Trippier - Bellerin Swap Deal & Plus AFC Want Brazilian Striker | AFTV Transfer Daily 

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Trippier - Bellerin Swap Deal Plus AFC Want Brazilian Striker | AFTV Transfer Daily

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5 jun 2021



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traida111 10 dagar sedan
tripier for belarin? yeah great swap
YellaYetti The Mythical
Buendia is such an underwhelming bid honestly.
Lotus Karki
Lotus Karki 12 dagar sedan
We should go for Ridle baku,a great RB.
Tamim Al Thani
Tamim Al Thani 13 dagar sedan
Beundia is a winger odegard is a cam, pepe esr martenli saka are all better
Soul Steps
Soul Steps 14 dagar sedan
Where do AFTV get this rubbish form, do yourself a favour read about Spanish football .
David Ham
David Ham 14 dagar sedan
Trippier ain't gonna switch la liga champions to premier league has bins, Buendia gone to the Villa, Smith Rowe reluctant to sign a new deal, Arteta out... BRUCE IN 😂
CG Low
CG Low 14 dagar sedan
Have some critical thinking Robbie. Why would a player coming from the Spanish Champions and go to a club that isn't even playing the Europa Conference?
Khalid 14 dagar sedan
Only real Yuri is....Yuri Nator....
CG Low
CG Low 14 dagar sedan
Its amazing how AFTV always seems to rate the Arsenal players and expect clubs to pay crazy prices for them --- and yet in the very next sentence complain how the Arsenal players are just not good enough. 😕😕 Sell Willock for 40M and pocket some change out of buying Buendia. 🤪🤪 By December, everyone will be yelling that Willock is crap.
Moses O
Moses O 14 dagar sedan
Arsenal fans: 40 mil for Willock, 50 for Lacazette, 20 for Xhaka, 15 for Chambers... Reality: 17.5 for Willock, 20 for Lacazette, 0 for Chambers, 5-10 for Xhaka.
Andrew Carey
Andrew Carey 14 dagar sedan
If Arsenal ask for 35-40 million for Willock they’ll price themselves out of a sale, he’ll barely play a year and his value will drop.
Brian Nyararai
Brian Nyararai 14 dagar sedan
Yes swap
Edgar Granados
Edgar Granados 14 dagar sedan
Love the Jersey Robby! A true classic :)
ŽMPS 14 dagar sedan
Sell all club, sell fans too... Fresh start needed badly...
bradley hurley
bradley hurley 14 dagar sedan
Trip to arsenal for hector f no
bradley hurley
bradley hurley 14 dagar sedan
No good players would wanna join us were not a big club were not even as big as Aston villa
Philip C
Philip C 14 dagar sedan
Trippier over Bellerin all day
Sthembiso Madonsela
Sthembiso Madonsela 14 dagar sedan
Nah trippier is a former Tottenham player no we fine
Sthembiso Madonsela
Sthembiso Madonsela 14 dagar sedan
It's worth it buy Hackimi😑 even if they want a 100mil pound
BaxterRockyHolly 14 dagar sedan
Just for the symmetry of having two Kieran’s at wingback - I’m in!!
Benjy Runnings
Benjy Runnings 15 dagar sedan
Keep Joe Willock!
Gérôme LEVET
Gérôme LEVET 15 dagar sedan
Trippier ? Age 20 ? (image) He is 30 !
Auba Gunner
Auba Gunner 15 dagar sedan
No chance Trippier average player we need better and younger
Auba Gunner
Auba Gunner 15 dagar sedan
Hakimi is Real m player not Inter
Terry Moriarty
Terry Moriarty 15 dagar sedan
Why would Trippier leave Madrid to play for a club not in Europe
nila ronda
nila ronda 15 dagar sedan
Lack of commitment from the board... no europa.. dun expect big stars just sign epl players.
J Bone
J Bone 15 dagar sedan
😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 dreaming muppets
Gary McLaughlin
Gary McLaughlin 15 dagar sedan
Trippier has just won a league medal, why would he want to come to Arsenal ?
philip kemp bell
philip kemp bell 15 dagar sedan
He would like to join Arsenal..🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Thirdeyeboy85 Rams
Thirdeyeboy85 Rams 15 dagar sedan
Yuri looks like a top young talent but we have martinelli who for me should be moved to the striker position like we did for Henry progressing martinelli up front looks to be the right
nkd247 15 dagar sedan
Delusion is a wonderful thing. AFC will not attract any big names so it will be second rate players as per usual. Willock probably wont even want to come back if he is just going to warm the bench. Kroenkes out, AFC forever...
Afi Hussain
Afi Hussain 15 dagar sedan
Well done Kim Don Robbie the Supreme leader of North Korea suppressing voices since 2017 🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵 Mr Coward
John Moor
John Moor 15 dagar sedan
Here's the thing - we do have good players - regardless of who we buy or sell I'd like to get more out of whoever we have in the existing squad - and that's on the manager. I 100% agree that we over-coached this season - it didn't work, it will not work. Not only is it 'sub-optimal', it utterly failed us at key times. Not an Arteta-out person (he deserves more time IMO) BUT he needs to adapt, play with what we have and not who we desire.
Kieren Tedman
Kieren Tedman 15 dagar sedan
Arsenal got out bid again
Davido AFC
Davido AFC 15 dagar sedan
Didn’t age well lol
Neil Mccullagh
Neil Mccullagh 15 dagar sedan
And arsenal do the most spursy thing ever and get out bid by a club by around 5 million
Jean-Marc Louise
Jean-Marc Louise 15 dagar sedan
I can't believe that Aston Villa (of all teams) has beaten us to the signing of Emi Buendia, given that we were the forerunner to acquire his signature. When a club puts in an offer and it is turned down, then you go in with a better offer. But not us, so it's no wonder that the rug has been pulled form under our feet, because this owner does what he does best....he continually disappoints us in the way he conducts his affairs with this club. This is just another nail in his coffin. The sooner he sells and gets out of our club, the better it will be for us all.
Dylan Meyer
Dylan Meyer 15 dagar sedan
With our budget and what's happening around the world and the amount of changers we need to make. We would be stupid not to swop Heccy for Trippier.
Daniel Grave
Daniel Grave 15 dagar sedan
Why don't we interested in Florian Neuhaus... Brilliant player for Arsenal. He's a target for Bayern and Liverpool, but his qualities would be perfectly usefull for our club
Jack Hope
Jack Hope 15 dagar sedan
40m for willock you mad ahaha
Gunner 49
Gunner 49 15 dagar sedan
daniel thomas
daniel thomas 15 dagar sedan
Please robbie if you think willock is worth more than beundia you are in la la land
Firdaus Ibrahim
Firdaus Ibrahim 15 dagar sedan
Who cares about Buendia? Arsenal will bring Juan Mata and will pay exorbitant wages to another Spanish maestro ala Willian last season. Juan Mata is far more established and has trickery all over him. And we will try to bring Ross Barkley and Drinkwater (why not) to replace Willock and Guendouzi. Arteta and Edu are genius, and with Kroenke at helm, getting to the destiny of playing in the Championship could be a reality soon.
K11NGofficial 15 dagar sedan
We should have sold kolasinac when Barca wanted him
Said Basically
Said Basically 15 dagar sedan
oso 15 dagar sedan
We’re in a decline. What do you mean villa got buendia over us ? They need to explain how villa did one over us ! Are we not the Arsenal ?!!!
gideon sakaria
gideon sakaria 15 dagar sedan
dont sell willock
Philip Victor A. Palmer
Arsenal should go for Nikola Vlašić now that Buendia is going to Aston Villa.
Robert Canizales
Robert Canizales 15 dagar sedan
Tripper for Bellerin would be a steal
AMISHA QUEEN 15 dagar sedan
I believe selling willock would be a bad idea he should have until January to prove himself
philip kemp bell
philip kemp bell 15 dagar sedan
Villa outbidded Arsenal in the transfer market, at 33m fee. Arsenal clearly working with peanuts.
Muralidharan J
Muralidharan J 15 dagar sedan
Why english clubs rely on African, southamerican, East European players......acquiring them as the only way to keep top PL clubs afloat and make them compete worthy in europe is sorry state of affairs of epl. Whole purpose of evolution of epl was to build home grown talent.
Muhammad Daiyan
Muhammad Daiyan 15 dagar sedan
it is in the history of the tottenham
Christmas Critters
Christmas Critters 15 dagar sedan
The sheer fact that Robby chuckles his way through this transfer talk shows why no change is ever going to happen at arsenal, Robby would rather protect his brand than use his platform to organise the arsenal collective to damage the Kronkes in the only place they care about their wallet.
Lamps Bright
Lamps Bright 15 dagar sedan
Why would Trippier want to go from La Liga champions to Arsenal? 🤣
electick jo
electick jo 15 dagar sedan
Haha arsenal no1 target........
Said Basically
Said Basically 15 dagar sedan
Best player by far in the championship and when he played in the prem with Norwich he was third for chances created after kdb and TAA...your point is invalid
superman chris
superman chris 15 dagar sedan
Sell Joe , why have him and not play him, at Newcastle he is a King why stay at this joke club and fight for a spot.
superman chris
superman chris 15 dagar sedan
We are linked with a million players, where are gonna put them hmmmm, lmao
superman chris
superman chris 15 dagar sedan
We are Titanic FC this club is a sinking ship.
Kid Kaka
Kid Kaka 15 dagar sedan
Unpopular opinion. Buy Hakimi as a wide midfielder and Max Aaron's as a right back. Imagine the overlaps and constant changing what a head ache.
randolph morgan
randolph morgan 15 dagar sedan
Tippier all day long, A qualIty player, SOL was a yid so what. Pat jennings was a yid so what, 30 YEAR OLD SO WHAT!!
GABRU HPKD 15 dagar sedan
I think we can Get Hakimi
GABRU HPKD 15 dagar sedan
Keep willock sell Laca , Hector , Sead K
Red AfterShock
Red AfterShock 15 dagar sedan
35 to 40 million ??? Did Arsenal get Micheal Edwards 🤔 no .... Well then 20 Million off to Newcastle joe goes.
Sprain Ankle
Sprain Ankle 15 dagar sedan
Arsenal owners feel they have more head,dan garlic..
Akku 15 dagar sedan
ROBBIE WOULD WANT TO SELL MUSTAFI FOR 100 million because he has better stats than VVD
Philip Victor A. Palmer
I knew one of these teams was gonna steal our transfer targets but I thought it would be Bissouma. (still think it will happen)
Chloe Steel
Chloe Steel 15 dagar sedan
Kieran tripper..... absolutely not 😂
Ato Acheame-Ewusi
Ato Acheame-Ewusi 15 dagar sedan
Arsenal should sign Dede ayew
Ryan Fitzgerald
Ryan Fitzgerald 15 dagar sedan
Id take a Bellerin for Trippier swap. The delivery from the two KT's on either side would be outstanding
Paul Welford
Paul Welford 15 dagar sedan
Willock is only worth 25 million. He is not consistent and only played a handful of good games. You won’t sign the Norwich player he is off to villa. And Robbie where do you get this rubbish rumoured.
Andre Kondrajian
Andre Kondrajian 15 dagar sedan
Kronkes love arteta because he’s a pushover he knows his place that’s why they won’t sack this under achieving manager who almost got us relegated do you think simione would be told what to do NOT that’s what we need
Rafael Santos
Rafael Santos 15 dagar sedan
FFS Buendia went to Aston Villa
og87 15 dagar sedan
Had to quickly google tripiers age after seeing that graphic 😂😂
Samuel Andersson
Samuel Andersson 15 dagar sedan
Trippler is a more solid defender and better crosser than Bellerin. So why not🤷‍♂️. He is 30 but he easily got 2 more years in him before we need to replace him. We should make this deal and focus on upgrading other positions. I mean of there is no better options out there for the Rb slot then just go for this deal.
Jordan Jones
Jordan Jones 15 dagar sedan
Arsenal will End Up Signing Lingard as a Marquee Signing
fizz113 15 dagar sedan
0:39 tomorrow's Transfer daily is going to be gold.
fizz113 15 dagar sedan
1:49 he's correct.
fizz113 15 dagar sedan
0:33 I thought it was a typo, but I think he might be "Now Rich", considering where he's gone. Also, £35 is cheap.
Redda Rebel
Redda Rebel 15 dagar sedan
Buendia has gone to Aston Villa Robbie & can you blame him.. Would you go to a team that is owned by Stan Kroenke with a manager who might not play you because he might not like you. We are doomed under Kroenke any player we go for you can bet your life another club will go after him & the selling point will be I’m not Stan Kroenke I’m not Arteta you will play under me.. Arsenal are doomed ... Get excited he said We will invest in the summer window so Arsenal can compete he said & the window hasn’t even opened yet & we are a laughing stock of the football world yet again.. WE WANT HIM GONE WE WANT KRONEKE OUT
Samuel Andersson
Samuel Andersson 15 dagar sedan
Give Willock a fair chance this season!
mike lawry
mike lawry 15 dagar sedan
this club is such a joke ino aftv is a neutral platform but still robbie isnt a fan who cares about the performance if the club this man should be promotting protest for games, boycotting games and also club merchandise and really drill it home to the fans thats the only way thats going to bring about change to the club i love
Mark Collyer
Mark Collyer 15 dagar sedan
Nick Johnston
Nick Johnston 15 dagar sedan
This video has aged well....haha
Tony Day
Tony Day 15 dagar sedan
If we sell Guendouzi it should be about 30mil hes still so young
9alt0 15 dagar sedan
Emi Buendia to Aston Villa. Classic Arsenal. Lol what a joke
daniel roberts
daniel roberts 15 dagar sedan
Trippier to Manchester United
Jordan Holmes
Jordan Holmes 16 dagar sedan
Villa have outbid us for buendia, so we can't of been all in for him if he's off there. Great start Arsenal 🙄.
StarKiller AVFC
StarKiller AVFC 15 dagar sedan
Or you were all in and he didn’t fancy it- who could blame him
Kieran Lenthall
Kieran Lenthall 16 dagar sedan
Keep willock
Peter Gilmartin
Peter Gilmartin 16 dagar sedan
We've been interested with everyone under the sun! We're interested in players from Norwich, an Sheffield United and Brighton that's because proper world class players won't come to us any more
Thomas Unwin
Thomas Unwin 16 dagar sedan
I would take ur hand of for tripper free kick on the boy
Alex King
Alex King 16 dagar sedan
Robbie - thanks for the vid, you do need to sort the graphics out tho! Trippier 20 yrs of age and Nowrich!! 😀
billy chapman
billy chapman 16 dagar sedan
Buendia off to villa hahahahahaahahahaha
Zohaib Chaudhri
Zohaib Chaudhri 16 dagar sedan
Hakimi is a WING BACK not a Right back. The prerequisite of a Right BACK is that he’s a good defender. Hakimi is not a great DEFENDER. Max Aarons is Unless we’re playing a back 5 then yes Hakimi he’ll be great
Copper Nesher
Copper Nesher 16 dagar sedan
I hear that Buendia is going to Aston Villa 👀
Alex Garcia
Alex Garcia 16 dagar sedan
Why would trippier downgrade?
Rexor 16 dagar sedan
Here after Arsenal lost the bidding war of Buendia to Aston Villa
Zohaib Chaudhri
Zohaib Chaudhri 16 dagar sedan
Everyone hates this guy. Watch now IF we sign Trippier then all these man will start bigging him up. “ oh he had a great world cup” he came from Madrid bla bla bla. Watch this would happen
Eldean Azu
Eldean Azu 16 dagar sedan
NGL, arsenal need to sign burak yilmaz from lille if they want to replace lacazette
bujiman 16 dagar sedan
Of course I would do the swap. Trippier offers way more!
P3Wnut 16 dagar sedan
Yuri Alberto is a good player. An important player for Internacional's campaign for the 2nd place in the Brazilian league. Scored important goals, including a hat-trick against the league leader, putting Internacional at the 1st place.
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