTellYouThis
@Kalyan Maity agreed in terms of consistency but they have all played far more minutes than him. If Martinelli can stay injury free for the year he should be able to put his place as a regular.
Kalyan Maity
Kalyan Maity 24 dagar sedan
@TellMeThis IllTellYouThis I agree.. But yeah.. Rodrygo is better than Martinelli.. but Gabi is way clear of MISS vinicius
TellMeThis IllTellYouThis
@Jon Snow you do realise how dumb your comment is yeah🤔 he looks good cuz he plays with crap bums... so if he can look good with crap bums then he look better with better players 🤔 Martinelli is a baller! Stays injury free for a year and you will be corrected.
Jon Snow
Jon Snow 25 dagar sedan
Give whatever you are smoking. Martinelli looks good because he plays in a crap team with bums, he won't get into squad of none of those top teams.
Waguma Elias JB
Waguma Elias JB 25 dagar sedan
Hey Aftv ...you give has new terms of service...shall we pay to subscribe or watch Aftv onyou tube
ⴶⴰⵀⵉⴷ 25 dagar sedan
I swear i hate this intro, that scream 🗣
Ni ck
Ni ck 25 dagar sedan
Dead show get rid of it, its not getting views
A 24 dagar sedan
Nah, it’s the best on AFTV by a mile
Sean 25 dagar sedan
The chemistry is off
Edmond Saddler
Edmond Saddler 25 dagar sedan
Don't ramp with yard man we're very innovated set of people Upliftment we say big up Robbie tru 🇯🇲🇯🇲.
Mario Kyri
Mario Kyri 25 dagar sedan
Curtis giving me Kanu vibes in that top
A 24 dagar sedan
Lol yeah
OKA 25 dagar sedan
Lol.. The light skin version
Zac B
Zac B 25 dagar sedan
Bob bolding is nowhere near levels enough!
Cho Da Great
Cho Da Great 25 dagar sedan
Rob Balding
R Carl
R Carl 25 dagar sedan
Booooooo. No mega intro when C is in person lol
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