Will 2nd Ek Bid Be Enough? Transfer Updates! | AFTV News Daily 

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Will 2nd Ek Bid Be Enough? Transfer Updates! | AFTV News Daily

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Francis Midalimu
Francis Midalimu 10 dagar sedan
For sure we Arsenal fans from kenya are tired of the way Arsenal board is handling signing new layers
Buck Green
Buck Green 10 dagar sedan
James and Cecil are the best!
Bomi 10 dagar sedan
Ek don’t have the net worth for arsenal. He’ll struggle when he buye
Xela John
Xela John 11 dagar sedan
Looool James just thinking “why is this guy such a prat” at the beginning! Lol big up both of u tho love watching the vids daily
Lopsang Lama
Lopsang Lama 11 dagar sedan
James Gain weight
Mansoor Ali
Mansoor Ali 11 dagar sedan
Cecil seems like a nice guy but agrees with anyone and everyone 🙃
doncourts 11 dagar sedan
I don’t think the kroenke will sell unless we continue to do poor financially
Shadow1609 11 dagar sedan
5:50 - Ek 👍
Bak 11 dagar sedan
The 30 PTS deduction . If they did that this year to us we would of finished 3 PTS ahead of Fulham :/
Tom Custis
Tom Custis 11 dagar sedan
70-80m for xhaka bellerin and William 🤣 James is smoking hopium
Matthew H
Matthew H 11 dagar sedan
The Rams are actually worth 4 billion. So a lot more than arsenal
Kaii Hiin
Kaii Hiin 11 dagar sedan
Cecil; We have centreback!! Arsenal; nah. Cecil: I want our first choice players!! Arsenal: nah.
Total futbol - 9ja made
Upgrade for the RB 30M, Back Up Left Back 15M... DM 40M, Backup DM 25M n Loan Odeggard 4M...Total of 114M... Sales= Bellerin 20M, Xhaka 20M, Kolasinac 8M, Guendouzi 15M, Torreira 20M .. With that... Total= 83M
AG 11 dagar sedan
Why was this show not done with Turkish?
Jonathan Hanson
Jonathan Hanson 11 dagar sedan
Forbes has Arsenal valued as April 2021 at $2.8 billion. (£1.99 billion). Kroenke wont sell for a penny less than that. If he’s really offering £2 billion, this could actually happen.
js13 13
js13 13 11 dagar sedan
Sabitzer is way more useful than Aouar and Buendia tbh, playin in the highest level with Leipzig in Bundesliga and UCL as well. If we get him for 15 million, we realistically can get Buendia + 1 more forward, on top of backup left back and primary right back if Mr.B leave
Butler boy
Butler boy 11 dagar sedan
I really enjoy James and Cecil chemistry together
kman 288111
kman 288111 11 dagar sedan
James comment regarding "Transfer budget" makes sense. Ref - "25.04", While the Kroenke may state they will cover the cost of Euro super league, they could reduce the transfer budget as a payment for services rendered.
Recursions 11 dagar sedan
The owner personally paying the super league fine will be the most he has ever invested in the club. With financial fair play, this has a cost implication on the club that everyone just dismisses. This fine limits any other investment by the owner into the club. Also the fine was not the only cost implication of the super league debacle. Do we know what was invested into it in terms of time, staff cost, etc before and after? Paying the fine is not even covering half the cost in my opinion. As a member of the so-called big six, we had a voice on a number of committees and boards. Because of the Super League we have since lost that voice and influence in many ways be it forced or by resignations. This to me on its own will have cost implications and cause damage to the club for many years to come. Moving on from this I think this will rule out any further owner investment and with the club losses last year you are looking at a much lower budget than people are predicting. We are facing the normal one somewhat big signing and two loans / unknowns.
Rohith Raja
Rohith Raja 11 dagar sedan
Kroenke won't sell man, he will crush completely arsenal heritage like using merchandise and everything at all last situation will be more worse literally dieing moments and then he might use popular image of arsenal and sell around 1bn. I gurantee you guys this will happen with in 4-5 years. Our club will decline badly in every aspect and become new nothingam forest sooner than later😌 Sad truth. You will see this comment and laugh may be but this will happen and being an analyst I can assure you.
Daniel 11 dagar sedan
Daniel Ek must feel like he has a chance or he wouldn’t waste his own time and incur all the legal costs etc he has probably incurred
King Dave
King Dave 11 dagar sedan
Lmao 21:45 James telling Cecil to stfu and draw 😂😂
Michael Bamert
Michael Bamert 11 dagar sedan
Tobi Olusola
Tobi Olusola 11 dagar sedan
Ramsey salary is crazy. Please dont bring him. He will become another ozil.
Tobi Olusola
Tobi Olusola 11 dagar sedan
I’m not too keen on odegaard but if we sign neves and bissoma behind him then I won’t mind. I think he will perform better.
Gooner 72
Gooner 72 11 dagar sedan
James........ I think your valuations of our probable outgoings are pretty fair to be honest, i don't understand why some people are thinking that we'll get an absolute fortune from player sales. Its not a sellers market this transfer window, its definitely a buyers window so players will go for less than what some think. Xhaka.... £15-18 million, Guendouzi.....£8-10 million, AMN...... £10-15 million, Bellerin..... £8-12 million. These are realistic transfer prices....
Beans Meap
Beans Meap 11 dagar sedan
Cecil’s peeing me off ..
jaden 11 dagar sedan
@Beans Meap ohh okk
Beans Meap
Beans Meap 11 dagar sedan
@jaden he’s a bit superficial and being a bit childish at times
jaden 11 dagar sedan
Why lol
Daniel V
Daniel V 11 dagar sedan
James I have to disagree. People like the kroenke do not feel ashamed the budget will remain the same. In my opinion.
lionel andrews
lionel andrews 11 dagar sedan
this is a no no for me, i did not come to watch a comedy show, wayyyyy to much fooling around. get down to the news already...
Chris Brown
Chris Brown 11 dagar sedan
I think James is a great person to have on the show, don't get me wrong but everytime he talks about the Kroenkes and how much they're going to spend I just think he's trying to talk himself into the idea that the club are going to have a major injection. Honestly we will sell alot more and buy one or two players
netweed09 10 dagar sedan
They're both just firing shots in the dark m8 and getting likes for it. They rated Buendia; who in their right mind with any ambition rates a Cship standard ACM (flat track bully) who can barely score in the Prem?? In the end, I was right we didn't get him lol. Where are efforts to get Oyarzabal, Goncalves. Actual good players?
lorga mehmet
lorga mehmet 11 dagar sedan
wont happen .
War 159
War 159 11 dagar sedan
How can you say either of the Kronkes care! James you’re an absolute wet wipe!
Seu Amigo
Seu Amigo 11 dagar sedan
I like these Sesil intro's always... Always smiling... Keep it up mate.. Howz it going people...😂😂😂
Udaco 11 dagar sedan
You just hurt Kroenke by giving an analogy to Lamborghini because he drives an American-made Cadillac.
Kitchen King
Kitchen King 11 dagar sedan
How are you even sure arsenal were interested in buendia . Creating stories Outta nothing.
Kitchen King
Kitchen King 11 dagar sedan
Ruben Neves , Celik , Odegaard , Alexander Isak , Ryan .
Marton Janos
Marton Janos 11 dagar sedan
This James guy is not as smart as the people think. He said that is a cheaper option if you sack Arteta instead of keeping him and spend big. If you sign a new guy let's just say conte do you think he would sign without secure himself with 1 or 2 big signings?
Serchal Gaming
Serchal Gaming 11 dagar sedan
Unpopular opinion: I would take Hakan Calhanoglu over Odegaard
Football expresso
Football expresso 11 dagar sedan
Why can't Ek and Dangote to a team together and bid ridiculous offer to Stan Kroenke for about over £5 billion, then Kroenke will sell for that price.
Darren Scott
Darren Scott 11 dagar sedan
Best comment I've seen 👏
Akhil Bahuguna
Akhil Bahuguna 11 dagar sedan
James and Cecil are the best signings aftv has made in years .
Buck Green
Buck Green 10 dagar sedan
aakash gohil
aakash gohil 11 dagar sedan
50 mil for a centre back LOL. Might aswell go for Hakimi for 60 mil.
aakash gohil
aakash gohil 11 dagar sedan
Odegaard being the top priority is just stupid. There are better players than odegaard in the market, we can get two better players for the price of odegaard. Marcel Sabitzer - 15 mil, Aouar- 25 mil. Two top class players instead of a overhyped kid with possible future potential.
Kitchen King
Kitchen King 11 dagar sedan
Arsenal is just a shadow remaining , I think fans should stick together and remove him by doing all possible things. Together say in one voice Kroenkeout !!!!
Kitchen King
Kitchen King 11 dagar sedan
2.2 b can do it.
Kitchen King
Kitchen King 11 dagar sedan
I must thank ek for showing interest and one day kroenke will sell.
David Marshall
David Marshall 11 dagar sedan
Vishal Vibhaker
Vishal Vibhaker 11 dagar sedan
Cecil's example of the Lamborghini isn't accurate. It's more like buying a Lamborghini with mild engine trouble, totalling it and claiming it's still a Lamborghini. When the Kroenkes came in we were still a top 4 team. We had trouble but we needed to spend smart. He's driven the club to the ground and refuses to do anything about it.
Vishal Arora
Vishal Arora 11 dagar sedan
Why would you sell a football club where you saw the value doubled since you bought it for anything less than double the valuation right now? Football valuations are increasing with clubs becoming more and more of an entertainment entity. It is stupid business to sell it for JUST 2 billions which is roughly the present valuation especially a billionaire who is in sports clubs and franchises. Retty sure they laughed at the bid....projections are more important while bidding. Also, this rhetoric that it puts pressure...bleh, Kroenke's are for profit making and they have no pressure to spend even if you guys break in the emirates and destroy the stadium. They are not glazers...Unless he gets an over the odds bid based on future projection, he won't sell. It is delusional and uninformed abt kroenke's model to think they will sell for this much amount. Ek is going public because he knows the bid is low...using PR pressure.
Stan Clarke
Stan Clarke 11 dagar sedan
At this point Kroenke needs to just GTFO of Arsenal and sell for crying out loud! These morons don't care about the club, and we've dropped significantly in value ever since their acquisition. They need to try their luck with a Sunday league team because that's close enough to their level of ambition.
Temp Step
Temp Step 11 dagar sedan
Viva Italia 🇮🇹! Avanti Azzurri! We'll be champions
Muhammad Daiyan
Muhammad Daiyan 11 dagar sedan
2.3-2.6bil is the selling price
Mark Rogers
Mark Rogers 11 dagar sedan
I'm still worried that Eck's purchase will be a leveraged buy out like the Glazers did at Man Utd. Do I want Arsenal to be saddled with debt? Absolutely not. I'd prefer the Kroenke's to stay rather than that.
Muhammad Daiyan
Muhammad Daiyan 11 dagar sedan
howsa goin ppl, welcome back to aftv
Julian DiGiuseppe
Julian DiGiuseppe 11 dagar sedan
We have to strip this squad with no European football. There is easily 140mil worth of deadwood.
Super Mario4205
Super Mario4205 11 dagar sedan
James is deluded if he thinks Kronkes would spend £100 million on players.. It would be around what Cecil says £60 million after player sales.
Vasil Bekov
Vasil Bekov 11 dagar sedan
Lb cover for KT,dont rush to sell AMN - he is a very good player from our own academy!!!- can play as wb or cm - thats you're cover for the wb - or in need midfield!- still we got Chambers & Cedric!- no cb needed we got 5 + Mavropanos! - get Matheus Pereyra for ESR cover till we see what gonna hapend with Odegoord - another loan or we gonna get him now - sign Bisouma & Neves - if we still have $£€ - Celic - from Lille for wb - and we have the best transfer window for the last 5-10 years!?!?😁💪🤘
Spencer Ruble
Spencer Ruble 11 dagar sedan
Honestly I think James is right about the rams ownership. As an American arsenal fan the Rams are just as successful and famous in the world of American football as arsenal if not more. We’re arsenal have the invincibles the rams have the greatest show on turf. As a family that seems more interested in American sports than European I think James is right in saying he may enjoy the new and improved life with the rams.
James Jefferson
James Jefferson 11 dagar sedan
Was keen to watch Robbie.. saw these two and turned off!
George Young Sing
George Young Sing 11 dagar sedan
Jokey man Cecil 😂😂
Rashid Khalid
Rashid Khalid 11 dagar sedan
Arsenal declined from the times nokia declined from the 2003/4 period onwards and they tried making comeback but thats always seemed far to reach and now they are just an ex great company 😆
Akhil Vasudevan
Akhil Vasudevan 11 dagar sedan
Nokia was killin it till 2008 though. The N series cellphones were the dream of everyone before Iphone picked steam
Barry Sebastian
Barry Sebastian 11 dagar sedan
You guys are the original funny man straight man act
Rashid Khalid
Rashid Khalid 11 dagar sedan
If arsenal is sold it will be the first club to be sold past the billion pound mark
Roy Warukira
Roy Warukira 11 dagar sedan
We need conte he is a free manager and a serial winner sack mikel now!!!!!
Blackdog 666
Blackdog 666 11 dagar sedan
Yawn 🥱
Puneet Mitra
Puneet Mitra 11 dagar sedan
FYI- "Content Creators" if you don't want to say "influencers" 🙂. Great show lads.
Conor Ruane
Conor Ruane 11 dagar sedan
I agree with James I think Josh does care
Paul Mccullough
Paul Mccullough 11 dagar sedan
If Ek buys, Arteta,Edu and Vinai will be axed.
Supa Flash
Supa Flash 11 dagar sedan
Saul Ignacio Alcala
Saul Ignacio Alcala 11 dagar sedan
engineer EK become in our new owner please witj your two billion pounds 💷 (2.000000€)will become in the king of Europe because mister Kroenke it's selfish and noscive toxical
Calibre Ranger
Calibre Ranger 11 dagar sedan
Sacking Arteta is more expensive James because a new manager would demand a massive transfer budget
And Cch
And Cch 11 dagar sedan
If and when Daniel gets ownership, celebrations at emirates !!!!
0reg00ner 12 dagar sedan
I wish I still had James’ optimism
Mushambo Ally
Mushambo Ally 12 dagar sedan
Cecil🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️😂😂😂😂😂 news anchor...and James the analyst 😃
Martin Neill
Martin Neill 12 dagar sedan
Anyone but England
Ganief Erasmus
Ganief Erasmus 12 dagar sedan
Guys remember the bid is 2.8billion in dollars
Rainman 48
Rainman 48 12 dagar sedan
must be so exhausting working with Cecil everyday
Judicath Nkya
Judicath Nkya 12 dagar sedan
Joshua Callanan
Joshua Callanan 12 dagar sedan
If We get Onana, Bissouma, Ødegaard (Loan/Permanent) and a decent RB like Van Aarnholt, Lampty, Trippier or someone promising I'd be happy we need a back up LB too so be interesting to see if these owners fill these voids in our team
Martin Foster
Martin Foster 12 dagar sedan
The intro is hilarious!
Runjan Chetty
Runjan Chetty 12 dagar sedan
It’s not a matter of incompetence or not caring but rather a lack of ambition and desire to make the club as successful as possible.
Runjan Chetty
Runjan Chetty 12 dagar sedan
Here do some drawings!! You two are the new Little and Large, Abbott and Costello!! I enjoy you two!!
Ahmad baihaqy
Ahmad baihaqy 12 dagar sedan
100% will reject by kroenke
Travis 12 dagar sedan
I can only bare watching this show when it's just Cecil and James.
Harry Argent Phillips
Harry Argent Phillips 12 dagar sedan
Yep I would agree with James, I would rather have a sugar daddy rather then a owner who cares
Luca Pascual-Villar
Luca Pascual-Villar 12 dagar sedan
I'm born in London but my parents are Spanish so I consider myself spanish. COME ON SPAIN!!!
therealdilonjukic 12 dagar sedan
Cecil and these intros are killing me hahaha 🤣
Coded Fotography
Coded Fotography 12 dagar sedan
Don't mess up the intro 😭😂
tony thornton
tony thornton 12 dagar sedan
Kronke won't sell so you may aswell support the team
Darren Ingram
Darren Ingram 12 dagar sedan
Can Cecil get to the point? Dude is a taller version of Ty.
amrit khatri
amrit khatri 12 dagar sedan
I thought robbie was bad but this two r rubbish
Benjamin Wolf
Benjamin Wolf 12 dagar sedan
I'm with James, 20 years were tried to do it the nice way, lets do an Abramovich now. Everyone else is with billionaire owners. That is how it is now. Can't beat erm? Join erm
DJ Willza
DJ Willza 11 dagar sedan
@Benedict Wong assets or not he's still richer than most in the league and defo alot richer than Dan eck
Benedict Wong
Benedict Wong 11 dagar sedan
@DJ Willza you got people saying kroenke value are mostly assets which he can't touch. False info
DJ Willza
DJ Willza 12 dagar sedan
@Benjamin Wolf kroenke is worth 10b n his wife part owns Walmart collectively him his son and wife r richer
Benjamin Wolf
Benjamin Wolf 12 dagar sedan
@DJ Willza not true mate, recheck those facts
DJ Willza
DJ Willza 12 dagar sedan
Your owner is richer than abramovich
Benjamin Wolf
Benjamin Wolf 12 dagar sedan
Love this show. AFTV #1 football fan show IN THE WORLD
MOHAMED ZAKARIA 12 dagar sedan
Why James is naive about the kronke and he's the one always kind like defending the kronkes
E3boss2003 11 dagar sedan
Agree its weird he backs them when they have been destroying our club progressively for years
TryMeKKB _YT 12 dagar sedan
Kronke out
Alina Olga Mazneva
Alina Olga Mazneva 12 dagar sedan
Chels managment is what makes it good, owner makes it great, PSG is an example off big owner, poor managment
the story of Dock
the story of Dock 12 dagar sedan
Cecil sounding like a g
Alina Olga Mazneva
Alina Olga Mazneva 12 dagar sedan
England Russia
My Profile Picture Won’t change
AFTV isn’t the same anymore... who are these 2 random ass people? And who is kelechi? Booo
Tanumoy Talukder
Tanumoy Talukder 12 dagar sedan
I am a bit disappointed with AST tbh. They are the ones from the fans forum who directly talk to Josh Kroenke however we are not seeing much involvement thereafter from them during the transfers.
Michael Adjei
Michael Adjei 12 dagar sedan
Why does Cecil call James, 'James B" I swear he just goes by James
Montelle Trasey
Montelle Trasey 12 dagar sedan
Because it rhymes with Cecil G, which he calls themselves when making the introduction at the beginning of videos. Quite smart imo
Paul Sears
Paul Sears 12 dagar sedan
Is Cecil coked up?
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