Xhaka Close To Roma! | AFTV News Daily 

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Xhaka Close To Roma! | AFTV News Daily

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che mohd
che mohd 8 dagar sedan
Xhaka, please take Arteta with you when you go
Fredi Sjostedt
Fredi Sjostedt 9 dagar sedan
So we will loose (or have lost) 4 midfield players, two who played for us last year. So sell 4 and get two great ones in. Kroenke to fund the different thank you very much! And then we sell Two RFBs (Ainsley and Bellerin) and buy one starter! Kroenke again better fund the difference.
Fredi Sjostedt
Fredi Sjostedt 9 dagar sedan
Bye bye Xhaka, he is too slow and doesn't create nearly enough, plus the mistake. We are spending too much time talking about him.
Mighty Ragnarok
Mighty Ragnarok 10 dagar sedan
It's Arsenal fans like AFTV is why we're in this position.. it's all started out with "Wenger out" now look at us 🤦 I hope you Wenger out 'fans' are happy now
Sol Elijah
Sol Elijah 12 dagar sedan
idc where spurs finished this season harry kane deserved that more than de brunye even fernades did
English guy
English guy 13 dagar sedan
Even zinchenko looks good in a 2 billion quid team and he's a donkey of old arse.
Orange Sloth
Orange Sloth 13 dagar sedan
Why the hell would Calhanoglu go from UCL football to no Europe lmao
ekpamaku okiemute
ekpamaku okiemute 13 dagar sedan
Making no signings and sacking Arteta will be a great window
Jason Slattery
Jason Slattery 13 dagar sedan
Josh King to Arsenal, Heard it here first.
James Oscar
James Oscar 13 dagar sedan
Aouar would be decent since they didn’t get Buendia. A lot of people saying Aouar didn’t have a good season but neither did Arsenal. Would be a good addition to compete with Smith Rowe
K R 13 dagar sedan
Thank God. Can they take the others too 🙏🏻 We’ll prob have to pay them to like we did Ozil
Taylor 13 dagar sedan
Why are people so set on bringing Odegaard back? I did not see enough to warrant him coming back, what is everyone else watching?!
Rob Jorge
Rob Jorge 13 dagar sedan
James let Cecil speak ffs 😂
Hanif Henry
Hanif Henry 13 dagar sedan
Brandon Shafer
Brandon Shafer 13 dagar sedan
The disrespect for Nevesa shows how little you've followed and watched him. AFTV can't really comment on him when most of the team don't know his actual position. Watch them all change their minds after watching him this Euros.
Audiostyleable 13 dagar sedan
Arsenal fan therapy vision
Mark Harriot
Mark Harriot 13 dagar sedan
Cecil thinks this is Football Manager 🙄
Sco 13 dagar sedan
2nd or 3rd vid in a row where, if u wear headphones u can hear someone relentlessly banging into the mic, OR someone is tromping around upstairs and it echoes.. its annoying as balls.. please amend that.
Nati Brandnew
Nati Brandnew 13 dagar sedan
As an Arsenal fan I respected the efforts of Man United fans to fight against the owners but Arsenal we are just cry babies. We cry on social media but we don’t show up in numbers during protest. If you can’t fight shut up. 15 years of failure will be another 15 yrs with our useless fan base.
Bonobo1974 13 dagar sedan
Absolutely delusional, happy they didnt qualify for European football, act surprised when no real talent wants to sign. Joke of a coach Championship here we come
aakash gohil
aakash gohil 13 dagar sedan
James we don't need potential we need players who come in and make the difference and get it running from the first game itself. We don't have the time to develop players we already have great developing players. Buying potential wont win us any trophy or even top 4. Odegaard out!
Bill Hicks
Bill Hicks 13 dagar sedan
I’d rather play against Xhaka than have him in my team .:.
Lenny Brathwaite
Lenny Brathwaite 13 dagar sedan
Does Arsenal WANT Saliba????
Swedish Gooner
Swedish Gooner 13 dagar sedan
You guys are always creating that huge hype around some players. Lasr summer you couldn’t say five words without having Aouar among them. This year it’s Buendia. Like he was the ultimate solution, the best MF around.
Big Bert
Big Bert 13 dagar sedan
Robbie - “We hire based on skill” Cecil.
Lenny Brathwaite
Lenny Brathwaite 13 dagar sedan
Arsenal wanted to pay in instalments. Villa didn’t.
Julia Akbari
Julia Akbari 13 dagar sedan
Aubamyang will go to Chelsea
john gibbs
john gibbs 13 dagar sedan
If all that cost us Buendia was a 10% sell on clause that's AFC being snobbish about their players deals because NCFC have a right to look out for their own financial future and a potential 10% from and big sale could mean the difference for them
49erisgod 13 dagar sedan
Arsenal need to go all in for Lokonga or Camavinga. Sign a young stud and build off the youth
Jay Boe
Jay Boe 13 dagar sedan
I feel Matheus Pereira should be a player we should look at instead of loaning Odegaard again seen as we missed out on Buendia
Ron Arora
Ron Arora 13 dagar sedan
you lot are not even in any European competition next season... wtf you need a big squad for?? they still trying to fantasize building a squad of the size that teams in European competition do.. 😂😂
Oart Hasanaj
Oart Hasanaj 13 dagar sedan
Drama drama moan moan moan rice repeat!!! Anything for a pound note aftv
BB plus
BB plus 13 dagar sedan
Calvert Lewin(Everton), Dany Ing(Soton), Yacizi(Lille). These three names fit with Arteta's vision mission, because this player is very genius, fast and very good vision in reading space and positioning himself to break through opposing defenders. I hope that these three names can join Arsenal on the condition that Arteta brings in Odegaard and Neves players because these players are very good geniuses in moving the ball forward.
BB plus
BB plus 13 dagar sedan
Ruben neves character is also good and not less good than bissouma, buendia. Neves is a player with vision, a very good pass. Moreover, Arsenal can sign Madrid playmaker Odegaard. Neves and Odegaard are geniuses and good at reading patterns of play and movement to move the ball forward. I totally agree if Arteta is aiming for this player. So Arteta needed a striker who could position himself and quickly read the space for the ball to flow.
BB plus
BB plus 13 dagar sedan
Xhaka out ... Ok Neves, Odegaard, Calvert Lewin welcome to Arsenal
Anonymous Person
Anonymous Person 13 dagar sedan
They need an rb, 2 cbs, two cms & a cam Realistic targets: rb. Lamptey or Max Aarons CBS. Ben White & Sven (Lille)/Mings Cms. J.Ward-Prowse & Bissouma Cam. Ødegaard/Jack Grealish
Indra Zulfakar
Indra Zulfakar 13 dagar sedan
Grealish ain’t realistic
Anonymous Person
Anonymous Person 13 dagar sedan
Oh & gk...Miagnan but since Milan is a more enticing prospect they should get Onana.
GiTTeNz 13 dagar sedan
Ken Cairns
Ken Cairns 13 dagar sedan
21/22 first team: Oonana, Chambers, Holding, Saliba, Tierney, Bissouma, Partey, Saka, Zaha, Auba and Pepe
Indra Zulfakar
Indra Zulfakar 13 dagar sedan
And then boom finished 8th
Vision Consults
Vision Consults 13 dagar sedan
Arsenal is a small club... Wenger made arsenal looks like a big club. Arsenal is a joke club with zero ambition
J 13 dagar sedan
Ken Cairns
Ken Cairns 13 dagar sedan
Xhaka can go! Showed more character than I thought he had to come back from Palace debacle; BUT, clearly not good enough for a winning side.
Leon Tartovsky
Leon Tartovsky 13 dagar sedan
Xhaka better leader than Auba. Fact.
New Music TV 2.0
New Music TV 2.0 13 dagar sedan
N now a will be a ROMA Fan fr fr
Quarter Chin
Quarter Chin 13 dagar sedan
Xhaka might follow the footsteps of Chamberlain and Giroud!
Alexander 13 dagar sedan
yh he's gonna win a CL at Roma
War 159
War 159 13 dagar sedan
I don’t care what player we sell aslong as we replace them with someone better
edrosas 13 dagar sedan
This fan base is literally reactionary. I understand the frustration but chill out man. The window hasn’t even opened. Also thank god we are selling Xhaka.
Hannah Ndua
Hannah Ndua 13 dagar sedan
pliiz stop this crap about odegaard the guy is overated man buendia is the quality we needed all i see odegaard do are back passes..
CG Low
CG Low 13 dagar sedan
James & Cecil are the two best one-two punch in the Arsenal orbit incl the actual players never mind AFTV! They are more grown-up, articulate, substantive than the twats like DT or Ty. I click off every time I see DT or Ty's faces now. Sick of their stupid meaningless crap. They are no more than a circus act.
WebsyHD 13 dagar sedan
Remember when Wenger use to talk to players..... Job done welcome
Okike Nkem
Okike Nkem 13 dagar sedan
Was Buendia an Arsenal player in the first place? How did U loose him?
DanMorzeTheInspecta 13 dagar sedan
If Buendia was the answer, he wouldnt have gone to villa. Simple as that. Too many fans think they playing Football Manager.
All-Father 13 dagar sedan
As a fm player always buy odegaard. He is amazing in the game. One of the very best.
Dessi Paris3
Dessi Paris3 13 dagar sedan
The team we need to win the epl and get back in the ucl. Grealish. Auba. Depay Saka. Andre.silva. pepe. Aoura Esr Ndidi. Partey Bissouma. Willock Tierney. Kulibali. Gabi. Hakimi Angelino. Holding. Siliba. Aaron Leno Szczeny Ryan
Indra Zulfakar
Indra Zulfakar 13 dagar sedan
Yeah u can keep your Dream alive in fifa22. What a joke
Qasim Cheema
Qasim Cheema 13 dagar sedan
I'm glad we didn't pay over the odds for beundia. Paying 40mill for him would've shown desperation.
Leece Braham
Leece Braham 13 dagar sedan
Y'all all soooooooo weird I swear!! Why Y'all soooooooo damn surprised with the buendia?? Y'all curse and said nothing surprises you about arsenal anymore but Y'all grooming over we losing out on buendia. That's so weird. Kroenke and edu are all not good but if a player doesn't want to play for your club there's nothing you can do about that and after all arsenal have been not soooooooo good and Y'all know that so I don't understand why this is making Y'all fuming
Arvin Khedu
Arvin Khedu 13 dagar sedan
Kronke out....not able to buy players
RASHAD RAZACK 13 dagar sedan
Banter FC lol
Saul Ignacio Alcala
Saul Ignacio Alcala 13 dagar sedan
hello gooners and goonerettes we most still love believe and support at our footballistical institution Arsenal well Granit'the sheriff'Xhaka leave us,good for him for this situation we most still finding good footballers it's necessary important and so urgently. Do you see gooners and goonerettes the footballers leave us the actionists leave the coached leave us but all of us stay with the institution because we love it unconditionally with this exit i demand like all of you more engage envolpment of mister Stan Kroenke., mister Mikel Arteta lost a leader i spect a new leaders for the next seassons our present and future depend of the decissions of our owners. Granit'the sheriff'Xhaka good bye cowboy never forget you but the club continues so it's time to make a depuration for the goodness of our team Arsenal good bye gooners and goonerettes we most still love believe and support at our footballistical institution Arsenal
Nr1ShqipStar 13 dagar sedan
Cecil true Xhaka hater... since always.... Dont believe him guys. Xhaka is class
4737Carlin 13 dagar sedan
Xhaka's a worthless clown
Charles Nyamaiyeria
Charles Nyamaiyeria 13 dagar sedan
Let's move on from buendia we've lost him I know he's good but this team needs more good players let's just move on from that sign someone else
snehil kaushik
snehil kaushik 13 dagar sedan
James again trying to rationalise Arsenal's incompetence
Alexander 13 dagar sedan
it's infuriating honestly
brad driscoll
brad driscoll 13 dagar sedan
These 2 are so much easier to listen to than most of the muppets that are on👍
George's Opinion
George's Opinion 13 dagar sedan
Cecil back to make me want to destroy my eardrums
js13 13
js13 13 13 dagar sedan
Pedro Goncalves is still available people, go for him, he is better than Bruno was in Sporting.. If Arsenal could get him, we WILL get a proper goalscoring attacking midfielder.. Him and Smith-Rowe combo gonna be lit
Alani Navunidakua
Alani Navunidakua 13 dagar sedan
If we get Nevez, forget about Bissouma... Arsenal Board sucks
Ollie Upton
Ollie Upton 13 dagar sedan
Why the flip would we want both odegaard and buendia? We only have league games and fa cup. We need a smaller squad!
Manuel Alvarez
Manuel Alvarez 13 dagar sedan
I love Diego Lainez, especially because of his performance against the US and the fact that he is only 20 years old, but unfortunately he is someone that would need time to adjust. With my bias towards him as I am Mexican I feel that he would be a good shout to go after, but not a necessity as we still have Saka, Pepe, Martinelli, and even ESR to play on the wing still. Also keep in mind he was up against a Fulham full-back Tim Ream, who is shocking.
Julian DiGiuseppe
Julian DiGiuseppe 13 dagar sedan
31 goal contributions in England is better than odergaard or Brandt hands down.
RAO 28
RAO 28 13 dagar sedan
Pls get Edu out of our club he can't negotiate the deals he is yet make his bidding signing all he did was loan and free transfer signings
thian huat tan
thian huat tan 13 dagar sedan
After Aston Villa, Arsenal is going drop one spot , 9th position next year before the transfer officially start. Position will depend on how many lower clubs can overtake Arsenal.
andreas christoforou
andreas christoforou 13 dagar sedan
If Xhaka goes then reuben neves will be a very good upgrade to him, but we definitely need an odeguard type of player + bisouma to start with. Why not pick up koulibally from Napoli to steady up defence and a solid rb option. That will be a decent window for arsenal to return to the top 4.
TellMeThis IllTellYouThis
Did James not watch Arsenal in 2016 ? Mustafi had 20 good games with Koscielney then boom 2017!! End of his career...
Icy Barton
Icy Barton 13 dagar sedan
👍Cecil just please leave your friend James on bus stop next time
Rav B
Rav B 13 dagar sedan
Why are we constantly talking about Oregaard. He was suppose to be a saviour, our creative midfielder we’ve been dreaming off… The guy was not good enough, his loans over, let him go….
Dent Patrick
Dent Patrick 13 dagar sedan
Honestly for a successful transfer window we need to get Odegaard, Bissouma, Auoar, Hakimi and Bertrand. Get rid of Hector, Xhaka, Willian etc
Nada 13 dagar sedan
why is this James douche on all the time now lol
Shah Kabir
Shah Kabir 13 dagar sedan
We want Yves Bissouma for any cost
Shah Kabir
Shah Kabir 13 dagar sedan
Xhaka for £20m fee is fine
4737Carlin 13 dagar sedan
20 quid is enough
Ekow Hr
Ekow Hr 13 dagar sedan
By the time Arteta and Edu are sacked, they would've messed up our club so much that it will take years to rebuild. This is not going to get better until everyone at the top including Arteta goes.
Eshiofuneh Sanni
Eshiofuneh Sanni 13 dagar sedan
Will the fan base set up the starting 11 on matchday ?? Cecil was off it today
Paul Ross
Paul Ross 13 dagar sedan
Vieira: dms ngolo kante on good luck in euros. Kante: oooo is dis 😂🤭
Dj junior King klepto Sound
Nooooooooo............. kmt
Danny Zuko
Danny Zuko 13 dagar sedan
Arsenal need to sign Edouard - 18 million is stupidly cheap
4737Carlin 13 dagar sedan
Leicester have done the Villa and signed an Arsenal target
michael 13 dagar sedan
Cecils expectations sound like that of a Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Man United fan. We’re not a big club anymore. At least not at the moment. Lower your expectations. We will not get a top player, coach or technical director at the moment. Accept it. Kroenke Out is the only fix
Ilija Strugar
Ilija Strugar 13 dagar sedan
We had Vieira and we had Xhaka.... Xhaka had a good season but lets be real
Ish Zeoli
Ish Zeoli 13 dagar sedan
James loves to play devil’s advocate i believe in my heart of hearts xhaka is really bad at forward play he is the one in the middle who really slows everything down he hurts arsenal so bad
mohamed adje
mohamed adje 13 dagar sedan
Fulgini from Anger is a good fit as cam
Andrew Griffith
Andrew Griffith 13 dagar sedan
what a negative start... depressing.
B R 13 dagar sedan
Sabitzer is a great choice for cam
steven denham
steven denham 13 dagar sedan
Was Mustafi taking the piss ? When i first heard him saying that i thought he was. But after thinking about it I’m not so sure he is good mates with Arteta isn’t he ? 👍🏻
Lehlohonolo Molefe Jnr
Lehlohonolo Molefe Jnr 13 dagar sedan
We've been a JOKE of a Club for a very long time & it shall remain so because of not spending on quality & a terrible Manager!🚮🤡
roxy ronald
roxy ronald 13 dagar sedan
There's No way Arsenal can buy ordinary of 50 million when they failed to buy Buendia of 35 mil
R C 13 dagar sedan
Buendia who?…….chill out AFTV…..you’re turning into Talksport ! There’s still plenty of talent out there desperate to play for Arsenal. Despite what the mainstream media are fuelling your presenters with. All the best.
X Raj Richard
X Raj Richard 13 dagar sedan
Villa better stepping stone for buendia and can move to City/Chelsea/UtD. Arsenal with all expectations will screw his career
Football expresso
Football expresso 13 dagar sedan
Get kroenke out!
tom mcgahern
tom mcgahern 13 dagar sedan
The greatest news I've heard in years
Anthony Cooper
Anthony Cooper 13 dagar sedan
As much as we fans are calling for certain players to fit a particular style of play, do we know what's the philosophy of Arteta and Edu? Strange, both agreed on a list of players and submitted same to the board, do we have those names. If so, we can definitely say we have missed out on them if we see other clubs bought them, don't you think?
4737Carlin 13 dagar sedan
Arteta and Edu are absolutely clueless
abdirahin dahir
abdirahin dahir 13 dagar sedan
Guys come on no need for all of this anger that we didn’t sign a championship player. Also, is too early in the market so we need to be calm and wait the last two weeks of the transfer then we can evaluate or see what the club is aiming for.
steve Gunner
steve Gunner 13 dagar sedan
We need to buy Martin Odegaard and for the future not loans. He is got potential to be come world class. Artetata out rubbish man Management and average ability full of BS.
Rory B
Rory B 14 dagar sedan
the best pairing on the channel
V K 14 dagar sedan
Good, get rid, half decent, but he has become overrated with the number of people calling him underrated
Nigel Govier
Nigel Govier 14 dagar sedan
Looool you reckon odeagard is going too leave real Madrid and ancelotti too go back arsenal 😂😂 ancelotti wants too keep him
Dear Sidemen, I'm Sorry.
Dear Sidemen, I'm Sorry.
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