What Can We Do As Fans? | The Supporters Club Ft. Lee Judges, Jordan & James 

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What Can We Do As Fans? | The Supporters Club Ft. Lee Judges, Jordan \u0026 James

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5 jun 2021



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Dave G
Dave G 10 dagar sedan
Our club my arse ,it’s a business !
Rohith Raja
Rohith Raja 11 dagar sedan
Kroenke won't sell man, he will crush completely arsenal heritage like using merchandise and everything at all last situation will be more worse literally dieing moments and then he might use popular image of arsenal and sell around 1bn. I gurantee you guys this will happen with in 4-5 years. Our club will decline badly in every aspect and become new nothingam forest sooner than later😌 Sad truth. You will see this comment and laugh may be but this will happen and being an analyst I can assure you.
عبد حبيب
عبد حبيب 13 dagar sedan
the guy on the left got weak mentality
David Neicho
David Neicho 13 dagar sedan
Arteta hasnt got the backbone to ask for a different brand of coffee.
Salt N Pepe
Salt N Pepe 13 dagar sedan
Kushal Woodhoo
Kushal Woodhoo 13 dagar sedan
Turkish 2021 - 'new shoes but the toes are just fucked...' ROFL
จิรายุส จุลปานะ
As an Arsenal fan i'm was fine as a gooner but seeing that the Gunners are a cursed club is really hurt. That's why Arsenal are cursed!
Stuart Pickering
Stuart Pickering 13 dagar sedan
Kick out kronke now they are messing up this club. Such a shame. 10th next season Arsenal fans.
Stuart Pickering
Stuart Pickering 13 dagar sedan
Arsenal are not a big club now. Out of Europe next season and a board clueless. Arteta will struggle if he does not get the backing in the transfer market. The owners are a joke.
Conor Bailey
Conor Bailey 13 dagar sedan
You can all stop buying the 30 training kits arsenal release each season for a start... just filling up the Kronke wallets
Odunsi Omotayo
Odunsi Omotayo 13 dagar sedan
Tell James to shut up please that guy is clueless
عبد حبيب
عبد حبيب 13 dagar sedan
bad pr can also lead to lost sponsership
George O'Brien
George O'Brien 13 dagar sedan
I am worried about Arsenal for next season.
Peter On Pole
Peter On Pole 14 dagar sedan
Big up the Uganda crew!
Oli Rahman
Oli Rahman 14 dagar sedan
What we can do as fans is stop supporting Kroenke Fc till the leech fucks off
Fletcher Russell
Fletcher Russell 14 dagar sedan
Absolutely love Lee Judges speaks realistically about the love for his club
Gary Castro
Gary Castro 14 dagar sedan
Lol Turkish asking people to give up season ticket but he says I can’t . So No one will 😂 doesn’t take a genius to figure that one out . Everybody says the same excuses
Aftv and popcorn.. A match made in heaven
kiomi kiomi
kiomi kiomi 14 dagar sedan
Kronke out
Duane Mark
Duane Mark 14 dagar sedan
DG NATION !!!!!!!!!
Mighty Man
Mighty Man 14 dagar sedan
The best, most consistent players don't need the board to provide motivation for their career direction.
Adam Driver
Adam Driver 14 dagar sedan
Can fans this year (if they dont spend big, stop supporting them like buying kits and merch, even season tickets )
js13 13
js13 13 14 dagar sedan
Leicester will try to win the EL
aakash gohil
aakash gohil 14 dagar sedan
We just lost a bid war to aston villa. Are you serious ????? Is that what we are at now.
anjou brown
anjou brown 14 dagar sedan
non of the boycoting makes any sense. continue to support and be optimistic. our players and manager are no good. yes the board are to be blamed for that but what do we know abt Daniel? we are no longer a big club so stop fooling ourselves and work on getting back there and it starts on the training ground.
TurkishLDN 13 dagar sedan
You want me to support the same people that took us from a big club to what we are now in the hope they will return us back to there one day? Think about what you're saying.
Saul Ignacio Alcala
Saul Ignacio Alcala 14 dagar sedan
the Arsenal it's our club what can can we do still love believe and support at our footballistical institution Arsenal need us together iam optimist this transfers are a reallity because you deserve it you are a good woman and a good friend all the best now and always go on Arsenal
Matej Slavicek
Matej Slavicek 14 dagar sedan
Instead of asking AFTV panellists speaking from a place of ignorance, how about asking real political activists. This video is just for content.
Deez Nhutz
Deez Nhutz 14 dagar sedan
I'm *****ing scared fam
Ignacio 15 dagar sedan
james comes across as passionate as kroenke lol so monotone.
stephen manley
stephen manley 15 dagar sedan
Barely into the summer transfer window, and the club have already shown their lack of ambition, in being priced out for Buendia. We already look set for yet another mediocre season, unless the Kroenke's sell.
Khaff jones
Khaff jones 15 dagar sedan
Some of you are more FOES than FANS!!!! All you do create shows and just spit NEGATIVITY ALL DAY EVERYDAY!! Are you real SUPPORTERS??? Trashing players and judging their intentions SOOO SAAAD! You should change your negative and criticizing culture as FANS!!!
D. Vimal Kumar
D. Vimal Kumar 15 dagar sedan
Arsenal is shrinking faster than the Aral sea ever shrunk
Meethilesh Deenoo
Meethilesh Deenoo 15 dagar sedan
In terms of views this podcast is criminally UNDERRATED
O M 15 dagar sedan
Brother Robbie, as a good man you are. Please re-evaluate your moral compass. If Apartheid in South Africa, which was oppression of the African man. Please realise that the Palestinian people are experiencing the same if not worst apartheid in modern times. Don't sell your soul to the perpetrators. You'll be a much more contented human in later life. The Palestinian issue is not to do with religion. Religion is being used for distracting from the main problem of oppression and apartheid.
Darren, like my father before me
The kroenke's won't let us live and they won't let us die. Arsenal life under the kroenke's stewardship is like purgatory
Eric Rerrud11
Eric Rerrud11 15 dagar sedan
Just looked up his age. He is 73. So all you guys can do is wait and prey he doesn’t have a stubborn family member ready to take over
Eric Rerrud11
Eric Rerrud11 15 dagar sedan
Just understand the more you try to Bully him the less he will spend . And he won’t sell anyways. He doesn’t even live in the country, he lives in a country that doesn’t even know the sport exists. If he lived in a football culture that would be more helpful because it could impact his daily life.
Clint R
Clint R 15 dagar sedan
Arsenal have first choice signings but never make it happen.. always end up with third choice or someone who wasn't even an option because they become available and will appease the fans. You don't even have a winning mentality in the transfer market.. mediocrity clearly right from the top down
Luke Bentley
Luke Bentley 15 dagar sedan
One solution IMO. It needs every fan to protest outside the emirates for an hour before the game and no-one goes in to watch the game. Let them lose the entire fanbase and all the revenue from fans in the stadium. That's the best way to get the owners to sell.
O G 15 dagar sedan
We have to not go on Stadium again and don't buy anything for kroenks' profits ✍️
Shourjya Nag
Shourjya Nag 15 dagar sedan
I'm a chelsea fan but it's clear as day to me that Arsenal deserve a better owner than that Kroenke clown
Time will Tell
Time will Tell 15 dagar sedan
Shocking team shocking club shocking fans shocking shocking shocking
Zumam Klan
Zumam Klan 15 dagar sedan
Does Turkish not understand that man utd have worse owners than us. He talked absolute rubbish about how they get rid of players after 1 season. Utd did it with Di Maria and that's it. They are keeping mata and probably Phil Jones there. So he seriously needs to not talk about other teams owners without understanding the whole situation.
M KAB 15 dagar sedan
lee talks sense, james is deluded thinking josh is trying. open your eyes james, josh can make decisions on finances. look at the buendia situation. villa got there 1st
AFC Kyle
AFC Kyle 15 dagar sedan
James always looks bored when other people are talking
John Doe
John Doe 15 dagar sedan
We just been rejected for buendia 🤣🤣🤣. We better get auoar and neves, onana and misaraoui if we want to get anywhere
Oswald Jury
Oswald Jury 15 dagar sedan
After the Buendia disgrace I want Grealish at Arsenal and it's not negotiable... What Is happening to Arsenal????
War 159
War 159 15 dagar sedan
James is that weak, gullible, yes man, clueless fan that is part of the problem!
The Joker
The Joker 15 dagar sedan
Cmon bro. Yes we finished 8th. But Arsenal we always be Arsenal. Our history will live forever. Liverpool was a dead club until 2018 when they reached the champions league final. And also finished outside Europe a few times. They came back after getting a manager like Klopp
john o shea
john o shea 14 dagar sedan
Nah arsenal are finished, liverpool will always be a big club no matter what
biltzforce 15 dagar sedan
Not surprised at all man ! 100% we will never get anyone this summer. we suck at the transfer market for 15 years. its the same old story ! same scenarios I would expect from Arsenal scenario 1 : Our target getting outbid by some club. history : example Hazard ? now villa outbid us Scenario 2 : We get no one and then to appease the fans .... last min/ week transfer buy. AKA the panic buy or the free transfer ! example David luiz , willian , the list goes on. the best thing is Arsenal PR Team will convince us how good he is and how he will impact our game LOL AKA ZERO IMPACT. Scenario 3: Getting bullied by other clubs to pay 40-70+ million for a mediocre player like pepe , partey LOL ! honestly, i have decided to not even watch a single arsenal match before it even started ..... the identity is gone , the club is finished .... we will never see those fluid attacking and beautiful passes ! really hope the owner jus moved on and stop the fan abuse..... really sickening to see the team's instagram posts about online abuse.... For 15 years , we have decline to this rubbish draft ..... thanks korenke for all the heartache you gave me. i am a legacy fan and will continue supporting unless koronke leaves .....
uptonogoodism 15 dagar sedan
Excellent stuff...all I can say is, Always love The Arsenal ❤️
Raghav Mehta
Raghav Mehta 15 dagar sedan
Start buying shares 😂
Ian de Vaz
Ian de Vaz 15 dagar sedan
These are the "Top 4". Kudos guys!
Kim The Comic
Kim The Comic 15 dagar sedan
I am Kim the fan from uganda, thanks for the shout out @Aftv💯
Xavier Beats
Xavier Beats 15 dagar sedan
Thing is with Arsenal is that they let stuff slide and now it’s gone to far
Casey 15 dagar sedan
I really enjoyed this video
jidf32 15 dagar sedan
*AS AFTV you need to stop being tok sic and trying to use your platform to push negative agendas.*
Stuart Brunning
Stuart Brunning 15 dagar sedan
The lack of motivation argument is nonsense. Look at the reaction of most players when they score or when they’re scored against. This is elite sport.
Ya Boi
Ya Boi 15 dagar sedan
We need to build a team that complements each other. For example an overlapping right back to improve sakas game. We have absolutely zero balance. Our midfielders are too sluggish, our wingers all play in a similar way etc. I think we should just sign a bunch of young players as there’s no way we can get top 4 next season with this ownership and this board. Just sign under 23 players and let them express themselves at least give us some entertaining football and something to look forward to in the future
Steve Whitehead
Steve Whitehead 15 dagar sedan
What can we do Robbie already has the new Arsenal gear so tell me WHAT CAN YOU DO !!!!!!!!!!!!
Ibrahim Akhtar
Ibrahim Akhtar 15 dagar sedan
So we lost Buendia now Man kroenke needs to go now seriously what the hell have they done to this club. Its every single year now man i raise my hope and then arsenal just keeps it thrashing to pieces.
Gd2knw 15 dagar sedan
All talk and no action FC 😂🤣
Jordan Faal
Jordan Faal 15 dagar sedan
If we want kroenke out we have to stop going to games and stop buying the kits it’s the only way, our fanbase make excuses to stil buy so things will never change, make future sponsors not want to sponsor us
Gooner Will
Gooner Will 15 dagar sedan
Jordan speaks true facts
Zayn Mahmood
Zayn Mahmood 15 dagar sedan
🇵🇸 🇵🇸 🇵🇸 🇵🇸 🇵🇸 🇵🇸 🇵🇸 🇵🇸 🇵🇸 🇵🇸 🇵🇸 🇵🇸 🇵🇸 🇵🇸 🇵🇸 🇵🇸 🇵🇸 🇵🇸 🇵🇸 🇵🇸 🇵🇸 🇵🇸 🇵🇸 🇵🇸 🇵🇸 🇵🇸
Gooner Will
Gooner Will 15 dagar sedan
This James guy needs to wake up stop coming up with ifs buts maybes mate we ain’t come close to winning the league for years the owners don’t give a dam the club has gone so far backwards and the fans are seriously making excuses for arteta come on wake up
Gooner Will
Gooner Will 15 dagar sedan
Keep saying this time and time again when will arsenal fans wake up these owners do not care we won’t get the investment therefore we ain’t going anywhere will be another dreadful season
Kanyin’s Tv
Kanyin’s Tv 15 dagar sedan
A quick inspiration - Nothing that has happened to you is a surprise to God. God’s hand is always on you. He’s ordering your steps. If the door is closed, it was supposed to be closed. If the person walked away, they were supposed to walk away. Don’t get upset, keep moving forward. God has already worked the situation out. He has something greater in store for you. Declare by faith, “it is already done” 💕
Mark Rogers
Mark Rogers 15 dagar sedan
There are no "gods". For extraordinary claims you need extraordinary evidence- and there isn't any. Saying our future is down to a big guy in the sky is a backwards philosophy from millenia ago and does no good. Only we control our own fate.
Sunshine Moonshine
Sunshine Moonshine 15 dagar sedan
As Arsenal fans we can have a good laugh at ourselves
Jay London
Jay London 15 dagar sedan
Chelsea are the biggest club by miles
Jay London
Jay London 15 dagar sedan
A player chose villa over arsenal jokes 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
kman 288111
kman 288111 15 dagar sedan
This club is dead. End of.
Abraham Garshong
Abraham Garshong 15 dagar sedan
Arsenal leaderdhip is accepting MEDIOCRITY. Its awful and painful
Jonah Sevume
Jonah Sevume 15 dagar sedan
I agree with the argument. It starts from the top byt lest we forget this board will never hire a manager who will challenge them. They want someone they can control
Ashish Parashar
Ashish Parashar 15 dagar sedan
Turkish said 24 hour Kroenke Out channel, yes why not ?! Let there be a marathon show of 24 hrs. AFTV have enough members to cover 24 hour and this will surely create some ripples. Get in Troopz, DT, Turkish, Ty, Kalechi, Lee, Pipa and so many genuine fans. Connect to Global fans, bringing them live into the show.
David Lee
David Lee 15 dagar sedan
Question is...how do we get the international fans to stop purchasing the Arsenal kit and anything related? Cuz THAT will REALLY hurt the pockets and HOPEFULLY (fingers crossed) get the kroenkidiots SERIOSULY thinking
Christmas Critters
Christmas Critters 15 dagar sedan
Havent watched the whole video yet but ... Robby should be committing all of his channel to the removal of the Kronkes at this point. You should be encouraging as many fans to cause as much disruption to the Kronkes as possible, especially get the USA fan base to draw attention at his other teams stadiums and start damaging his Brands, only way they're going to sell is if it in their financial interest to. Robby grow a spine watch some Les Misèrable and push the envelope a little.
Moyo Adewunmi
Moyo Adewunmi 15 dagar sedan
Great content.
Medalia Leon
Medalia Leon 15 dagar sedan
Nothing can be done .. fans are cowards , if arsenal want it’s east .. freeze London .. the queen will call kraonke herself .. kraonke is a crook .. already he’s bought fans no one is talking ..
Adam Hall
Adam Hall 15 dagar sedan
"What can you do as fans?" Maybe stop throwing your players & managers under the bus like you did with Wenger.
MAX POWERS 15 dagar sedan
What do you mean?
Akhilesh Gannavarapu
Akhilesh Gannavarapu 15 dagar sedan
Who came here after the Buendia news? Arsenal were outbid and out-grappled by Aston Villa. Let me say that again for emphasis: Aston Villa *outbid* for a player that "The Arsenal" were monitoring and targeting for months. Says everything about the club, the owner and the management. Shambles.
ekow stikka
ekow stikka 15 dagar sedan
Another project?? Really?? 😳🤔. Continue to wish on a star. 😆🤦‍♀️🤭
ekow stikka
ekow stikka 15 dagar sedan
Arsenal fans are not angry enough. We love mediocrity and it shows. Kroenke is won't go since y'all are not serious. "Be excited" 2.0 🤣😆. Fans are soo gullible and it stinks.
XXIVVIXCIII 15 dagar sedan
Arsenal got beat to Beundia by Aston Villa loooool
Jamil Simmons
Jamil Simmons 15 dagar sedan
The owners and the board have dragged this club to the ground ...Us as fans need to boycut completely..no ticket buys no jersey purchases ..We are not a big club anymore ,we just have a big history ..I said it before ..we can sell Wenger but he is not the problem ..the owners are and as long as they still own the club they wilñ remain the problem
mario Ajdini
mario Ajdini 15 dagar sedan
Arsenal need an owner like Roman Abramovich
john o shea
john o shea 14 dagar sedan
You dont say 🙄🙄🤣
Mussumba Felix
Mussumba Felix 15 dagar sedan
These people supporting Arteta after the bad season he has oversaw need to get their cranium checked.
Let Bagons Be Bagons
Let Bagons Be Bagons 15 dagar sedan
Turkish, its probably not a smart move to admit on SVdown that you use a DTV box for Football games . You can get sued by the Premier League for "illegally streaming" games.
Spaced Man
Spaced Man 15 dagar sedan
Put it this way, when it comes to direction and striving to be the best from top down in every department we have already failed before we even got going, the mere fact that Arteta is still here proves we are not striving for success, to be the best. Arteta is not innocent in this either constantly playing under performing players and not striving for their best in order to keep playing, changing the culture can only be done if you change the whole system from top down (they are all guilty of this mediocrity and none of them deserve our support).
Ian JC
Ian JC 15 dagar sedan
Arsenal is no more the top club I know
Ian JC
Ian JC 15 dagar sedan
Owner has to go
Ato Acheame-Ewusi
Ato Acheame-Ewusi 15 dagar sedan
Arsenal should sign Dede Ayew
Crypto money team
Crypto money team 15 dagar sedan
This club is not going to be competitive next season were just going to keep sliding down the table smh
Ken M
Ken M 15 dagar sedan
Dont buy nothing the club sells
Redda Rebel
Redda Rebel 15 dagar sedan
Trukish your right when you say there are little things that the Kroenke’s could have done two years ago to put themselves in a better light & that would have been for Stan to except Alisher Usmanov’s 2.2b offer & f&&k right off to leave Usmanov to take Arsenal where we want to be.. WE WANT HIM GONE STAN KROENKE OUT OUT OUT
Solomon Joseph
Solomon Joseph 15 dagar sedan
Hey Turkish, Emil buendia is going to Aston Villa, he rejected arsenal
Solomon Joseph
Solomon Joseph 15 dagar sedan
@Spaced Man exactly
Spaced Man
Spaced Man 15 dagar sedan
I thought we were unwilling to match Villas offer, either way it does not bode well for the future of this club.
Juma Kato
Juma Kato 15 dagar sedan
Juma kato from Uganda big the guy in the middle nice Message he delived
John Melon
John Melon 16 dagar sedan
Southgate will become the Arsenal manager in the summer
Shawn Osunde
Shawn Osunde 16 dagar sedan
As much as I like this energy in words, Aftv literally has no action to back it. Let’s be real. You’d rather do a live stream that go out and protest.
dbo 0
dbo 0 15 dagar sedan
@Walter Mosito it's not their responsibility to fix anything. It's a channel where topics are discussed. Feel free to do something yourself though 👍
Walter Mosito
Walter Mosito 16 dagar sedan
Facts. No call to action. Just panels of conversations. As enlightening and entertaining as they are, they don't fix the problem at hand
Xanrn 16 dagar sedan
my hope that Arteta gets the sack before the season starts not at x-mas
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