Willian Close To Exit & ESR About To Sign New Deal | AFTV News Daily 

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Willian Close To Exit \u0026 ESR About to Sign New Deal | AFTV News Daily

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tteeluck 6 dagar sedan
43:36 Arteta is still manager in 2021 lads, that’s what Arsenal does to them lol🙈✌🏾
Yellow Scar Lightning Scream
I see Man City coming with 50mil offer for Tierney
James Breen
James Breen 11 dagar sedan
I would love bissouma, but what would be our midfield for the whole of January when the African nations Cup is on .. no party, auba, pepe, Muhammad and then bissouma?!
Davern Dixon
Davern Dixon 11 dagar sedan
Cecilia twat
Davern Dixon
Davern Dixon 11 dagar sedan
Pure bellends
Adam 12 dagar sedan
The guy with the hats voice makes me wanna smoke a fat one and get lickeddddd
notsinel 12 dagar sedan
Kronke out
mohit Kapoor
mohit Kapoor 12 dagar sedan
Love you Turkish bro 😎
Jacob winspear
Jacob winspear 12 dagar sedan
Am I the only one that doesn’t see Neves as a CAM but more as a CM?
steveparadox1 12 dagar sedan
Guy with the beard is either as bald as a coot or has a kinky afro under his cap
Nina G
Nina G 12 dagar sedan
Cecil looks like Eder militao
daniel kennedy
daniel kennedy 12 dagar sedan
Channel needs renamed AAFTV (Anti Arsenal Fan TV)…these two have spent 50 minutes slagging the club rotten, spewing ridiculous baseless negativity. Pathetic excuses of fans
hugh porter
hugh porter 12 dagar sedan
take the knee : Boooooooooo. no politics u wankers
edd edward
edd edward 12 dagar sedan
Url need a little more separation at the table guys.. if it’s a discussion
Shadow1609 12 dagar sedan
What is with the neves hype - we never needed a xhaka profile (immobile and not so agile for ball recovery)- we need a workhorse like bissouma fast, aggressive and recover the ball quickly - we don’t have an athletic midfielder who can cover a lot of ground quickly on the counter going against us, that’s why we look so lethargic and vulnerable. Bissouma and an all out creative 10 like a grealish - who play in Lw ( we may not be able to afford him but there others out there) de Paul ?
Sadiki Ndizeye
Sadiki Ndizeye 12 dagar sedan
Is Neves a holding midfielder?
Sugar Ocain
Sugar Ocain 12 dagar sedan
Re not qualifying for Europe. "No serious player wants to take that chance in their career", yet Buendia went to Villa.
Reality Creators
Reality Creators 12 dagar sedan
Cicil's other name is "For me"
Rob Jorge
Rob Jorge 12 dagar sedan
I've heard from the Arsenal Lounge that Arsenal didn't offer Buendia the deal only made a bid and when Villas was accepted Arsenal didn't pursue it. Odegaard is still our main 10 target. We are making too many assumptions as we don't know what they are doing behind the scenes. It's a guessing game right now and only comment on what we see.
Sugar Ocain
Sugar Ocain 12 dagar sedan
The Headline to this video is exactly the news i want.
Orange Sloth
Orange Sloth 12 dagar sedan
Ppl gas up ESR; he’s good and has potential but not even close to making the England team. Big club like Arsenal shouldn’t be depending on a kid like this. Sad times.
Mechatronics Evolution
Mechatronics Evolution 12 dagar sedan
Cecile is trash tbh, get James and the two other guys to form the magic quartet again
mohd firdaus ahmad
mohd firdaus ahmad 12 dagar sedan
turkish every second rant kroenke out but still renew his season ticket,..what a joke ...hahahah
manmohan dhama
manmohan dhama 12 dagar sedan
the whole bissouma and neves thing is exactly like xhaka and kante thing.pls arsenal learn from history and go for bissouma.
bijay khadka
bijay khadka 12 dagar sedan
why they are pretending like they know it all /???
Himanshu Singh
Himanshu Singh 12 dagar sedan
It takes 10 seconds to google how to pronounce someone's name. shameful.
Alfred Boss
Alfred Boss 12 dagar sedan
U dont buy bossuma unless ua sick in ua brain,
Kitchen King
Kitchen King 12 dagar sedan
Ruben Neves is scorer , Willock too , we looked in past few seasons we will never score that's the main reason why we are at 8th in league . We need fast tempo , this ain't la liga . It's most difficult league.. players who just keep passing to other players not good enough try to penetrate , take man on man try to score be brave flood players in box that's the arsenal I saw early days.
Njabulo Gule
Njabulo Gule 12 dagar sedan
If Odegaard is our number 1 option we are doomed
Mark Sweet
Mark Sweet 12 dagar sedan
Doig for £5m is a great deal. He was the Scottish Young Player of the Year and would be a terrific understudy to Tierney.
Ansa Kitu art
Ansa Kitu art 12 dagar sedan
Ainsley is just another entitled kid with an ego bigger than the Atlantic ocean
Ansa Kitu art
Ansa Kitu art 12 dagar sedan
You guys are gonna est your words when Arteta gets it right, so negative 🤦🏾‍♂️
Kitchen King
Kitchen King 12 dagar sedan
Kitchen King
Kitchen King 12 dagar sedan
Tobi Olusola
Tobi Olusola 12 dagar sedan
Who ever is Tierneys back up will end up playing 30 plus games so they need to be good.
Tengiz Cengiz
Tengiz Cengiz 12 dagar sedan
41:00 willian
Tan Qi Zhe
Tan Qi Zhe 12 dagar sedan
Cecil: How's it going people Me: *clicks like button*
Walter Drinkwater
Walter Drinkwater 12 dagar sedan
I think Zaha is exactly the player we need if any of laca or auba leaves the club
Grant Hibberd
Grant Hibberd 12 dagar sedan
No matter the players on field stats, they need to be able to deal with MASSIVE amounts of pressure from fans and press. Arsenal is not a place for timid/shy players. They need big personalities that are fighters on and off the pitch. Seen so many promising players arrive and crumble under the pressure, and then everyone one goes “x coach ruined them”, mediocre player, not good enough to take us forward, etc, etc...
ansardagooner 14
ansardagooner 14 12 dagar sedan
Good jobs guys 👍🏽 we need to sign the following; Bissouma, Camavinga, Aouor, Hakimi and Odegaard back on loan! Only then will I say we have a chance for top 4!
BakedandHectic 12 dagar sedan
Partey hard. You know you need to Partey hard.
aakash gohil
aakash gohil 12 dagar sedan
Chelsea biding 60m for hakimi and we are just looking at options. Does arsenal doesnt have the power to splash big for one player ?
kallan shambu
kallan shambu 12 dagar sedan
Miss those days of DT and troops. Just like arsenal aftv content have been degrading.
Sunil Singwal
Sunil Singwal 12 dagar sedan
I have a feeling that if Arsenal get Neves then they might not sign bissouma or odegaard.. cz let's be honest 35m for neves, 40m for bissouma and 50m for odegaard.. Arsenal are not going to spend that much in a single transfer window.. that is a budget of 2-3 transfer windows for arsenal.
DJVIPERG 12 dagar sedan
Love the intro, big up turks and cecil
Qasim Cheema
Qasim Cheema 12 dagar sedan
The aftv daily complaint show... Come on guys stop complaining about the past all the time
Razz3H 12 dagar sedan
Welcome to Cecil Daily.
Michael Robinson
Michael Robinson 12 dagar sedan
Honestly, Gee is hard to watch. More James please. No disrespect.
Sihle Phangwa
Sihle Phangwa 12 dagar sedan
We warned you boys about Willian but noooo you had to do things the Arsenal way...
Muhammad Daiyan
Muhammad Daiyan 12 dagar sedan
de paul is class
Alexx Allert
Alexx Allert 12 dagar sedan
Cant watch this whole stream 😄 Turkish is pessimistic about everything😒
Andre Grant
Andre Grant 12 dagar sedan
I believe in what Terkisha said when we sold Van Persey to Manchester United and he won the league with Manchester United the year after that Hurt me the most Big up Terkish @aftv
Quan Dang
Quan Dang 12 dagar sedan
I remember when Auba signing a new contract was the best 'transfer business' for Arsenal. Not even a year in and people are regretting it.
Rain Man
Rain Man 12 dagar sedan
Turkish speaks like a 7yr old haha like seriously man. 🤣
Julian DiGiuseppe
Julian DiGiuseppe 12 dagar sedan
47 points in 23 games since boxing day is actually mad. People who laugh at this stat, don't.
Paul John
Paul John 12 dagar sedan
The continued Belerin agenda is pathetic and lowers the standards of the show. I can understand people not rating him but they need to be realistic. All because Belerin slated Arsenal doesn't mean you have to react in childish manner
Top FivePercent
Top FivePercent 12 dagar sedan
No offense - but Turkish is too right - Arsenal is totally a banter club - Chelsea fan here - I want you guys to get better - I miss the old days when playing Arsenal was an event ...
Andrew Mensah
Andrew Mensah 12 dagar sedan
We will get NEITHER Bissouma nor Neves...brace yourselves for second rate loan signings
TheWorld IsYours
TheWorld IsYours 12 dagar sedan
Cecil got alpha maled
Marcus T
Marcus T 12 dagar sedan
You people that want Ruben Neves are the reason we will never get out the mud. SMH
Siggi 12 dagar sedan
Bulletin is nothing more than 12 million… come on Cecil wake up dont be so delusional
Francesco Nelson
Francesco Nelson 12 dagar sedan
Partey, Neves, Xhaka would help burst the mildfield
slcfutbolfan 12 dagar sedan
Fun fact - The Villa owner is the 2nd RICHEST in the EPL. Now you know
Röbìn Drãgûnöv
Röbìn Drãgûnöv 12 dagar sedan
if Kroenke was the richest, he is still buying Sanogo
Francesco Nelson
Francesco Nelson 12 dagar sedan
I dont think Arteta should allow Granit Khaka go
thetruth7100 12 dagar sedan
If Dortmund agree, Chelsea are willing to hand over like 150M, meanwhile, Arsenal couldn’t match a 35M bid for a main target
R F 12 dagar sedan
if all the players are bigging him up then why are they leaving???
Rhodesians Never Die
Rhodesians Never Die 12 dagar sedan
I genuinely think Cecil is not a true gooner, more like casual fan. You can see the way he talks, he is not a hardcore arsenal fan like DT, Troopz and Lee etc
AG 12 dagar sedan
That's not a bad thing. Most fans are like that and a large chunk of people watching AFTV will be seeing things the same way Cecil does. Lots of them have only now realised how dire the state of the club is
CareTaker 4 HIRE
CareTaker 4 HIRE 12 dagar sedan
Good riddance to Bad Rubbish....Arseteta out! Take Kranky with ya!!!
Washiton Connect
Washiton Connect 6 dagar sedan
Well who would buy him with those wages..!!
Jonathan Lyne
Jonathan Lyne 12 dagar sedan
Sign both Neves and Bissouma. Bissouma being our traditional dm and neves being a xhaka replacement. Every good team has options in midfield
James Breen
James Breen 11 dagar sedan
Agreed.. plus will give us cover in January when the African nations Cup is on
Gooner 12 dagar sedan
The Buendia outrage is embarrassing. Get over yourselves.
Deez Nhutz
Deez Nhutz 12 dagar sedan
ST: Auba (Its still Auba🙏) LW: Saka RW: Pepe (Maybe Got it Together. Strong Fin to the season) CAM: Aouar CM: Neves CDM: Partey (1 year under his belt) RB: Trippier (We can't attract much more (No Europe) than that) CB: Gabriel CB: Saliba (No Idea what he can do honestly just hope 🤞) LB: Tierney GK: Leno Bench: Emile Smith Rowe **** if I know 🤷‍♂️. I don't know what else we can attract to this club tbh atm!! 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️
Deez Nhutz
Deez Nhutz 12 dagar sedan
@Justin Moakler Aouar was poor this season. What he says isn't necessarily what is going to happen. As for Trippier, I mean yes. He's linked with a move to United. But he is still an Atletico player right now and look at what happened to Buendia. He was supposed to go to Arsenal (Heavily linked)
Justin Moakler
Justin Moakler 12 dagar sedan
Aouar already said he wants to go to a champions league team and Trippier is going to United.
ayman 12 dagar sedan
William helping Arsenal win the UCL in 3 years didn’t age well 😂
ben cox
ben cox 12 dagar sedan
The rvp hurt but Sanchez killed me. And now I feel dirty being a fan. Working in a kitchen it hurts big time
Ragyi Thakuri
Ragyi Thakuri 12 dagar sedan
Doesn't Willian want to stick around to win the Champions League?
Jabu McNtuli
Jabu McNtuli 12 dagar sedan
Arsenal should have an age group policy of signing players (18-27 yrs old) when they are signed on 5 yr contract. If he's obove 27 should be on a 4 with an option of 2 yrs, and 2 experienced players who are 30 yrs on a 2 year contract with an option of 1 year on.
Victor M
Victor M 12 dagar sedan
@turkish - fair play; always speaking his heart!
kl story
kl story 12 dagar sedan
28:40 my club battered you 6-0 on wengers 1000th game. typical mourinho. shithousery lol
GOONER Singh 12 dagar sedan
Turkey I disagree leader is person who can lead and inspire a team we had luis
ZUBKA: T 12 dagar sedan
Turkish and Cecil’s personalities are polar opposites. it feels like Turkish is alpha male-ing and Cecil is just agreeing with everything Turkish says. Cecil would excel as a presenter but not someone who can express his opinions genuinely coz he often jumps on a bandwagon to stay onside.
denzel dogg
denzel dogg 12 dagar sedan
Willian ain’t going anywhere wishful thinking, no one with pay him what you fools are paying him banta fc back again
Sugar Ocain
Sugar Ocain 12 dagar sedan
I fear you might be right. Amazing after the Ozil debacle, that the same mistake was made with Willian i.e. long term high salary.
Edward Isyagi
Edward Isyagi 12 dagar sedan
Say good ebbinning
DBLazerJ 13 dagar sedan
I think you underestimated what leadership David Luiz brought, he had an influence in that dressing room. Ok not Viera standards but who is....
R C 13 dagar sedan
This show is just so negative…..,both presenters are depressingly poor… Robbie needs to take note
R C 12 dagar sedan
@Woozie oh so that explains it then…….All the best.
Woozie 12 dagar sedan
That's because arsenal are poor and we've lost a main target to Aston villa of all teams
Sami Khan
Sami Khan 13 dagar sedan
You both are overreacting mate. Buenda wasn't Arsenal first choice. Correct your facts
Justin Moakler
Justin Moakler 12 dagar sedan
How do you know that? They clearly need an attacking midfielder and Buendia was the first attacking midfielder they bid for, kinda seems like Beundia is arsenal first choice
Uyi Ikhu-Omoregbe
Uyi Ikhu-Omoregbe 13 dagar sedan
We sold Martinez to villa now he convinced Emi Buendia to join villa.... time for Leno to bring in a mate
Daniel Adams
Daniel Adams 13 dagar sedan
Mustafi was being sarcastic ffs...
Major Brix
Major Brix 12 dagar sedan
Kinda felt that vibe too...
Liam Spinks
Liam Spinks 13 dagar sedan
I think you're conflating the amount of rumours in the news with the amount/seriousness of a clubs transfer targets
wendell coppin
wendell coppin 13 dagar sedan
I'm Backing Turkish for Head Coach and Curtis for his assistant
Josh Feehan
Josh Feehan 13 dagar sedan
Man said good Ebening 😂😂🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
Sam Smith
Sam Smith 13 dagar sedan
Turkish talks so many truths.
Mr Ok
Mr Ok 13 dagar sedan
Arteta out
Devendra Kadam
Devendra Kadam 13 dagar sedan
Why is everyone making a big deal about Buendia. Wjnandum chose PSG over Barca. Does that make Barca a smaller club than PSG? Get out of here
Justin Moakler
Justin Moakler 12 dagar sedan
Did Aston Villa offer twice the amount of wages for Buendia than arsenal like PSG did for Wjnandum to steal him from Barca.
CHRISakaTHEKNIGHT 13 dagar sedan
Turkish said "every player purchase is a act of desperation and the club always gets bullied in the transfer market , but still criticize the club when it chooses not to be bullied by Norwich with the conditions of the buendia deal . You can't have it both ways mann
CHRISakaTHEKNIGHT 13 dagar sedan
@Benny Motalem your right there are many players that clubs bid on some they miss out others they get. I'm sure there are players we could look back at and say .I'm glad we didn't get him and then there's the flip side to it..only time we'll tell.
CHRISakaTHEKNIGHT 13 dagar sedan
@TurkishLDN if they didn't want to pay it they just didn't... maybe they rate buendia at a certain price and was not prepared to go over that... it's like buying a car if you can't agree a price with the person that's selling you the car would you over pay for it .?
Benny Motalem
Benny Motalem 13 dagar sedan
Only time will tell if this was the best move
TurkishLDN 13 dagar sedan
Agreeing to a 10% sell on clause is not being bullied.
CHRISakaTHEKNIGHT 13 dagar sedan
Listening to Turkish is getting depressing
Bee Lee
Bee Lee 13 dagar sedan
Sign Ruben Neves. His long passes will greatly increase the attacking pace and speed of the squad which has been one major weakness.
Okike Nkem
Okike Nkem 12 dagar sedan
Keep Xhaka, sign Neves. They'll complement each other
Okike Nkem
Okike Nkem 12 dagar sedan
Agree. Sign Neves now
Bee Lee
Bee Lee 12 dagar sedan
Actually I have no ill feeling about Xhaka. I appreciate his attitude in the games. But now he very likely will leave Arsenal, the club need someone good to fill his place. Thus Neves is quite a good substitute since he is good at defense as well as fast forward movement of the squad. He does not just attempt lateral passes, he sent quite a number of accurate long passes. Watch the videos on him carefully to avoid unfair comments. Also Arsenal will benefit more from his passes because the gunners' strikers and wingers are better than those of Wolverhampton in general.
Deez Nhutz
Deez Nhutz 12 dagar sedan
@kys 5 I wouldn't agree. We can't just buy anyone because we can't attract World Class Players with the level of football our club can't Provide (Europe). Neves is a step up a 💯. Thats all we can afford today being the Arsenal we are now today
Deez Nhutz
Deez Nhutz 12 dagar sedan
@Stoic You can't say anything possitive about Xhaka. I watched his time at Arsenal and it has been terrible. At least Neves has the ability to control the midfield. Sideways passing? My arse. He's been quality the moment he arrived for Wolves
Tashrif Alam
Tashrif Alam 13 dagar sedan
31:43 brother, everything is in the past. So this notion that club supporters cannot talk about the past is just ludicrous. The past gives the clubs the mystique. And we should honour the past.
Daddyori clarks Aka YoYo
Elneni sale him too
Rashid Khalid
Rashid Khalid 13 dagar sedan
What the hell i actually thought Robbie the genius has actually opened his own international news channel taking aftv to compete with the likes of bbc cnn al Jazeera etc and genuinely finish of kronke worldwide image
Architeuthis Dux
Architeuthis Dux 13 dagar sedan
Neves is the perfect upgrade and replacement for Xhaka. He has good long range passing skills, much more dynamic, faster, tackles well, releases the ball quicker and younger. He should not be underrated because he played for Wolves.
Shadow1609 12 dagar sedan
We don’t need neves - we have part a perfect to b2b - we need bissouma, fast and aggressive also can recover ball quickly and will release partey further up while he sits back and clears up
harish 12 dagar sedan
@Architeuthis Dux i want to see partey abit advance.. His passing and decision making will be key and will be more dangerous in the final third.. If we are diverting to 4-3-3..bissuoma is also needed..
Architeuthis Dux
Architeuthis Dux 12 dagar sedan
@harish I think he's capable of playing in various formations. He has a long-passing game from deep just like Xhaka but he can also dribble past players unlike Xhaka. 42331 will naturally turn into 433 during various battles within the 90. It depends on whether we use a CAM or go more defensive with 3 midfielders such as Partey, Neves and Elneny. In this system Neves will be the most forward midfielder. If we play with a true CAM then I can see Arteta placing Neves and Partey behind
Architeuthis Dux
Architeuthis Dux 12 dagar sedan
@Okike Nkem Exactly. Although Xhaka played well this season, he still frustrated me many times when he takes forever to release the ball. He has a great left foot but because he takes so long to actually pass the ball it inhibits the transitional play and opposition defenders have that extra second to intercept his passes especially when he goes long. Defensively he's also a liability because he's slow and clumsy
Okike Nkem
Okike Nkem 12 dagar sedan
Has got loads of premiership experience
Daivd Rogers
Daivd Rogers 13 dagar sedan
Give me a class cm and rb and im happy.... anything else in a bonus but this is a minimum...! And if we go out again and buy 5 players not in mc and rb.... then ill be pissed right off
A Year Later ...
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